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Special....Beware the Banksters!~

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0:38 Phoenix

Welcome to Phoenix Rising Radio! Now is the time to live your mind higher. Now is the time to rise above. I am your host, Phoenix, and welcome to tonight's broadcast. Good evening! This is Phoenix. Hello? This is Phoenix. I hope you are doing well and I'm having some trouble with my microphone again. How about that? It is Saturday, May 19, 2012. This is a special program. This program is entitled "Beware the Banksters". It is the Beware the Banksters Program and we have an interesting guest this evening. We'll have someone on here to tell the story and we are in a situation and having the situation in this nation for quite a while where some shenanigans have been going on a few well. You've heard me say before and I said often, support your local bank in the United States Banking System and I truly believe in that. But, just to go that I say does not mean there have not been abuses and people who have been taken advantage of by the banking system and things were kind of set up, kind of odd right now. What we're gonna do with the special program. First we are going to just hit a little bit of the news and there is not really much news out there, but over on going global.

2:38 Phoenix

We have something from Lakehouse, but before we get into the banking stuff, I wanna go down to the third article she has. She is refreshing and telling the truth and apology for the news, turns out to be incorrect. Apology for the news, turns out to be incorrect. Apology to all of Iraq and Iraqi News Agency, to its readers of spreading the news which turns out to be incorrect about the arrival of Barzini in __3:06__ Nasiriyah today to attend the meeting. They are speeding the work in the news agencies and try to publish news of interest to our readers and it's difficult to check the news with them. And it goes on and on, but they talked about how the news was wrong. And we warn the people on that all the time and there is a lot of news going on the world today and from the region, the Middle East and the accuracy of that is extremely questionable, so if you are reading all that and following all that, do so but realize what it is you are reading. You are reading bad translations that are from a political bent. You can read three different articles about one meeting and all three will say three different things in a different way and they have a different twist. So, until we see what comes out of everything, I would just advise reading it and processing it for one layer and don't hang your head on any other because it is extremely fractured and inaccurate. Okay, enough for that. Let's go over to Going Global East Meets West and Lakehouse has her first article here. It's called Bankers Paradise. Oh, yeah, living in a banker's paradise. As Coolio said, we spend our lives living in a gangster's paradise. What he failed to mention is that throughout history, the most sinister and dangerous gangsters are the banksters. There are no sure reviews or historical quotes to prove this point.

4:38 Phoenix

Gerald Celente points out that the only time that the Prince of Peace became violent, and that will be Jesus for those of you who aren't familiar with that, is when he cleans the temple of the money changers. And that is a famous story from the New Testament. Jesus went up to Jerusalem in the temple and He found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons and the money changers getting there and making a whip of cords, He drew them all out of the temple with the sheep and the oxen and He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. Today, the money changers have conquered the world to numerous frauds including debt-based currencies issued by their privately-owned central banks, fractional reserve lendings, fiat currencies and political think thanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group which control all major political parties and that my friends is why I am apolitical. They're all the same (laughs). They are the one controlling group. To free the world of debt slavery and totalitarian world government run by the banksters, it is necessary to understand these frauds. Let us start with the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve which issues and controls the value of the world's first reserve paper currency, the US Dollar. The private federal reserve. "It is well-enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system for if they did, I believe there would a revolution before tomorrow morning" -- Henry Ford. Oh yeah, that was a quote from Henry Ford. I would read that again. "It is well-enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning" -- Mr. Henry Ford. The world financial system seems complex but is actually very simple.

6:38 Phoenix

A cabal of banksters has conquered the world by lending people and government some money that does not exist and charging interest on it. How about that? That is how that works. The book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" documents the following individuals, how the following individuals drafted the Federal Reserve legislation in secrets at Jekyll Island in 1910, page 10 of the fourth edition. Paul Warburg, partner of international investing giant, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, a representative of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty in Europe, brother to Max Warburg who is head of the Warburg Banking Consortium in Germany, Senator Nelson Aldrich, Business Associate of J. P. Morgan and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr. And it goes and on. And all these names are listed. Basically, what's going on? We will not read all of these. You can read it and she has part two here also with all of the different listings of all, how we've gotten to this point and how much we are in debt and which banks we're in debt to and how fragile this all are. It's just a mess. Lots of mess. Then in Banksters Paradise part two, she has a video from David Icke, the corrupt money and banking system. And he tells all about this and teaches about this in this 13-minute video and it goes on. So you can read all these and self-educate yourself. I will not bore you by reading it all but we are in a quite a mess there and there is no way we can pay the debt off. There is no way we can make it right. Our government is $17 trillion in debt that they admit to.

8:36 Phoenix

And the banks are holding trillions of dollars of fraudulent investment things and remedies, toxic bonds and all types of extremely bad depositions that are destined to fail and they are unraveling as we speak. As a result of this is the European Banking System is failing. The Euro is failing and the United States dollar is destined for the history books. We will be in the history books as a failed fiat currency because fiat currencies cannot exist. You cannot make up money and then charge interest on it, fake money and just charge interest for borrowing of that fake money and every get ahead because you can never make up money to pay your interest off. It is a politics game. It was a legal politics game. I'm not sure if it was actually legal but they do it in a high-interest rate, set their charge. It is just incredible and we have seen some extremely heavy handed actions by the banks and if one didn't know any better, he would swear that the system has been set up since 2008 when they had the banking crisis that changed the banking laws to actually make it so it was more difficult to get ahead. If you remember doing the banking crisis that we had in 2008, and 777 dropped in the stock market and the entire meltdown. They threw trillions of dollars at the banks. All those money at the banks that was supposed to fix everything, which was supposed to sure up everything, which was supposed to help everything and all that money vanished in the banks. And what did the banks do? The banks cracked down on the lending. They cracked down on all types of things and they made it extremely difficult for people to get loans and even go ahead. I've one buddy who was in the mortgage business. He worked in the mortgage business. He had to stop

10:36 Phoenix

And I said he needed to go a different line of work and like, why are you doing this? He said, "No one can get a loan". I said, "What do you mean, no one can get a loan?" The bank received all these money, all these bailouts and they are supposed to have released social equity into the market. He said "You don't understand". He said, "People can't get a loan" and he says, "It is just so difficult people have to have such a high down payment, a high credit rating. It's almost impossible. And then even the credit rating system. That's something in itself. It almost like the farm again type system they have set up. If a person misses some payments or something very arbitrary, they can like really throw the hammer down to people and make it extremely difficult for them to get loans and to get out of financial trouble. It would almost appear they are trying to stop for progress. It's amazing. It is actually amazing to watch. If you are listening the show live, we have 142 people over in chat. Hello to everyone in chat. We are gonna actually be taking some calls in tonight as we have our guest on, but our guest is gonna come in and he is an interesting fellow. You've heard him if you listen to the show. You've heard him as he call in. He is Mr. Jack and he is not a Tennessee ranch owner. He is in Kentucky and he has an interesting fellow with an interesting story and has actually invented something amazing. He is gonna share his story with us tonight and the position that the banksters put him through. We'll just see what happens. We'll see what he has to say and what everybody else has to say. We're gonna take some call-in questions and just talk about this. We are gonna have like an open discussion on this situation and how it is affecting you, the listener, and people around you, your business, whatever.

12:38 Phoenix

So, what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna go right over and I'm gonna say hello to Mr. Jack! How is it going?

12:44 Jack

Hello! Going well. How are you this evening?

12:48 Phoenix

Doing okay Jack. How is it in Kentucky there at this evening?

12:51 Jack

Well, I wanna start out by saying "I am blessed. I am blessed."

12:57 Phoenix


12:58 Jack

Yeah, sure. Well, you said you're doing well. Thanks you're doing well. I contacted you about coming on the air and talking about the comment that we've been into a situation of these banksters and programs that you see that are available, a lot of which is -- smoke and whistles to be honest with you.

13:19 Phoenix

Uh huh.

13:20 Jack

In talking with -- I want to give you a little bit of a background that you know where I am from, what's going on. What has happened to someone like me? I'm 51 years old. I never thought that I would wind up where I am at right now and I'd say that not out of sympathy, I'd say that of "Wow, don't say it can't happen to you". When you say make the plan, work the plan, you know, take precautions and I felt like I did all those things but with the blessing that us _13:51_ have coming, which you know what I'm talking about made me extra careful for that one and then in the near future, with all the blessing coming, there is a lot of people out there that will take advantage of you. I worked for 17-1/2 years for the Mobil Oil Corporation, the largest oil corporation in the world. I worked at the main department for many years. I married when I was 30, had two fantastic kids, got divorced, remarried and got a fantastic wife. We walk a very spiritual walk with the Lord and we try to at least nobody shows us. But, with that, we also have had a balance with spending my whole life trying to help other people, feeding people, teaching people how to work, starting businesses to give them jobs, teach them how to fish,

14:48 Phoenix

Uh huh.

14:49 Jack

Instead of give them something. And with the economy, I am trying to do those things. It was just really taking a total log on things. You mentioned about my invention. I hope you care about what I'm saying about this because of some legalities, and hopefully be able to talk more about leisure.

15:11 Phoenix

Yeah, you know, before you go on to that Jack when we tell everyone like our listeners, Jack and I have been discussing this. I am very familiar with his invention. He can't, like he says, show the details because there is some legal issues right now that he and his partners are working on, so he has to be just guarded about what he says but I will tell you it is really amazing, and it's life-changing and there is a potential that it possibly will be reintroduced on this program and we can use this platform to reintroduce it possibly in the future and I hope so because I think it's a good thing and I actually think this good thing can even be better and can be used in more ways than even in vision initially and I've talked to Jack about that, but he just has to be careful about what he says. Just for a legal reason but I will tell you and I can validate that it is, indeed, true and has been actually featured on television before and on different news programs in the past, so just to clarify that. Go ahead Jack.

16:21 Jack

Okay, I actually got this in a vision or a dream to make it sound even crazy . That's really good. It is not for everybody but it came to me in a dream and it is patented. It has my full name on it and I needed the process to recycle Styrofoam and I will give you the details when which __16:41__ edible. There is no partial gimmicks. There is no eco-hazards. It is all 100% food grain, and it gives us back a usable product. There will never be Styrofoam again and reverse back to a natural process. And that's all of you I'm saying that and the original copy that I had and the point that I was gonna make is the original copy that I have was taken away from me in 2006 by my own partners. Basically because of greed not wanting to take profits or whatever it gives to other people to help because my philosophy is to help other people and to feed them and to bring people up when they need a hand. I just to hand out what's gonna hand up.

17:29 Phoenix

Uh, huh.

17:30 Jack

And spent extensive years working with Brother Larry Jones, the Founder of Feed the Children. He has been my mentor. Then you know some of his books that he has written.

17:47 Phoenix

Oh, hold on Jack. Excuse me Jack? Can you speak a little louder? I'm seeing in chat with your volume if you could maybe speak a little louder or put your mouth closer to the mouthpiece and also one of the question, what he meant by food-grade Styrofoam? It is not Styrofoam? What is he explaining cause these are questions in chat Jack?

