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1:17 Phoenix

Good evening everyone and welcome. It is Phoenix. This is Friday, May 11, 2012. Hope you're doing well and hope you had a good day. It was a nice day here in the Northeastern United States, very pleasant, kind of cool, kind of cool-ish but very clear, blue skies, white puffy clouds, very nice. It is a very, very nice day. I hope you had a good day and a proactive day. Many people are saying thank God it is Friday because finally, Friday is here. What a week, huh? The weeks just come, the weeks just go. A lot of people are saying that it seems that things are going so fast. So fast! Bama was saying something to me the other on the phone about June and I was like, "Yeah, the first of June..." This __02:04__ and I am like, "yeah, so?" Like two-and-a-half weeks from now he is like, "What?" "What?" Yeah, he looked...It was like, "Oh my God! It is half a year gone already." It just seems like we just came in to 2012 and time is flying. Time is flying. And still, still, it appears like things are on hold. Now, things are supposed to be moving forward and we are supposed to see a lot of forward activity and things are on hold, but I think we are going to see some movement here. And there has been a lot going on behind-the-scenes that we have not seen and we should be seeing some agreements. We are in a time for good agreements here - from yesterday, today into tomorrow into Monday and maybe we will see some political differences worked out and different thinsg. Looking over in chat, we have 97 people. We always have a light chat on Friday. Because Friday evening, you know a lot of people get paid. It's the end of the week. They're doing other things.

3:04 Phoenix

They're off with their families or are shopping or you know, out. Some people go out and do things. Then we have some people, they work different hours and just, they like listening to the radio. So we have quite a few people on chat, kind of the regulars. And you can join us over there to chat. If you're on the Blog Talk Radio, Phoenix 3333, site live. You know, listening live. Look down at the bottom and you will see your Chat App and in turn, you'll see everyone. You can join right in. Hello, Firefarmer. Yeah, Firefarmer just said hi to me. He is down in Texas. He is a real farmer and a real fireman. Thus, Firefarmer. Yeah, he works with the fire department, has for years, and is a farmer and has been on a farm that has been farming for generations in the same spot, thousands of acres. And having a tough time of it because of the area and the drought. The severe drought they have been saying. It has been hard. It has been hard for so many farmers and ranchers in that area and all over especially in Mexico too. It's tough. I guess they did get some rain the other day, but you know, how much? I mean, how lacking are they over so many -- Literally, it's going into years now. We are going into years. Yeah, remember that. We are yet to see that really reflected in the prices of food yet, but I truly believe we will. Speaking of prices, let's get right into the market. We have some interesting stuff going on. And of course, we covered the news last night, the breaking news about JP Morgan Chase and the missing monies and the massive losses they have had. It had some repercussions in the markets today, especially with banking stocks and banking sector, but they pretty much propped up everything else.

4:57 Phoenix

We did see gold go down today. Today in New York, gold is down 13 dollars. They sell at $1,581.40 per 20 once. So we're dropped 15 cents, selling $28.99 for the weekend. And that's what said for the weekend. Of course, the markets are closed until Sunday evening and everyone says thank God. Hah! A lot of people do. Let's take a look at Copper here. Copper was off today also. It's down to 3.6695 per pound. It took a hit also. So gold, copper -- I mean, gold, silver and copper both took a hit. Crude oil, also, was down today and it set a lot for the weekend at $95.57 per barrel. Dow Jones was off today; 34, 44, settled 12,820.60 for the week. Nasdaq was up just like, 0.18. Not even one full point. Amazing! It settled for 2,933.82. New York Stock Exchange was down 36 points. Bringing it in at 7,815.89 for the weekend. So not much activity in the equities, in the stock market itself, but they were keeping a real tight control on because some of banking stocks got hit and there was a lot of pressure on there. Oh, and an interesting thing, Mr Cramer... Mr Cramer on CNBC today, as reported to me by Bama. He said something very unusual, that was -- He actually said some disparaging things about Mr Jamie Dimon. Ha! He's the head of JP Morgan and --

6:41 Phoenix

--basically warned people that all the banking sector was in great threat of the derivatives and this trading, and these exposures they have with the exception of one bank. And that one bank is Wells Fargo, so... We will have to see. He was actually advising people to sell their banking stocks and roll them into J -- not JP Morgan, but into Wells Fargo bank stocks. So I thought that was a very interesting bit of news to hear. There's something up with that. We're really not sure yet what's going on. I know Mr Dimon, Jamie Dimon will be doing a special interview on Sunday on like, talk TV, news TV, the Sunday morning news programs, etc. He'll be doing an interview and he has also been touted -- not touted, but mentioned before when the discussions and the possibility of nationalising all the US banks and having a US bank under nationalization, which is basically what happens in a communist country, they nationalize the banks. But there has actually been discussions, within the Obama administration, about the nationalization of the banks and who would run it. They have suggested and the name has been named -- Mr Jamie Dimon. Interesting... We'll just have to see what his little speech is about this weekend, but Lakehouse is suspicious to say the least. She is suspicious of this entire thing. Okay. Let's take a look at currencies. Currencies took a hit too. Still, they tightly controlled them, but they did go into the weekend in a week. The Euro is down to 1.2917 and the British Pound is at 1.6071. So both of those are off quite a bit from their higher points from the week.

8:37 Phoenix

Emerging markets -- Oh, hang on one second. Let's take a look at the... Wow! Chinese Yuan also took a hit. It's at 6.3113, so it went down also which is interesting because since the Chinese Yuan and the Bank of China announced, what, over two-and-a-half weeks ago so -- that they were going to release the trading bans on the Chinese Yuan and allow it to "float" more of a percentage everyday in daily Forex trading. It has actually lost value. How about that? A lot of people were speculating it will go the other way, but it has been under some pressure and with all of the funny business going on within the markets, Chinese Yuan is actually lower than it was two weeks ago. Fractionally though, not a lot, just fractionally. I mean, extremely fractionally. It is 6.3113 Yuan to 1 US Dollar by the way. Okay. Let's take a look at emerging markets. Okay, Central Bank of Iraq and all Middle East markets were closed today. They are closed for trading on Friday so there are no changes there. And I see no, let me check the website real quick, no announcements. No changes. No notices so there is no change. Let's take a look at South Korea, the South Korean Won...unchanged. Vietnam, V and D, unchanged. Emerging markets yet to emerge. So we go into the weekend with gold week. The oil, the price of oil is weaker. The European currencies are weaker, and gold and silver are down.

10:19 Phoenix

So interesting weekend to go into with all these turmoil about the bankings and the banking exposures with JP Morgan Chase and the derivatives. So something to keep an eye on. We might have an interesting weekend because we are rolling up some energies here that we have talked about. This month, so far, that going into next week, we will be going into a situation where Venus is retrograde. That happens on Tuesday, the 15th. It is a time whenever you would expect to see changes economically in the standing of currencies, nations, the way different economic systems are structured, or possibly accounting. It's a time when things would be re-structured or re-valued or re-done, or re-moved. It's hard to say, so it's going to be an interesting time we are facing. And that period of time actually lasts all the way up into June 27th and that's when it goes direct again. It's going to an interesting energy that we are moving into. Okay, speaking of interesting energies, let's go over to the "Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond". Here we go. "Economic downturn continues to spur on suicides across Europe." This is so sad. We reported a couple of weeks ago, about the 77-year-old man, who committed suicide in front of the Greek parliament. It's sad. Greece. "Greece and Italy are normally associated with beautiful sea views, earthly food, and vibrant culture. In the last years, however, these countries have also experienced some of the worst economic hardships as the European and global economies have weakened."

12:05 Phoenix

"Last month, a retired Greek man shot himself in a public square in Athens" --yeah, that's the one we reported on. "In a report issued by CBS News, a retired pharmacist committed suicide due to the debt crisis in Greece and the resultant austerity measures that have brought many Greek families to the brink of ruin. The number of suicides increased by about 40% in the second half of 2011 and has continued to pose a problem in Greece. NPR has stated that about 30% of Greek families lived below the poverty line." Oh my goodness! Thirty-percent of Greek families live below the poverty line. Krista Lou's..." (that's the gentleman who committed suicide in front of parliament), "...suicide sparked a number of protests in the streets of Greece. He became an icon for the severity that has plunged so many families into poverty." Hmm. So sad. "...Italy has also been at the front of headlines recently for a rash of suicides intimately connected with economic problems. Just this week, three people committed suicide, leaving tragic notes that revealed their despair of their inability to find new employment. There have been 34 suicides related to economic hardships in Italy since January according to NBC News. The Italian government owes many entrepreneurs up to 90 million dollars and some have waiting to be paid for up to two years. These suicides are often committed by businessmen who have watched their businesses fail or male family members who have felt distress, but family members of potential suicide cases are more likely to call asking for help than the men who are at risk." Now I will not read the rest of this because it is sad and I don't want to read it. I mean, it's...

