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Bible/Christmas/“Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater” Mantra

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Many thanks and honor to the Noble Drew Ali and thanks and honor to Charles Mosley Bey.

Question: Why are there mounds of physical evidence, such as, archeological findings of our ancient Moabite ancestors, ancient writings; such as the Moabite Stone, the land of Moab; the pyramids, ancient mounds of Al-Moroc/The Americas; hieroglyphs; countless stone structures worldwide; ancient artifacts, statutes and carvings; all over the world that date thousands of years before history was written; yet, there is not one shred of evidence that a man called Jesus an alleged savior of the world was born on Christmas and ever walked the earth?

As millions have done in the past and still doing – is to believe in a savior - even though the consciousness of the world is at its lowest, which is a reflection of what is on the inner, but some Moors still repeat this pointless mantra: “Don’t throw the Baby out with the Bathwater.” 

Sisters and Brothers, we must seek clarification to get to the truth, and once and for all... change that awful saying.

This show will review overwhelming evidence that the allegorical stories of the Bible are stolen writings from other – yet ancient allegorical stories where the symbolism of our stories were personified into people, places and things for purposes of greed and control; just as it was predicted and written by our Ancient Ancestors.

Truth results in a completely sound perspective; absent the mysticism that will help us in our transition from the old world of ignorance into the new world of higher vibrations and enlightenment as we grow in the true meaning of prosperity.

Get out your Zodiac Charts!

Peace and Love