18:07 Jack


18:08 Phoenix

He has a patented process where he can take Styrofoam and if you don't realize this Styrofoam goes to our landfills. There is nothing you can do with it. It is non-recyclable and it fills are landfills up. It is a huge problem all over the world. Jack has developed a patented way to convert waste Styrofoam into a plastic product that's injectable. You can use injectable molding and it's food grade plastic which means it is not that you can eat it. It is plastic. It can be used into utensils or (inaudible) that are totally non-toxic and is non-harmful to the environment and they can be reused again and again. So, his invention actually takes something right now that is non-recyclable all over the world and it is a huge problem that people and corporations spend millions of dollars needed to dispose of and turn it into something that can be reused over and over and over and is not a problem anymore. So, it is a huge boom and would actually change and help our environment immensely and reduce cost by billions of dollars all over the world, just to clarify that. So, go ahead.

19:17 Jack

We have 60 billion tons a year and food grade, I mean, the chemical that we use is food grade. You can drink it. It is food grade and there's no hazard with it. So, that's pretty amazing.

19:34 Phoenix


19:35 Jack

Pretty amazing. My first company that I built was taken away from me by my partners. They did a 51% illegal and tossed over and threw me out in my own company that had developed and brought up together 170, 000 square foot facility and basically from greed. They deleveled me and threw me out. They had a police at the door. They threw me out of my own company and they really knocked me out from my feet and through those years I had a property in different things, those investments. But my wife and I -- that's why I get into the banksters because I needed to stay out with the bank tellers. My wife and I did everything that we could to keep the company going, and we borrowed notes, used our properties, and different things to keep things going. We did realize that are partners were actually working behind us to teach us out. So, we were set up our bank here no matter what. So, we borrowed $250,000 from our bank and had it long-term financing and every three months we would pay payments in the principal. We just really needed that to keep it growing which __20:54__ businesses with today. Simply __20:56__credits, you know, we used it for whatever the need was. We had paid this and moved down over two years. From $250,000 down to about $147,000 which was not bad. We just need to go, just using your money and either lower it there to pay it down. We've always been on top. But, then we need to pay it, they said "No, we need the whole $147,000 right now", and I wish that we have it. You can make the payment and we can make the principal. But, we didn't have all that money.

21:39 Phoenix

Uh, huh.

21:40 Jack

And just this time, I had my back surgeries and was just recuperating from it and the bank didn't really care basically. So, we had to scramble to figure out how we are going to pay the bank.

21:51 Phoenix

Now, Jack before you go on. Had you ever been late on this payment?

21:57 Jack

No, not this time.

21:58 Phoenix

So, it was non-delinquent. You never had problems with it. You had paid it down that far. They just demanded that. Now, what a lot of people don't realize, a lot of people sign contracts, the initial contracts, and I cannot stress how important it is to read the contracts. And when I say read the contract, I mean, get a highlighter out if you need to, get magnifying glasses if you need to and you might even need a magnifying glass like a loop. And you sit down and you read that contract line by line. And it doesn't matter and you don't let anyone tell you, you can't read it or just sign it. Just never do that and read these things and you'll be stunned what you'll see. Most people do not know this but on every mortgage and every loan you get, there is a provision and there is usually really small down to bottom that the bank or the lending facility has the capability at any time to call that loan in and they'll have a specified time to put some, say 30 days, some say 90 days and at their own discretion, they can call it in. That means if you've been paying, it looks like you have a 30-year-old note on your house and you paid 29 years on that note and you have paid it all down the whole time and you have never missed a payment, you can come to that last year and you can have like 11 payments left, the bank could say we wanted all paid off right now and if you don't come up with that money in 30 days, I'll take your house. Even though you paid out 29 years and they can legally do it because you signed a contract. And that's what Jack is all talking about. He signed a loan. He did the loan, but in the fine print every loan that you've ever gotten, it says that they can call that in and that's what he fell victim to.

23:43 Jack

We had a $250,000 worth of collateral, still on a $147,000 on our note. That was not entitled anything other than this note for collateral.

23:53 Phoenix


23:54 Jack

And it was a bunch of semi-trucks, trailers, equipment, cars and vehicles. You know, everything was free and clear. I had no title. There are lean-on, except to that bank. I used it for collateral. So, they don't care about what's your collateral is. Because believe me. They will come and get your collateral if they should.

24:13 Phoenix


24:14 Jack

Well, I was an owner of an industrial park that had many buildings there, a few more to build.

24:19 Phoenix

Uh, hold on Jack. Okay, you were having a little bit trouble in your phone there. Okay, go ahead.

24:31 Jack

I'm sorry. I had a commercial industrial park.

24:32 Phoenix


24:33 Jack

At the same time and a real house at the same time. When they write to all of us, they allow me to take a second mortgage on my commercial property which is about 2.5 million and I have done everything on it but one small note on some equipment and you take your second and, you know, we can work it this way. Well, they didn't have anything to do with that. But yet, they were receiving my $250,000 collateral. Well, when I talked to a friend of mine and he said, well, let me just -- may I help your industrial park and we'll pay that little note of and we'll develop a parking once we get it. It sounded great to me. Does it make sense to do that? So, I wouldn't tell the bank what I was gonna do. So I was gonna pay the note of and I've told this _25:24_ of my friend for a $900,000 and he went to get a loan. He had AAA credit, plenty of cash flow and he was good. All my bankers couldn't understand until late and how long because it takes 45 days for me to close loan and being commercial, sometimes it takes a little longer.

25:43 Phoenix


25:44 Jack

She called his bankers so many times that they threw a red flag. They didn't know well what's going on. Why actually he calls so much and she shouldn't call their banker because they are gonna do with me.

26:01 Phoenix


26:02 Jack

You know, she is my banker. Well, she gonna worked so hard and so bad and then she told me and that she has taken mortgage on my property but she did not at all. And this people turned my friend down after they had already approved it and we are gonna go to close. So nobody knew what's going on. He said, "Hey, it's not a big deal". I gonna know the bank here is done. The broker takes it to another bank but in one day he was approved. You know, we are gonna close in two weeks and we're back on our feet again, right?

26:03 Phoenix

Uh, huh.

26:35 Jack

She starts calling those people. Okay? She called those people so many times. I wanted I wanna go close. What's going on? And she starts telling them all these information about me.

26:48 Phoenix

Uh, huh.

26:49 Jack

She was very good when you're 60, 90 days around that. She started it up with all what's best about me. Well, I'm not the issue of this loan.

26:58 Phoenix


26:59 Jack

My buddy is.

27:00 Phoenix


27:01 Jack

But she handles the deal. She knows the deal so much and the thing is that they rejected it as well. Okay. It is like she wants me to close that but she was doing all that she could to mix about my loan that I was getting. She was mixing every deal that we had coming up.

27:19 Phoenix

Uh, huh.

27:20 Jack

Well, finally, she seemed to have a say a mortgage on my property as she was telling all the people that she did. She pretends to be my wife and says we need be on my office tomorrow. We go into the office and you know, that note with that 147 before he says. Once again I said, Look, let me give $9000, you know $8000 where it was and I let you -- you know, this thing will roll on. Don't ruin me. I want this small amount of money. And then we've had $975,000 and we're gonna be out and here you're worried about this. No. Please don't do this with this small amount of money. I'll be rolling in no time. Well, she never meant to do that. She said, "Well, okay. I wanted to stay at mortgage on your commercial property." And I said "No, I'm not gonna give you a statement." I've got a commercial property now. Don't tell me what you're gonna do. You're not gonna fight fair. So, she said, "Well, we're gonna kind of more taking care of everything you've got." And when you say collateral, we'll come and take in everything. Can I call you tomorrow, we're coming. Well, actually let that happen and that's because you want to use my trucks to make it a money. That is my livelihood, you know. She says, "That was a __28:38__ record in front of us" and says, "Stand there." And that's why I need to see my attorney. She said it did goes to either way you want but the end result is you don't give me a say in mortgage to this property. We'll come and take everything you've got.

28:53 Phoenix

I think, it's extortion.

28:55 Jack

Yeah. I said, "He created that."

28:57 Phoenix

It's like a mob. You know, that either like you designed this so we can shake you down from money and we're gonna come and bust you up or steal your stuff. That's like why we call them banksters, just like the word gangsters you said there. That's outrageous.

29:12 Jack

Banksters in the room to sweat. Okay? Not knowing what to do and I've heard all of these things over the years that this has happened like three years ago and it is still ongoing and it feels that all out of them, yes, I've done it. You don't know what you're gonna do when you're on that position. You're trying to take care of your family and see that if we signed it and give her the second mortgage that they wouldn't come taking our stuff and everything will be alright.

29:41 Phoenix


29:42 Jackson

And then, whenever we sold our property or resell it, she could have a physical hold on our property and still some of that was devaluing like the trucks and equipments. Well, after repeated me telling her, you know, don't I don't wanna do this or I'm gonna do that because you got me over a barrel. In that way, you know that this is not just fair but I'm doing this. We signed the papers.

30:08 Phoenix


30:09 Jack

Do you think they gave back our collateral? No. Now they had all my collateral plus a $2 million building.

30:19 Phoenix

So, they came in and took your trucks?

30:20 Jack

Yeah, yeah.

30:21 Phoenix

Or they just hold it as collateral.

30:22 Jack

They take it.

30:23 Phoenix


30:24 Jack

About a week later.

30:25 Phoenix

A week later. So, you did exactly what she wanted you to do and she defrauded because it wasn't in contractual form. It was her word against your word and she basically shook you down. That's incredible. So, she basically robbed you.

30:44 Jack


30:45 Phoenix

The bank came in and robbed you.

30:46 Jack

They mixed commercial collateral with a personal collateral and that was never listed and then this over collateralization. I mean, who takes $2.5 million on $147,000 note. I mean, we're kind of play is expected out there.

31:08 Phoenix

I know.

31:09 Jack

And I go after them to release our collateral and they said, "No, we're not showing any consideration on it." And the next week they came and took everything that we had. You know what they did with it? They sold it at a charity auction. What remained of the trucks but a Kodiak C4500 cab truck which sells about $65,000.

31:35 Phoenix


31:36 Jack

So, do you -- 48-foot trailer, 38-foot quad cab truck, a Renault, two Subaru Explorer and other equipment. They sold it all for less than $10,000.

31:51 Phoenix


31:52 Jack

It's almost new equipment.

31:56 Phoenix

Brand new equipment.

31:57 Jack

Yeah. My truck was a 2005 model Kodiak low miles, all cost about like NASCAR Racing.

32:04 Phoenix


32:05 Jack

I mean, that truck was worth selling about at 80 grand, easy. You know, and they gave all of it away for just less than $10 grand.

32:15 Phoenix

How much you wanna bet that some of the buyers were people she knew? How much you wanna bet, Jack, that some of the people who put those bids in and got your equipment where people she called up and said, "Hey, I got a sweet deal for you." Because that sound that stuff works. So, basically, you were robbed. You were robbed. They took your stuff. Just like when people break into people's homes or mug somebody, what do the thieves do? They don't get full value for it. They take it and pawn it off and they sell it on street for pennies on a dollar and that's what criminals do and so, just like criminals, they came in and stole your stuff after they lied to you. They shook you down and rest, threatened you, took your likelihood and then sold your stuff just like at a pawnshop. Just to make a few bucks.