13:56 Phoenix

"Last month, a retired Greek man shot himself in a public square in Athens" --yeah, that's the one we reported on. "In a report issued by CBS News, a retired pharmacist committed suicide due to the debt crisis in Greece and the resultant austerity measures that have brought many Greek families to the brink of ruin. The number of suicides increased by about 40% in the second half of 2011 and has continued to pose a problem in Greece. NPR has stated that about 30% of Greek families lived below the poverty line." Oh my goodness! Thirty-percent of Greek families live below the poverty line. Krista Lou's..." (that's the gentleman who committed suicide in front of parliament), "...suicide sparked a number of protests in the streets of Greece. He became an icon for the severity that has plunged so many families into poverty." Hmm. So sad. "...Italy has also been at the front of headlines recently for a rash of suicides intimately connected with economic problems. Just this week, three people committed suicide, leaving tragic notes that revealed their despair of their inability to find new employment. There have been 34 suicides related to economic hardships in Italy since January according to NBC News. The Italian government owes many entrepreneurs up to 90 million dollars and some have waiting to be paid for up to two years. These suicides are often committed by businessmen who have watched their businesses fail or male family members who have felt distress, but family members of potential suicide cases are more likely to call asking for help than the men who are at risk." Now I will not read the rest of this because it is sad and I don't want to read it. I mean, it's...

15:31 Phoenix

"Health authorities have alerted people to take precautions against the infection." This disease is not really common in Northern areas, but it can be picked up by people in the spring and summer, warm months in areas like the United States. Now, what this is Leptospirosis -- this disease happens when people are in floodwater and floodwater that has been contaminated with the urine of animals. Then when people have cuts on them, small abrasions, it can -- It presents itself like flu-like symptoms, kind of like, the meningitis symptoms and you have liver damage and jaundice. You can actually die from it. It is this is really, really bad; red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash and the initial presentation may resemble pneumonia. Now, that's from floodwater and this is why it's not safe to be in floodwater. I have actually seen flooded areas where there had been floods. The curious always come to the floods. If there is a river flooding or a town flooding, you have people come around, they load up their kids and what do they do? They go see the flood, people have to see the flood. It becomes a problem. I have seen people allow their children to play in the floodwater. Okay, do not let your kids or if you're an adult, don't go fishing in the floodwater. Don't go walking in the floodwater, because even in the United States, especially down South, any floodwater that has gone outside of the banks of its due course can be contaminated.

17:14 Phoenix

It can be contaminated with animal urine like this that causes Leptospirosis which can kill you or it can be contaminated with oil, chemicals, chemical tanks, fuel oil, septic systems. So there is all kinds of bad stuff in floodwaters so do not -- Do not play in floodwater. It is not a good thing. Floodwater spreads disease, it most certainly does. And that's amazing. So they have some serious problems down in Peru. Next article. "Love and Rockets. US downs missile with new interceptor." Everybody is testing their missiles out. How about that, ain't that nice? People are committing suicide because of austerity and these guys are like shooting up multimillion dollar missiles just to see what happens. Fun. Fun. "...US forces said they have destroyed a target in the first test of Navy's newest anti-missile interceptor. Designed to protect allies from attacks by countries like North Korea and Iran. A target ballistic missile was down near Hawaii late on Wednesday by the latest Raytheon company-built, Standard Missile 3 Interceptor." Yeah, Raytheon. Raytheon has built some pretty unusual things. Raytheon and General Electric. I'll tell you what, amazing stuff! Okay. "...They co-built a Standard Missile 3 Interceptor. The Pentagon's missile defense agency, MDA said, 'The advanced interceptors are key to the next phase in the anti-missile shielding built by the United States in and around Europe.'" Then it goes on and on. And then they talk about a missile shield, a proposed missile shield from the East Coast of the United States. "...One day after the House Armed Services Committee voted to back a third US missile interceptor site for the east coast, the Pentagon's top military general said that there was no need for the new site."

19:04 Phoenix

"In my military judgment the program for record for ballistic missile defense for the homeland, as we have submitted it, is adequate and sufficient to the task." That was General Dempsy who said so, so much for that. What do we have here? "Moderate earthquake jolts North East India." Yeah, I think they get a lot of earthquakes in India. It was a 5.3. Next article here says, "Is Tokyo Bay becoming a radioactive hotspot?" Here, let me take a wild guess at that... Uh, yes! How about that? How else can it be? Because they are dumping radioactive water from Fukushima Daiichi right into the ocean. So of course it is. Ugh, amazing! "Is Japan's Mt. Fuji a ticking time bomb?" Now, let me guess on that one too. Umm...Yes! How about that? So it is flying 30-km along an active fault line running under the dangerous volcano. Yeah, it's been many years since Mt. Fuji has erupted but the potential is there. It has been extremely violent in centuries past. So anyway, that' about it for the earth changes. Let's get on over and take a look and see what else is happening here. Okay, it went wrong. Let me grab a feed over here. I want to refresh something. Make sure I have Lakehouse's latest feed. Okay. And lets take a look at chat. We have 181 people in chat and people are chatting, chatting, chatting. Sometimes people talk about all kinds of stuff. Well, if someone is talking about -- I saw someone who was Sevenstars who was talking about the Venus retrograde. And yeah, that's all good stuff there. Let me see if I can grab this real quick.

20:03 Phoenix

I'll tell you what Sevenstars was just saying. Actually, a post from __21:07__ said, "Suffer from the tendency to stick to tradition or whatever methods or patterns you know best. This is not one of the best times for beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery or redecorating projects. Social gestures and diplomacy are likely to be self-serving." Yeah, this is what you experience during the Venus retrograde. And Venus, as we have talked about before is the planet associated with beauty, of love, sexuality also money and finances. Whenever a planet and those energies go retrograde, those type of things, or they go in reverse and things are revisited, things are redone and they're not the most positive flowing forward for those things, but they are good times to fix things. If there is something wrong along those lines, it's a good time for the energies to redo them, and to reassess and reset certain things that those energies fall on, such as if it's economic, it would be a good time for reinstatements, revaluations and resets. We are expecting a global reset and this could happen under that energy. It most certainly could. Oh, okay. Hold on, one minute...Hmm, interesting. Okay. All right. We are going to go over and take a look at Going Global East Meets West, and see exactly what our Lakehouse has for us here. Wait one, doing some technical stuff here. Okay. Yeah, let's go over at Going Global...

23:08 Phoenix

Going Global East Meets West. Articles of interest. Yeah, she has quite a bit of stuff here. We are bust today. We were doing some stuff, went out, and checked some things. Actually, there is a nice picture here of a rainbow, it's like a double rainbow. Now, what she says here, we are going to hit through headlines. Remember, May 13th... "The US anti-terror official to meet with press from Syria. Iran sanctions 10 days. Returns to May 13th. And May 14th, Parliament decides to host some ministers and emphasizes resolving the final questioning of secretary of Baghdad and Iraq begins Recess, May 14th." It looks like the Parliament of Iraq will go on recess this coming Monday so any business they need to get done, they need to get it done now because I believe their Recess is for a month. Next article, "Central Bank, Shabibi. The rising Foreign reserves and enhances confidence in the local currency." Then we have an Iraqi Dinar. "Now Sinan Al-Shabibi discuss ways to stabilise the national currency." I got a way for it... "Then we have calls for strengthening the independence of the Central Bank." One, two, three, how about that? Three of them right in a row, tick tack toe, three in a row. Then we have, "What do the stars say for next week, May 13 to May 19?" They say things are looking good. That's what they say. We'll be sure and get that one. Then alert; "Chinese group plans to construct a 200-acre China City in Michigan." So if you're in Michigan, you'll be host to a new entire city of Chinese people. How about that? Their own city and they're actually doing this on Oregon too I believe. This is not the only one they are doing. They have done a lot of these. In Michigan -- They have quite a hold on Michigan. There is a bridge that is being built, I believe, into Kansas that is being built by a Chinese company and a lot of the water that comes from Lake Michigan for drinking water is actually sent to China, so it's pretty weird.

