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True Wealth is in The Nature of Our Inheritance

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As proven within the writings of the Pope’s Papal Bull; Inter Caetera, by bishop Alexander May 4, 1493 while the Vatican praised its thieving and murderous queen Isabella with Ferdinand as they plotted and divided up the lands of our Fore-Mothers and Fore-Fathers; they wrote what they found, and it said: “wherein dwell very many peoples [Moors] living in peace…”,

In remote and unknown lands to the Albion Europeans; our main lands, islands, and peoples were taken by brute force as the Albion European swayed us to take on their very low carnal values as being high; and by brute force; converted our high consciousness in nature to their low concept of pale dead flesh bleeding on a cross as they coveted what they wrote in their Papal Bull as, “gold, spices, and very many other precious things of divers kinds and qualities…”

Brothers and Sisters, we must reclaim our inheritance which is the true wealth in the higher consciousness of nature; peace, and our lands before the Albion European invaded every aspect - to the element of our lives.

Our wealth is not in their low carnal standards of gold or silver; not in their low standards of money markets, banking systems, and globalization; our wealth is in our inheritance by birthright which is what we must strive and work towards in order to bring about the peace that we once knew before they came.

The occupation of the United States Corporation on aboriginal lands is turning the land into much like a third world country where no lawful court exists; it’s politically instable; no ethics; there is inter-ethnic tension; there are very low people in so-called high places, there's tension between the colonizers and the aboriginals; as well as economic mismanagement and fraud that is leading the land to be one of the world's poorest lands.