32:55 Jack

Well again, they're trying to teach me a lesson, they gave me a spanking because they -- I told you about the porcelain that I had on my industrial buildings, those two are real close friend of mine and some of equipment I bought from him, it was a $400,000 note. And we wrote it up, not so I would have to make payments, but if something happens to you or him or myself.

33:18 Phoenix


33:19 Jack

It will be on record and there would be a link and he has got what you pay. So I never made payments on it. Right? It is just we did clean ourselves.

33:29 Phoenix

Yeah. It was a gentlemen's agreement with a POD or like a payable on death clause agreement to. Yeah. Okay.

33:37 Jack

They file suit on him and made him take my building, the Master Commissioner's Sale to sell them off. So they could collect the debt over the first note and I had to come to the court with him. I was there and I said that we were defrauded and I said that we made that note. And it was all filed in the court a year earlier. So, you know, that's was just ridiculous there. They were just have to shake the left hand to do what they wanted on the right.

34:08 Phoenix

Okay, hold on one second here. Somebody in chat says that, "This is what I'm referring to you earlier in his call. How do we have no fear on money on our business when someone shakes us down? Now, this is from the poster season is changing, now that what this call is about. This radio program and why Jack called in. We're actually addressing that, how you can prevent from being a victim in this environment and just like we point out things on the show about things that are happening, potential geopolitical cases. It is not some people are fearful. It is so you are aware of this and you can take precaution for you and your family, physically, emotionally, etc. So, you can brace yourself. And what this is all about is so you don't have fear. So, you know that this type of nonsense is ongoing and not to be so trusting and this is what this is about to arm you with the knowledge. Knowledge is power and we're trying to power you up here. Jack is hearing this. This incredible story that happened to him and he is one of hundreds of thousands. This story could be retold all over this nation tonight by many different people in different forms and what Jack is trying to do is he wants for you to not be a victim. He has gone down this road and he is right now saying, "Hey, this is what can happen and here is what we're gonna do." So this isn't just about saying, "Bogabogaboga" look how bad it is. This is like, "Oh no! Look out, this can happen and here is what you can do to prevent from being hurt like this." So, go ahead Jack. I just had to address that question in chat. Go ahead.

35:45 Jack

When they have found out, when I tell you, I asked directly how much this is gonna buy me and what's you gonna do? How much time do you need? Never trust anyone ever again. I mean never. You did the right thing. Do it in writing. Make sure, you have an attorney and when you get in a trouble like this. Okay, how do you __36:07__by your face, but one of you having trouble, you gonna have to have attorney. You gonna do it the right way. You gotta be smart. __36:15__ but with this being said, they forced my friend to give up -- he has taken my industrial park and forced the Master Commissioner's sale. Are you familiar with that?

36:31 Phoenix

No, I'm not. What is a Master Commissioner's sale?

36:34 Jack

That's where the state comes in and takes your property and sells it off for whatever they can get for it and where the money goes? It would be distributed out. Okay. They had a second mortgage on this property now because they forced us in to sign on it then they took our collateral. Now, they're taking the industrial park. Okay?

36:59 Phoenix


37:00 Jack

Through all these, I said, I'm not gonna file bankruptcy. I'm not gonna do anything. I'm gonna make sure everybody is paid back and all these stuff.

37:07 Phoenix

Why? You tried to do the honorable thing. You tried to man up and say I'm not gonna take the easy way out. I'm gonna do the correct thing and pay everybody off without bowing out of...

37:19 Jack

They were smiling on us. They worked behind our back. The next thing you know, my property goes to the Master Commissioner's Sale. Well my buddy had the original -- he signed it and actually bought it back. Okay and then knocked in probably out the bucks.

37:36 Phoenix


37:38 Jack

As if -- they will make him mad. That is the matter, okay, because they got bought. Well, through all these, we are going through the worst time that you can possibly imagine and we are just failing. I mean, we had no income coming in. We are losing everything. You know, I'm selling stuff up left and right just to try to live and we hitrock bottom things, just rock bottom. And then later that week, we couldn't defend ourselves that's when I really heated up. When I saw that we can't defend ourselves, we just had to do whatever they wanted.

38:18 Phoenix

Yeah, we lost you just a little bit there. Right when you said you hit rock bottom.

38:19 Jack

Again, when he had nothing and they saw we can't defend ourselves is when they really came at us hard.

38:26 Phoenix


38:27 Jack

Okay. And we had a real property over here that my wife has had for years. A couple of years ago we did a second mortgage to take that house up. The house is worth about 125. There are 100 probably and we only owed about 60 on it and we owed 8000 on a second mortgage. When we got the hand on that house, I went to the bank and said, "How much we've had", they told me like, you know, 7000. I sold my truck and I gave them the money to bring that house current.

39:02 Phoenix


39:03 Jack

Instead of them making that house current they paid off their second mortgage. They went around at the first mortgage and paid themselves off and let Sandy Mae swing and our intention was pay Sandy Mae what we owe, bring my current.

39:23 Phoenix

Right. Right.

39:24 Jack

Okay. We found out is a paper that it went to Master Commissioner Sale though.

39:29 Phoenix

After you gave them $7000?

39:33 Jack

To pay our note current.

39:35 Phoenix


39:36 Jack

See, that would have alleviated, they would even repossess the house. I paid themselves our purse and left Sandy Mae swing. And I said, "We found out". Actually a friend of mine called and we were out of town and he said, "Hey, you know your house is in the Commissioner Sale". You've got to be kidding me. And then we got legal papers stating the fact.

39:58 Phoenix


40:00 Jack

We went to an attorney and talked about it because we had no money and nobody would help us.

40:03 Phoenix


40:04 Jack

Oh, you don't have money to pay yourselves, so that's what you need?

40:06 Phoenix

Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So, they got you down where they melt you dry and then when it got to the point where you would try take them to litigation, and try to get some help, you were so tapped and they have taken everything from you that there wasn't nothing you could do.

40:24 Jack

Nothing. I mean, and that's what happened. You got stripped on the road. See, __40:28__ about it.

40:29 Phoenix


40:30 Jack

You know, I called an agency with three letters in it to try to get some help and they didn't really have the time to listen to me. They are too busy about other stuff.

40:48 Phoenix

You know why Jack? This is so prevalent. This is outrageous that the injustice that I've just read about and I followed it closely. Lakehouse has done a lot of reading on this and worked on this and posted some on it but we have seen a thing after thing after thing, these outrageous things. They don't even know who holds the mortgages. They have robo-signings. They have fake signing. It was all bogus and there have been actually people challenging mortgages and there have actually been squatters who are a group of people after now who are actually squatting in homes. What they do is they go in, they just break in. They mow the lawn. They paint the place. They do the research first and find out that it is hanging out there and they pay the back taxes on it, just go down the quarter house, pay it up, put their name on it and they just take the house. And they have been challenged about some of these and when the banks who maybe had a foreclosure or something, challenge them. They say they take them to court. They take the bank to court and say, show us the title. Show us the deed that you hold and then we will leave. And nobody can. Nobody can even show the deeds on these homes or who owns them. It's outrageous, the criminal activity. So, yeah, continue please.

42:08 Jack

Well, during all that time, you know, of course, not been able to work and not really doing anything at all like bringing an income. You know, we just further and further, we got behind on our house payment. And it is very large now. I mean, we've done well over the years, but when you sleep and you've done well, there is no place to help. Nobody will help you. I mean, this is not bad dreams. I'm telling you it's true. No one will help you. The bank will help you unless you've got money.

42:40 Phoenix


42:41 Jack

That's what will put you in trouble. You know, all my life, the bank has told me about property, our real estate, invest on this, invest on that and as I spending my portfolio at one time, we are about 642 million. Okay, and that's assets and everything.

43:01 Phoenix


43:02 Jack

Well, and out liability was less than 40%. When you don't have something to pay, you don't have something to pay as you can't get it from that way. When the bank now went from, we don't want assets, now we want liquidities. We want cash. It is all about cash. So, I tried to switch my portfolio to cash, sell our properties, do whatever? And that actually went down spiral. Yeah, and when they saw that I wasn't economically viable, you know that cool word?

43:36 Phoenix


43:37 Jack

Economically viable anymore. That's whenever nobody can help you.

43:42 Phoenix

Yeah. Now, that economically viable part, if people don't understand that, see, Jack is an entrepreneur, Jack is a businessman, he has always made his way himself and he is telling you how successful he was, he had built his business up, did have some problems with it and that's where he got into this situation and what he is talking about being economically viable, that means that even though he was in many eyes of some people well-to-do as concern of, with a lot of community, the bank, even though he may have had millions of dollars in assets, paid off with a lot of assets and collateral if he could not show that he was taking a paycheck from a corporation or a company sustainably for like two years, that's when you're not considered economically viable and what he is saying is that he had difficulty in financing anything because he was self-employed. And it is the situation. They have actually created a situation in our country right now that they punish people that would appear who are self-employed, who are entrepreneurial, where entrepreneurs and small businesses that used to be rewarded for what they were doing and received help. Now, it is almost like they are punished. The various things that Jack needed help with if he would have been, say like a greeter at Wal-Mart for two years, and I am not getting Wal-Mart or being a greeter there, we may Wal-Mart greeters listening to us and so, how you doing? I hope you had a nice day. But what I'm saying is that he would have the position like that or even work at McDonalds, put some French fries at the window, he would have got his loans because he would have been telling the corporate line and he would have be considered a good corporate person because he did exactly what he was supposed to do and did his little job and then he would be economically liable. Am I correct on that Jack?

45:44 Jack

Yeah. You were saying correct and basically we allow that the mumbo jumbo means as the bank is, even tell us, let us know where you are at, so we can bail out on you first and we get paid before everybody else gets in front us.

46:00 Phoenix

Yeah. Let us know when it gets real bad so we can kick you and get your stuff.

46:04 Jack

That's the truth. Okay. You know, if I didn't have our Lord and Saviour in the middle of this, we wouldn't have made it. I mean He has walked just through this and taken us. Care for us when there is no place to go. I mean, yeah, I'm not insane, I've tried to get food from food banks. I've had everything. You gotta do what you gotta do. I've never turned to cram. I've never done anything like that all because that's not like my character is and I know it's the Lord who wants us to see how we react in our downs before he blesses us with good hands and how we acted little is when He gives us the most. You know, and you can't run over people because you are having a hard time. That's the best time to give. Give up yourself. Give up what you've got.

46:58 Phoenix


46:59 Jack

Even if it just a smile and standing a line at Wal-mart. You may give sample. But, in the middle of all these going on, we give a hand on our house painter, and wished you didn't have them but you can't change it. So, here comes of the big news. This gonna love this one. You gonna really love this. Home modification. Is that the savior? You heard that one?

47:28 Phoenix


47:29 Jack

Home modification loans. That's where they reduce the payment.

47:32 Phoenix

Oh, okay. Yeah.

47:34 Jack

(Inaudible) and Obama put all this money in there to help you. You can pay with arrears, that are a scam.

47:41 Phoenix

Okay. Okay now, everybody listen up Jack is...