25:06 Phoenix

Then we have, "Fitch downgrades JP Morgan Chase." Surprise! Ha-ha. Then, "Bank hit by JP Morgan. Wall Street ends week lower." Hmm... "Then EU and Iraq, finally in first partnership agreement." And there are two articles on this. This was a bit deal today. Then we have, "Talibani initiates a series of meetings and just refuses to dissolve the parliament and Hakimi calls for open dialogue." Yeah, we should hope so. "...Talabani Maliki agreed to solve political problems through a national conference." Then we have "Maliki and Hakim confirm national forum to address current changes." Then, "Religious authority calls for the development of educational curriculum and the appointment of graduates.: Then, "Criminal top trial of Hashimi postponed until next Tuesday which is the 14th." A lot of stuff happening. Then we have Mark Faber sees a 1987 light crash approaching." Yup, that's for sure. And then, "European Union downturn seen worsening." Sure is and is going to. So let's just dive right into these. Dive right into these and we will, after we do the news this evening, take questions and comments. If you're hanging on the phone right now -- Let's see we have a full switchboard and you like to ask a question, make a comment, or you know whatever, press one on your phone. That will let us know on the switchboard that you would like to say something and after we get to the news at the bottom of the hour here, we will go to questions and comments. We have a couple of hours here tonight and anyone who wants to get in or has not had a chance to get in over the past few nights because every evening we end up with a few callers we never get to, we will be sure to try to get everyone in this evening. Okay. Let's get back to the news real quick. Alright. We are going to go right down to the headlines here.

27:01 Phoenix

Wait one...And the first headline is, "Call for strengthening the independence of the Central Bank. Baghdad. New House Speaker, Osama Al call for the need for the independence of the Central Bank as stipulated in the provisions of the constitution and the law of the Central Bank, stressing at the same time, the Council rejected any kind of interference in the work of this institution." So it goes on, "He said the two sides considered the exchange rates of currencies and how to stabilize a national currency in order to revive the economic situations of the country." So yeah... "...calls to make sure that they do not interfere with the functioning of the Central Bank of Iraq." Then we have another central bank article, "The Central Bank, the rising Foreign Reserves enhances confidence in local currencies." "Baghdad. Announced by the Central Bank Governor, Shabibi, for high reserve cash at 50 billion to 60 billion dollars." I think it's closer to 60 billion probably a little more, "...indicating that the process of deleting the zeroes will begin early next year Shabibi said. The reserves of Iraq rose half of the year and was in the past 50 billion." Hmm... "...He added that the Central Bank seeks through cash reserves to assure confidence in local currency." So he is saying that they will begin the process of deleting the zeroes, will begin early next year. So according to this article, there will be no changes in the Iraqi currency until January of next year. He says, "Regarding the project to delete the zeroes, Shabibi said the project to delete the zeroes will be launched in January next, which would address some problems of inflation in the budget and commodity. Exchange on the grounds of Iraq is moving towards a free economy. Authority announced the Iraqi Stock Exchange, earlier that the deletion of the three zeroes from the local currency will not affect the level of equity investments of external and internal."

29:03 Phoenix

That would be the ISX by the way, "...The Parliamentary Finance Committee had warned earlier and Secretary of Council Ministry of trying to dominate the monetary policy of the Central Bank and crumbling the power of the province." Interesting... It goes on and on. It's kind of Dervish. It talks about hard currencies smuggled to Iran and Syria and all that. According to this article, it says that they will institute the removal of the zeroes in January of 2013, so that's what that says. As I have been mentioning, usually, whenever you hear a Central Bank say something like that, you can guarantee that's when it will not be. Because that's just the way they operate, just so you know. Now this is good. "What do the stars say for next week May 13th to May 19th?" Now this is pretty good. Again, this is from Celestial Trends. This is one we read a lot. This is truly as above several of, "This week, May 13th..." and of course, May 13th is on Sunday. Now this is for Sunday through next Sunday. "This week, May 13th to May 19th gives us the aspect that we have been waiting for since last June to bring forward. The sun connects with Jupiter at 23 Taurus..." And we will read the rest of this right after the break. I will see everyone in two minutes.

34:09 Phoenix

And we're back. Yeah, I was just checking out chat. People are talking about chickens, chickens and gardens, growing gardens in the cities, using chickens and cooking, preparing and Chaga and everything else. This is funny. Oh, okay. Now they're talking about raising ostriches. Okay. You never know. Every time I click on chat, it's like, "Okay, what's it going to be this time? You just never know about these guys. They have fun and everybody has fun, they have a good time over there. Please feel free to join them. Okay. Let's get back into this touch of esoteric here before we get back on the news. Let's cover the stars for next week, how about that? How about if things are a little heavy on earth here and it has been a rough week, let's see what the stars say about next week. It says, "This week, May 13th to May 19th gives us the aspect that we have been waiting for since last June 2011." How about that? So this week, something happens that you have been waiting since last June to bring forward. "The sun connects with Jupiter 23 Taurus. With each one year cycle of Jupiter, the sun finally connects with Jupiter at the tail end of this process, similar to working many months before getting paid. We are feeling as though we have worked diligently towards our purpose, but the rewards are finally formulating as Jupiter has been expanding, redirecting and prodding us to move into these new directions since that time. We have had to wait for many aspects to line up before we could move forward or wait for situations to line up before positive results occurred. Sun shines the light onto the pathway that is now available for us as we cross over into the other side of the summit to see the new environment that is calling us."

36:02 Phoenix

"Additionally, Mercury trines Mars which is a very positive aspect as Mercury's information lines up with action oriented Mars." Oh yeah. "New information brings opportunities into our life that activates our new direction. We can finally move forwards in the ways we have envisioned. Venus turns retrograde on Tuesday as the harmonizing and resolving energy of Venus can go back over many aspects and circumstances to bring resolutions and healing to elements within our life that were not working. Many of the situations go back to April 12th in which we wanted to move before, but for one reason or another, we could not. Now that forward motion has occurred. Venus helps to go back over these issues and times to bring resolution and healing. We end the week with a positive and beautiful night sky of Moon cradling Mercury -- "

37:00 Phoenix

"--which symbolizes our emotional acceptance and understanding of the changes. The aspect also provides us with movement forward out of the past and into the future." What does that mean? That means that this week, we should see some forward positive movement, things that you have been waiting on, and things that appear to have not been moving just like we have been talking about, will begin to really start to move forward. We should see some things that you have waited on, and we have waited on, for the longest time finally come to resolution and move forward and begin to move everyone into a positive atmosphere. Now this type of reading and these stars aren't just for particular people. This is for the whole world. This is for everybody. This is done by Carol Jackson in New Mexico and she is an interesting astrologer and does very fine work. We have seen this play out almost exactly, scarily exactly sometimes over and over and over. You could see it on geopolitical things, you will see governments work things out. You will see this on a geopolitical level, on a personal level in like on a one-to-one level. It's amazing the way these energies flow. According to those very energies, we are still looking at this week for resolution to come in, as I have been saying -- I said beginning of May and I said at the beginning of this week that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are ideal days for contracts and resolutions to be made and for agreements to come together with governments, corporations and things like that. So that is the ideal time and energy to see something. We have seen a lot of this with what is going on in the stars with the EU. Now, one good thing -- Like today, check this article out right here that basically, exemplifies this. May 11th, the signing of a cooperation agreement between Iraq and the European Union. How about that?

39:00 Phoenix

And there is a picture here of Zabari and a woman from the EU signing over this massive document they have. "Brussels. It was concluded that Iraq and the European Union on Friday signed an agreement for cooperation and development, particularly in the areas of combating terrorism interview and it initially was the first of its kind in the relations between Iraq and Europe. The agreement was signed in Brussels, Foreign Minister Zabari and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Catherine Ashton. Ashton said in a statement, 'It's first time the signing in which Iraq and the European Union had a similar deal.'" The statement said the agreement improves and demonstrates a commercial agreement between Iraq and the European Union to promote investment vitality and to help to bring Iraq into the global economic system." How about that? He concluded, "He sets out the framework for further cooperation in several areas from health to education to the environment and energy," and it goes on and on. We basically laid this out early in the week. We said that these days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you would see agreements signed and you would see all kinds of things worked out and hashed out in different partnerships and things resolved. Here is a prime example. This is the first time this has ever happened and this is probably one of the biggest contracts of the nation of Iraq is dealing with. This is absolutely amazing that we are seeing this. So that is one example of the stars. Then we have other things that are coming out with Talibani and Maliki. They agreed to solve political problems through national conference. How about that? So we have another one. Nother meeting where we have difference made and resolutions put together, and agreements. We had the one with the EU and the nation of Iraq, and now we have Talibani and Maliki agree to solve political problems through national conference. Again, we see another example this very day of this energies playing out, where they have decided to set down and work through and agree to the constitution and move things forward. Then we have a different one with Maliki and Hakim and it was confirmed that their national forum to address the current challenges in a portal, this was from a meeting today also. This was the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq with a delegation from the Dawa Party led by Prime Minister Maliki. He said, Friday, in a library that the current political landscape was being resolved and that they were going to bring things together. It was in the understanding and interest of the country and the constitution to address the current challenges. So again, this was a second meeting that became public today under this.

