Building Your Network in Photography

Skip Cohen University

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Building Your Network is a series of podcast interviews with the leaders in the professional photographic community.

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In this new episode Skip talks with Texas photographer Dixie Dixon. In the last year her business and the recognition for her work has exploded with images and full stories appearing in just about every major photographic magazine. Most... more

Tony Corbell wears more hats than just about anybody in the photographic industry. He's a photographer, writer, educator and just an all around great guy! He's been instrumental in helping thousands of photographers raise the bar... more

It's another terrific podcast with a photographer who should be on your radar. In this episode, Skip interviews children and pet photographer, Vicki Taufer. "It's probably been close to ten years since I met Vicki and Jed Taufer for the first... more

In this new episode of Building Your Network, Skip and Mike Fulton of TriCoast Photography in Houston talk about the challenges in professional photography today. As a successful studio in Houston, teacher and photographer Mike... more

Host for Building Your Network, Skip Cohen, spends some quality time with wedding photographer, Roberto Valenzuela. It's a great podcast with some serious ideas about how to practice your very best techniques along with some... more

Over the last couple of years Sal Cincotta has become almost legendary. He's one of the few photographers on the lecture circuit really talking about the business of photography. What good is creating the greatest images of your life... more

In this new episode Skip interviews the legendary Eddie Tapp. Is he a photographer, an outstanding writer, teacher or artist? The truth is he's all of the above. Inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame by Scott Kelby and company... more

Skip interviews fashion photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith. "Matthew and I have been friends for a long time and I'm always amazed at the diversity in his skill set. There's nothing he can't shoot and always with an... more

Skip interviews social medial icon, Scott Bourne. He's a remarkable photographer, writer, developer and business man and is Skip's co-author on GoingPro, one of the best selling books for aspiring professional photographers.... more