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Truth and Grace about the reality of our human condition in relationships. Freedom in the truth and say goodbye to secrets!

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Tonight's show is talking about the NEAR-SIGHTED SYNDROME What are the traits of anger in the NEAR-SIGHTED SYNDROME? I Corinthians 13, the love passage in the Bible that is said at many weddings and printed on many... more

Tonight's show is about Performance, Perception, Judgment. And tied in is True Guilt and False Guilt. Most people are impressed and awed with extreme wealth or someone who has accumulated materialism and great sums of... more

Tonight's show will be about authoritarian ways with anger and rigidness and see if any of these are you: Mr. Big: Mr. Big always had one goal in life: he wants power and lots of it; The Moralist: The Moralist is a person who has strong... more

Tonight's show on anger will expose inferiority feelings which are defined as feelings of insignificance and worthlessness. They come at a time when a person degrades himself unnecessarily and are usually accompanied by feelings of... more

Tonight's show about anger discusses the second half of how angry people develop an improper sense of dependency and we will cover these three reasons: BEING SPOILED BEING SELFISH FEELING IGNORED These shows will help... more

Every human alive is dependent in someone or something. A wife may be dependent on her husband to make the money to keep the family budget afloat. A child depends on parents to make him feel loved and secure. Part of human... more

This show will help you consider your own ANGER and is it "Aggressive" or "Assertive" Anger. If you have destructive anger, follow this series!!!!!!!! Listen to the moving story called 37 Nails.

This week's show is scheduled for Monday, 6/16 so we don't talk about anger on FATHER'S DAY! How much anger do you have? Do you even know? We are going to go over a checklist of questions to get a better idea that many times... more

ANGER.....ANGER.....ANGER.... Tonight we begin a new series with a very misused and misguided emotion. A NUGGET FROM TONIGHT: ANYONE WHO LIVES A LIFE OF ANGER IS CHOOSING TO DO SO!!!!

We have come to the end of the road with Button Pushing. It's been a long process of learning to deal with difficult people in your life effectively. The Scripture that sums it all up as to working on what to do with difficult people is... more
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