41:52 Phoenix

Then we have the religious authority calls for the development of educational curriculum and appointment graduates. So that's another thing in Karbala where they agreed upon things. But now, what else do we see? We see these energies of Venus retrogrades starting and things being redone, this would have to be and do with what we are seeing with JP Morgan and things changing and some challenges to the banking system, and things being redone and reset. We see the energies being set up for next week. So we have some really positive things that came out in the news today in the nation of Iraq, politically, that basically fit exactly the way we -- Our matrix of information laid it out and we discussed this. We first discussed this on May 1st. We would see that during these days, so you can expect to see more positive news Saturday and Sunday concerning contracts and things like that. Of course, what we just read with the stars of next week, it just gets better. So we have a really good energy coming up here and a very good window of opportunity for some very positive things to move forward all the way through next week but then... But then, hang on. We get up to the eclipse of the 20th which is the Sunday after Sunday the 20th and we might get in some weird stuff. But until then, the coming week is looking very positive and very good. Basically, as above or below the stars work out and have basically given witness to what we have seen geopolitically this very week. How about that? I think I laid this out as a challenge to everyone earlier last week when we read the stars for this week and said, "Watch out this plays out," and if you believe it or not, let's just see what happens."

43:46 Phoenix

And here it is. Lo and behold, we actually see the headlines match the stars, which is no surprise to me. Without a doubt because I wouldn't even be reading this stuff to you if I had not __43:57__ before. Like I said, the Lakehouse and I, we have read a lot of stuff. We have read a lot of astrologers and if we read it, it's because it is just not something randomly we read and like, "Oh, this is curious. We are reading it because it has been proven and extremely accurate in the past." So a lot of good news and a lot of fantastic stuff going on. Lakehouse has some really good headlines going on. You can check out the Mike Faber video and a few of these other things about Zero Hedge and a European Union downturn seen worsening, that goes in with the Venus retrograde stuff. So we are going to have this. We are going to have this. Right now, I think what we are going to do is we are going to take some questions, questions and calls, and if you would like to ask a question, you can call 424-675-8248 and press one when you get on. We will take your questions and calls and comments. Right now, we are going to go area code, 970.

44:58 Doug


44:59 Phoenix

Nine-seven-zero is...

45:00 Doug

Hello. Is this me? Ha...

45:03 Phoenix

No, this is me. Who are you?

45:04 Doug

Oh that's you.

45:06 Phoenix

So who's this?

45:07 Doug

This is the first time I have done this so I am like a kid in a roomful of rocking chairs so...

45:12 Phoenix

Well, be careful there.

45:14 Doug

Yeah, yeah. My name is Doug. I am out of Colorado. Just curious, the other day you were talking about the Russians coming in to DIA and around different, various places...

45:18 Doug

Well, we see the black helicopters sometimes around here anyway, but let me just -- I was just curious, I have got somebody coming in to DIA this next week, and I thought, 'Oh boy, this is going to be fun,' because she is 82 years old so I don't know how that's going to handle. But anyway, I was just kind of curious. My wife and I listen to you quite a bit at night, you know, more on the drawing information and then make -- Well, you can't really make a decision on anything, you've just got to follow the flow, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you and your wife are doing there and the information you're trying to put out. Take care. Well, talk to you later.

45:30 Phoenix


45:31 Doug

What was the timeframe on and how long do you know?

45:33 Phoenix

I do know. And that was, I believe, around the 20th. I think some of them are there right now, but I believe it was like the 20th and then I think that we're going to DIA, was going to be around the 23rd or 24th I think. Because that was when they were going to do that exercise, but I think they were also going to participate with the TSA and maybe the military, do roadside checks, type of thing, where they would be randomly stopping cars like the TSA does, checking people to make sure you're, I don't know, not a terrorist I guess. Then they were going to be doing helicopter assault exercises where they were going to practice flying into remote areas to attack terrorist camps

46:59 Phoenix

Okay. Thank you Doug and thank you for calling. Call anytime if you have any updates about what's going on out there. Feel free to call and let us know. We appreciate it.

47:07 Doug

Okay. I just happen to think of one other question. There is one lady that I think she is out of the Northwest talking about somebody that's expecting some money to come in. Is that Dinar-related or do you know?

47:20 Phoenix

No, it was not. What that was -- this woman had called couple of weeks ago and that was not Dinar-related. It was something to do with a large amount of money coming out of Switzerland that was coming in to the United States for major platform trading. They were going to be doing these very large platform trades and it was going to be available to the banks and some of these high-level traders -- Kind of like these stuff that JP Morgan just got burned on. That kind of stuff and there is something going on that was very curious. They have not, allegedly, released these funds yet. Lakehouse and I were speculating and wondering if maybe in fact, the problem that JP Morgan ran into was because these funds came in and they were never released -- allegedly. But we don't know. It's just speculation and rumor really. I mean the woman shared the information with us, but it was not anything related to the Dinar, but it could have been monies from who-knows-where. It could have been funds tied up from the nation of Iraq because we are expecting a massive release of liquidity and it could have something to do with that because it was coming out of Switzerland there were some unusual coincidences as far as persons travelling in certain areas at the same time she said this was happening. That she did not even bring forward, it was just connection that we made. So all we know is there is a lot of money out there and on sidelines, and it was supposed to have been made active and --You know, to not even go with the speculation, I'll go into something factual that people have forgotten and a lot of people didn't catch. We reported on it, but it was not in the mainstream press and this was back in January of 2000--Excuse me, December 10, 2010.

49:17 Phoenix

Vice President Joe Biden shared the United Nations' Security Council meeting and they removed all sanctions from the nation of Iraq with the exception of the issues with Kuwait and they, basically, welcomed them back into the economic community and all these stuff and made a big, grandiose thing about. During that time, President Obama actually met in the Blair House which is across the street from the White House. It's a famous hotel and he walked across the street with the Secret Service and met with some of the biggest business leaders in the United States. It was a closed meeting, the press was not allowed. They were not allowed to report on it. It was like a sealed thing and when the president was walking across the street, a couple of reporters asked him some questions and he did not really talk about it, but it came out later that he told these business leaders that there were trillions of dollars on the sidelines that would soon be released into the economy and resurge the economy and that things would get better and he needed their cooperation. Well, I will tell you this, it hasn't happened. Since that day that the president said that to these business guys, that has not happened. So there is something they're waiting on and it's big. And it's worth a lot of money. You know, I could speculate that I think I know what it is and it has to do with the liquidity coming out of Iraq when they reactivate that and free up their wealth that has been, basically, held for decades. And it's is going to really influence a lot of things. So maybe it's money that was coming from Switzerland and was connected in that way. We think it may have been, but allegedly, there are monies on the table that are yet to be activated.

51:04 Doug


51:06 Phoenix


51:07 Doug

Well, I just hope he don't go and try to take credit for what does happen in come down out of Iraq because it started before him I'm sure or I'm afraid it has anyway.

51:16 Phoenix

Oh yeah --

51:17 Doug

I'm not afraid, but yeah -- I'll let you go and go to the other calls, but thank you for your service to the country. I appreciate it.

51:25 Phoenix

Yes. Thank you very much for calling and keep us informed.

51:29 Doug

Yes, sir. Thank you.

51:32 Phoenix

We have quite a few callers from Colorado. Okay let's go to Area Code 270. Hello.

51:43 Jack

Good evening!

51:45 Phoenix

Mr Jack, how are you?

51:47 Jack

Good. Good. Good. Hey, I got it going here tonight. I was already fooling about like, were doing the zeroes until next year...

