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1:08 Phoenix

Good evening and welcome everyone. This is Phoenix. It is Monday, January 20, 2014, and I hope you had a good day, the start of your week if you are working and if you are not, if you are looking for work, I hope it was successful. If you are not looking for work and you're retired or unemployed, I hope it was a pleasant day and you made the best of the situation, and that's the task for us from the time we're a Little Betty, just a Little Betty faced until we're oh so old. If we're so blessed to get up oh so old, that we do well everyday, everyday with whatever task is set before us and whatever lesson there is to learn and we learn things hopefully all the time. That's the process. Chat room is open. Hope everyone in chat is well. Hello to everyone in chat. And, yeah, let's see, what's going on here. It was pretty good news we're going to cover. We will be taking calls at the bottom of the hour after we have special guests on. Tonight, we'll be having a special guest on the bottom of the hour, Angela Horne, and she will be announcing to you her new radio program that actually today was her first episode. And she can tell you all that. She'll be on for like 10 or 15 minutes. She won't be taking any calls or anything. She'll just be telling about her new radio program, and tomorrow, tomorrow evening, we will again be hosting on this channel, Rooftop Radio, with Benjamin. You can join us at 8:30 tomorrow evening Eastern Time for one hour with Benjamin. We'll be sharing, teaching, and shouting from the rooftop. So, be sure and check that out and join Benjamin tomorrow. Okay, let's get right into it. Ah, we don't have any other announcements.

3:01 Phoenix

Oh, Dr. Simon will be on probably next week and still, we have not confirmed that, I'll confirm that with him and let you guys know on Wednesday and of course, it will be on Going Global East Meets West, as always. Alright. Let's get right into it and see exactly what we have going on and what the markets have done today. Okay, today in New York, gold was up 60 cents but is currently down 90 cents to 1256 even. Silver was flatlined in New York and has moved down 9 cents in overseas trading to $20.34. Platinum was up $11 in New York but down form to 1169 currently in active trading. Palladium was down $1 in New York and down additional 4 in active trading to 1,469. So, the metals aren't doing well too well today, not too strong. Let's take a look at copper. Copper is down to 3.3348. Hmm, yeah, it's like all of our metals are taking a slight downtrend. Paper markets are mixed also. Dell was up, Neditech was down, not a lot. Again, unless we see some major manipulation or failure thereof, we will report it then other than that, it's not advanced means absolutely nothing to those who are truly looking for economic indicators. Crude oil is down 59 cents to 9378. Through the kryptos, Bitcoin currently __04:55__ is 965.59.had a high of...

5:01 Phoenix

Yeah, 956.97, excuse me, had a high of 980.59 and a low of 931.50. Less stability there and a lot of strength showing in the BTC. Let's take a look at some of the other kryptos, some of the alternatives or what is called old kryptos that we watch. And hmm, Litecoin is up to 25.37, Namecoin is up also to 633. Dogecoin, yeah we had a news on Dogecoin today, it is up quite a bit, 86%, 0.0013. It was up to 0.0015 early this morning and men, we are looking on like 350% up check here in the past two weeks, not too bad. Cork, cork is currently trending down to 11 cents. What else do we have? Looking at also, another slight winner here today was grandcoin. Grandcoin is up right now 6% so it is isn't green. What's up with Phoenix coin. It's up too, yeah, 0.1. Yeah, someone write me today Alpha Blue, he was telling me about all the kryptos he has. He's sporting nine different kryptos right now. So, a way to go, Aqua Blue. I got your message and read it and it's pretty cool and yeah, he's in BTC and alternatives and he's holding nine different ones right now and that's what people do. They pick and choose, and they'll pick up a little here, a little there, it's pretty interesting. Let's take a look at the TR paper. Euro is down all round with the euro itself to 1.3546 and the British pound down to 1.6420.

7:04 Phoenix

Not a lot of movement in either one of those in the past few days, real, real types trading range. Chinese yuan, unchanged, 6.0528. South Korean won unchanged also, 1,063.65. Hmm, let's take a look at emerging market of Vietnam. VND is unchanged, 21,036. No announcements, no updates. Let's go over and take a look at the emerging market at Nation of Iraq. We have live feed here for the 20th. IQD is unchanged. No announcements, no changes. Still showing at the artificial program rate. Alright. Let's go take a look at the Extinction Protocol, see what's happening in the world. Extinction Protocol. We had a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattling New Zealand's North Island. Man, New Zealand is so seismically active and after the huge quakes ahead just a few years ago, people are still edgy. Central New Zealand, including the capital Wellington was shaken by a magnitude 6.2 on Monday, but there were no reports of injuries and damage was mostly superficial. It was not that long. The 1-minute long rolling quake was centered in the mainly region about 120 km north of Wellington, depth of 50 km.

9:05 Phoenix

You know what, I wonder if that's a precursor. Yeah, they had some minor damage, some center block walls that fell, rocks that fell on the highway, etc, etc. Hmm, and there's been some landslides and slips. What else do we have? Let's doubt it, doubt it. Again we're anticipating and watching for this really, really frigid weather that's coming. I know up in Canada, they would have some real cold temperatures tonight and we will be seeing those very, very cold freezing temperatures that we saw the first week in January. They are coming back with a vengeance and maybe staying with us a little bit longer so be aware that in the same areas down the south, etc so it could be interesting. Oh, today is Martin Luther King Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, by the way. Okay. The government offices were closed. Let's see uhm, in the United States. Let's go over to Going Global East Meets West and see what the Lakers has for us. On Global East Meets West, articles of interest. Hmm. Phoenix Synergies. First article we have here, it's not really an article, it's a link you can click on.

11:04 Phoenix

A lot of people have been wondering about Phoenix Synergies and how Mr. Jack is doing and what's going on, and we have told you that when information is made available in public, we'll let you know. Well, the very first link here, you can click on, tonight's link says Phoenix Synergies Executive Summary and that takes you over to the Phoenix Synergies website and you'll see a new addition about us. Phoenix Synergies Executive Summary. And you can read this and it goes into the entire executive summary and what they are hoping for investors and if you're wondering about the investment possibilities, you can check them out here, and as a matter of fact, I think I'll read this for those who are listening and do not have website capability. So, this is the Phoenix Synergies Executive Summary, which is a public document over on the website. It says Waste. What is it? Where does it come from? Where would we be without it? What do we do with it? Have we put enough thought and provisioning behind it? There has been much discussion about green technologies for many years. Usually it is about plastic containers and bags, emissions, greenhouse gasses, etc. but have we really ever discussed what to do with the tons and tons of waste that we generate every day? Some of this waste, such as stryofoam products, will never break down naturally to create any kind of useable product. We are poisoning the only environment we have. We need to find a better way to dispose of the waste that does not currently decompose or recycle without it being cost prohibitive. Phoenix Synergies, Inc. has developed just such a way. Phoenix Synergies, Inc. is proud to announce cutting edge technology to eliminate styrofoam waste in our mainstream and landfills.

13:04 Phoenix

Styrofoam was first developed by Dow Chemical in 1941 after buying the rights of a Swedish inventors' patent so they could make large quantities of extruded polystyrene as a closed cell foam that resists moisture. There are various types of foam that are used for many different applications i.e. cups, coolers, packaging materials, food containers, insulation, crafts etc. Huge amounts of styrofoam (now used as a generic term) are used in packaging anything that is shipped anywhere. What is happening to all of it once the items are unpacked? Landfills. Or warehouses. Legally, some landfills cannot even take it anymore or even if they do, they have to pay to store it somewhere until someone comes along with a solution. Phoenix Synergies has spent the last twelve years in research and development of an innovative process which uses a food grade product as the base chemical to melt the styrofoam into a poly resin. Once the styrofoam is in a resin form, it can be processed. If the styrofoam is dirty with dirt particles or other debris, the filtering process removes it. The resin will then flow into a proprietary process, heated and cooled through various temperature ranges to create a separation of the resin from the chemical. After the separation process, up to 99% of the original chemical compound is returned to the system to be reused. The heavier clean resin sinks to the bottom of the separator, is heated at high temperatures and extruded as a 3mm BB which can be used for blow molding and injection molding for producing water bottles and other plastic items. Phoenix Synergies, has the ability to adapt an injection molder to the end of the densifier and produce bottles/products on site.

15:06 Phoenix

This process produces a third generation plastic -- a perfect co-polymer -- with a better blend than virgin material that is versatile in any polystyrene application, which in turn reduces costs. There are few examples of the benefits of this patented process. Phoenix Synergies has closed the loop in recycling styrofoam. No more styrofoam waste going into landfills, some of it being biohazardous, and leaching into our water supplies. The machines can be custom made to any size specifications depending upon the amount of waste to be processed. The current capacity is 10 million pounds a year, per site. Consider that it takes two 40 foot semi trailers of compacted styrofoam to equal one ton. The US produces approximately 4 billion pounds every year. Think of all the ways styrofoam is a burden on society...now think about having the key to unlocking this dilemma. Phoenix Synergies believes they have a solution to the massive styrofoam waste issue and are poised to change the future of this toxic waste. Phoenix Synergies is poised to launch and has the proven technologies and expertise to bring this intriguing business opportunity to the world platform. Currently, there are no economically and environmentally sustainable solutions to recycling expanded polystyrene. By integrating patented EPS recycling technologies and proven recycling processes into the manufacturing, distribution and collection of the expanded polystyrene or EPS, Phoenix Synergies would position itself to become the world's leader in EPS management. Furthermore, by strategically aligning themselves with major international retailers, waste companies, shipping companies and plastic manufacturers, Phoenix Synergies would secure its market share, virtually eliminating any and all potential competition.

