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Pilates Progressions Program


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Get all your questions answered! This is a Q&A for the Pilates Progressions Program through Personalized Pilates.

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Get all your Pilates questions answered! This is a question and answer time for the Pilates Progressions Program. Katrina Foe will answer live and submitted questions from Pilates teachers in training.
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Great questions about working with clients with rheumatoid arthritis, how to manage QL spasms during a session, working with elderly clients and if flip flops are bad for your feet.

Great questions tonight! We covered the following topics: Bosu- how to use it in the Pilates studio and training resources Lesson frequency - how to discuss how often clients should be coming for results Knock Knees- how to cue it and how... more

Tonight Katrina discussed the following topics: small equipment/props - how to use it and why which chair is best for clients with physical limitations working VAS into the workout changing client's paradigms from aethetics to functional

Tonight we answered questions including: What is tennis elbow and how to help clients with it? How do you get clients out of their shoulders? What is a springboard? What is the MELT method? What's different about the spine... more

Tonight: how to work with clients with asymetrical ankle inversion, what to tell clients that want a "guarantee" of their results and modifications/variations for class #1 for a client with osteoporosis, 2 knee replacements and wrist arthritis.

Tonight we talked about how much cueing is too much as well as how to develop your cues to be the most effective possible. Questions about working with clients with leaking discs and how to work a client's abs that is not allowed to do spinal... more

Tonight questions were answered about what "seller" exercises are and how to use them, how to work on your own body, how to best teach spinal extension (and why), what the difference is between open and closed chain exercises... more

Lots of great questions tonight! We covered topics including handling clients that wear baggy clothing, working on the jump board with side leg work, eccentric versus concentric muscle contractions, getting clients to find a true core... more

Guest host Anna Jones discusses how to help your clients make progress and various ways to build value to their sessions.

Guest host Kellee Stooks discusses working with IT band syndrome, training swimmers, helping clints find their Core and dealing with chatty clients.