51:55 Phoenix


51:57 Jack

Smoke and mirrors?

51:59 Phoenix

No. Like I have said many times, if you see a Central Banker or give you a date on something like that, that they are going to do, you can automatically write that date down as a day that will not happen because absolutely not, they will not. They will give you a general idea of what they are doing and they can change their minds at any time they choose and for him to put that out, there it tells you it will not happen then. Because that's just the way they operate. That is their modus operandi of the Governors of the Central Bank when they talk about changing of their currencies. Unless, they're doing it close in and then they will make an announcement, it will be within hours. One of my favorite things I saw on TV one time, it was on CNBC and there was a real high level trader and he was talking. He had been talking about something that had happened to him years earlier when there was a lot of speculation on the Mexican Peso revaluing and Mexico was going to change the Mexican Peso. There was all this speculation and always talk about. People were speculating about. He said, "You know what, I know the guy who works at the Central Bank of Mexico." I mean he was in tight with like, one of the high level people there so he called him up, he got him on the phone. They were friends. They had been friends for years in different financial circles and he asked him point blank. He said, he goes, "I got to know because of all this talk, is the Central Bank of Mexico going to revalue the Mexican Peso?" He said, "Absolutely not. That's all rumor. The people talk about this, you know. Don't even pay any attention to it. Absolutely not." The guy said, "Okay. Thank you very much." He got off the phone. He goes, "Well, there you go. I got it right from the horse's mouth." And true story, within I think it was 20 minutes it was all over the news that the Central Bank of Mexico had revalued the Peso.

53:53 Jack

Oh my!

53:54 Phoenix

That's a true story and the guy said -- He was on CNBC. He said, "Don't listent to anything the Central Bankers are talking about." Because they were talking about some Central Bank and he relayed that story. I just laughed! And he just said, "You could just write it all off." It was so true. I mean, someone who worked as -- I mean, he knew this man intimately, had been friends for years. He just lied to him. He lied to him flat out that, "Absolutely not. We are not going to," and not only that day but within minutes after he got off the phone with him, they had revalued their currency. Yeah, so...

54:22 Jack

Well said. I have handled this. You know, when I was about 22 years old, I worked for a mobile home company. Most like __54:30__ because when I was 22, I though about buying a new car and I was, you know, I have __54:35__ my job," and they were like, "Oh man!" You know. "Well everything's great, you know. Then I started driving and it was just beautiful. And I said, "Well, great. Well, I'm going to go and spend my money and buy a finer car." See, which I did and when I got home from buying my new car, I got laid off.

54:52 Phoenix

Huh, look at that.

54:56 Jack

So they come to the rescue and I'm glad that they did, you know? It shouldn't have worked out. Now, I have been __55:02__ as I figured, I didn't really like hearing that. Maybe that's okay...

55:09 Phoenix

Yeah, I know. But you know, that's how we roll. We tell people the things they really don't want to hear sometimes. Some people listen to me and they are like, "Oh man, just shut up. Just stop saying that. Don't say that." But you know, it's -- It's the news. We read the news and then we process the news and you have to look at the big picture and process it. So that's why you can't get too much up or down at any of this. You can't let them lead you around emotionally in any of this and that's because -- I swear, some of these articles that come out, allegedly from government people are worse than rumors and they're worse than rumors because they're outright lies and they will do that. They will absolutely just come out and give misinformation to diverse speculation or to hide facts because of, you know, classified situations or whatever.

56:04 Jack

I think that it just means that we are just getting that much closer.

56:07 Phoenix

I know.

56:08 Jack

And __56:08__.

56:10 Phoenix

Oh yeah.

56:11 Jack

__56:10__ I'll find that ray of sunshine.

56:13 Phoenix

There you go. Yeah, that's what you do.

56:15 Jack

All right brother, you take care. Everybody out there you take care and have a good weekend. God bless.

56:21 Phoenix

Okay. Be well Jack. Bye. Mr. Jack calling from Kentucky. Let's go to Area Code 512. Hello?

56:32 Karen


56:34 Phoenix

Area Code 512?

56:36 Karen


56:37 Phoenix

Yey! Who's this?

56:39 Karen

Oh, this is Karen from Texas.

56:41 Phoenix

Hello Karen. How was Texas today?

56:43 Karen

Well, we're a little wet today so that's a good thing.

56:46 Phoenix

Oh it is. Where are you located in Texas?

56:49 Karen

I am in Central Texas in hill country.

56:52 Phoenix


56:53 Karen

We've had a lot of rain the last couple of days so we're excited.

56:55 Phoenix

Go on...

56:57 Karen

I had a quick question. Have you found anything more on Chapter 7 being listed or what's going on there?

57:05 Phoenix

No we have not. The last we heard, we reported on a couple of days ago that things were fantastic, things were good and they were all looking forward to move forward soon. I do know that they had some meeting scheduled for June for the United Nations' Security Council, but they can do those meetings at any time and they can speed it up at anytime they want. I have often speculated that, possibly, one of the technical issues for the removal of Chapter 7, I think sometimes because we don't have enough information. We could possibly have things backwards and a lot of people think, 'Oh man, they have to lift Chapter 7 completely before they can revalue the currency," but what if -- What if indeed one of the technical issues that Kuwait would like to see changed is the removal of the artificial program rate? What is that is the last issue? If it is, they would not publicly say it because it would be a classified issue so we may indeed be waiting for that one last thing to happen before they can officially remove it. How about that?

58:08 Karen

That would be great. Okay. One other thing I want to say is that I just had a little tip for an alternative remedy, but Lamb's Ear grows well here in the pastures in Texas and it's a great alternative for treatment of MRSA?

58:26 Phoenix

Okay. I did know that. Yeah, I know about Lamb's Ear and it grows all over. We have it up here in Northeastern United States too. I always get a kick out of whenever I show it to people. I'll will take some and I'll say, "This is Lamb's Ear," and they'll say, "Well, why is it called that?" I'll __58:45__ like, "You tell me. It looks just like a lamb's ear. It's just it looks like the ear of a lamb and it feels like the ear of a lamb. Lamb's Ear.

58:54 Karen

It sure does. Anyway, I just thought that I'd share that and I appreciate everything you all do.

59:00 Phoenix

Excellent. Well, thank you very much. Oh, before you go. What do you do? Make an emulsion of that or...

59:06 Karen

You can boil it down or you can just apply it straight to any kind of wounds.

59:12 Phoenix

Okay. So it's a topical solution.

59:15 Karen


59:16 Phoenix

Okay. Interesting. Cool. Well, thank you verymuch for that bit of info.

59:21 Karen

Okay. Thank you. Have a good night.

59:22 Phoenix

Okay, you too.

59:23 Karen


59:24 Phoenix

Bye-bye. Yeah, getting rain in Texas. Yeah, Lamb's-ear. It's always fun to learn stuff in your environment. Oh, I think I shared this with everybody one time. There is a guy who does videos. He's called Mr. Eat-the-Weeds. I would love to get this guy on our show and he does videos about identifying what's commonly known as weeds in your area and preparing them and eating them. Hell, they're a food source. It's a really handy thing to know. I mean, this guy could literally walk down the street with a bag and come back with enough food to feed a bunch of people and he's just like __1:00:03__ pick weeds. Trees, shrubs, you name it! I mean, he's a botanist. He knows all this stuff. He knows all the scientific terms to it and he will actually show you how to find it, identify it, harvest it, prepare it, eat it and enjoy it in whatever -- And he's called Mr. Eat-the-weeds. I thought about that when I was talking about the identification of lands there. Yeah, things like that. We had one caller who called in the other night from Idaho, and she was talking about mushrooms and identying mushrooms. Identifying wild plants, herbs and mushrooms with good field guides and people who are experts and learning about this subject. It's a good skill to know and it's a fun hobby. I have talked before about the wealthy, some very, very wealthy people that I have known who were not so happy and the ones who were, the ones who were very happy, it was because they had actully returned to the simple pleasures of their life and found great joy and peace and things that made them happy and most of them, they were very simple, very inexpensive hobbies like fishing, hiking, gardening. Some of them loved to identify herbs...