17:17 Phoenix

Phoenix Synergies seeks $65 million in the start of slush seed money. Several properties in heavy population density areas have already been cited for production to begin. The main hub will be in Houston, Texas, which we will employ about 30 people. This site can be upfitted for $20 million. Primary collection sites will be in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, and New York. Each of the primary sites can be fitted for $1.2 million for a total of $6 million. The collection sites will break down the styrofoam and ship it to Houston for the distillation process for conversion to a usable plastic. Secondary sites, 10 in each of the five states, can be located by existing recycling centers for approximately $600,000 each equaling $30 million. The plants can be up and running in a very short period of time. The balance of the funds will be used for transportation cost, trucks, training, etc. Phoenix Synergies has sole leadership from an outstanding executive branch whose knowledge of finance and business is extremely vast. See more about these leaders at phoenixsynergies.blogspot.com, our team, and site is still under construction but available and that is Phoenix Synergies site. Phoenix Synergies has a strong exit strategy for its investors. The programs will consist of a combination of production contracts, bonds, and SLS pools to secure investors' capital up to 300%. Early calculations estimate with a 2% market share and at 15% net profit, the annualize profit will be equal to or greater than approximately $3.26 billion.

19:21 Phoenix

Not including any energy, green or carbon credits. This product size process is a necessity not only here in the US but worldwide bringing billions in financial returns and incalculable returns for our environment. And there you go, in its entirety, that is the Phoenix Synergies executive summary. And I hope you caught the one part that was extremely important about the profit, $3.26 billion in the first year. And that's with a 2% market share and the 15% net profit. So, you have the link to it right there on Going Global East Meets West, and that is the executive summary. So, a little bit more information for all of those who have been wondering about Mr. Jack, his process, the product in Phoenix Synergies. So, there you go. And stay tuned because soon, soon, within a week or two, maybe a little longer, there will be more information that will come forward and as it is made available in public, we will announce it here on Phoenix Rising Radio for all of our listeners. Okay. Next article. Yep, and this is about Angela. We will be having Angela at the bottom of the hour. Phoenix Rising Radio have the privilege to officially announce tonight, hmm, hold on one second. We will take a short break here. 00:21:20: Intermission

22:31 Phoenix

Okay, we are back, and I have an update here. Ha ha. That was Mr. Jack and he wanted to let us know that the executive summary that we just read has been changed already and what that is is what we have seen change here and Lakehouse is going to make an amendment to this over on the blog, is that the $65 million that we've needed for the upstart part, that phase has already been achieved. So, the initial funding has already been obtained and what we're looking at now is very soon, the initial stock offerings are going to be made public, and we will be having an investment package that will be made public for everyone but the 65 million and all of the funds that were spoken of in the executive summary since we have that posted, that money has already been obtained. So, my my my. How fast things change and how active this is. And that will show you right there how valuable of an investment this is because this was just introduced. This was just introduced. And these investors, very eager people, seeing the value of this to the world and what this is going to do have already stepped up and those moneys have been secured. So, there's a change for you. How about that? Alright. So, there you go. Oh, I just looked over and in chat that everyone's saying "Wow! Good for you Jack!" (Laughs) 65 million, amazing.

24:21 Phoenix

Yeah, so that is, yeah, that just shows you how serious this is and how potentially valuable of an investment this is, but one thing that has not changed and I think it's extremely conservative, extremely conservative, and that is one at the bottom of the executive summary, when you go over there and look at it, that I pointed out something that has not changed is the $3.26 billion projected profit, which is 2% in the market share and that's only marking at 15% net profit. And personally, I think that's conservative, but that's just me. But that shows you the value of this and how the reason why these primary investment funds were reached so quickly. So, thanks Jack for giving me a call and clarifying that and that will be updated here shortly. Okay, let's get on to some other news. See what we have here. Quite a bit, right in this Arexa, a lot of turmoil going on over there but as you know, they are finding these forces of terrorism, they're going at it, and there's a lot going on with Kurdistan and they are talking about you know, that we long going back in the Iraqi PM and likely, you see, Kurdistan will be weak if it separates and these are against all separation based on oil. And this is the three-state solution he is talking about here. See, Kurdistan is being pushed pretty hard by the United States and other countries to split away from Iraq and we will see this, we will see this. We see some of the major news networks right now counting how bad things are in Iraq.

26:20 Phoenix

And really actively participating in yellow journalism and really with a slant to it. But if we look at the big situation with the investments, there have been some good things that have happened. The text of the draft law of the 2014 budget has been sent to parliament. Parliament will be back to 28 which is next week and so we could potentially see them do that and there's just a lot of really good things. If we only just read the headlines of what she has here. Kurdistan PM, we don't accept this threat language from Baghdad and did not offer guarantees. This has to do with the splitting away, distribution of electronic cards among voters in the south soon. They're going to have to have electronic voter IDs which is a good thing, it prevents fraud. __27:15__ the media awareness campaign is voter's review of electronic voter cards, and so they're going to be pushed on that, and of course, the text of the draft 2014 Budget Law sent to parliament. Government at third meeting with the Kurds to discuss proposal on the ministry of oil. Yeah, personally, like I'd been saying, I don't think anything will happen with the oil law in full until we see a full articulate compliance with the currency in the Central Bank of Iraq, which we'll see pretty soon. As he calls on Iraq to address root causes of violence, that's a big deal. And see Iraq, now this is a big one, Iraq specialist reviews the process for economic reform and if you check this one out, it's got some really good stuff in it, it says Baghdad Morning, continuing issue on the books of economic intrusion of __28:10__ financial and banking deals with different banks. Then it goes on and talks about a lot of stuff and it specifically talks about foreign currency cash transfers in banks and strengthening the economy.

28:22 Phoenix

That's pretty good now. They did also pass a law that was passed, I believe on the 7th, that we didn't report is the law of languages and in the law of languages, specifically in Item A of the law of languages, talks about currency, and officially states and you can see this down here, it is, the Windsor Wolf further down, let's go down to it here. Wire Canadians buying Bitcoin, mini _28:54__, oh, check this out, Dogecoin or __28:58__coin creates a solicited donations ascended to make bobsled team for the Winner Olympics. And now this helped _29:07_ moods. This morning, the creators of Dogecoin were asking for $30,000 to send to the Jamaican bobsled team to compete for the Winner Olympics, and by this afternoon, they have already raised $35,000. Go, Dogecoins. And did you see, the Jamaican bobsled team, after Winner Olympics, they may have a Dogecoin sticker on the side of the bobsled. Thank you _29:32__ for that and Dogecoin did go up quite a bit today, only at least. Of course we have wire Canadians buying Bitcoin here, which is a good idea. You can read that in order to convince your _0:29__ from __29:46_ world's biggest Bitcoin data base. We have two huge paper currency articles here. And we have the ___ king received you as Congress Senate delegations, ahh ha, something there, Washington waiting to be pulled to invite Reann to the conference. That has already happened. They cancelled Reann. They do not want Reann there and Reann has been blocked from Geneva to a conference that was supposed to be Wednesday. But we did have the nuclear sanctions and the deal that we set up with Iran winning to effect today.

30:23 Phoenix

So we look forward kind of push and pull. Then Haige says expectations from Geneva took quite long. You know that Geneva, too, has to do with Syria. And I would say it would be quite low too, especially when you have people like Carrie, demanding that __30:41__ surrender even before the Geneva do thing. It's just crazy. There's a lot of misinformation there and propaganda and psychological stuff going on. Because Reagan tried to keep the gameboard on. They are gonna fool the public into believing it started for different reasons __31:00__. A mere Kuwait receives our rocky parliament delegation headed by Speaker Naozi. Now, here is the big one. Check this out. Official languages. Click on that. Iraqis currency. And this is an SOP we can call along because sometimes we do not listen. I will put it over here and chat. And that link, I just dropped and chat is through this article which is very important on going global. So you have official languages for Iraqi currency. And there are different article to this act. And this was approved on the 7th of this month. Okay, so we will just pick this up and thanks to Obama. He called this Law Official Languages and has different articles and that the official language of a rat, but if you go down to item number 8, Article 8, use them both Arabic and Kurdish as follows: First, the issuance of currency and then it goes on, second passport on traffic indicator panels, and issue of revenues, stamps and mailing. So the issuance of the currency that the Central Bank of Iraq is going to put out for lower denominations, which would be in Arabic and Kurdish.

32:25 Phoenix

That was an actually law until January 7th. So they actually passed the law to make that legal, and it is called the law of the languages that would actually make it law that currency have that language on it. So to be in compliance with the law, they have to get rid of the current currency that you are holding. If you are adventurous investor and you have Iraqi dinars in investment right now, it will soon be not in compliance with the law. It will be good, but they will have to issue this new currency that they have, that is in Kurdish and Arabic and it is right here in this law on going global, Article 8 of the Languages Act. So there you go. That is a very, very good article. And so much more. He has so much more news already. Let's see what else we have here. Yeah, we're down to the bottom of the hour. We are going to take a short break and when we come back, we will have our special guest, Angel Warm will be joining us at the bottom of the hour. Interesting times. As you can see, things can change and move quickly. I mean, look! The Dogecoin sound Asian offered donations of $30,000 worth of Dogecoin to be sent to the Jamaican bobsled team and we kind of laughed about it and within hours in early afternoon, they had achieved $35,000. Who knows how much they have now. We started out the program. We are reading the Phoenix Synergies Execute Summary talking about the prospect of the company and what the company needed.