47:45 Jack

Ask me, any of your listeners out there. If they have ever had a home modification loan that worked out the way that they proclaim it to work or if they've got freak in' limbo for so long, they got tired and just gave up and figured out something else or they gave up and just turned their house in. I've been through this three times on home modification and it is very and, every time when the bill is so high, we've been turned down. And you are supposed to be exempted in the home modification program but by the government, the price is there.

48:23 Phoenix


48:24 Jack

And this last time, we just found out about two months ago, they turned this down after 11 months of waiting. I paid the fee for it. We waited for 11 months and went to court and did everything. Eleven months later they came back and say, "You are not eligible for the home modification program." Three weeks later, we're gonna foreclose on your house. Okay, another week after they said they are gonna foreclose our house, "Hey, you're eligible for the home modification program loan through our people. We're gonna send you the information. So we take the information. We filled it out. We send it right back in, right? And then we tell the court, we sent to the court, "Hey, we're __49:07__ on home modification program." You know, I'm trying to steal this thing back till __49:10__ to figure out what was right next to us.

49:13 Phoenix


49:14 Jack

Do you know what the bank answered our letter back from the court that when we said we're on a home modification loan, do you know what they answered back?

49:21 Phoenix

I have no idea.

49:24 Jack

It's a very large, large bank if you wanna chase. Okay?

49:29 Phoenix

Uh, huh. You're not gonna give us the name of the bank but it's a big bank that people wanna chase.

49:36 Jack

Yeah. So, they answered back to our petition to the court and said that the home modification program that we enrolled in through them was just an advertisement. So, why you sending me an advertisement in the middle of a home foreclosure and get our hopes up and all these things and you said to me an official deal about home modification and when you answer, the two judges you said, "No judges it's just an advertisement." There is no money there Phoenix.

50:15 Phoenix

Yeah. It's amazing.

50:16 Jack

There is no money there to pay these things. So, now we're fighting off this foreclosure with this large bank, and I don't know how it's gonna come out but I can probably prophesy and say that it's just gonna come out just fine because we get through our Lord on our side, if you're seeing him. I think He's gonna take care of it like He has through all of this ordeal of being crashed down. It has ruined our lives over $147,000.

50:53 Phoenix

Wow, so how much (crosstalk) your total amount of assets that they are taking from you over this 147,000 is about? What do you think?

51:07 Jack

Uhm, 2, 3 - probably $4 million dollars.

51:08 Phoenix

So, over a $147,000 outstanding loan which you were paying and had not been laid on that they just called in. They're taking over $4 million of assets. And because you...

51:23 Jack

That's not...

51:24 Phoenix

Go ahead.

51:25 Jack

That's not just about them but it's a chain of events, plus loss of income, and everything else. It's the whole chain of events because one action starts another reaction and another thing, it adds to and it take too late. And you cannot get out of a spiral. What I have to do is this - I had to give up 260. Does that make any kind of sense to you at all? I just had to say, do whatever you wanna do, you know. This sounds lazy. You're not gonna win. Just do whatever you wanna do. We're gonna just settle then I'll come back and do what I need to do to take care what was done to me because if anything goes bad to your limitations...

52:14 Phoenix

Oh, yeah.

52:17 Jack

...and sometimes you don't wanna fight it at that moment, you know. But, the biggest thing that I can tell, suppose when you're in a bad situation, deep into the situation like what I'm in, is we're past the limits. I mean, how do you know how we're making it. I really don't. In fact, I went to talk about bankruptcy last week and they apparently looked at me and said, "You know, you don't even involve in our bankruptcy". The last thing you do is sell everything you've got -- are handed.

52:53 Phoenix


52:54 Jack

And I'm just not gonna do that. Well, that's pretty bad, isn't it? That's pretty bad.

52:57 Phoenix

Well, you know what, like you said, it is like a time of testing and the reason we're doing this program folks and this is a special program again, there are people out there, the entire United States, all over, you would be amazed. I checked out some of the bankruptcy listings and things, and kind of peruse some of these auction sites just to see what's going on and I'm stunned. You would be stunned if you know how many homes in your area are on foreclosure or bank-owned properties or just sitting out there and how many auctions? I just checked my local county. I think I told someone about this. I mentioned on one of the shows a couple of weeks ago. I was just looking at the curiosity at the particular county where I live and we are not a poor county. We're very fortunate to live in a very nice place and it's a very nice county and there were listed on the Sheriff's sale that they have once a weekend or every month or sort of one-sale a month I guess it is, they had listings of properties and different things that were going up for Sheriff's sale. They had 46 pages and that is just for this county. I was stunned. I couldn't believe and I'm like. Oh, my God. I can't believe this. And I mean some of these are corporate buildings, some of these are very nice professional buildings. I mean you drive by a Lexus out front and nice Range Rovers and high-end automobiles and these places are a preserved some and people wouldn't even realize. I mean if this situation is being played out and replicated all over the United States, it is not gonna work. The system is failing. One of it -- the chatters here Jack asked me, he said "You know, which is this bank in trouble"? I said all of them.

54:55 Phoenix

And now somebody has a question here. They said Jack I did not hear one thing about how you documented the fraud and the illegal activities committed by people against you. Have you been the person, blogtalk 1941, wants to know if you have been accurately categorizing and documenting all of these crimes against you?

55:18 Jack

Yes. We have all the paperwork.

55:20 Phoenix


55:21 Jack

I have all the paperwork when I need to, and when this is all over and like I was saying before, we don't have anything to fight with, you (crosstalk). There is nothing you can do. I don't care what you might say. There is nothing you can do because attorneys did cost money, and you know, unless you __55:44__ help you which rare and when you're in it and you're down in it, it's just like everyday they'd be telling you so bad that you can barely get your head up.

56:02 Phoenix


56:03 Jack

You just don't know what's gonna happen next. And you know, my ministry completely fell over, you know, when you're talking about the monetary part where we lost, I lost everything with my ministry part and that helping other people in, I'm not able to. I mean, you know, what I'm trying to say, but I can't say this. I can barely see my family. I'm no different than anybody else. You know, the single most discriminated person in the world is someone with no money. It is not about power, it is not about anything else. It's about money. Without it, you're the second class in anybody's world. And we don't wanna think that way, but it's true.

56:59 Phoenix

You know, Jack, I wanna point one thing out. The one caller asked about, not a caller, but a person in chat, he asked, if you have been documenting things, wanted to know who you made angry? He basically said who did you, if at all, so if you know what I mean.

57:19 Jack

The bank because we didn't take our money to them.

57:21 Phoenix

What do you mean you didn't take your money to them?

57:25 Jack

You know what, where I'm sitting on, you know the other side where I'm sitting on.

57:29 Phoenix


57:32 Jack

And we didn't take bonds to them quick enough.

57:33 Phoenix

Ahh. So, okay.

57:34 Jack

The bank parted moneys to the right people at the right time.

57:38 Phoenix


57:40 Jack

That should be a good point.

57:52 Phoenix

So, the large amount of moneys from your invention and things that were going on with that, this bank who you're dealing with, you did not take those moneys and put it with their bank and that actually angered them. So, they actually had that against you.

57:56 Jack

They gave up also.

57:57 Phoenix

Ahh, okay.

57:58 Jack

They gave up also. __57:59__ what I am gonna do next. We __58:00__ them up and they gave up on us.

58:05 Phoenix

Okay, so they knew the potential of what are you were working on and so the trouble that you told us before where you basically got -- they tried to beat you out. You might wanna make clear to the callers also that you're invention, you did buy back all the rights on this and you have everything and you hold rights to that patent yourself right now. Yes.

58:27 Jack

Yeah. And I wanna __58:29__ that I don't wanna worry down. You know, it's gotta be known, so I gotta get credit. When I was praying about these things to happen because I put a suit all those people and put several of them in jail for 17 years with things over the fraud. They certainly told me not to do anything. They might gonna get back to you, they would apparently shot and four years later, I bought that back out of the bankruptcy court for $50,000 and the one patent alone had, you know, $30 million or $40 million appraisal on it.

59:09 Phoenix


59:10 Jack

And we bought it back for nothing and I didn't even know it was me who bought it back. My company bought it back. __59:14___, but this true Lord tell me, "When I give it back to you, without a fight. And the fight is up. This is my fight."

59:23 Phoenix

Yeah. Uh hmm...

59:24 Jack

That's what he did and it went so smooth. You just wouldn't even know how soon it went and part of my message where I wanna tell people tonight. Anybody could get in a position that I'm in. Don't think you can't. Okay? But it's how you handle yourself when you're in this position.

59:48 Phoenix


59:49 Jack

Do the right things. Don't sell your house. __59:54__ because somebody won't take it. You know, that's not right.

1:00:00 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:00:01 Jack

You don't, don't do those things. Don't treat people bad because you don't have something.

1:00:07 Phoenix


1:00:08 Jack

You know, we're not put on to serve for that. We're put on to serve to help each other.

1:00:12 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:00:14 Jack

And if we start doing all those things, we're not better to the people who come against us.

1:00:18 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:00:19 Jack

You know and what we have to do is passing along. What has hurt me worse than any of the things that I've had to give up. They're all materials. All those stuffs, materials, I've given up again, things. What hurts worse is not being able to administer to people to help them with day-to-day life and I'm not talking something in the Bible, okay?

1:00:44 Phoenix


1:00:45 Jack

(Inaudible) being at the hurricane, there in Katrina and handed some by a sandwich.

1:00:50 Phoenix

Yeah. Tell them...tell them...

1:00:52 Jack


1:00:53 Phoenix

Tell them what you guys did during Hurricane Katrina. You shared the story with me, Jack. I want the people to know what you put together and what you guys did.

1:01:01 Jack

Well, take 38 people with some amounts of trucks and trailers who passed out with 500 __1:01:07__ of food in conjunction with busy children. They brought the food and we used our manpower and we passed out food to everybody. I mean, just everybody so we gave it to them. We picked up brush, we picked up lumps -- anybody that we can help, we help and we were there for two weeks just doing it and we do that for tornadoes. We've done two hurricanes, we've done floods. It's just, we go and that's what we do and I'm doing the same work, we feed and I haven't been able to do that because basically my funds drained out, but I'm gonna try and get started up again. But, we'll just show up when there has been a disaster and we feed people. The workers are the people that are in need.

1:01:53 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:01:54 Jack

Just whoever who's there to eat. That's what we do. Then we leave. We don't wear a name brag there because it's not about that. It's about doing the right thing.

1:02:00 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:02:02 Jack

You know, if you're not doing the right thing. And that's -- more than anything that's what I need to have in my life. It's giving back that ministry to help the people because I'm gonna tell you, soon is coming.

1:02:16 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:02:17 Jack

From the small of length of America and the people around and they know not look at it. And you've got to have a back down after trying to help them because they're gonna run over each other.

1:02:18 Phoenix

Screw them. Yeah, the leveling. Yeah, it's going to be a mess. Okay, back to the points, get it in writing. When you're dealing with the bank, get it in writing.

1:02:39 Jack


1:02:40 Phoenix

Read contracts, people. Read contracts. Do not sit down in front of a piece of paper and they say, "Sign here, here and here." Read it. Read it. What bank (crosstalk)...

1:02:49 Jack

You have the right to take it home.

1:02:52 Phoenix

Yes, you did.

1:02:53 Jack

You have the right to take it home for three days and keep it. And before you start it.

