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Phone Fantasy Radio is a cyber broadcasting network offering our mature audience enjoyment and adult entertainment. We are jammed packed with innovative ideas and a streak for controversy. We have a variety of live daily talk shows that covers a plethora of topics, 24/7 live streaming, on air interviews with influential individuals and more. We are always making improvements that will enhance our growing interactive community. Join Us and Let The Conversation Begin...

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T.D. Jakes... Creflo Dollar... Joel Osteen... Joyce Meyer... These people have become religious, household names. The provide comfort and spiritual guidance to the masses. Preach in mega church stadiums to sold out crowds. They... more

Tune in TONIGHT 3/26 at 9pm Mistess Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Mistress Sexy Mae with Lakrush Hearts as we have a stimulating discussion about "Sex Toys & Fetishes". We will be exploring the... more

Tune in TONIGHT 3/25 at 9:30pm est/8:30pm cst. to The Dame-O Show on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join host Dame-O with J-Willa & Lakrush Hearts as we take a look at "Modern Day Dating". Society has radically changed & so have... more

Tune in TONIGHT 3/24 at 9pm est. to Sistah Souljahs Unite on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Lakrush Hearts for the continuing Sistah Souljahs Unite campaign discussion "Can Women Heal The World?". From the bible thru the... more

Tune in TONIGHT 3/23 at 9pm est. to Musically Inclined on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Lakrush Hearts for the Monday Night Jukebox, now playing the best from yesterday, today, & tomorrow. Also we are taking a look at entertainment... more

#‎DrPhil?, ?#‎UmarJohnson?, ?#‎SteveHarvey?... Very influential media personalities that give advice on ?#‎love? and ?#‎relationships?. But does this advice do more damage than it does good? Join @Bryckk and... more

IT'S FINALLY ARRIVED THE DEBUT OF MISTRESS SEXY MAE LIVE!!!! Tune in TONIGHT 3/19 at 9pm est. to Mistress Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join Mistress Sexy Mae for her debut "Welcome To The Champagne... more

Join host Dame-O with Jay Willa and Lakrush Hearts as they discuss "The First Approach". Ladies want to be wooed and Men just want sex well how do you get the ball rolling with the first approach? Is it okay for women to make the... more

Welcome To Sistah Souljahs Unite. Tune in Tonight 3/17 at 9pm est/8pm cst. to Sistah Souljahs Unite on Phone Fantasy Radio as we come together for dialogue, exploration, and discovery of our sexuality. Join hostess Lakrush Hearts and... more

Men are from Mars.. Women are from Venus... Fict or Fact?! Its Rough Out There. At least thats what they say. But has it gotten so rough that its turned us against each other? Black Relationships are suffering. To the point of Women... more