34:25 Phoenix

And I get a call before it is even finished from Mr. Jack that some of the primary goals have already been achieved. Not small ones, even big ones, the big ones, $65 million. That's how fast things can change. So now that you know that good things are coming to you and those whom you love, and they're going to come quickly. (34:48): Intermission

35:09 Phoenix

Hey guys, I would like to remind you of our sponsor, audible.com and the special deals that you can get at Audible with the free audio books and the 30-day free trial. Be sure and check it out, and I hope you have, and anything you can think of, they have over there. It's really, really cool, so if you go over there, going global, click on the audible.com ad, it will take you right to the page. You can sign up for your free stuff, pretty cool. Also, don't forget Honey Hollow Wagyu and the free ground beef offer that they are offering right now. So be sure and check that out on the honeyhollowwagyu. Also on going global. (35:54): Intermission

37:17 Phoenix

You're listening to Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Rising, Rising, Rising, Radio, Radio, Radio. (00:37:18): Intermission

39:35 Phoenix

You are listening to Phoenix Rising Radio.

40:02 Phoenix

And we are back. And we are going to get a special guest, Angela Horne from ___40:06__.

40:31 Angela Horne

Hey, Phoenix, how are you?

40:33 Phoenix

Doing okay, how are you doing today.

40:35 Angela Horne

I'm doing great, thanks.

40:37 Phoenix

Yeah, we listen to your program, it was really good, and you're doing a great job, Angel.

40:44 Angela Horne

Thank you. It's a little nerve wracking.

40:46 Phoenix

Ha, ha. Yeah, it always is. Sometimes it's tough to get started in stuff like that, but again, like I told everyone at the beginning at the beginning of the program, special guest, Angel Horne, to talk about your new radio program, so, Angel, take it away. Tell us what you're doing.

41:09 Angela Horne

Well, it's actually been in the making for a while. You, know, I was thinking, what could I possibly speak about on a radio show, and then, you know, I have all these visions, that come to me over the classes and the talks that I like to do and the times that I've been on your show and you know, the opportunity to be able to speak to people and assist them, and I thought, you know, if you had awesome platforms, just to be able to do that whenever I want it. An awesome opportunity to connect with other people, start the platform for being able to connect, assist. Today, one of the calls, that, George, you called in, actually got many readings. So, that was gonna cool. And I just came out of nowhere. But it was really about the information in helping people to, before with 2014, because well know what it's like to be stagnant, and it's not enjoyable. So, I've been doing this for, I don't know, 25 years, elevating and escalating and learning and practicing, and teaching and I just felt like this was a great platform. I've listened to you. I see what you put out. I've seen what other people have put out, and I saw it. You know, this is really a great opportunity to step up and just start being in that leadership form and putting out more and more information as I go along. So why not start January 2014. Huh, huh.

42:33 Phoenix

Tell everybody how to find your site. I mean it's, we have a poster over on Going Global East Meets West Links to Angela's radio program and everything, but for our listeners who may be listening on telephone or Smart phones, go ahead and give out your information, Angel.

42:51 Angela Horne

Okay, sure. The transfer you to success is on BlogTalk. If you're on a computer, it's blogtalkradio.com/angelahorne and it will come up under that. If people actually have a pen handy, there is a telephone number that you can call in, and the telephone number the guests call in is 347 area code 426-3957. And if you are on a computer, you can always send me messages and you can link up to Facebook or if you in through blogtalkradio/angelahorne. When you land on the page, you can send me messages or you can follow. For one over the next show, isn't it will prompt you, just like Phoenix Rising Radio.

43:43 Phoenix

Very cool, very cool. Anything else you would like to add to that. Or anything you feel prompted to share with us.

43:51 Angela Horne

You know, I certainly listened to some of the things you were saying in the last 15 minutes and one of the things that come to me is really this is the time to bloom and blossoming, and the things unfold. The real truth of what lies underneath the currents that we've all been riding on. It's really coming forward and I really feel like there is more and more of a positivity, the truth of what people are, who they are and the truth of what's really coming forward. So, the big word right now, I would say, is blossom. So, if I was to share anything, I really feel like this is the opening of a flower in the dead of winter, this is the time for people to really open up and start being all that they can be.

44:38 Phoenix

Well, that sounds really good. That sounds really good. That's uplifting and positive and exactly what we need to hear in this cold, cold temperature. We do need to move forward, and there is a lot of changes, a lot of good stuff that is going on, and in the midst of it, we will see this. Even in the flower beds, there are some weeds to grow up. That you know, once the flowers are going to flourish, there can be beauty in the midst of all that, and I don't know. Like I said, we listened to your program today, it's really good. You did a really good job. I think you'll gonna be very successful and you're the second radio program we've launched here in the past couple of weeks.

45:19 Angela Horne

I know it's now a while.

45:22 Phoenix

I know. Angela with Rooftop Radio. You will be on this channel tomorrow. He is starting his own. And he is primarily spiritually based, bible based teachings and that he is doing a really good job on that. Like I think he will be starting his own channel here.

45:45 Angela Horne

Yeah. Got an amazing foundation there. That's good.

45:47 Phoenix

He does, he does. And then now, yours. So anybody else who wants to start this station, just let me know.

45:57 Angela Horne

(Laughter). Covering by Phoenix

46:01 Phoenix

Yeah. I have all kinds of time to do that, but... (laughter).

46:06 Angela Horne

Apparently, you do.

46:08 Phoenix

Yeah. But anyway, I think you'll gonna be very successful and also I think Benjamin is gonna be a very successful one, and you know, we're all in this together. We're all in this together, you know, and I don't know. So many people just need words of encouragement and hope, and sometimes just some common sense, because the world is a, especially the media, the media and things and entertainment trying to get people pointing in the wrong direction. And sometimes, we kind of need that grand __46:45_ more life, get some new focus.

46:46 Angela Horne

Oh absolutely. New focus, and you know, laughter. If you can't laugh at yourself, then we definitely have some serious issues.

46:57 Phoenix

Yeah, that's true. And we take ourselves too seriously sometimes, we're all there.

47:03 Angela Horne

And I really wanna say thanks for giving me the one, the plug that you really stepped it up and helped me out. Just what I'm saying, you just know how frustrated I was about getting the announcement out there and getting it recorded, and you just stepped up like a true courageous that, I'll do that, and I was like, ahh...

47:26 Phoenix

Well, I know, it's a dawning cast whenever we started to do this, it was a pretty stiff warning curve, and I wouldn't, you know, like there wasn't anybody to call about it and you either, there was kind of like in the movies where the pilot has a heart attack and you grab the controls in the towers like trying to tell you what to do. Like, I don't know, can I weigh this plane. You know, it's kind of people like that. You know, help Benjamin. And he has experience, you have experience too, but the whole Blog Talk format or any new format, it's, you know, sometimes, you turn it on like, Oh, my gosh, what is all this. And it's kind of dawning, so. But I tell you what I think, you'll gonna be very successful and is gonna do really well and congratulations for that.

48:07 Angela Horne

Well, thank you. And just some of the things that I really wanna be able to help other people to be, you know, free stuff on there, we'll be able to have callers come on and talk about certain things, but I wanna be able to offer some Q and A and really find a platform for people to help elevate. And that's really the purpose behind it. So, I just really wanna thank you for the opportunity to be on here tonight, and you know, for giving me the little bit of a push to grow and do my own show. So, I appreciate that as well.

48:39 Phoenix

Hey, a couple of questions I have for you. How often are you going to be doing the broadcast, and as you are set for it yet and date?

48:48 Angela Horne

Not specifically. I really, I love Wednesdays. The hump, getting over the hump on Wednesdays always seem to be, when people can use them as encouragement, and then I feel Mondays are good, too. So if it's twice a week, that might be a lot. But I'm really gonna try to be once a week

49:09 Phoenix

What times? What kind of time slot you're gonna be shooting for.

49:12 Angela Horne

I'd really love the 11 o'clock hour cause I really feel like that, when people are reaching either for another coffee or a tea or you know...

49:20 Phoenix

In the morning. 11 a.m.

49:22 Angela Horne

In the morning. Oh yeah, so sorry. Yes, 11 a.m. There might be an evening show, perhaps, I'm not sure about that one.

49:31 Phoenix

Yeah, but all of them just like Phoenix Rising Radio will be recorded automatically and be available for download and listen at a later convenience for everyone's convenience.

49:42 Angela Horne


49:44 Phoenix

Another thing, are you going to have guests on your show?

49:47 Angela Horne

Yes, I actually am. So, from all walks of life. I have some local people here that are some social marketing media people. I have some environment people that I have asked. What to do with your life and if for money and what not, little things. Had to look after, life in different ways. So I do have some different people that have stepped up, that's in the audience, "I'd love to be in the show, and just have an opportunity to speak to help other people." So, it's a brand new year. A lot of people are really stepping out of their comfort zone and I just love that. I love that because when I'm out there out of my comfort zone, it's great to have a laugh that someone else is doing the same thing.

50:29 Phoenix

Sure. There you go. That sounds really exciting. It's really great. And again, I wish you all the luck and from what we heard today, I think you'll gonna be very successful.

50:39 Angela Horne

Well, thank you.

50:40 Phoenix

You'll do just fine. Really, really good. Anything else you would like to add?

50:46 Angela Horne

I would really want to say hi to everybody. I know it feels like a bit of stranger has been opened. As I said in the show today, when you're doing service and not in service, it will take you off your path for a little while and I'm back. So, I'm here, I'm available, I really want to just reach out and give a very, very hug and say hello, and I just look forward to chatting with people in the near future.

51:12 Phoenix

Well, thank you very much. It sounds really cool.

