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ON AIR SUNDAYS 7PM EST. MONDAYS & TUESDAYS 9PM EST. CALL-IN 805-830-8320 The Bryckkhouse - Sundays at 7pm est. A social-economically conscious program that focuses on physical and financial aspects of the black community. Our Discussions will center around black politics, our history, and major geographical issues that affect our communities. Tune in Sundays @ 7pm est for a lively conversation on what affects our families. Musically Inclined - Mondays at 9pm est. A show dedicated to bringing you the best in music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow in genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, & Spoken Word (but not limited to these genres). During these two hours we also speak on the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment and headline news. Tune in Mondays @ 9pm est for the Monday Night Jukebox. ---- The Honey Suite - Tuesdays at 9pm est. A show about the exploration on the many aspects of our daily lives. Get into sticky discussions on a plethora of subjects including but not limited to relationships, parenthood, sexuality, and beyond. Tune in Tuesdays at 9pm est. for Full Of Flava Tuesdays. ---- CALL IN LIVE 805.830.8320 |

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Food stamps help needy families all over the United States by supplying subsidies to buy food, helping them make ends meet. However, a recent controversial measure is being considered to supply food rations in lieu of cash subsidies due to the "excess abuse of food stamps". Meaning, families are using food stamps to buy items that are not considered "wholesome goods" such as soda, junk food, expensive seafood, etc.) is this a credible claim or another government tactic to further tighten the constraints already sanctioned by federal assistance? Join Bryckk Wilkes and LaKrush Hearts as we chop it up over "Food Stamps or Food Rations?" and talk about how this would effect our society. Tune in on Sun. Feb 1st @ 7:00 pm EST by calling in to 805-830-8320 or log into our chat room at Click on the 'TUNE IN LIVE' tab and listen through your laptop, PC or tablet. See you there!!!
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THE BRYCKKHOUSE "Welcome To Twenty Fifteen" JAN 4TH AT 7PM EST. It's our annual virtual New Years party. Join Bryckk and Lakrush for some fun and good music as we introduce our new season plans for The Bryckkhouse and... more

Tune in on Tuesday, 11/18 at 9pm est. KRUSHIN' AFTER DARK on The Honey Suite. Join Lakrush Hearts for another frisky discussion "Sex Drive: How Important Is Sex To You?" We are taking a look at your sexual appetite and how it... more

Welcome To The Show. Tune in for good music, good conversation, & good times. It's the monday night jukebox on Phone Fantasy Radio. Call In LIVE 805-830-8320 *Press #1 To Speak On It Join us LIVE in the chatroom at... more

Tune in Tuesday, Nov 11th at 9:pm est. to The Honey Pot on The Honey Suite. Join us for a sticky discussion called "Know Your Role" An examination of the wife/husband previliges we offer to our significant other but are only in a... more

Unemployment, Healthcare, The War on Terror, Immigration... the list goes on and on! Americans are fed up with the way the counrty is progressing. Someone has to take the blame. Unfortunately, Our current POTUS, Barack Obama is... more

*New Segment Alert* Every First Tuesday of the month join us for Parental Guidance - Home-hitting discussions on the trials and triumphs of parenthood. Tune in at 9pm est. to Parental Guidance on The Honey Suite. Join us for a... more

It's The Monday Night Jukebox, where we bring you the best in online entertainment. From the latest headlines, gossip and social media trending news with a hint of great music from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Laugh, fun, and... more

The world is in a state of distress... Diseases are running rampant, violence is increasing and becoming more brutal and there seem to be more and more natural disasters every day. Many have prophecized and predicted that the end... more

WELCOME TO THE HONEY SUITE Tune in on Tuesday, 10/28 at 9pm est. to The Honey Pot. Join us for a candid discussion on ?MEN: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?- Many women, when complaining about the bad men they meet, are... more

WELCOME TO THE SHOW!!! MUSICALLY INCLINED is dedicated to bringing you the best in music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow in genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, & Spoken Word (but not limited to these genres). During this two... more