CP Womens football

The Phoenix traveled to Louisville Kentucky to take on the Nightmare this past Saturday. The game was football with all of its trappings. Rainy, windy, and muddy. All old school players would have loved the conditions. Two teams went at it in way that would be pleasing to the football Gods. The Nightmare displayed the heart that this game has come to be loved for. There was no quit in any of the 16 women and they played hard all the way through a 58 - 0 loss. They made me proud to share the field with them and my beloved Phoenix. We are working hard to achieve the thing we have dreamed of since we were the 16 women team on the other side of this coin. Although we finished our season at 5 & 1, we know the feeling of being out numbered and having to step on the field and compete with numbers that do not stack up in our favor. So our hats are off to Nightmare for not giving in to complacency or doubt and competing till the end.

As for the Phoenix's performance, we played well in some spots and lost focus in others and that is a state of affairs that has to be addressed. For the most part, we kept our foot on the gas, effort wise, if not with our minds on the offensive side of the ball. The "Black Shirt" defense continues to be a bright spot for our team. We have not allowed an offensive score this season. 12 straight quarters of lights out, shut out defense is impressive to say the least. We continue to dictate the terms by which the game will be played! The offensive efficiency is steadily improving as we become more comfortable with our roles and continue to work with each other to ensure offensive fluidity. Special teams are a work in progress as we iron out the rough edges. Time does not allow all the fine tuning that I would like so I am blessed to have a group of ladies that are sharp and can learn as well as perform on the fly.

This win, while just another in our ultimate goal of hoisting the North American Championship trophy, has significant meaning for me as it allows me to bear witness to my mentor (James Brown) reaching 100 wins as a coach! I was there at the beginning as a player to help accumulate quite a few of those early wins and it gives me great delight to have him at my side and be party to such a momentous occasion. I can only hope that he understands how special this was for me as well as to be able to, along with the Phoenix ladies, present him with the game ball for win # 100 in such a dominate game performance by a team that we both coach! I can only dream that someday I can reach this milestone and have a player that I am as close to present me with a game ball. Alright, I have stopped long enough to smell a rose or two, now its back to laser like focus. I've got to prepare my ladies better than last week. We have a tough Locomotion team to get ready for this Saturday. Another step on the road to Texas!

Ballin out, till we fallin out !

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