51:15 Angela Horne

Thanks, Phoenix.

51:17 Phoenix

Okay, you're welcome. And again, invite us, Angel Horne with her new program, and what's the program name again?

51:26 Angela Horne

Transfer You to Success.

51:28 Phoenix

Transfer You to Success. That sounds like a good plan. I like that. Alright. Well, thank you very much, Angel, for coming on this evening, and everyone, be sure and check this links out and again give your link out for Blog Talk Radio, for people who may_51.42__

51:43 Angela Horne

Sure, blogtalkradio/angelahorne and it will just take you right to the transfer you to success. If you go to my website also, www.transferyoutosuccess or just type my name in. It will all come up, it's all right there on the first page, and all the link will take you there, so it's pretty easy.

52:01 Phoenix

Well, that's really cool. Fantastic.

52:02 Angela Horne

So, say how do you like those things so much, and love you all, and have a great night.

52:09 Phoenix

Okay, you too, and that's a success. We will be listening to what would you say there...

52:09 Angela Horne

(Laughter) Yeah, okay, take care.

52:20 Phoenix

Bye, bye.

52:22 Angela Horne

Bye, bye.

52:23 Phoenix

That's Ms Angel Horne. And she was the mystery person who we told you who's gonna be starting a program, so there you go. How about that. And the second one. Not too bad. Launching two radio shows. Helping out with two radio shows in two weeks. Yap. Pretty good at this. Anyway, don't forget. Benjamin, tomorrow on Rooftop Radio, 8:30 Eastern. And be sure and listen in. Benjamin is a great teacher and has a message to tell, to shout from the rooftops. Okay, let's go the phones and let's go to our first caller. That's over at area code 661. Hello, who's this.

53:12 Mr. Michael

Good evening, Phoenx, how are you doing?

53:15 Phoenix

Is this Michael?

53:17 Mr. Michael

This is Mr. Michael from Texas.

53:18 Phoenix

Okay, Mr Michael, when are you gonna start your radio show. Is that why you called me.

53:23 Mr. Michael

No, no, no.

53:25 Phoenix

No, no, no.

53:30 Mr. Michael

No, no. You had a lady on last night that gave you some misinformation about Citibank.

53:37 Phoenix

Oh, really.

53:38 Mr. Michael

And I wanted to clear that up so that everybody can get the straight skinny.

53:45 Phoenix

Okay, hold on, one second, Michael. I believe you told us before on the air that your wife is in banking, is that correct.

53:54 Mr. Michael

She works for Citibank for 15 years.

53:57 Phoenix

Well, there we go. That's what I was getting at. I didn't wanna say that. I thought that's what you'd said before, that's why Michael can say this with a sort of a man of authority because his wife is employed with Citibank. So go ahead Michael

54:14 Mr. Michael

Well, the thing of it is, you can get just anybody who calls Citibank and get the same information. Now, let me tell you, what this lady said was correct. She said she was not allowed to take more than $2000 out. What she didn't tell you is by what means. And that $2000 limit for a gold customer at an ATM. If you walk in to the bank to take money out, there is no restriction. But they put the restriction on the debit cards and stub at the ATM for safety and security. A normal person who has an account there, their restriction is $1000 and that's in one day, one banking day. Now, what most people don't realize is that from Friday night to Monday night is considered one banking day, so you would be restricted to taking out the $2000 over that three-day period. However, if you call Citibank, they will lift the restriction, they'll ask you, are you at the ATM? Yes, I am at the ATM. They say, well, we will lift the restriction for 15 minutes and then we will put it back at. And you can take out an additional $1000, $2000 and whatever. You know, obviously, Kenneth is at the ATM machine, but anyway, you can get additional cash. So, I wanted to clear that up, so everybody does take note. We all know what the big banks are. We don't have to go in there. We don't have to hammer them and all that. I wanted the lady to understand that Citibank does not restrict cash or money withdrawals. Only in an ATM.

56:08 Phoenix

Okay. So, it's not actual true capital controls, it's just ATM regulations, and it sounds like it's for people's safety, actually, and one thing I didn't know, Michael was that a banking day on a weekend was from Friday evening to Monday morning, that I did not know. That's an interesting bit of information either.

56:32 Mr. Michael

It helps to understand why if you make withdrawals or deposits on the weekend, it does not show up until actually Tuesday morning.

56:42 Phoenix

Yeah. Because 48 hours and that would be one day and two days. Yeah.

56:48 Mr. Michael

Right, right. So anyway, I just thought I'd pass it onto you and now you got the straight skinny.

56:57 Phoenix

Thank you very much, Michael. I appreciate that. You're always good for giving the straight skinny.

57:02 Mr. Michael

Alright, see you later.

57:04 Phoenix

Okay, the one. So there you go. And Michael's wife works at Citibank, and he is a, as you know, Michael is exhaustive in what he says and he goes a great deal just to get to the bottom and the facts of things, so if he said it and his wife works there, yeah, would it be corny to say, bank on it? You can bank on that information. But actually, we can bank on that information. You have to call on the weekend. You have to call and get the supposed information. Let's go to area code 310. Hello, who's this? Area code 310. Hello, hello. Area code 310, no? Let's go to area code 619. Hello, who is this?

58:04 Aqua Blue

Hi Phoenix, it is Aqua Blue. How are you doing?

58:07 Phoenix

Aqua Blue. I was just talking about you on the program before.

58:11 Aqua Blue

Yeah, that is why I needed to call because someone this morning actually texted me and impersonated Horizon Wireless.

58:23 Phoenix

No kidding.

58:25 Aqua Blue

Yes. And say that my account was frozen for security reasons and they wanted me to go to a website and download all my data.

58:38 Phoenix


58:40 Aqua Blue

Yes. So I went to Horizon right away. I talked to them colleagues. They could have shot my phone down if had done that.

58:52 Phoenix


58:55 Aqua Blue

So, and then, then you got a text or some kind of message from me today. I wish I own that many different kinds of coins but the only one I own is this coin.

59:07 Phoenix

Are you serious?

59:10 Aqua Blue


59:12 Phoenix

So you are telling me you did not send me a message today?

59:16 Aqua Blue


59:17 Phoenix

Oh that is so weird. You have been hacked. You have been hacked. Did you leave somebody's pool dirty? Did you not clean pool filters or something? Charged double. Aqua Blue, he has a pool manage business in California. Man, that is weird. Wow.

59:37 Aqua Blue

So I want to make sure you knew and all I want to make sure...

59:43 Phoenix

Let me make sure I did not read wrong. I do not want to freak you out here. I would hate to so I am going over to my messages right now and see. Oh no, it was not from you. It wasn't from you. I am so sorry. I saw it is someone in California and I won't say who it is. They have, yeah there are some BTC and nine other coins. Yup, so I will not say who it is. They are listening. I know they are. And they probably like, "What Aqua Blue?" But that was not you. But you know what, that probably really freaked you out. Somebody could have them one of those days. I mean, man, you probably slipped whenever you heard, whenever you heard me say that, like ...

1:00:34 Aqua Blue

I imagined they should probably go in court.

1:00:36 Phoenix

I guess somebody __1:00:42__ when you are hyperventilating.

1:00:45 Aqua Blue

Energized like us. Okay, can you have the, can I say, are you listening yet and changing phone calls. Yeah that is what they do.

1:01:02 Phoenix

It is a 16-year-old Russian kid. Ohh boy! I am sorry about that. Well, you know what, I'm glad you called in though because, tell everybody again exactly what happened. Did this message come over your telephone? You have Horizon. There was a text message or a phone call or what was it?

1:01:18 Aqua Blue

There was a text message. They came twice. They came one minute apart. I got two texts. And there was this, that they were from Horizon and my account was being frozen for a shutdown for security purposes and they needed me to confirm my data, to go to this website and then confirm the data that I have. I guess either whatever they are going to ask me and then I punch in signing my name and everything else and then they have all the information about me.

1:02:07 Phoenix

Yeah they were probably going to ask you for your name, for your social security number and whatever bank card you pay your account on or something or your bank account. I mean, who in the heck knows the fishing attempt, someone trying to get your info. People have to be careful. We've had other listeners of the program who have been hit with scams before from, like internet sites. Secure sites, especially with the krypto currencies. When you are doing banking or a PayPal or any of these things that involve money, you should always look and make sure you have a green bar over the top and the address where, where it has a little padlock and it is secured, it HHTTPS. That S stand for secure. It is what you are looking for with the padlock. It is always whenever you are dealing with money, make sure you have that as a secure site. If that S is not there, do not go there. It is fake page.

1:03:11 Phoenix

Good. Good.

1:03:11 Aqua Blue

Well, I did not even go to that site. I was ...

1:03:16 Aqua Blue

I did not even go in there. I went straight to Horizon because I checked my phone. I called my friend up, called. Texted another friend. Everything worked and they said it was frozen so I went. Obviously, it is not frozen so I am going to Horizon and talk to them.

1:03:33 Phoenix


1:03:34 Aqua Blue

And so. But the...Other than that it was a pretty damn good day. Big waves and Mr Jack. That was really cool. All the information about his whole business. They own that big waves today, I mean someon came in, not really rideable where I am because it is all closing out. Then the last couple of days, we have had really warm, the last 30 days, they list in the 80s.

1:04:12 Phoenix

Very nice.

1:04:14 Aqua Blue

It is really, really nice for this time of the year. And thank God. Normally it was __1:04:19__. I would have like huge windstorm and no wind. I mean it was supposed to windy starting last week and the wind never came so I looked out there because our pool can end up being big. Catch basin for leaves.