1:02:58 Phoenix


1:02:59 Jack

Just tell me __1:02:59__, have it changed.

1:03:02 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:03:03 Jack

Because I know now, I've never had browsed. You know, 99.99999% you'll never have an issue.

1:03:08 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:03:09 Jack

But that one time, that one time, they'll ruin you.

1:03:14 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:03:15 Jack

And that's what, you know, it is done to us.

1:03:18 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:03:19 Jack

Because what credit. I really don't do credit in more banks, you know and I just don't let the Lord, you know, to bless me.

1:03:28 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:03:29 Jack

But, I'm not going to have to put that credit anymore.

1:03:30 Phoenix

Yeah. I believe that, Jack and the other points that I was making notes here. You're basically telling people to not - if they get in a bad situation just to run a test and you're being tested and be strong in it and be dignified. Do not be vindictive two wrongs, do not make it right.

1:03:49 Jack


1:03:50 Phoenix

I often talked about all wisdom and simple things, the stuff we were taught as kids, that we all forget and if we would all remember it better, we would be better adults. That's why they teach us as when we're kids and you should teach your children and then continually teach them two wrongs don't make it right. That is so true and should not be vindictive and to not -- to try to give back is a real challenge. A real challenge for a lot of people. Sometimes that's a big challenge for me and I swear if it wasn't for Lake House sometimes I would be in trouble because she is my balance, because I have -- I swear, you know what I mean (laughs) I have been known to - I don't know. I just - I don't want to even go there (laughs). What I am saying is what Jack is saying is so true. Don't be vindictive. Let it go and just, know you, things will work out. This whole thing is like a test. This is being tested continually and our hearts are being weighed and we are being watched. We really are by the powers of the universe. God is watching and...

1:04:57 Jack


1:04:58 Phoenix

...there is a lot to this. And, you know Jack, it's a heart-wrenching story and it's a real shame and I know. Is there - you have an email address where people can contact you, right? What's that email address?

1:05:11 Jack

Yeah, they can contact me anytime. It's john, J-O-H-N

1:05:17 Phoenix

J-O-H? Okay.

1:05:20 Jack

J-O-H-N-R I C-K-E-T-T. One word, johnrickett@hotmail.com

1:05:33 Phoenix


1:05:34 Jack

That right. Yeah, you can email me and then I'll call you over there. Whatever just -- you know, whatever that issues - whatever just feel free to contact me and we'd love to be of help by anyway that I can. Just feel free to call me or email me and I'll call you back, whatever and...

1:05:59 Phoenix

You know what, Jack, give me that email one more time to make sure I have it. Just spell it out for me.

1:06:04 Jack


1:06:14 Phoenix


1:06:15 Jack


1:06:17 Phoenix

Okay, excellent. I just wanna to make sure I had it because I stood up there in chat room and we'll put it with this program. What I'll do is I will put Jack's email with this program so it'll be in the archives when you listen to this program and we will put it up in the above and we'll this program available to everyone. We'll put over on Lake House's blog so people can re-listen to this and check this out. You know what, I think what we'll gonna do Jack is - I think we're going take some calls. Would you feel like answering some questions or talking to people?

1:06:52 Jack

Yeah, sure. It's fine.

1:06:55 Phoenix

Okay. Well, if you are hanging on the phone and you are listening, the topic tonight is the banksters, the banks and things and any questions you have, really. We're gonna to area code 435. And things that -- any question you have really. Area code 435, who's this? Hello? Can you hear me?

1:07:24 Norman Spencer

Yes, I can hear you.

1:07:25 Phoenix

Yeah, can you turn your speakers down because we can hear a little of re-broadcaster here.

1:07:31 Norman Spencer


1:07:32 Phoenix


1:07:42 Norman Spencer

How are you doing tonight, Phoenix.

1:07:44 Phoenix

I'm doing alright. Who's this?

1:07:45 Norman Spencer

This is Norman Spencer.

1:07:47 Phoenix

Hello, Norman. How are you?

1:07:49 Norman Spencer

I'm doing good. Just going over the regulatory rules and everything today and I'm getting kind of a __1:08:01__ after your show also. Anyway...

1:08:04 Phoenix


1:08:06 Norman Spencer

I just have seen that there is going to be a new regime by 2013 on the Basel III.

1:08:18 Phoenix


1:08:20 Norman Spencer

And anyway. Anyway, I seem to note that they were still working on international currency and oh, here it comes - I'm nervous as hell.

1:08:33 Phoenix

Oh, sorry. Just relax. It is fun. It's fun. Yeah, just you know, just don't think you're on a radio with millions of people listening to you, you know, how much (laughs).

1:08:43 Norman Spencer

How would I do that?

1:08:44 Phoenix

Just like we're talking on the phone, you know. It's like you're talking to your friend, just like you're talking on the phone, but you know, yeah, Basel III is coming into effect and all the regulatory stuff and the global currency, which would probably be like the SDR and steroids is coming down the pipe. It's surely is.

1:09:00 Norman Spencer

It certainly is. Really, an interesting conversation you had with John, anyway.

1:09:07 Phoenix

He is still on if you have a question for him. If you want - if you would like to speak to him, Jack is on the phone with us.

1:09:12 Norman Spencer

Is he?

1:09:13 Phoenix


1:09:14 Norman Spencer


1:09:15 Jack

I'm here (laughs)

1:09:16 Norman Spencer

Okay. Aha (laughs). You have to excuse me. I have been put in through some land here in Utah.

1:09:26 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:09:28 Norman Spencer

And trying to get into the industry and be a provider of it.

1:09:34 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:09:35 Norman Spencer

Of course, it's a lengthy process that's involve, I mean, two and half year and actually, I was trying to do a -- we're doing __1:09:47__to this property out here. Hell, heck this - I know of the feeling of feeling in doubt and that's suppresses all good feelings that an individual has inside of their whole dominion, their heart, their mind, their soul.

1:10:06 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:10:09 Norman Spencer

And anyway, I put a lot of faith in my whole work and just over jubilee the times and at times, I find myself in that negative area that actually drains all my power (laughs).

1:10:28 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:10:30 Norman Spencer

But anyway, I just hope that people can understand that it is hard work that is needed to be done and whatever situation that anybody is in, whatever their appointment is or their schedule is or how it works for them, just stay in there, have the faith and keep going on. So...

1:10:50 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:10:51 Norman Spencer

That's the basics of my speech tonight and...

1:10:56 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:10:57 Norman Spencer

...I'm just grateful for my Father in heaven and everything that he does for me.

1:11:03 Phoenix


1:11:05 Norman Spencer

Anyway, I will let you get on to some more talkers and...

1:11:11 Phoenix


1:11:12 Norman Spencer

I'm really grateful for all the information that you have sent me in and ...

1:11:16 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:11:17 Norman Spencer

...staying in - all of them for staying active in it and it takes me out of myself and out of my sorrows sometimes and that's what I hope you hit it at your program and the programs of the whole Earth. So...

1:11:30 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:11:31 Norman Spencer

Yeah, thanks.

1:11:32 Jack


1:11:34 Norman Spencer

Go ahead.

1:11:36 Jack

Norman, can you hear me?

1:11:37 Norman Spencer


1:11:39 Jack

Could you hear me, yet? Do you have a picture of you property? Because you said that property you want to __1:11:43__?

1:11:46 Phoenix

I've got picture of several properties that I'm putting in for 10 mines here in the Western United States and the one property is out here in Northern Utah, it's called the Grass Creek and all of play products that will be made out of it. More of the DM products that will be made from it, but, yeah, I...

1:12:11 Jack

If you don't mind me asking because I wanted to do okay? I want you to take it and make a collage of those properties even pictures and put them together and in your bathroom, you hang that picture up. On your mirror, you write, "You will be mine." Every morning when you get up, you look at it and you meditate on that for a few minutes before you start each day and you turn that sorrow around because you let go of what you don't have and it's worth it but let me start by visualizing. You've got to visualize in what you are looking at in and where you're headed, where you're going. That's the best way to start your day right in the beginning, visualizing where you're headed to and I think it'll help you a little bit along the way. Even if it just make you smile for just that minute.

1:13:02 Norman Spencer

I am.

1:13:03 Jack

(Crosstalk) and keep focusing.

1:13:05 Phoenix

Yeah. I agree with that, Jack. I agree with that, but I'll do it in a different way, you know. I'll do it before I get out of bed. When my feet hit the floor, ta-dah! And when because you have got to roll out if you have time and hope you will wake up in time and just go over how great things are gonna be, what a fantastic day it is going to be and all the good things, and how things are really gonna be great and any troubles you had the day before are gone and just know it, that you know it and wake up with a smile and let your feet hit the floor and you're gonna to feel better than you are, you are gonna to be healthy you ever had been and it's just gonna be a wonderful day and you got the victory and when you're feet hit the floor, ta-dah! You won! So, Jack, what you're saying is so true. That's like a positive visualization or a vision board. A lot of people do that and many just had such great success. There was a story, one fellow told where he had used that, it was called a vision board, and he actually had made this collage and did the exact same thing, he had this at his desk and he was looking at it and saying the things that's in his heart, his desires, his heart's desires, and he had moved and he forgot about it, he got busy and working with a company and he had been - had some stuff packed and was moving and actually got transferred to Hong Kong and was with a new company and doing different things and things were doing really good and he was unpacking some boxes that he had in his beautiful apartment. Just absolute gorgeous place his family moved in to because his business really took off. He was unpacking his boxes and he unpacked this one box that had that vision board in there and he looked at it and he goes on, "I have not seen this a long time" and he starts looking at it and it hit him that the building he was living in, he had right on that vision board. It was just a random picture he had found in the magazine of this beautiful house, like a condo overlooking the water and it was actually in Hong Kong and this was a high-end place that he was living in and he is actually living in the building that he had on his vision board and it dawn like three years earlier and he was just like stunned.

1:15:14 Phoenix

Look at it, oh my gosh! Because it worked. I mean, he was right there so he sit right in the place that's on his vision board and that just made him so happy. So, yes, so true. You know, as man thinks, so he is.

1:15:28 Norman Spencer

Oh, absolutely. (Laughs). Thank you very much, both of you, for a nice show and I will be back. That's sounds like the first thing that I'm gonna do (laughs) I sure appreciate you, guys. Thank you.

1:15:44 Jack


1:15:45 Phoenix

Yeah, you're welcome. Have a good evening, Norman.

1:15:47 Norman Spencer

You, too.

1:15:48 Phoenix

Okay, bye.

1:15:50 Norman Spencer


1:15:52 Phoenix

Yeah, that was Norman. He is going to open some mines and be very successful, I know, I'm sure. Let's go to area code 520. Hello. Area code 520. Hello, area code 520, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me, 520? 520? Going once, going twice, gone. Let's go someone out there. Let's go to this one, Jack. Area code 519.

1:16:26 Jackson

Good evening, Phoenix. It's Jackson.

1:16:29 Phoenix

Hey, how it's going, Jackson? Jack - for our listeners, this is Jackson from chat. She is over on our chat room.

1:16:36 Jack

Well, hello. How are you?

