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End Colonial Rule and Occupation at www.moor4igws.org Moors were, and are, the aboriginal and indigenous inhabitants of the North, Central, South America, Mexico, Canada and all of the adjoining islands. The ancient Moorish empire extends from Africa & Europe to the America's. Africa is the modern name for Amexem. The Roman Inquisitionists stripped Moors of their noble titles and branded them with labels, such as, negro, black, colored, afro-american, african-american, indian, jamaican, puerto rican, mexican, latino, hispanic, etc. which are product labels as in commodities for profit. Unity and Peace are the keys to reclaiming our stolen birthrights from escheating Albion European occupiers of the Americas (North, South, Central and the adjoining islands), and Africa (*see Bush/Obama Africom corporate takeover attempt on the Motherland) ... Lets shut up and stop putting each other down, and wake up to build and bring our Moorish People up... PEACE, LOVE, and MUCH RESPECT... Moors

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With the advent of the Spanish Inquisition ‘Inquisitio', the maxims of inflicting creative forms of human torture, drowning, burnings, skinning, mutilations, death, and other horrors [against the Moors] became as normal to... more

The letter to the Sultan of Morocco, from President George Washington is one of the Documents of American History that clearly indicate the newly formed ?United States of America? corporation, under the first Masonic President, George... more

Indigenous People are separate and distinct; alien to this administration; and have a separate and distinct status from the administrators of the colonial occupiers of the land; as recognized in the Declaration on Principles of International Law of... more

Civil Rights, as it relates to the debased level of civilization in the Republic of the United States of America is one of the most controversial and troubling issues in the modern world of civics, law and social intercourse. Civil Rights in a more... more

As a matter of fact, no treaty exists wherein the Moors agreed to be citizens of the foreign juristic United States of America. However, the Moors are part and parcel of the government, yet the Union of States jurisdictioin deals with the... more

A lack of knowledge of the purpose and origin of the Ku Klux Klan by negros and blacks have traditionally allowed U.S. of A [private for profit corporation] officials to appear naive and feign [pretend] disassociation to the Ku klux Klan Order. The... more

Though ‘THE BLACK CODES' pervade all levels of the union states' governments, the HEART AND SOUL ENFORCERS of the Christian Black Codes are the Union States – At Large -. All state... more

Greetings our Beloved Brothers and Sisters. The Roman Soldiers are out seeking whom they can devour - especially around the 1st of the month when the Moors that think they are black, negro, colored, african-american - recieved public... more

Emergency Petition for Writ of Habeas Coupus with supporting Momorandum of Law filed March 6 @ 11:51 am Distrist Federal Court. Constitutional Challange with Affidavit of Fact and Notice of Removal Filed March 6 @ 11:51 am Distrist... more

By the year 1774 A.D. 1194 Moorish Calendar Year, most of the Moorish armies were defeated or in disarray in the Al Morocs (Americas). The European settlers did very little at first, they just studied the Moors; the way we ate, the way... more
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