1:04:41 Phoenix

Oh yeah, yeah. Well you did look out there. Very cool, very cool. Well, I am glad you did not get hacked and that was resolved and thanks for telling everybody. All of our listeners be careful of that, and do not do those things. You check it out with your true provider if you get information like that before you go to visit any websites.

1:05:09 Aqua Blue

Yeah. So how have you been? Pretty?

1:05:11 Phoenix

Yeah doing well, doing well. Just busy, busy, busy taking care of stuff. It was kind of nicer today, the temperature, but we are gonna get those colder temperatures again. They are coming this weekend and end in next week, so. And we are enjoying the mild weather while we can.

1:05:37 Aqua Blue

Yeah, one of my customers actually said they were back East. They got a 4 hour delay in their flight. I am sorry not four hours, four-day delay in their flight.

1:05:40 Phoenix

Yeah, that is when the weather is really bad, the snow and the ice. And yeah, it is pretty rough.

1:05:46 Aqua Blue

And I guess it was like -5 degrees. So, it cost them almost a thousand dollars of extra money.

1:05:57 Phoenix


1:06:00 Aqua Blue

Thinking of that, just kind of a bummer.

1:06:02 Phoenix

Uhm, that is.

1:06:04 Aqua Blue

But at least, I mean they were not on the road and stuck and all that.

1:06:10 Phoenix

True, true.

1:06:13 Aqua Blue

Well I am glad everything is going well. I will let someone else get on. But I wanted to point that out and make sure everybody knew also.

1:06:28 Phoenix

Well, thank you. Yah that is a good community service thing you did there. I appreciate it and be safe with all that.

1:06:35 Aqua Blue

Alright, have a great day everybody.

1:06:39 Phoenix

Okay we will see, Aqua Blue. Be well.

1:06:41 Aqua Blue

Okay we will see, Aqua Blue. Be well.

1:06:44 Phoenix

Bye. Yeah, I'll tell you why, we have to be careful with about getting any message from a phone company or anyone requesting information. You want to make sure, you are actually speaking with your provider. Yeah, too many fishing attacks out there. Let us go to area code 706. Oops, no 706 has dropped. Let us go to

1:07:14 Loterica

Oh hello again Phoenix. How are you?

1:07:17 Phoenix

Hey! How are you?

1:07:19 Loterica

This is Loterica from Puerto Rico.

1:07:22 Phoenix

I know. Are you in Puerto Rico right now?

1:07:26 Loterica


1:07:27 Phoenix

Very nice, very nice.

1:07:29 Loterica

Yes our daughter is studying at New Hampshire. And she is like like I told her. It is going be very very cold, like in Puerto Rico, we have record temperatures yet in the 90s for the year. And you can feel that it is a little bit warmer. But it is looking very nice. The earthquake thing has stabilized and you know with these things, it was a __1:08:06__ you'll never know was not going to happen.

1:08:10 Phoenix

Uh uhm. Yeah, you know, we were talking about this a little bit last night when you called in but you did not have much time. You are talking about some of the prophetic warnings and I know it seemed one allegedly, not allegedly, he was there, it was a Christian Angelus or something along those lines in Pueto Rico who had a vision of like this rocketing and water coming up over Puerto Rico. Then I know there was another one that was out there. A guy back in the 80s who had been abducted by UFO and they showed him this images and signs of what was going to happen and one of them was the same thing. This huge rock that hit up the west side of Puerto Rico and all those water that came up and you know, then you hear all these strange humors about military equipment coming into Puerto Rico that FEMA stuff and you know there is so much talk about this, from different channels and you were talking about the possibility of asteroid or something. Meteor hitting the ocean near Puerto Rico. So I guess there is a lot of talk about that down there to people, talking about it?

1:09:21 Loterica

Well last year, there were many reports, newspaper __1:09:27__ and they actually saw a lot of these blood boxes and what the VA cemetery said was that this was to transfer to update the cemetery and to transfer the corpses but you know nobody believes that because it is the first time we have ever seen something like that and it was passed through the TV many months ago.

1:10:02 Phoenix

Yeah, I've seen those reports. I think I actually saw some of those reports from television there in Puerto Rico talking about that and people were very concerned because of the FEMA coffins and they were concerned about different vehicles and possibly they are preparing for a natural disaster. I know there was a lot of chatter about it and the only reason I do bring it up is because you did last night, talking about the possibility and the rumors that something like that would happen.

1:10:32 Loterica

Yes and one question, because this thing of classifying region 3 including Puerto Rico. Most security__1:10:40__region 3 classification but there were also questions about the ISON that really disintegrated when it's done by the sun or have something come out of that side of the sun. Some ISONists feel, can it still be called ISON.

1:11:04 Phoenix

You are saying, can they still be debriefed from ISON?

1:11:12 Loterica


1:11:13 Phoenix

Yes, they are anticipating that many of the green fireballs that you are seeing or remnants of the broken pieces or possibly debris that was being pulled on ISON, behind ISON and that we could be seeing this. And there had been reports of major fireballs being seen all over the earth almost every day and a lot of them are of green color and they did see, they have some visuals of ISON and it was glowing green. So it matches the debris that would have been with ISON and ISON debris, so it could be but there is other, we have other comets coming. There is actually a comet just fall that is coming around that potentially could hit the planet Mars. So they are saying it could actually swing through and hit Mars. That would be quite a show if it did, but it is going to be pretty close to Mars. So there are all kinds of weird things out there.

1:12:16 Loterica

Yeah, yeah, but the thing is, if it hits Mars, all the area is going to become unstable and we can most probably disappear because something like that is going to hit that big planet, it's going to be terrible. But the thing is that since they are almost done, not to say the truth about what is going to be happening, like I told you before, a lot of people of think they are going to be, they are walking and shaking on shaky ground because we cannot believe what we hear. The same thing with the economic part. You can believe what you hear and they keep on telling that things are improving and they are not. I always wonder how strong or how secure can the coops be when you compare them to a bank.

1:13:24 Phoenix

Oh okay. Well I think, some people say that they are more stable because they do not have a the exposure risk that some of the big banks do and some of the other banks. So yeah, the coops, a lot of people recommend those. A lot of people recommend a small coop-type banks. They say they are safer.

1:13:46 Loterica

Yeah and I know that, I read some report that's in New England, most of the people are moving to the coops.

1:13:59 Phoenix

Yeah they are saving some loans. The smaller coops and saving some loans, yes. That is something to look into. You guys have those in Puerto Rico?

1:14:08 Loterica

Yeah we have several and we also have a lot of federal coops like Pentagon and FAA, coop VIPR, the ones from the Postmasters, US __14:25__ or the one, another one that is called Caribbean Federal Credit Union, which is the biggest in the island. So I think probably federal coops maybe. I mean, maybe, because nobody is really sure but maybe they are a little bit more stable.

1:14:52 Phoenix

Yeah maybe so.

1:14:54 Loterica

So if there is any expert in that area that can really provide some of this general knowledge so that we can read and be a little bit more informed about the economic movements to make, well we would really appreciate it. Also, I read that in terms of the US currency, it is better to have the coins, you know, like the quarters and the dimes and the nickels because they are made by the US Treasury compared to the paper money that is made by the Federal Reserves. __1:15:46__ so I guess that most probably the quarter will have value close to the metal that they are made out of. Right?

1:15:55 Phoenix

Yeah, but unfortunately the metal that is in them, the only silver that you can find in the coins is pre-1964. Pre-1964 coins had silver in them, the quarters, the dimes, half dollars, dollars. The nickels had more nickel in them and the pennies actually had copper in them. Now, I mean, they are made of all these different alloys and I do not even know if there is even any silver in a quarter anymore. If there is, there is not much.

1:16:33 Loterica

): But probably, they are like safer than paper currency, than paper dollar?

1:16:44 Phoenix

Yeah, I can see that. I can see that and I was actually thinking that the other day myself but there is one way to do it. I know a lot of people they collect the, they call it junk silver but it is the pre-64 silver coins, the US coins. You can actually buy them, their cost right now, much more than face value but that is one way to go. But yeah, that is an interesting idea, coins versus the paper dollars.

1:17:18 Loterica

Yeah, because I believe they are made by the US Treasury for whatever. I mean that can mean in terms of safety because...

1:17:32 Phoenix

Yeah, instead of the Federal Reserve, yeah.

1:17:35 Loterica

Yeah, that is if the dollar collapses. I will never ever see that but if it does, I guess that the currency, the metal currency will also drop its value of course.

1:17:52 Phoenix

Yeah, when, yeah.

1:17:56 Loterica

I mean is there any expert in the area that can provide some orientation in this Phoenix university, I would really love it. Thank you Phoenix and you will receive a big hug __1:18:08__.

1:18:08 Phoenix

Okay thank you very much and enjoy that beautiful weather in Puerto Rico.

1:18:13 Loterica

Thank you, thank you. Bye bye.

1:18:16 Phoenix

Bye bye. Yeah, we'll do some research on that maybe an article coops versus banks, and the coins. I know that pre-1964 silver coins, they have a lot of value. They have true value because they have a silver content in them. Let us go to area code 708. Hello who is this?

1:18:42 Tracy

Hi Phoenix, it is Tracy. How are you?

1:18:45 Phoenix

Hi Tracy. Doing well.

1:18:48 Tracy

That is good. Glad to hear that. I was really excited to hear about Angela's new show.

1:18:53 Phoenix

Yeah, yeah, it is starting up and she will, oh you can go to the links that she provided there and you can see what her next upcoming show is. Maybe on Wednesday, yes, but we listened today. You can listen to the one she had today. It is very good. She did a great job. I think she it is going to be successful letting her and Benjamin Rooftof Radio both those shows are gonna do really well.