1:16:38 Jackson

Good. Thank you, Jack for sharing your story. If you've been watching chat and all. Everybody talking about it and feeling what you felt. Many of us have gone through close to the same thing, but not as tough as yours. Jack, it you had a chance to go back, would there have been any different you might have done before the wheels started turning so fast against you?

1:17:02 Jack

That's a good question and you know, being caught up in the middle of it, no because I always try to keep my head up and do the right thing. You know, we're going to file a bankruptcy and so thereby, hanging early on and I just - something that you may not understand this because it is not I wanted to wind up and how things happened, it may be worse, I don't know, but I feel like the Lord shall bring me out of this. To His Glory, it's going to be better and my testimony was best and most important is I've always - all that you agree it does not matter because He gets the glory and He would see us through and He always does so much. No matter what they are and those that come against us, they are going to pay for their action. It's not me.

1:17:55 Phoenix

Oh, yeah.

1:17:57 Jack

You know, I'm not going to face him alone and as I long that I know that I walk as straight as I can walk, that's all that really matters and to be __1:18:05__ and people say "Oh, that's crazy because you all start seeing. You're not a good business planner. You're not __1:18:12__." You know, they don't know. Until you walk into another man's shoe, you'll never know, but I tried to do what was right for me and my family and I can see them in the eye. But do you want to hear the saddest part? They can't look at me in the eye. When I come around, they dart and leave.

1:18:35 Phoenix

I bet they do. I bet they are ashamed. I bet they are ashamed of what they've done. I truly do.

1:18:41 Jackson


1:18:42 Jack

It's all about Almighty God.

1:18:45 Jackson

Jack, now that you've got through the other side of this pretty much and I figured that you are taking on Phoenix's show out listing because we're all part of the same the scenario community hopefully. Otherwise, I don't know why we're here. Do you find that what you're working through with the next part that you're launching? With hopefully the assets you are going to acquire, that you'd protect yourself in a different way?

1:19:10 Jack

Yes, most definitely and that's what I want people to understand. When you can get a million dollars, a hundred dollars or a hundred million dollars, you can follow just as fast, just as quickly with money, okay? And I tell you how you protect yourself, listen what Phoenix is telling us have that plan. Part of that plan is a proper attorney, the proper state plan. You know, things that keep out of scams and the other thing is my advice, choose the bank that you put your money in because - choose it wisely because believe me, they want your business, they're gonna use your money and make sure that you chose wisely on the bank that you put your money into.

1:20:06 Phoenix

Now, Jack, I want to ask you a question here. I know that you cannot mention the bank that did this to you specifically because of litigation issues, and what you potentially might be getting into the future, but was this one of the big four or was this is likely a small community-type bank?

1:20:28 Jack

It was large community bank.

1:20:29 Phoenix

A large community bank. So not a small community bank but a large say like a regional-type bank?

1:20:36 Jack

Yeah, they have 30 or 40 branches at least.

1:20:39 Phoenix


1:20:40 Jack

Stuff like that, you know, they're big.

1:20:42 Phoenix


1:20:43 Jack

They are ready to go that next level.

1:20:45 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:20:46 Jack

Yeah. Of course, you know the other bank was.

1:20:49 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:20:52 Jackson

So do you think we can hear in the news like JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers, that Jack you're situation is no different in theirs, they ended up ticking somebody off or they just want to get rid of them for their assets and just finished them off quickly?

1:21:09 Jack

Well, it's basically what I feel happened to us was they knew about my development company and we had the general loans and there were that assets and stuff and I been doing business and they were waiting for me to drop this big amount of cash, you know and because we hadn't done so in two years, they got angry and bailed at us. They do not wanna wait any longer because of how, you know, the economics are. Well, by bailing out on me, you know, it ringed us. It threw me so far back, you know, that we could move forward even with the business. So it really hurt us, you know. If we had gone on just like we were going, we could have been in fact chase, but basically to get to our needs because we had to liquidate everything just to stay afloat and you know, eventually, we're not even floating now. We're actually - our aim is to come out of the water (laughs). You know, we're still under water, I guess I'd say. We're not out of woods yet.

1:22:19 Jackson

Do you think that if the desire was to revalue sooner, that would make thing tougher for you in this situation if they knew that?

1:22:28 Jack

No, in fact, it is a desire came through July by Tuesday morning, I could probably have locks on doors. So, when you have money things get done. When you don't have money, they don't get down they instead -- let drop your rag and without the powers of whatever, you know, you're a whole lot easier to step on, if you don't have anything and that's really they had bringing us to, that's why we have nothing.

1:23:05 Jackson

Many, many great business will have hit the ground several times and below the ground and they come up like this and they get better and better.

1:23:15 Phoenix


1:23:16 Jack

Well, I am supposed to figure it when, but you know, everybody can have one, but I've got a secret weapon and he is with me everyday edging me on and telling me, "Hang in there, hang in there. I've got something greater" and that's exactly what I'm waiting for. What is it? It's something greater, come and see it.

1:23:36 Jackson

I agree. I agree and I think I've said this to Phoenix before that a lot of us that listen to this show all keep coming back for the same reason. It's inspirational. Even if some of it is some kind of strange and weird and some to the people on there are strange and weird. It just keeps us balanced and gives a little to look forward to because you always ask if we have a good day and you hope we have a good and chances that we haven't, but when we get into this zone here listening, we forget some of our issues and we focus and concentrate on some of the better stuff coming.

1:24:09 Jack

Yes. Yes. You know, with all things, comes good. When we hear these little statements to your whole life and they don't mean anything until it has really hit you. You know, it really hits you. The most adoring thing in my life that I can't do right now is to help other people, it's to feed people. You know, it's to go on these disaster places and help people. We have them every day. They're all around us and I am not able to do that anymore and it just hurts my soul not being able to do because the simplest thing like a sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich means nothing until you hand it to somebody and you look at them and you listen to what they've got to say, okay. Years ago - and this is what I feel like where I am at right now is because the spirit of Lord want to put me here, to actually feel and understand people's hearts and see, I use to feed about 30 thousand a year across the country, where we used to feed them and you know, take care of the poor and make sure that they have groceries and what-have-you, similar loads of food. The biggest lie that I've ever told in my entire life and I'll never forget this. There was an elderly woman, that she has thread-baring clothes on, you can see through it. She probably had it since the 50s and she gave me 13 cent to help us feed other people and she said, "I don't want anybody to ever be like I am" and I told her out of my mouth, "Ma'am, I know how you feel." The biggest lie I've ever told in my life was with that little woman, that I knew what it felt like to have nothing and right now, I know what it feels like (sobbing).

1:26:20 Phoenix

That's a moving story. Goodness.

1:26:22 Jackson

Jack, I would not say that was a lie. I think you can empathize with her by seeing how troubled she was and how little she had and how much more we all have in people like that and how grateful with are to be able to give more than what we need.

1:26:36 Phoenix


1:26:37 Jack

Well, at that time, I guess listen, I'll gotta be honest with you. At that time, I was in a hurry to pass by her to get to something else that I was trying to do and she was in my way. God put her in my way to slow me down to tell me that and when I said that to her, I didn't mean it and it took several years to be able to even tell somebody about this and in the face every time I tell it, but it is the truth. The truth will set you free.

1:27:13 Jackson

At least, you got the message, Jack and it didn't miss you. You thought it later, but you didn't forget it.

1:27:19 Jack


1:27:20 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:27:21 Jack

And my prayer like is this, "Lord, help me. Send me resources to somehow to be able to do like that and feed again" and I am just sitting here waiting, you know. I've got to tell you a story real quickly.

1:27:35 Phoenix

Sure, go ahead.

1:27:36 Jack

(Crosstalk) the other night about what happened. There's five of us living here in my son and my daughter are away. The other night, we had $17 to our name...

1:27:50 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:27:51 Jack

...okay. And we did not have any gas on our vehicle and we get down the night at 40 days, you celebrate.

1:28:00 Phoenix

(Laughs) is that what you did, Jack whenever you hit rock bottom, you're like "Hurray! Let's have a party!" (Laughs)

1:28:07 Jack

Yes. That's it. That's what we do. How can you change it, you know and we backed down and drove away to go get something to eat to make it the value meal and (laughs) because you know what money was on the run, a $20 bill, close it down and landed on the ground and my __1:28:28__ jumped out and picked it up and said "It's a $20 bill" and it flew out of the sky and that's what bought our dinner. Once again, God gave it to us. I say it's really a Lord -- the one that's been in a way. Well, my God took care of us again. And that's what it's about.

1:28:55 Jackson

So, Jack looking for...

1:28:56 Jack

That's what it's about.

1:28:57 Jackson

...happier times, I guess we're on the same boat with you, wanting these three values so that we can get on with helping people, right?

1:29:04 Jack

Yeah. O mean. You know, that's our blessing. When we get our blessing, we are more concerned about what we can do to help other people because God will take care of us. You know, He's going to take care of us and I am not telling everybody to go and give everything they work, get away because that's no good either. The thing you wanted was nothing, it can't help nobody. (Crosstalk).

1:29:28 Phoenix

Charity begins at home. Charity begins at home, Jack. That's what some people have - you have to take -- we're told to love others and I'm always telling people find someone that you love and tell them you love them and it's starts at home. You've got to love yourself, you have to take care of yourself because like in disaster relief firefighters, first responders, etc., you are thought that the most important person on a disaster scene is yourself...

1:29:59 Jack


1:30:00 Phoenix

...because if you cannot take care of yourself and you're not well in taken care of, you're not healthy, you're safe, you can't help anybody else. So, people have to remember that and a lot of times, you will get rambunctious and like, you know, they think they're gonna do a great thing and they will give till it hurts literally and destroy themselves. You must have wisdom; you must be humble when you give. And there's been a lot of teachings, spiritual teachings, religious teachings about how you actually help people and give and you know giving in anonymity and giving, you know, anonymously, truly. So it's not like you like you're tweet your own horn. It's a big deal. I mean, it's a good thing and this should be very considered by a lot of people. There are ways to do this, that you can help and give to others. That's truly a blessing and it doesn't - I don't know, glorify you because you know, what you have to really ask yourself, what are you doing, am I doing this just to show people like, "Hey, what a great guy or woman I am, you know, guy or gal I am." You know, by doing this great thing, to give yourself stroke or do you really want to help people. And you know, also, there is a lot of organizations out there when people start to get a, you know - they sort of thinking about charity and charitable organizations. You have to very careful. There's a lot of frauds or stuff out there and you really have to shake this stuff out now. Now, another thing people have to be aware of is somebody called the affinity fraud and that's where people use religion, you know.

1:31:32 Phoenix

And they throw religious, turns around in all of this and you'll see a lot of people who talk the talk but they truly don't walk the walk. Some of them have big organizations, big building and all these. So, you really, you know, like the old woman that Jack talked about who gave the 13 pennies, that's someone you can help, the child that you see, the family that you know. I mean, if you are going to give to help the poor, help the poor. Don't give it to some rich guy who says he is going to help the poor. Help the poor. You know, that where it does. So go ahead.