1:01:24 Phoenix

--mushrooms, different things like that, field stuff. We can actually go out and commune with nature and find it educational and actually do wild harvesting. It's just fun stuff like that and it's something good you can share with your loved ones, your kids, your grandkids, your friends. And it's something you guys can do together. It's an expensive hobby. A field guide. You know, you can pick them up sometimes at used bookstores or places like that. Keep your eyes out for those things. I love the field guides and the manuals, and things like that. I have a lot of books and very, very little fiction (laughing). Very, very few books of fiction. In private life __1:02:11__ are my fiction books. All the rest are nonfiction. Manual, field guide, practical knowledge-type things. But that's not just what I enjoy. Okay, let's go over to Area Code 702. Hello!

1:02:29 Damien

Hello! Can you hear me?

1:02:30 Phoenix

I can hear you. Who's this?

1:02:32 Damien

This is Damien in Las Vegas.

1:02:34 Phoenix

How's it goin'?

1:02:36 Damien

It's going pretty good. I was just makin' sure that my speaker system wasn't screwing up 'coz I have you on speaker system. But anyway, what I'm gonna ask you, Phoenix and I am not sure if you have explained and all but I understand from listening to you, obviously, I don't __1:02:51__ and I wouldn't know how to look for it in the internet unless I have someone like you, Phoenix, giving the information but the Federal Reserve you said is going to expire this December. Correct?

1:03:07 Phoenix

Yes. Yes because they signed a 100-year contract in December of 1912. Yes.

1:03:17 Damien

Okay. Now, with that being said, since we are the world currency. And if they were to switch over to the Chinese currency, the Yuan, you'd look at any dollar bill, it doesn't matter what bill is this, it says Federal Reserve. So, what would happen to our money? I mean, I don't know if you explained it, but would that just become obsolete because the Federal...If we do not sign another contract and there is, as far as I know, there is no talk about extending another 100 years or another contract, so what happens to our money? I mean, does it become obsolete because we do not have the Federal Reserve back in our money anymore? Or a lot of questions going on.

1:04:06 Phoenix

Yeah. Well, I would say collectively, if you look at the big picture, you know, to be specific I don't have that answer. I mean, we can speculate and yeah, I have seen no official talk about the Federal Reserve being extended but I have heard talk about-- can you hear me?

1:04:22 Damien

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

1:04:23 Phoenix

Okay. I've heard no official talk about the Federal Reserve being extended but I have heard talk about people like Ron Paul putting forward legislation to basically ban the Federal Reserve. And, you know, it looks like we're going to allow that contract to expire and we will go to a different form of currency and it would basically -- all the debts and treasury notes would basically default. And I think that's why we see Chinese banks coming in the United States and being allowed to set up and the Chinese building cities in Michigan and in other states and all these weird things going on. I mean, we reported the other night out in California, people started noticing like all these Chinese people on construction sites and they thought they were just like workers and then they realized that the foreman were too and then some people understood enough to realize that the entire company was all Chinese and it turned out that the State of California had awarded contracts to build highways and bridges to Chinese construction companies, and they came in, they brought in their own equipments, their own labors, their own everything, and they are doing all the work out there. And without even asking the public about it, telling the public, they did not even announce it and it just happened. So, there is some really weird stuff going on right now.

1:05:48 Damien

Well, I'm not being __01:05:49__, Phoenix. I don't know if it's just California but I think I've read on Kelly's blog a couple of months ago that Obama's...I mean, his job initiation or whatever his so called jobs giving it to Americans but I think what I've read in Kelly's blog was that China has some huge contracts for the construction of roads and bridges and railroads and all that stuff. So I mean...

1:06:18 Phoenix

Yeah, the National Infrastructure Bank that's supposed to be launched or were supposed to launched and do all these infrastructure revitalization programs are exactly right. The trains themselves will gonna be built by the Chinese.

1:06:34 Damien


1:06:35 Phoenix

So... I mean, yes, so much for help in the American public. I mean, even the trains would be manufactured in China. They've probably manufactured the steel there and everything and bring it over.

1:06:46 Damien

Okay. Okay and thank you very much, Phoenix. But I mean, just to clarify. I mean, if we are...if the United States or whoever actually -- nothings seems like the average joke __1:06:59__ anymore. We throw away money. There are politicians, just say "Hey, let's give some money away," but so come December, if the Federal Reserve doesn't back up our money anymore, our money is still gonna be legit, wouldn't it be? I mean, we'd just be like the Iraqi dinar. They would be given some time to exchange it for whatever if the treasury comes back into effect with the money.

1:07:25 Phoenix

Yes or if we switch over to a new currency. That is correct.

1:07:28 Damien


1:07:29 Phoenix

They would more than likely just make it become null and void. I mean, just like whenever we rolled into Iraq and people had Saddam dinars. I mean, they were in existence for a long while, people were using them and then they switched over after a few months to the new currency when they initiated it. And it would probably be something like that. Maybe the America - Amero, maybe global currency. I just don't know. They have a lot of things that they've talked about, a lot of speculation but we just don't know what it's gonna be.

1:07:57 Damien

Okay. Hey, thank you very much. I appreciate the information and I appreciate what Kelly does with her blog and stuffs. So, thank you very much, Phoenix. Keep up the great work.

1:08:08 Phoenix

Okay. Thank you and be well.

1:08:11 Damien


1:08:12 Phoenix

Yeah. Here's the situation. There are more questions than answers. I wish I could answer those questions but nobody can. Why, I take that back. Somebody can. Somebody can and they know the answers and they have the game plan all laid out and we are facing a crisis situation. I mean, think about what this gentleman just said and all the points he brought up about the Federal Reserve, its contract expiring December 2012, and all the talk about the failure of the dollar, the possibility of the failure of the dollar, the removal of the dollar from the world's reserve currency going to a new reserve currency, with Chinese Yuan, and all of these factors, and just look at what's going on. Look at the big picture. The two largest economies right now; number 1 the United States; number 2 China. Things are being moved over to China. Headquarters are being moved to China. China is thriving. China is over here building stuff. They are building cities and there are some weird stuff going on, people. There is some odd things going on. I have read a couple of things where there is some states, I forgot where it is, but the Chinese are being actually -- they are being promoted that they can move to the United States tax free and all kinds of incentives and it's just like really weird and I do know there's a couple, what's called industrial zones. I think in the middle of Utah. I can't think of it right now. I know we've posted them before. They're calling them industrial zones and there is these massive areas where the Chinese are building cities, like in Michigan. So they're actually coming in, in mass, building cities, and they're not for us. You think you're gonna move this city and get a job? Yeah, maybe sweepin' up floor for somebody. Maybe. Maybe you'll be a garbage man there. Maybe. But these jobs and these cities are gonna be occupied by the Chinese.

1:10:11 Phoenix

There are gonna be technical centers, there are gonna be business centers, and I know the one industrial zone they were planning on manufacturing saying they would basically be consumed by Americans and around here and they would be our manufacturing base but it would all be Chinese working there. Chinese also have a prison factory-type thing and they have a lot of their factories are based in prisons. Chinese tractors and implementing gear. A lot of this stuff is manufactured by the prisoners. So, we have a whole different way of looking at things. Okay, let's go take some different callers. Let's go to area code 780.

1:10:53 Coral

Hi, Phoenix.

1:10:54 Phoenix

Hey, who is this?

1:10:55 Coral

Oh, it's Coral from Alberta.

1:10:57 Phoenix

Hi! How are you and Alberta tonight?

1:11:00 Coral

I am just fine. Thank you. We actually have a very nice day here. Very sunny and warm.

1:11:06 Phoenix


1:11:07 Coral

So I was just to ask...maybe I missed it but I was just wondering if they updated the IMF's SDR rate for Iraq yet.

1:11:16 Phoenix

Wow! Good question. Hang on. Just stay on the line. Let me just check this out live. You know what, I didn't think about that all day. I am thinking that they didn't because Bama, I asked him once, I'm like, "How often do you check this?" He says, "Oh, like 5 times a day." (Laughing) I don't know. Just hold on a second. Let me check. Real quick. I'm going on over there right now, I'm at the IMF site. Okay. Yeah, I checked yesterday before this show. I did not check this evening. Hold on. And, yes they did. It has been updated. Iraq exchange rate as of April 30, 2012 is 0.000553591. That is the SDR and so as of the International Monetary Fund and the SDR exchange rate for the nation of Iraq and the Iraqi dinar as of April 30, 2012 which is a yearly update, unchanged. Still at the artificial program rate.

1:12:33 Coral

Too bad.