1:19:20 Tracy

I am very glad to hear that she is recording them. I do have one quick question for you.

1:19:23 Phoenix


1:19:25 Tracy

): Okay, here we go. Do we still have time to invest in __1:19:32__ convention?

1:19:35 Phoenix

Okay, I am glad you asked that. The investment packages for the investors will be coming out soon and maybe in a couple of weeks here. When that information comes we will make it public. The information that was in the executive summary that Jack actually called to update me on, that has all been taken care of. Those were some of the initial investments and capital that they were bringing in, some of the other primary investors, those monies have already been received, so the actual investment packages are forthcoming. That information will be made public here on Phoenix Rising radio. Jack will come on the show that evening and possibly maybe someone else from this company too. And they will discuss it and answer questions and it will be announced, you will see them going Global East Meets West and we'll have a special social program that evening about it.

1:20:39 Tracy

Excellent, excellent. Alright! Well, thank you very much for that update. And I just want to tell you and like, thank you so much for everything that you do enjoy the show.

1:20:47 Phoenix

Uh-um. Thank you!

1:20:52 Tracy


1:20:53 Phoenix

Anything else.

1:20:55 Tracy

And I'll beat up somebody else now. I'll get ask somebody else when I return.

1:20:58 Phoenix

Okay! Thank you, Tracy.

1:21:00 Tracy

Thank you!

1:21:01 Phoenix

Bye, bye!

1:21:02 Tracy

Bye, bye!

1:21:03 Phoenix

Yeah, Jack's investment package, Phoenix interview investment package will be public soon and you will hear us here on Phoenix Rising Radio. Let's go to area code 763. Hello! Who's this?

1:21:20 Santa Claus

Hey, Phoenix! Santa Claus, __1:21:21__ season.

1:21:23 Phoenix

Hey Santa Claus! How is it going Santa Claus?

1:21:28 Santa Claus

Not bad, freezing my butt off, but I'm sure you guys are gonna be enjoying the same weather.

1:21:33 Phoenix

Ha, ha very soon, yes. So what's up?

1:21:36 Santa Claus

I got a hypothetical for you.

1:21:39 Phoenix


1:21:40 Santa Claus

And this is come off another site for dinar so if your, like I've said its -- what do you call that a speculation or a rumor, rumor there we go a rumor unsubstantiated. One gentleman was saying that he thought that some of these people who are selling dinar involve the exchange people.

1:22:00 Phoenix


1:22:01 Santa Claus

What do you call like a dinar ink or something?

1:22:05 Phoenix

Well currency dealers.

1:22:09 Santa Claus

Yeah currency dealers. I'm sorry, I should not have named anybody __1:22:10__what should I name them, I apologize. Anyway, you know, pay for selling reserves and they didn't have the cash to pay the reserves. You know, this is interesting. He made a statement. I didn't care for what he was saying because there is a rumor around that some people are getting paid out okay. Rumor, rumor! Now, what I'm leading up to is, if somebody develops their -- if the bidding, people are being care ___ and it hasn't revalued from this, what do you call it CBI is that what it is?

1:22:51 Phoenix

Right. Central Bank of Iraq.

1:22:55 Santa Claus

Yeah, okay. If it hasn't been revalued and they are paying people out isn't there some of kind of liability there, I mean...

1:23:09 Phoenix

Here's the thing. Let me interject something. I personally do not believe in anyone getting anything because number 1, the rate has not changed, number 2 the lower denominations have not come out, number 3 there has been no one else from the Central Bank of Iraq and that's it and they have even sold the Iraqi dinar denominated bonds and another thing, I actually know someone who is, how do I put this, I know a couple of people that if indeed something like that were occurring, I'd know about it, when you put it that way.

1:23:46 Santa Claus


1:23:48 Phoenix

And I'll guarantee you that there is nobody cashing in anything. Now, there may be people being scammed, there may be people being taking advantaged of, by giving their currency over to someone, exchange or some type of what, we call bogus current tracks or something like that. That could be, so just because you know, just because it hasn't, the rate hasn't changed, does not prevent people because there are numerous stories out there of people who have lost millions and millions and millions of Iraqi dinar by handing it over at this alleged private exchange things and with hope, with getting a receipt in hopes and telling them that's within hours or days they would have funds in their account and lo and behold, years later, nothing (laughs), these funds are gone and that's been going on and you know people -- you know warn others about it. So, as far as the people exchanging, I would 99.999% surely I would say that is not true. That is false information.

1:25:09 Santa Claus

Why I, tell you it's almost like that. There was a game we used to play with kids, __1:25:12__ you tell somebody the story and then you pass it along in a circle, nobody would say it out loud, by the time it got back, it was a whole different story.

1:25:20 Phoenix

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And I tell you what just imagine, I mean that whispered damn yell a telephone, whatever you want to call the game. Yeah, that we play when we're kids and that what a teaching game, that was to teach kids and I think the teachers kind of missed the opportunity they had to really drive it home to kids that that's how rumors spread and that's how, you know if you tell somebody something, you know whisper something to somebody, imagine what it can turn into, you know, and that combined with the fact that some of the stuff is flat out lies to begin with, used to manipulate people and/or possibly just some kind of some, just delusional story, I mean you do have instances where good people of good hearts and good intent and here's where things get messed up. Somebody would it be a very trusting person and maybe having excellent reputation. I mean they may be a pillar in the community, people personally know them for all of their lines or square they'd never, you know they tell the line, try to really be a good honorable and honest person and they may be very trusting and they will be fooled by someone and they will hear something and then they will repeat it and because they are good and honest and trusting person, people will pay his last look. Well, like John down here said and everybody knows what a good guy he is. He would never say it, he would never lie and he wouldn't. maybe John or Sally or whoever, they never would tell a lie, but what it is. They are just repeating something that they have taken and they believe that story, so that's how these things grow legs and become so believable and what happens is you have unscrupulous people. They know this and they will suck her up.

1:27:22 Phoenix

In __1:27:17__book she talked about it, it was called, the term of it is __1:27:27__oh, darn, it escapes me right now. It's, whenever you have people come and believe that they share, what will happen is that scammers will come in and they will pretend to be the same as them, and many times they are. They were of the same religion and maybe they are like Mormon (crosstalk) or___.

1:27:50 Santa Claus

Confidence fed, confidence fed.

1:27:51 Phoenix

Yeah, confidence __1:27:54_, but there is actual term for the type of fraud it is, it's called __1:27_58__ (laughs) no, aside from flam, there is a distinct term of it and __1:28:05__book I can believe I can't remember. Anyway, affinity fraud is called affinity, affinity fraud. Okay what happens is it establishes affinity and a lot of times you have people who do this and now you have to think you have unscrupulous people, so I mean they don't even believe on God. Okay, so for them to come up and start saying, Wow, praise Jesus brother and you have all this. They're just trying to suck her up to their mark. They just _1:28:33__ with them and these people, I mean some of them, I mean, unfortunately, some of these people has had graduated to pastor status (laughs) you know people taken because they, you have good people with good hearts who or people of faith and they would never do something like that so when they have another person who they think is of good faith like them, they think they associate, they get this affinity like, "Oh, they are just like me, and I would never lie and I would never cheat somebody" and all of a sudden they have this person who is actually faking it and suck them up to, I mean using the legend and they get taken and they tell me these __1:29:15__ crazy stories and I've heard this, I've had people call me up and say, why you will never believe you came to my church and what they said and like "Oh, no, no, no, no don't do that" you know I mean there are people and I now tell you, I would not go into details but there are people in jail right now, in prison right now under charges who they have been found guilty, who probably something like a year or a year and a half ago were going around to some of the churches. And you know the same prayers when we hands up and doing stuff and they were taking money from people and it had to do, it had to do with currency and investment (laughs) stuff like we're talking about and I wouldn't give them these details.

1:29:54 Phoenix

Some of the people listening to me right. No one I'm talking about and because this is ongoing and these guys were out there, but I tell you what, you were here in some crazy, crazy stuff. (Crosstalk)

1:30:11 Santa Claus

Maybe run some and buy it here now. And I understand that, there is a bunch of goofy stuff going on now. Like for instance, the gentleman said, and I appreciated what an information you get out there, because everybody is supposedly got to end, but who knows. But just the case is true, that is the currency exchangers or dealer, dinari dealers, whatever you wanna call them, are selling reserves. Now, do you remember, about three months ago, one of the currency dealers, dinari dealers, all of a sudden quick doing reserves, do you remember that?

1:30:47 Phoenix

Yes we did, and it was a ...

1:30:48 Santa Claus

Do you remember who that was?

1:30:50 Phoenix

I do. I know exactly who it was and I actually..

1:30:52 Santa Claus

Oh, __1:30:55__.

1:30:57 Phoenix

That's right. I know who it is. I know who it is and he actually had told somebody in confidence the reason he had stopped, but we found out differently, that he was, he was basically ordered to stop. Let me put it that way because, and the reason we personally believe is they are getting close to a situation where we're gonna see things roll over, and he does not need that exposure and liability, because I'm telling you right now, there is no way they can cover these things. If they do it, I know, what the heck, you know, we have never told people to do anything like that, ever. We've never suggested anyone, and I have actually told people, gain confidence, is bad, bad, bad idea. I mean people know and I mean it. If you have the disposable income to do it, but, and the good example is that they stopped doing that, just one company stopped doing that and I personally feel that they know that we're closing into a situation which would put them in great liability.

