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We will have a time of interaction and yearly review on Pinnacle of Praise Show's performance and impact on weekly teachings, as well as sharing Christmas greetings. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host
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When we think about generous giving we automatically think of money. However there are other gifts that have no monetary value and whose value is beyond price. Mary Kaleli and Wangari Siocha will give us tips on generous... more

Someone pointed out that every time we remember something, it strengthens that memory in the brain and makes it more deep rooted. Memories will help us to reinvent they joy of Christmas and provide an environment where the miracle of... more

Giving back feels good, it is a selfless notion. Giving back means giving without expecting a reward or recognition. The fulfilling and biggest reward is knowing that you made a difference in some one's life. Heizal Njuguna will give us tips on... more

Mary Kaleli, Gospel Artist will give us tips on saying no to a mediocre life. She will share her personal story on saying no a to mediocre life, the emotions she had to go through, the secret to rising above mediocrity and the benefits.Listen live... more

Are you stuck spiritually? You pray, read your bible, witness to others about your faith but nothing seems to change even the lives of those around you. What causes this stagnation? You have given up to the grip of spiritual mediocrity.... more

Living a mediocre life means we doubt ourselves, we consistently second guess ourselves and we lack zeal to take advantage of opportunities that come along our way and lack courage to take risk. Charity Maina and Carol Macharia... more

Majority of us live mediocre lives we end up not fully being able to unleash our potential, we miss out on many opportunities that are available because we do not dare rise above the average. Miriam Musau and Heizal Njuguna will give us tips... more

Most people including those who are competent are insecure about different issues in their lives and this affects how they relate with others. Irene Thuku will help us address our insecurities and sabotaging tendencies. Listen live at... more

If you are not in control of your life – your health, your decisions, your finances, your spirituality, your weight etc, someone else is and that someone is most likely sabotaging you. Charity Maina and Heizal Njuguna will give us... more

Any behaviors you choose to embrace that is self-sabotaging and distracts you from your values, faith and goals is a self-defeating behavior and an enemy who resides internally. Irene Thuku will give us insight on how to recognize these... more