1:12:34 Phoenix

Too in. And that's the way that is. Thank you for reminding me of the stuff. But that's no surprise to me because the Central Bank of Iraq has been operating and they've been updating daily so it would have been quite anomalous for them to actually have something different appear in April 30th. Yeah, they can change just so in time I will remind you. Now, if you look at that actual setting that they have here, if you go up to 2002, the list starts all the way on 1985 and it runs April, at the end of April, all the way up to April 30, 2002 then the following year which was April of...yeah, I believe it was in April 2003, was when United States invaded Iraq and what they did was they came in on September 8 which was an odd time for around 2003 and they set the SDR rate and it was one month later, they devalued because they devalued and announced the devaluation in October 15, 2003 so about one month and a week after they had set the rate in September, they devalued it. But they didn't reflect that on the IMF site until one year later on September 22, 2004. So, that being a historical replication, if we were to see them backtrack the way they did this before, we could see them change this at anytime and not even list it until the following year. And that's how they do it. Just so you know.

1:14:23 Coral

Very good. Thank you very much.

1:14:24 Phoenix

Yup. So it's news but it's not bad news. It's just factual stuff and you can still change it anytime because we have seen that as they way they did it in September 8, 2003 and it was not reflected to change. Actually it happened a week and a month, one month and one week later where they devalued it but they did not reflect and report that change on this Iraqi exchange rate page for one for year. So, they can change it anytime.

1:14:58 Coral

Great. Okay, thanks a lot.

1:15:01 Phoenix

You're welcome.

1:15:02 Coral

Okay. Have a good day.

1:15:03 Phoenix

Okay. You too. Bye.

1:15:04 Coral

Thank you very much.

1:15:05 Phoenix

You're welcome.

1:15:06 Coral


1:15:08 Phoenix

Okay. Let's see what else we have here. That's it. We don't have any more callers. If anyone else would like to ask a question, you have a comment, or something let us know. If not, we're gonna roll on outta here and finish the show up 'cause that's how we do it. And oh wow, so much for that. The switchboard just lit up. Let's go to area code 206. Hello! Who is this?

1:15:35 Miss Family

Hi, Phoenix! How are you? Happy Friday to you.

1:15:38 Phoenix

Well, thank you. Who is this?

1:15:40 Miss Family

This Your Family in the northwest (Laughing)

1:15:42 Phoenix

No kidding, Miss Family. Long time no chat. It's been a whole day now. So what's up?

1:15:52 Miss Family

Well, I heard the gentleman earlier today, earlier in the show rather, and I speculated way before you did that there were some time, there was something entwined with the release of these major funds by the person that I have been hearing it from being released and we know that it was at the same time and I didn't even know that when you were talking about Switzerland and it just so happened it was coming from Switzerland and to the United States. I did hear from them. I think I gave you that one update and I talked with them today very briefly. They said, "What's for something Monday, Tuesday?" and my personal opinion, I told him back when he first started talking about this almost two months when he first gave a heads up. I said because he has actually been sitting from these funds so I would just let you know he has been waiting for them personally. I said those funds are not gonna be released, I bet you, until we see the release of the dinar or the Iraqi dinar being released. The re-evaluation. I feel it in my heart of hearts that that all is tied together because it's been two months that he is personally been waiting and his banker friend has been waiting to do the trunching and the high level deal that they do and they've been waiting and waiting and waiting for these things to be, you know, come forward but he did say today, nothing in his account as of yet to look for it Monday, Tuesday. So whatever that means, he has told me when I spoke last, I think that was Wednesday maybe, three to five days. So, that was to Monday, Tuesday and so he said look for something to happen Monday, Tuesday, and I just personally feel it's all tidy and the release of all these money that's being worldwide and when he in fact told me about it first, you know, two or three months ago...

1:17:48 Miss Family

...he specifically said, this person said that it was coming out and it would go to the Central Bank throughout the world. Then the Central Bank would release to their banks in that country. That's how he broke it down to me and something has to go into that, something major has to be released before all of these things Central Banks are funded. So that's one of my personal things, my personal thoughts are on it, and I just think it's all gonna coincide at the same time when his banker friend that he's got this billions and billions and billions in dollars that he's been waiting on to work with. I believe that's when we're gonna see the RV. So, that's my personal opinion.

1:18:30 Phoenix

Well, sounds like your personal opinion is strong and maybe correct but did they confirm that moneys were actually transferred but I guess they just had made a release. So moneys were transferred.

1:18:43 Miss Family

Moneys were transferred.

1:18:45 Phoenix

That sounds like we have come from the biz and that's where something like that would come from. A lot of people don't realize that Bank of International Settlements was actually set up to distribute the funds after World War II that we're specifically dealing with restructuring and rebuilding of all of Europe to the Marshall Plan and that's what the entire structure of the Bank of International Settlements was all about and it has been highly active, even highly involved in a lot that has been going on with the covenant that was made with the nation of Iraq and all these other things that had been going on. Now, yeah, we're looking at this and something interesting and there was something interesting that you had shared with us about that information, the rumors that you heard from your friend that has a date, there's a couple of oppressing things. One is you heard this report the other night that the Chinese had been given the go ahead to open banks here in the United States and they were given go ahead on all the banks that they wanna open and they could do them in different cities and open these banks up and actually absorb some of the US banks but they were given one stipulation and it was an interesting stipulation with that they cannot open their banks before the 15th of this Month. 15th of May. So for some reason, the United States government, the Federal Reserve said, "Yes, you can do this but not before the 15th of May." They don't want the Chinese banks up, running in up, running until the 15th of May but they had to be up within three months from the following Wednesday. So for some reason, they put a whole law on them until the 15th and you're saying Monday or Tuesday, one would almost speculate that they do not want the Chinese banks operating until after this thing has gone.

1:20:38 Phoenix

For maybe fear of the Chinese banks doing something with this money or intercepting this money or somehow interfering with this within the United States to our banking system. I don't know. It's just wild speculation on my part. All I know is that those two days start out because -- I mentioned the other night on the show when you hear governments or corporations or whatever say things that really don't make sense, pay attention and just pay attention to it and that was one of them. It's like, "Oh, yeah, you can do these banks. No problem. But not before the 15th." As a first question, __1:21:10__ asked, "Okay what's up with the 15th?" You know, why? Why do they not want them do it until the 15th? You know, so it's very interesting. So we have a good week coming up, I think.

1:21:23 Miss Family

I think so too. I'm ready to celebrate, I think so. Hopefully, that fits in to whatever is going on but he was very adamant, "look for Tuesday or Wednesday" so I'm praying Tuesday, Wednesday, and it fits with what you're just saying 'cause I no clue about any of that other information as well so...

1:21:26 Phoenix

Yeah. I have another question. Are you at liberty or do you even know the one banker who is involved with all this, without, you know, disclosing anything that would harm anyone, proprietary information? Do you know what bank he works with?

1:21:59 Miss Family

No, I don't. I don't. I really don't. Unfortunately, that I don't know. He deals with plausible things, it is kind of my key...I don't know. I just know that he works with his clients and major trunching and high-platform clients. That's what he does. I don't anything about him. I don't even know this person's name other than what the information that this person has been giving me.

1:22:31 Phoenix

Uh hmm. Yeah. You know that's interesting. I'm gonna call a friend of mine this weekend 'cause one of my friends who does a lot of listening to the show, we talked occasionally. He is actually connected with someone who does high-level platform trading and I remember he gave me the heads up one time because his buddy called him up because there was some major transfers down in Central America and South America and he actually had someone call him up and he wanted like €25 millions or something and they couldn't get it. I forget exactly what was it about but they do, they block trading and a very large block tradings that they do. I'm gonna give him a call, see if he has heard anything from his buddy about what's going on, if he has heard anything with that with the platform trading because, you know, also I wonder what kind of trouble did JP Morgan really get in and what prompted it. We were speculating that perhaps maybe they were hedge in their bets and they did something thinking these trading funds would be released and they got caught with a short. I don't know. There's too many questions. There's too many oddities going on and struck my curiosity when I was told JP Morgan announced they had just massive overnight trading loss in these synthetic credit markets, these high-platformed credit markets...

1:23:55 Phoenix

...and also knowing in the back of my mind this information, this rumor that you have shared with us about this high-leveled platform moneys not being made available yet. And that also made me wonder did JP Morgan, did somebody put a screw though. How about that? What if somebody who is in control just like, "Oh, yeah, you can do this. Make the trade. We got you covered." They make the trade. They put the commitments like that and all the funds aren't released yet. What would you do? I don't even know. I haven't got the money to cover. And something funny happened. There is some funny business going on and the fact that JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, and some of the most...the biggest, most prestigious trading platforms got caught like that. Billions of dollars in the hole with no explanation and this unusual large amount of money that is yet to be released...it's a little too odd of a coincidence if you ask me.