1:32:08 Santa Claus

Here is an interesting fact of note. And this is I heard myself, one of exchangers was talking on one of the calls. And this place doesn't exist anymore. It was jumped off. Dinar supposedly, was brought out by another company, another dinar deal. Now, the situation according to the guy who bought them is all they bought was a liability, that apparently that dinar dealer in Florida went out business. So they were gonna jump in, __1:32:47___ right, that apparently had no assets and pay off, take over his reserves. That was mixed and others in a million five in American money. That pagan. So, I don't know how they got it. This is what I'm worried about, and I don't know, have you ever heard or figured how many of them dinars have turned it up.

1:33:15 Phoenix

See, that's the thing. They have been calling them in. My personal estimation is that there's anywhere between 76 trillion out there right now. There is a larger numbers that you hear. Those are M1 numbers and M2 numbers, which are not actual physical currency. The physical currency amount which is called M0 is basically classified right now, and they have stopped reporting the M0 number for years, about three years now on the CBI because they have been drawing in so much currency.

1:33:50 Santa Claus

What do they call that one they did in the United States? Do you have a name for that?

1:33:54 Phoenix

Whenever they, when they did what?

1:34:01 Santa Claus

When they quit saying how much they were turning up high. I know the __1:34:04__ for that.

1:34:05 Phoenix

I forgot that.

1:34:06 Santa Claus

Gigantica what they called it. But the thing, the thing, it's interesting if this thing, if they are paying out, if this is true, then the people who are supposedly, the ones with authority to sell this should quit selling it, because there is a rumor, the rumor or something that is not proven and you know. People are going now and buying and cashing it in within two or three days' time.

1:34:44 Phoenix

That again, 99.999% not 100% could it never can be. __1:34:50__ none of those happening. That these are stories that are being generated, for what reason, I don't know. I don't mean to speculate why they will listen to such those stories/

1:35:01 Santa Claus

This is what I'm saying, if the dealers are selling reserves and they don't have that cash on hand, right, it's almost like we're all remain off debt, you know what I'm saying?

1:35:17 Phoenix


1:35:20 Santa Claus

You have give them fact, those if all, just a fairy tale like the tree bears in Goldilocks. If in fact, they are selling these things and they don't have the cash, and if they were doing, do you believe there will be such thing as ___1:35:37___?

1:35:39 Phoenix

No, absolutely not. That's false, too. I think that's another crazy story. Now, basically when you're saying about they are not having currency to cover their existing exposure, that is called naked shorting. It's not specifically that, but in stocks, that's what it's called. That's whenever a stock brokerage will actually sell somebody's stocks and it happened so fast with the trading, people would set their shares under their account but they don't have what is called the surge of the certificates, and what happens is they will oversell a stock. But say, if there's only five million shares available there, one it is coned really hot, it is really hot game and he oversells as in many times, and they will actually have exposure out there, instead of say, there is five million shares that were actually issued, they may go out there and sell 25, 30 to 40 million. And people will be holding their stocks and it's not even real. It's called naked shorting because the brokerage does not have the stocks in their accounts to cover what their customers have bought and that's exactly, and what happens and how these people get caught. The legislation on naked shorting. This means to be upgraded. Because this is a problem that we had in the gold markets where paper gold, paper silver, stocks, and now it was like in the currencies also. Whenever they actually sell possessions that they can't cover. And it is, it's like the burning mail thing. I mean the house of cards is gonna come crushing down, so I think that's a real risky thing now. I've never seen any of these contracts, but I would care to say that those contracts are written in such a way that they don't have to be honored. Or else to be cancelled.

1:37:35 Santa Claus

Here's what I am thinking now, and this is way out, that's why I like them. But I'm thinking, if they did it in __1:37:40__ because this was the Iraqi dinar, if they were selling reserves, and they don't have the cash, then it would make sense why they are paying out in _1:37:58__ so they can get this money back to re-circulate it again.

1:38:02 Phoenix

Yeah, but it doesn't make sense here. Because she would deem to have the cash to transfer to an account, but it's someone's account to come up with that amount of cash. They would have to exchange that foreign currency at an institution. It should be greater than that cash. Because they get only those in the form, That's why, then see the entire premise of this false rumor that's out there or battle with that. It doesn't even economically gel if that is what I'm saying. It don't make sense.

1:38:33 Santa Claus

Oh yeah. I guess they did not explain it correctly, because the people who have these reserves and they have to take it, whatever way they pay a lot. If the dinar dealers don't have the physical dinar to send to them, because that's how these people have to go to the bank and cash it out. That would be a pretty interesting scheme they got going if they did it at __1:39:02_, you know what I'm saying. If they did it, take people out at __1:39:07__, I mean you could take 341 dinar and merge through the system three times, you know what I'm saying?

1:39:17 Phoenix

Ahh, no, not really. The CBI __1:39:21_ something to cover that. I mean if someone takes that currency and they exchange that currency, someone has to charge it in her account. And that somebody has to show up in the United States, that's to be US dollars and so, you have to have a point for that foreign currency goes into the treasury or a major bank to credit that deal with US dollars to make a transaction. (Crosstalk).. Now here's the thing. The entire imagination you're going through. That's confusion. This is the problem with all these rumors. I mean, people try to make heads or tails of them and may get all caught up into this. Like you are right now. It's very confusing.

1:40:14 Santa Claus

Yeah. But it's all I'm trying to make. I just want, I have a point of view, you have a point of view. And until we share our point of view between each other, we may come off as third one, but we only have our own.

1:40:28 Phoenix

No, we don't, we have another point of view, and what I can do is write down. I have a three-letter agency that I can consult on this and I am going to do write down, and I have contacted. Okay, hold on. I've got a three-letter agency here. It's CBI, www.cbi.iq, hang on, indicative rates from the 20th 1166.000, unchanged. Right there is the _1:41:03__ authority on the Iraqi dinar and what value it has right now and anybody who tells you something otherwise is _1:41:15__, baby, they are not telling you the truth. They may not be telling you the truth intentionally or mistakenly by hearing this mistruth from somebody else, but if you go to the Central Bank of Iraq, right there it is. I mean, they have not even issued the lower denominations yet. They have made no one else, but nobody is cashing anybody in for anything other that it is right now at 1166.000.

1:41:43 Santa Claus

Okay, question for you, now. The Treasury of the United States is rumored to have this in their treasury. Who do you think in the Arab national, but who is buying these dinars at auctions, the dinar dealers?

1:42:02 Phoenix

No, no, no, I feel not. No one. No one from these auctions at the Central Bank of Iraq are for the banks of Iraq. This is for them to do their daily business. These are not auctions where you can have private entities come into. These are for the banks of Iraq. This is the Central Bank of Iraq, who has the state banks and some of the private banks of Iraq that come to these auctions. These auctions are only to service the banks.

1:42:35 Santa Claus

Where do the dinar dealers then get their dinar from, the Treasury of the United States then?

1:42:44 Phoenix

Most of the dinar dealers got their dinar from people who were going to the Middle East, going to the Middle East from banks, some of the _1L42:55__ banks, some in Iraq, some in Jordan, and they would purchase this currency with US dollars, they would make arrangements for it and they would actually purchase it right from the bank, or currency dealers in these nations, and then they would fill up the appropriate paperwork and fly it back in the United States. Now, much of the dinar that has been sold in the United States that we could present each other has been a resell. You know, people were saying, where do they keep coming from? If you knew the stats of how much dinar that primary dinar dealers buy every week, you'd be shocked. People buy this stuff. Some people only have held Iraqi dinar for a month. And they are like, go ahead with this and they sell it. Some people held it for years, or some weeks, months and people get fed up so that may sell it, and sometimes large amounts, sometimes small amounts, and so they can genuinely have this uncirculated dinar coming into their offices. They will count it, they make a profit off of it by, they give a lesser amount, they think you'll buy that, which is less than what they sell them for and they will take some of that currency that they'd just had in that week and they will feel __1:44:12__ with it. So, people have actually purchased IQD from somebody's dealers before and watches all _1:44:22__ that it's right. It sounds circulated with it is, because they haven't using commerce and some of that may have actually been owned by two, three, four, maybe five people before you. These people actually got hold of it. I mean if you are an investor of Iraqi dinar, you may be holding uncirculated Iraqi dinar that was sold back and re-sold and sold back again. You just don't know.

1:44:46 Santa Claus

Oh, here's another interesting perspective, too. And I think it was one of the dealers on a call was saying that it was interesting that most of their reserves are bought by Americans, and that the Canadians take care of everything and take the bills. So, I know I am asking too much of your time, but thanks for your perspective, there is so much cloud out there, I don't know if I could see the sky.

1:45:19 Phoenix

Well, I tell you what. It's a lot of that nonsense out there is exactly that, and again, anybody, anybody. All you have to do is call the CBI website because I will guarantee you, when the rate changes, you will see it there. Then the answer is gonna come from the CBI, it's gonna be everywhere and nobody's gonna mess it. And all of these talk, which all it is, I mean, there are people out there who are telling some high tales. I mean some wild stories, and there is not from the stories. And it's actually amazing when you're __1:45:55___. And the sad fact is they have thousands of people who believe it. They fall in for it. They have told them these crazy rates, these crazy things, and this is not gonna end well, for some people. Let me put it that way.

1:46:12 Santa Claus

I can understand. Look at all the people with vast reserves already.

1:46:16 Phoenix

Oh yeah, yeah.

1:46:18 Santa Claus

But I think we're close. Are you thinking we're close also? I don't know.

1:46:28 Phoenix

No, I think we're close. We anticipate we could potentially see each other. Maybe the end of this month, but we don't know.

