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Join Phyllis Smith as she spans the vast resources of eWomenNetwork members and world-class thought leaders to cover topics every woman entrepreneur needs to know to succeed in business and life. As a former television network News Producer for NBC News, the Today show, CBS News, ABC News, Radio Host and News Reporter for CBS Radio, Phyllis knows how to get to the heart of topics that are sometimes difficult to talk about but can change your life in the long run.

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Elena Rahrig is a serial entrepreneur. She started at the ripe old age of 12 when her parents literally paid her to read books on business. Her Dad made his fortune in network marketing and vowed to help his daughter create her own empire.... more

Elayna Fernandez has an unforgettable story that will shock and inspire you all in same breath. She takes you on a journey from the slums of her childhood home in the Dominican Republic, where she would eat from trash cans and endure... more

Today Diane Halfman works with business owners on how to clear the clutter from their lives and create space to achieve their full potential. She calls it living the "Spa Life," because of the "ahhh" feeling you have when you make room in your... more

This Member Spotlight features Laura Gisborne who was raised in poverty to a teenage mother. Her father was murdered and she suffered abuse at the hands of her husband. She managed to turn her horrific story around and start... more

A journal is generally meant to be private. It's your life, in your words, from your heart. A place to spill it all and not worry what others will think. My guest, Denise Krogman, intended for her lifelong journals to be her own personal voice for... more

Did you know that you are a woman of influence? Everybody you touch is being influenced by you in one way or another. Therefore, how you present yourself in your language, self-talk and body image will determine your level of... more

The brain is a magnificent and complicated instrument. Everything we do either involuntary or voluntary is driven by the brain. Aging, stress, gender all play a part in how optimal our brain is working. It's obvious that to be successful in... more

If you want to be wildly successful, some believe you first have to develop a healthy mindset. But what does that actually mean, mindset? It's one of those buzz words you hear a lot these days like the word ?mindfulness.? Well, the... more

If you're choosing to listen to this podcast or any others for that matter, you are a good reason why having a podcast is great for business. If you already have a podcast and you own a business, this is definately the show for you.... more

Searching for a job is never easy, and in today's world of lightspeed information and applications that help companies weed out resumes, it's even harder. And for those of you looking for a new job or career, here's some eye-opening statistics... more