1:32:04 Jack

Living __1:32:07 __ was when I was in Katrina one of the world's largest relief organizations was there. They have all kinds of stuff all over the world because they are internationally renowned for their work. They pay their people a lot of money to be who they are and they pull out in a van, passing that food. I know they're gonna pass out food or like hot sandwiches and coffee or whatever and you know, what's their major concern was it was about the feeding us to be where -- what we had right here on our curve. They were looking for the news team to feed, I won't use the name, but a very well-renowned news anchor, and they wanted to go and feed her and be on the news instead of feeding the eight kids that were sitting on the sidewalk hungry. They probably hadn't eaten in two days because of the hurricane and we physically held their van bag and the gentleman gave out our sandwiches and soup reluctantly to these kids.

1:33:16 Phoenix

Amazing. Hey, Jack. Excuse me, Jackson, I have a lot of callers who want to Jack. Can we take some other callers?

1:33:23 Jackson

Sure. Sure.

1:33:24 Phoenix


1:33:27 Jackson

Bye, Jack. Good luck.

1:33:28 Phoenix


1:33:29 Jack

Thank you. God bless.

1:33:30 Phoenix

Thank you, Jackson. Bye. Yeah, Jack, we have - I tell you we have more people who want to talk to you than they want to talk me. (Laughs). So let's go to area code 864. Hello? Who's this?

1:33:45 Jazz Mann

Mr. Jazz Man.

1:33:46 Phoenix

Mr. Jazz Man. Let's run through this quickly, we got a lot of people who want to talk, Mr. Jazz Man.

1:33:52 Jazz Mann

You know, I can't do it fast, I mean. You know, Jack, it was a pleasure to hear you, sir. Your spirit comes through. You remind me of a quote by one of me and Phoenix's heroes, Mark Twain who said, "Among many other things" he said "A man should live his life such that when he dies, even the undertaker will be sad."

1:34:14 Phoenix

Oh, man.

1:34:16 Jazz Mann

You seem to fit that (crosstalk) and I hope as many years around the road, sir and I think you're __1:34:27 __ and your attitude about when you hit the bottom you say, "Yippee!" Yeah, it is all a matter of perspective. Like when you get stuff that you really like you say, "Darn!" stop again." Another person will say, "Wow, first day of light!" It's a matter of perspective, you know, and we then later talking about me when you say a part of your program are strange and weird, I don't know.

1:34:51 Phoenix


1:34:52 Jazz Mann

But I tell you something.

1:34:53 Unknown


1:34:54 Jazz Mann

And I had an epiphany listening to the young lady though and also, Jack kind of inspired us not once, not one single time and I had to listen to a lot of your program, not once have I heard any caller say a word about what material thing they were going to buy once this things are be. It is characteristic of most other forms. That was an epiphany that came and that is a beautiful thing and last week, one of the most, I think deserving charities that I can imagine is a group called The Innocence Project. They work to get people that are behind bars put unjustly and with that I will say I appreciate you. Keep rolling, Jack and the lady that was before me, she is an asset to the whole operation.

1:35:50 Phoenix

Sure is. Okay, thank you, Jazz Man.

1:35:55 Jazz Mann

Thank you. God bless.

1:35:59 Phoenix

Let's go to area code 213. Hello, who's this? Area code 213, hello? Area code 213, do you hear me? They must having technical problems. Okay, let's go to area code 804. Hello, area code 804?

1:36:30 Hugh Traulsen

Hi, good evening. My name is Hugh calling from Virginia and I want to commend Jack for standing in his truth and I am doing the same. I've been through many bizarre things through my whole life and it's faith that will see you through. That's why we are all here. We are all spiritual beings.

1:36:54 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:36:55 Hugh Traulsen

It is a very simple concept when you get down for the real basics, understand we all came from spirit. We're here playing a physical game and eventually, we're gonna to return to spirit. You cannot take the toys with you so we're gonna have to answer for every moment that we spent here and Jack is setting a wonderful example because I feel the bottom-line of everything is to learn unconditional love and the Earth is a big classroom for that.

1:37:19 Phoenix

Uh hmm... I agree with that Hugh. That's ah, you know, Lakehouse has said that very thing. She feels that exact same thing you do and I agree with you also that this is like big class, its classroom and we're here to learn something and I think that is exactly why we are here to learn is how to love one another and ourselves.

1:37:44 Hugh Traulsen

I would like to share my name if I can for your listeners just to get some documentation and that's what Jack has to and that's beautiful and that's what everybody should do because we need these stories more and more to come out in order to get the right kind of guidance for our future. If I may, my name is Hugh Traulsen and like Nancy if you could put a dot.com after they will bring it to a side that I have a partner, just starting the __1:38:19__ and you click on historical articles, you'll see a front page, Wall Street Journal article from back in the early 80s where I exposed that the former federal government bureaucrat for fraud.

1:38:32 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:38:35 Hugh Traulsen

He was engaged - I believe he was a CIA operative at that time, he was engaged to the daughter of Texas Congressman Jim Wright and that article put Mr. Wright on the spotlight and he went on to become Speaker of the House, but I was interviewed by a Bureau Chief from another newspaper who told Mr. Wright, but eventually, he resigned the Speaker position in shame.

1:38:55 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:38:56 Hugh Traulsen

On some attachments, you'll see the original memo that had been sent to me that I activated when I saw things weren't quite right and what is so fascinating about the article, it beautifully describes just how special interest and lobbyist have totally corrupted Washington.

1:39:09 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:39:11 Hugh Traulsen

And this bureaucrat that - he lied and then when confronted with the evidence he had to tell the truth. Now, there are other things on the internet too and I was blessed by God to have an Earth angel for 35 ½ years. She thought that me lesson of unconditional love. My big mission and vision is to bring spirituality into global and economics and combine it with unconditional love. I'm going to make companies responsible for their employees, their customers, their environment and the community in a transparent ethic and morally way. Otherwise, you're not going to be around long in the future and this people, better and fear. That's what you have to let go. That's why they want you and that's why they manipulate you.

1:39:57 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:39:58 Hugh Traulsen

I have Christ-consciousness and I actually co-create with Jesus Christ. I'll leave anybody whoever they feel that created me be for them, but I have all power that I need and that God has let me witness people that mess with me. He has taken them out, they're dead.

1:40:16 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:40:17 Hugh Traulsen

I don't wish that on anybody. I only sent peace and love to all who have abused me and that's what I'm gonna be coming out with some very big and shocking stories, but there was a little story Jack was telling about the woman. He may have come into contact with an ascended master because I had a similar situation when I got in the air force in 1968, I went to stay with my grandmother in the upper west side of Manhattan in a rent-controlled apartment till I get resettled in and they've washers and driers in the buildings in those days so went to a Laundromat. When I was finishing and leaving, I noticed this little old lady coming and I held the door open and wished her a good morning and she burst into tears. I thought somehow I offended her and I said "I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong? Did I offend you somehow?" She said, "No." No one had been so kind to her." Now, that could have been my whole mission for being on this planet and I accomplished it beautifully so I don't have to say to the whole world, "I do it." God let's me do. I just go about my daily business in gratitude because the key is to get it out of your head and align your heart with the Creator, ask for divine guidance on a daily basis. To be in gratitude, that's very important. No matter what your circumstances and then to take actions, because of actions that you've progressed and that's where you get your lessons.

1:41:46 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:41:47 Hugh Traulsen

So, I won't keep and I know you have other callers but I just wanna commend Jack for staying in solidarity and if you can direct him to me. Perhaps, there is some ways that I can work with him.

1:41:49 Phoenix

Well, you know what, Hugh, we will - I will get your website. We'll bring that up and I'll make sure Jack gets a hold of that because that's sound very interesting and I commend you also for what you're trying to do. Yeah, things are gonna change and this is what this is all about. This nonsense and I've talked to Jack about this, were corporations and this is one of the reason Jack got in the position his in. Major corporations try to destroy him. They saw that he had something wonderful. He brought something out. He is a prime example of what I've said. People who bring forward new technologies, new things that can change the world, that make the world better. There is an ego within the world with major corporations and entities go in. They get these people, sometimes they kill them. They take their technology, they take the patents, they buy them up and people, major corporations, I have heard the story about how this all happened to Jack and basically, got them over them over to bail. They try to destroy them, to get them to a point where they could take this patent from him for song and a dance and then just bury it. Either bury it or make billions of dollars out of it and this has got to stop. This nonsense about suppression of alternative energies and alternative health things. This evil, because it is truly is an evil, that would come against good things that can make the world better for financial gain for just a few. This is gonna stop and what you're talking about, Hugh and what Jack is doing and everybody. The energy is all over the Earth. Things are going to change and this all part of the leveling process and we're gonna come out the other side of this and it is going to be good.

1:43:40 Hugh Traulsen

Well, they are and God bless you for your show because I want to say one more quick thing, because I let go of the fear a long time ago and now, I put the elites unnoticed and I say to them that if you are on the right kind of alignment when God's harmonics come, you will be perfectly fine, but if you're an elite, you are sitting on your yacht over the Mediterranean sipping a piña colada, when God's harmonics you're gonna spontaneously combust or explode, the same thing if you are underground banker that God's harmonics go where God wants them to go. You can change your ways a little bit longer, but you better do that, otherwise, I will be walking down the street, there'll be bodies exploding all around me, I'll be perfectly fine. Somebody said to me don't you feel -- you're fearful of retribution or whatever. I said, "For what? I did not do anything wrong" and I pity the guy that takes me up because I'll leave his brains out from the spirit world and have a lot of fun.

1:44:36 Phoenix

(Laughs). Tell me before who kills me. (Laughs)

1:44:43 Hugh Traulsen

I will. (Laughs)

1:44:45 Phoenix

Tell us how you really feel, Hugh. (Laughs).

1:44:47 Hugh Traulsen

Well, I just feel peaceful. I've enjoyed. That's what I want other people to feel because you'll see another sight and you'll see a picture of my Earth angel wife on our wedding day.

1:44:58 Phoenix


1:44:59 Hugh Traulsen

Create 7777.com and there is a very special poem that I composed many years ago as motivation in my own life. I dedicated it to my wife. The poem has likes it, in the President Ronald Reagan Library. It is discussed in the interview that can be downloaded from the blog as a weapon against terrorism.

1:45:17 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:45:18 Hugh Traulsen

Currently, I'm using it to help the people of Haiti who can't help themselves. It's three lines long. It's titled, "Caring, sharing" and it reads, "If you dare, take care. Then share, if share, pay heed. God will reward every good deed." That's what a thumbs up when life should be all about.

1:45:37 Phoenix

Oh yeah, that's excellent. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that, Hugh. We will definitely check your stuff out and I will be getting it to Jack and that is really cool poem. So, true.

1:45:46 Hugh Traulsen

Just hang in there, Jack because this times, they're already changing them for the better and there is another thing. One more thing, when you go home, my name, if you look for an article entitled "America's New Transformational Economy". There is also another article, it's an 18-page pdf file that can be downloaded from that. Back in 2008, I wrote "USA Unlimited Solutions Always" during the presidential campaign and President Obama was campaigning on the word "change" and at that time, I said Americans don't want change, we want all our money back. How pathetic was that. (Laugh)

1:46:22 Phoenix

(Laugh) That's true, alright.

1:46:23 Jack

(Laughs) Alright. Crazy things got worse.

1:46:28 Hugh Traulsen

Okay, listen up.

1:46:29 Phoenix

Okay, thank you. That was a good caller. I will check Hugh's stuff out. (Crosstalk).