1:46:32 Santa Claus

There is some big bidding coming up on the 28th in __1:46:37_, right?

1:46:36 Phoenix

That's Dabble's. That is actually this week. That's ongoing. The Dabble's meeting, I see, I think that starts this week and it runs into the weekend. On the 28th, we have a big banking meeting that has to do with Middle Eastern banking and Turkey, the Central Bank governor will be actually heading that meeting up. I believe that's in Dubai.

1:47:03 Santa Claus

They got one more thing to go for the budget rate, one more legislation.

1:47:08 Phoenix

No, they have the, council ministers have sent the budget down to the parliament or both in the parliament, will return on the 28th. (crosstalk).

1:47:19 Santa Claus

That's for the 28th. Thanks for your time, and I apologize, everybody for taking up so much time, but I hope it was educational.

1:47:26 Phoenix

That was. Usually why our callers go for a while because you'll ask questions that other people are asking the same thing. So, thank you very much.

1:47:38 Santa Claus

Sorry, bye.

1:47:39 Phoenix

Yeah, crazy, wild tales out there. When you're caught up and messed up, lots of nonsense. Pretty entertaining. We try to keep up with most of it because people ask about it. If people didn't ask me about it, I guarantee you won't want to read it, I won't give it one second of my time. Now, we're so glad whenever things change, so I remain able to subject myself to such things I say, but let's go to area code 706. Hello, who's this?

1:48:13 Benjamin

Ahh, Phoenix, this is Benjamin from Rooftop Radio.

1:48:15 Phoenix

Benjamin, how is it going, my buddy.

1:48:19 Benjamin

Right, how are you doing, a good show tonight/

1:48:22 Phoenix

Oh, thank you very much. So, how are things going with your, getting up with your new Blog Talk site and anything else you got going on. Wanna give an update?

1:48:36 Benjamin

Well, we're taking a look at trying to get this set up. We run into a few setbacks and I don't know we got now. The computer that I'm using may not be compatible with the Blog Talk Radio support. It's just, we're loading and finding things are not loading and trying to set that radio program in place and finding out that it's not happening. We've been talking with the support people and trying to get somebody's bugs worked out, so hopefully, real soon we'll have all these worked out where we can be on our own channel then get things rolling along smoothly.

1:49:15 Phoenix

Hey, what kind of browser do you use, Benjamin, this Internet Explorer or what kind of browser?

1:49:23 Benjamin

Well, I've tried it in all the browsers. I've tried the Internet Explorer and I have also tried the Firefox and also Chrome. It did not make any difference.

1:49:36 Phoenix

We had, most of our success would be with Chrome and Firefox, we also had some issues with it, so I mostly operate with Chrome with Blog Talk Radio. It seems to be okay.

1:49:49 Benjamin

I'm gonna stick with that. Like I said, I'm in touch with the some of the support, but initially, we were going in for a free account, and changing that over to a paid account and I think we got some issues with that. We're trying to patch that up but support is trying to help us get some of those worked out, and just a matter of time.

1:50:10 Phoenix

Uhm-uh. Cool, there you go. So, what else, Benjamin, what's up?

1:50:23 Benjamin

Ah, just listening in tonight to kind of catch up on the dinar news and see how things are going there, I come in and listen from time to time to catch up on the latest part of the dinar community and maybe just share with folks that just like, on the dinar community, we kind of have to hang in there. It's like, there's all kinds of rumor. There's all kinds of debate, controversy and things like this. Even some people will just absolutely disown you. When you mentioned the word dinar, but it's kind of like that. I was gonna make a comparison to this with Rooftop Radio. This is a radical, different kind of approach. It's not the typical norm, you know, religious, doctrinal type of thing. And I wanted to let people know that in the same way that the dinar is unique and the people there are following it. So, what's this problem, and so were the people that are in this circle of Rooftop Radio that we were listening to something that we very strongly believe in and standing steadfast by and we just believe that, just like the dinar, we'll come through. We believe that this has great substance to us and looking at the answer and feel the times we're living in, we need something that we can count on, for sure.

1:51:40 Phoenix

That is true. Most gentleman do. And we're gonna come down to a point where we'll gonna have to roll in down. We're gonna have to really know where our strength comes from.

1:51:56 Benjamin

Yeah, what we try to do on Rooftop Radio is we don't wanna get people thinking it's like this, super spiritual kind of atmosphere. You know, that's kind of what we do, with God and with Jesus and things like this, we kind of get super spiritual. But really, it's kind of a down to earth day to day thing that we have with the Lord and it's a lot more practical than what people may think. So, what I would like encourage everybody that's listening is that. The Rooftop Radio Program is not just for a select group of people or, you know, these are "believers" or Christians or things like that. It's for everyone. For years, this is the original conversation that I have with Phoenix was that for years, God has had a plan. And that plan is to give us a way through. Everything is going on right now, in our world and in our nation, and it's been kind of behind the scenes because he's kind of been working on different individuals to lay out the blueprint, you might say. And even not just lay out the blueprints, but to even mold and change people's thinking and then those people that he has molded and changed and he can bring those out and kind of share it with everybody else. Just like he's always done. So what's that Rooftop Radio is, it is unique, it is kind of radical in a sense that it's just churchy, it's really is this kind of trying to be a voice, a direction and a voice to just kind of point people that they got another option, they got another way to go, just like the gentleman who was talking about it, everybody has their perspective, everybody has their opinions and things and we are certainly entitled to that. So we wanna put this in the mix. We wanna put it out and let them know.

1:53:56 Benjamin

And it's, share on the radio program. I'll let people know that, don't listen to me. And don't go back to what I say, I am not here to try to give you an answer, tell you where to go, but I'm trying to tell you that you can tune in and that the Lord himself will show you and that not only will he show us in our personal time. He all sees about to make some moves in the world, that people are gonna know that it's him. And that he really is in control. And that I think that's probably one of the biggest issues today. I know it is in my mind, it's like you look around and you say, who really is in control in all these mess that's going on, you know.

1:54:34 Phoenix

Well, I agree in, we're on the precipice of some very severe changes. Like I've been saying, this is gonna be an interesting year. And I tell you one, it's a time when we need to strengthen ourselves, always. Physically, our health, our spirits, our souls, everything. Everything we can in every way, because we gonna need all fortitude we can get.

1:55:04 Benjamin

Yes, I agree, Phoenix, 100% and yeah, 1014, I guess for me personally in my two cents' worth. I have not seen anything take off, a year take off quite like this up to this time. It's very interesting, I am looking very powered to see what will unfold.

1:55:23 Phoenix

Yeah, me too, me too. I mean some good stuff. There's gonna be some good stuff that gonna be some challenging stuff too. Take it that way. And I think a lot of its perception is how we deal with it and how we see it. And I think it's part of the testing process. If we allow ourselves to be fearful when we see things, because you know, some scriptures talk about people, means hearts failing them for fear. And just people just dying of fear of things happening. And that's pretty serious. That's pretty bad whenever things get so bad that people just start falling over, but you know, it's all how you look at it, you can't allow yourself to be fearful. You have to know that you know that there is something else, and this isn't just that. And there is something better waiting for us.

1:56:22 Benjamin

Right, I agree. And I'll throw a little tidbit out there for your listeners tonight. The uncertain times and the things, we have an endless supply of people that are talking about relocating in certain regions and everything like this. I just wanna let them know that on the program we'll be sharing a little bit, that the Lord has shown us that he has himself prepared places that he will personally protect during these times of trouble. We call them cities of refuge, and what he has told us is that he himself will reveal this one at a time. So, there's a little bit to go on and we'll share more on a bit.

1:56:57 Phoenix

You know, that's very good in our, or these cities of refuge, are some of them in the United States?

1:57:03 Benjamin

Naturally, of course. This coast, the Eastern United States as well as mid and Western United States.

1:57:12 Phoenix

Interesting. Well, that's something to look forward to as these things will be a very, very good.

1:57:20 Benjamin

Okay, Phoenix, I know you're getting close to your end time. I'll let you go, and again, just like everyone else, I'd like to give you a thanks to you and like for all that you do, it's, people, if they had to actually do and take the effort to make the radio program work, they had to understand there is a lot of work by yourself. We appreciate it and we thank you so much.

1:57:38 Phoenix

That's true. Okay, Benjamin, good luck tomorrow evening, and see you then.

1:57:45 Benjamin

Okay, good night, see you.

1:57:47 Phoenix

That's Benjamin. You can listen to Benjamin tomorrow at 8:30 Eastern time on this channel, it's Rising Radio channel. He will be on Rooftop Radio. That's it. We are done with the evening. We'll be back on Wednesday in Rising Radio and just stay positive. A lot of good stuff going on. A lot of interesting things. Don't be caught up in these crazy, crazy, crazy stories out there, I mean crazy rumors. Go to the open authority, the open authority, the ultimate three-letter agency, the CBI, Central Bank of Iraq and you can check it. You don't need a secret handshake, you don't need a code, you don't need to be a member of an arm or listen to something. You can just check it yourself. Even if tell you the rate of exchange, thanks for telling me, go straight to www.cbi.iq. You can check it yourself. You'll gonna be right there. It is not gonna be a secret, I'll guarantee you. So anyway, stay positive, stay strong, and stay happy. Lot of good things coming. But again, we have to strengthen ourselves and always, physically. Keep ourselves healthy spiritually, emotionally, every way you can, every way you can. Take yourself from the toxic stuff, toxic things, toxic fluids, toxic foods, toxic care. Just get out and be happy. And say no to fear. But say yes to love. And the way to do that is to find someone you love and tell him that you love him. Good night and God bless. And we'll see you on Wednesday.