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Pilates Progressions Program


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Get all your questions answered! This is a Q&A for the Pilates Progressions Program through Personalized Pilates. To find out more about the program please contact us at www.PersonalizedPilates.com,

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This is a live question and answer time for the Pilates Progressions Program hosted by Katrina Foe. Get all your questions about Pilates, anatomy, working with clients and more answered by a Pilates Master Teacher Trainer.
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Tonight we covered many aspects on how to identify muscle imbalances and how to address that info with the client. Also, more practical info on how to work with clients that cannot tolerate extension (aka flexion based programs) and... more

How to get the most out of your Pilates conference experience! We also talked tonight about how to get your client's husband into the studio, what the most important quality in a Pilates instructor is, how to work with arthritic wrists and... more

Lots of questions about working with pregnant clients as well as a discussion on what is classical Pilates? Also a case study of a client in a car accident and business card tips.

Heard the cue "soften the ribs?" What does that really mean? Also, learn how to cue Double Leg Kicks effectively and why Hamstring Stretch 1 will teach you how to bend forward and stand up. We also discussed how to help people with... more

Special edition! Tonight we had a feedback session for a teaching video that is on the P3 website. We reviewed some choreography and things that commonly are miscued as well as giving feedback on the teaching and analyzing the client's... more

Tonight I answered questions about: dealing with clients that have a LOT of clothing on buying equipment for classes updates on client case studies how to cue the Arch and Curl on the Tower what are barre classes and how they... more

Lots of fun questions tonight on topics including: how to work with insurance companies for payment my own experience with diastasis recti and how to heal it working with breastfeeding moms getting certified and what qualifications you... more

Lots of fun questions on topics such as: how to work with shin splints what the BASI block system is and how it compares to BB maximizing your equipment with creative classes using props with scoliosis and much more!!!

How Pilates helps bodybuilders, how to modify for obesity, working with reverse curving tailbones, how to progess with sciatica or other SI dysfunctions, how to work with rotator cuff problems, a couple of client case studies and more - all on... more

Great questions tonight on topics such as scoliosis, how far to push clients, going into business with others, hip replacement contraindications (posterior versus anterior approach of surgery), gait analysis, neck rotation in Chest Expansion,... more