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Educating and Empowering Parents. Maximizing Your Child's Greatness. Each week, “Classroom DNA” will address National educational issues that affect you and your child locally. Join us to move into your power; ,because, 'You are the Power Behind Your Child’s Success. ... ... ...

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OUR INVOLVEMENT: From Bullying to RTI...From Arkansas to South Carolina Opening the Vault: Hear about the cases, parents and students we have helped. Learned the strategies and techniques we have used to help students get the... more

CHARTER SCHOOLS: What they are and what they are not.. As more school boards, districts and states establish Charter Schools, you need to know what they are, your rights and what you want to know. Separating Fact from Fiction... more

6 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make... Parents often make these 6 mistakes; learn what they are? Learn how these mistakes stop the child from maximizing their greatest potential? Next on Classroom DNA with Phyllis Austin, learn the 6... more

Encore Presentation: GREAT GRADES : How was your child's 'A' computed'? A grade is an evaluation indicator; it has nothing to do with how your child was assessed or the assessment. In this show, we want parents to get a better... more

This week: A lesson in Greatness. How does Trina Parks achieve Greatness? Join us for An Interview with Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer / 1st Black James Bond Girl Trina Parks:Consummate Entertainer,... more

NEXT on CLASSROOM DNA with Phyllis Austin 2/21/15: RTI: Your School's 3-4 Step Process to Better Grades & Behavior… What you need to know about Response to Intervention (RTI) and how to successfully use it for better... more

OPERATE FROM YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL Are you operating from your maximum potential? Do you know how? Learn the most powerful way to operate from your Supreme potential daily. Learn how to create a better life by... more

POWERING UP YOUR CHILD'S FULL POTENTIAL Is your child operating at maximum potential? Is your child a shrinking violet or not fully charged? Learn the most powerful way to train and teach your child, a way that cannot be taught in... more

?YOUR INSIDE SPIRIT: God Has Not Forgotten You? next on Classroom DNA with Phyllis Austin. Move from Your Body to Your Soul to YOUR SPIRIT and use your Unlimitless Power. Host Phyllis Austin talks about your inside power... more

Is your child the Walking Dead? The Parenting Standard: Learn how to Do and Speak Life into Your Child. Learn about the 7 Parenting Principles and the 4 you should feed your child daily. It takes about 6 positive comments to neutralize... more