1:46:38 Phoenix

Yeah. How was that? That was pretty cool. (Crosstalk). Yeah, I'll make sure I get that website and all that information over to you, Jack. Okay, let's go to area code 678.

1:46:54 Unknown

Hi, Phoenix. How are you doing?

1:46:55 Phoenix

Okay, who's this?

1:46:55 Unknown

This _1:46:56_ from Georgia. This is my first time I have in your show I tried to call in several times. I was -- I just didn't know you had a show and I was looking at -- you know, I would look at your, all the main stuff and I was just going and, "Oh, he got a show right no." So, I've -- and I didn't what are your -- you know, talked about, but you know, I don't know if you're really talking about the narrow neither or whatever, but I've heard a little Jack story, you know I had a -- I've own restaurants, and you know, and I've got wrapped up into the narrow, I guess the narrow rumors where it's happening everyday and so forth and so on. But you know, when I __01:47:31__ the restaurant and the economy took down and took it down.

1:47:35 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:47:36 Unknown

You know, I've never been in credit card debt, never been in any kind of debt in my lifetime, I mean just -- it was just, you know, I've always had enough money to pay for whatever, but then when the county took it down, it was like, "Man." You know, I was having a hard time even, you know, my own local breed. I mean, seriously, maybe it was bad. But you know, you have -- you know, I just wanna say this to, I guess, relate to jack story, you know, when going in another people's call. You don't think everybody that call in or everybody listens or everybody's got the Iraqi dinar. It somewhat of -- you know, definitely -- you might step out onto the doors that steps out in front of crowd because half and about it. You know, I was actually living in a network marketing company and this would tell how bad the economy was and I really didn't know actually how bad it was because after I had __1:48:23__ at the restaurant, although I was in major debt, but I still have a little bit of money coming in.

1:48:25 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:48:26 Unknown

Which I keep trying to pay my credit card debts all, but man, I got out of this network marketing, market get into the network market arena when I actually find out about the dinar, but -- and I'm sort of making big bucks with it. That's the only thing it is saving my neck, you know. I got into it and I was making, you know, big bucks but then everybody around me, you never marking these all bunch of groups, but not everybody go to somebody's house and introduce them with the fabricant. You know, what we're having and what we're doing and you kind of find out you're seven or eight months behind on the house payment. You know, and this is like man, let's see, and I was like wrapped up and all that as well. I started feeling guilty for making money because I knew so many people around me were suffering.

1:49:12 Phoenix

Uh hmm.

1:49:13 Unknown

I knew so many people, my buddies, who had money at one point in time but they just lost their job. They couldn't find the same kind of job that they had before, but you know, they were losing their house. Someone lost their wife. I mean, I mean, it was just terrible- you know, the whole thing. But, you know, you know basically what happened with my story is that, you know I just let my restaurant go. You know, as if I forgot about the debt. I thought man, you know, I didn't know if I wanted to go another five years in this economy that we're in, and I said I just couldn't see myself going back. You know, I could get out of all the debt. Just making break and even, because I didn't make no money. Just break and even with it. I said, man, there's got to be something else. I don't care to do where I'm not going to be up such to my neck with this pain in making money paying bills. Making money paying bills and not really have anything, and the taxes, oh my God, tax's crazy. But, you know, I just want you to take really quick, you know I don't know if this is a Dinar call or whatever because I just got home probably about 20 minutes ago, but you know, what do you think will happen with everything going down?

1:50:20 Phoenix

Yeah (crosstalk) and we do radio show every night (crosstalk).

1:50:34 Unknown

We didn't get an answer I was checking, and I thought I'll call back later on and...

1:50:37 Phoenix

No, I mean no. No, it's fine. If you can do one thing, turn your speakers down because I can hear a feedback.

1:50:42 Unknown

Okay. That's what getting it all.

1:50:44 Phoenix

There you go, now I can answer your- okay. I'm still hearing a feedback.

1:50:54 Unknown

Oh, you are?

1:50:56 Phoenix


1:50:57 Unknown

Hold on one second.

1:51:03 Phoenix

Yeah. How's that? I still have a li...

1:51:05 Unknown

(Laughter). Okay, hold on one second.

1:51:06 Phoenix


1:51:07 Unknown

Okay, how about now?

1:51:09 Phoenix

Oh! Testing, testing. There we go, you got it. Okay. Now we do a radio program every night on Blog Talk radio at 8 pm. I usually do a two-hour program. We do the news. We cover everything on going global East meets West then I do a Sunday program. But what we did, and sometimes on Sunday, I have guest. But tonight there's a special program called the Weather Banksters, and the reason of this program we did, was Jack shared his history, and if you go back to the listen to the show on-demand later, you'll be able to hear the whole story, and we are basically telling people how dangerous of it if they don't handle things right with money. And you know this very well, from being I business, but a lot of people fell at a very serious situation. But specific question you asked me, what I'm thinking and I would just further rewind them, because if you're asking, I know other people are asking and I have gone over this before. We're basically looking at according to our matrix of information, before the end of June, saying no to reaction against the nation of Iran, and it is really building up here, and before that military action happens, I truly believe that we're going to see them roll over their currency and change the value of it. And the reason I think they're going to do that, is because the potential fork-string volatility over there and the problems that can arise. That as your source of speculation, and I think it will possibly military action can happen by the first week of June. So we may be really close to this thing because they want to have a little time here and we see a lot of things converging together so it looks like it could potentially be before the end of May- may be the first week of June, right around that time. But I don't know, but that's the way it's looking right now.

1:53:04 Unknown

I therefore appreciate, but like I said I did not catch the top of the show tonight. I apologize on that behalf.

1:53:09 Phoenix

Oh! one thing, though, you said you have a restaurant in Georgia. What kind of restaurant did you have?

1:53:35 Unknown

Well I had internationalized pancakes. I have franchised that, and then I have sold that business in 2005 and swear to God, I'll never get back in the restaurant business. But after 2005, I bought another restaurant, called Obasan Breakfast in Atlanta, Georgia and we just sold that, and I sold that in October 1st, last year.

1:53:36 Phoenix


1:53:37 Unknown

So you know, I was able to sell, but you know at the same time, you know, you did not make no money selling it out so. But you know I've been in the business, I've been in that arena for 16 years so you know, I mean for sure now, I'm never getting back into it. Because it's just- I'm never getting back into it.

1:53:53 Phoenix


1:53:54 Unknown

I mean you know, I promise you, everybody thinks that I got a plan. I got a restaurant plan. I really thought I had too, and we were in a great location. I'm telling you, I had a great customer fan based file system. We're very poor and very blessed for that being. You know, our first day opening we did not even advertise on my first opening, just by the word of mouth. We got outstanding waiting room on the first day out.

1:54:20 Phoenix

Wow. Nice.

1:54:21 Unknown

So, you know, we were very blessed but you know, when the karma comes down and you got all your bills, and just everything. Gas, at that time, with hurricane Katrina came by, Gas at that time, was just skyrocketing. I mean we just couldn't be hurt on every business. I did not mind it. As a matter of fact, the shopping center was out when I sold out, there were 17 shopping centers so it would be about 17 of them. Only about six out of 17 was full.

1:54:49 Phoenix


1:54:50 Unknown

So right there, I mean, you know, it's just the economy, you know, while we have a place, God puts a hero that goes out from where I leave at out to there in Georgia. If you ride down, If you just open your eyes, start looking around, you'll actually look at all the dreams that have been lost because you see all the businesses that have closed up.

1:55:11 Phoenix

Oh man.

1:55:12 Unknown

I mean, it is, it's the story. This is to the present, I mean when you look at it, you're going to say I have here somebody saying, "I started our business, now it's gone to debt". You know, I mean your grandfather made a grand job to do it that's actually bought out. Well, so, you know, I just appreciate your calls also I love your on-demand. Because you know, I'm staying busy now being at my other business, but you know, but I just want to say anything out there, for anybody. You know, because I've been in business ever since, you know, I came out of high school, and moved over to college and decided at that point I did not want to work for nobody, so I'm going to run a business for myself. But, my base thing is that even when I had to sell at the restaurant, you know, I thought to feed it. You know, I really do. Although, I knew I did not want to go back in debt, but I really thought like it is 2012, and I haven't gotten locked out. I mean I'm in debt. And you know, I was upset and I cried and you know talk to my wife, my kids, my daughter work with me. So, it's a family affair business and I was like you know, I'm sorry, you know, I'm sorry I just thought it's best for our family to move out of this, to see what else is out there, because I just did not like to go back to the credit card debt and so forth and so on. But you know- it was just a sad event, and my biggest thing is now, looking back on this...

1:56:34 Phoenix

Uh hmm.

1:56:35 Unknown

I feel like I have a lot of chance to play around with the network marketing arena, and I said and I told myself and I'm really looking at the mirror and tell myself because I love what you're all talking about earlier where in front in the mirror start reading and believing in yourself and believing in what you're reading and it will go through. You know, the thing about these restaurant, you can't go to church on Sundays so, I was very fortunate to go to church on Sunday, man. And that's another reason why I won't get back to that line of business, because Sunday is your best day in that line of business. But I think that if everybody is out there, if he is an entrepreneur, just what's with their life, you to really put yourself out in front of so many people to make money, and you got to have the respect about yourself and so that other people will have the respect for yourself, and if they see you coming, they won't run away from you. So, you know I really went out in the business I'm in now. You know, I have a last kitchen business now but my last kitchen business, I really said you know what can I do that? I really want to start back up from draft.

1:57:34 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:57:35 Unknown

That's the work that I do to make this business work, and I gotta have a working right now. And you know it was the biggest thing, because I got 500 people see my business per day every day. If I got 500 people see my business per day everyday-

1:57:48 Phoenix

Hey listen, man. We are out of time, I got to let you go...

1:57:51 Unknown

Okay, thanks, Phoenix. I appreciate it.

1:57:53 Phoenix

You're so welcome. Thank you, and hang in there, man. Okay, Jack. We're at the end here, you have a couple of things you want to say? We have like one minute here.

1:58:05 Jack

One minute is alright. I just want to say thanks to Nicole for calling. I appreciate your input, as your one call, one it didn't. And you said to anybody's life out there, you know, we're all making great, you don't have to shake it off, go on. If it keeps you __1:58:13__, keep that head up, keep going, keep going, keep going. Don't give up. On the other side, there is a light, and the light is turning on for you. Believe me, I have all something to say, something good done. I gave you my e-mail address, johnrickett@hotmail.com. If that's going to help anybody, please don't hesitate to e-mail me your phone number. I'll call you or whatever. And likewise, if you're going to help me, hey, I'm here folks, okay? I wish you're had a good day wherever. It's all about from a long time ago _1:59:01_ and I still have the Dinar here. This is a Dinar...keep your head level. You're almost there and whenever you receive your blessing, don't forget your brothers that aren't bless okay? Let's keep it cool here today and help others because you know what Phoenix said, _1:59:25_.

1:59:26 Phoenix

I am.

1:59:27 Jack

Thanks you very much, I appreciate it.

1:59:30 Phoenix

Thank you, Jack and goodnight, and to everyone else, find someone to love. Tell him that you love him and really mean it. Goodnight and God bless.