1:24:50 Miss Family

It sure is. Now, maybe we're on to something. Maybe it's all gonna be done and I am looking forward to this week and gonna have a good weekend hopefully and a good Tuesday and as for everybody who's listening, Happy Mother's Day! And hopefully Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, we'll hear some really good news and can go to the bank next week so hopefully, everything a bit as there can be or should be. I'm praying for it.

1:25:11 Phoenix

That would be great.

1:25:12 Miss Family

So thank you for all you do and I will get an update on tomorrow, it's what they were telling me, so hopefully it's good news.

1:25:20 Phoenix

Okay. Great. Fantastic.

1:25:22 Miss Family

You bet. Bye for now.

1:25:23 Phoenix

Okay. Bye. Thank you. Yeah. Interesting. We were just talking about this and one of our callers had been very curious about...Yeah. It's really hard to say and it's very interesting. Okay. Let's go to area code 256. Hello!

1:25:46 James

Hey! Phoenix! How's it goin'?

1:25:47 Phoenix

Okay! Who is this?

1:25:49 James

It's James. __1:25:50__ chat.

1:25:51 Phoenix

Yeah. How are you doin' James?

1:25:53 James

I'm doing good. I got a couple of questions for you.

1:25:55 Phoenix

Yes sir.

1:25:56 James

I don't know if you talked about it already or not. When we get the channel, I can't hear what was going all the time. I get caught up in it.

1:26:02 Phoenix

That's what you guys talk about everything.

1:26:05 James

Oh, we do. We have a blast, man.

1:26:07 Phoenix

I know you do. I look over to the channel and be like, "Yeah, I'm not gonna even talk about this."

1:26:12 James

__1:26:12__ (Laughing) sometimes. But, one my questions is this. As noticed in the day that, I don't how true it is, but does WTO had decided to put Iraq off for another up to five years? Did you hear anything about that?

1:26:34 Phoenix

Well, from what I understand, I think it was Iraq themselves who said they weren't ready but they pushed back the terror thing and I wouldn't put too much into that because five years is a long time. They want them in. The GCC wants them in. They want things moving and by them saying, "Oh, it's gonna be five years," you know, I wouldn't put anything into it because they can change at a moment's notice and you don't know who put this information out and this is the kind of thing you see and everyone says, "Oh my God, this is horrible," and the next thing you know, two days later, an article comes out and says, "Oh, that's not true," you know, that was never said or whatever or they have changed their minds up. I wouldn't even worry about it because (crosstalk)...

1:27:16 James

...to my next thing. In course, we always know, you know, it's like you always say, you know, it's a fluid situation, but I was just wondering this. You know, I have been listening to this for two years now. I've been in the dinar for quite some time and of course, you know, the first few months was, you know, hair raisin', believing everything I read and, you know, gettin' real stupid. At least, I didn't wreck myself though I was real careful about how I invested, this coming from years of following __1:27:51__ but I got a theory. What if they had...when this is also set up back in 2003 or whenever when they printed the new currency, they decided, "Hey, we're gonna let this run for X amount of years and on this date, you know, because of whatever reason, because of the banking systems or because of whatever reason, you know, at this particular date, we're gonna change our money. They had the key. They had to get interest up, you know, people interested in so that they would, you know, buy into the dinar 'cause that was all the money that Iraq had there for a while. You know, was people buying dinar, so they get all of their body all fired up, buying their dinar and personal thing and another, and they had to keep these rumors going to keep people interested. You know, well, now they might be getting kind of close and wouldn't it make sense that, you know, if this is indeed, you know, they gotta set time, they already...they know, you know, there are like three or four people in the world know when this is gonna happen.

1:28:59 Phoenix

Uh hmm.

1:29:00 James

And when it gets to...the closer it gets to that, they're gonna be trying, not standard reason that they would be trying to make people fearful of their investment so that they would bail out of it before it changes.

1:29:14 Phoenix

Not really because what's out there is out there. What is out there is out there and I think, I think I can see a reasoning in your reasoning sound and it makes a lot of sense but whatever is out there is out there and it kind of __1:29:30__ it doesn't matter whose hands are set. Because if people say, "You know what, I'm out of this," and they sell their investment, they exchange for something else, it's still out there. It still exists outside the nation of Iraq, outside of their borders. It's just in someone else's hand that goes to a currency dealer or another individual. So, it really doesn't change the numbers or the factor at all.

1:29:52 James

Unless you're one of the people...Unless you're one of the five or six people that knows about it.

1:29:57 Phoenix

Well, it doesn't matter even because when you say one of the five or six people, you mean someone not in the nation but outside the nation?

1:30:06 James

Right. Yeah. Like our government. No, I don't trust our government. I was in the military too long. I know what they did. I could say thanks and they'd be knocking on my door tomorrow, you know, with machine guns and handcuffs but this was kind of the job I did while I was in there but, you know, of course we're not gonna go there but, you know, I know how they work. I know how they operate. And you know, conspiracy theories, I don't buy in all that and I laugh at most of them. But I do -- I am smart enough to know that there are some very rich people and they're very rich because they're smart. They know what they're doin' and they're connected, you know, in different ways. You know, our government is in a pickle because we sit back and allow our government to do what they wanted to do. You know, without paying attention. But Billy said something that it has not left my mind since he said it and I never trusted him in the first place, still don't trust him, but he did say that he promised the American people that the war in Iraq would not cost the American people a dime. You know, it would not cause taxpayers a penny so, you know, and he was in office when this started. You know, the dinar thing. So, you know, you got the Bushes, you got the Chinese, you know, they take a lot of money. You know, and our government, believe it or not, they got a lot of money too. You know, we're not broke. Our country is not broke. It's not even getting any close to broke. Now, our money may not be as great because it's spread out all over the place but our country is not broke by a long shot. So they start that back in the US treasury but I just think, what my reasoning is this, I don't think that they anticipated the amount of, you know, the impact that the internet was gonna have on this dinar thing.

1:32:03 James

You know, the Kuwaiti deal, it went smooth as silk because nobody really knew about it. You know, a handful of people here and there. But, man, this thing went like wildfire. You know, it got on the internet, and oh my God here we go, you know, and then you got your so called gurus or whatever and they pump the fire out of it and, you know, it went ballistic. So, you know, somebody trying to get a handle on this thing because you can't control rich people. You can control poor people but you can't control rich people. And, you know, maybe they're tryin' to slow the impact down of havin' so many, you know, go from lower or middle class, you know, to the upper class overnight. Which, you know, you got the lottery effect, a lot of people will be broke the next day. You know, but there'll be some that are hanging in there and they will change things. You know, we have some people in our chat room here. They're smart. I mean, not a bunch of dummies. You know, this thing goes like it's supposed to go. We'll change this world, you know, in some small ways maybe some large ways, but that's because maybe, you know, we've had the right ideas but never the right circumstances.

1:33:31 Phoenix


1:33:32 James

But you hand it to people that's got the right heart, the right idea, the means to do it, and the heart, and the drive that some of these folks have. Yeah, we're gonna change some things. And the best, you know, I hate to get up on those things but...

1:33:48 Phoenix

That's alright.

1:33:49 James

It's just something that's kind of dug on me here the last, just the last few months because...

1:33:55 Phoenix

Well, it is part (crosstalk)

1:33:56 James

...is so stupid so it's all through it. She was somebody so they put the RV off.

1:34:01 Phoenix

Well, you see a lot of that too. We don't know what will happen as you'll have a lot of people bring forward speculation on why they think things didn't occur certain way but the reason they do is that because they have actually put out bad information to the rumors and what happens is people take all this rumor information and they run with it and then they believe the rumors and then say, "Well, how come didn't this happen?" So they have to come up with a story why it didn't happen because they can't say "Oh, because I made it up." Because it was not true. Then he's like, "Oh well that didn't happen because oh yeah..."

1:34:42 James

Yeah! Wouldn't it be nice if they were honest like that (laughing). They would be gurus along with...

1:34:47 Phoenix

Well, that's why all those crazy stories come out and these wild things and people trying to cover their butts because they've been had and they've been proven wrong but all it was on them, it wasn't their info. Their info was good even though it was 100% wrong. It was because your baby's dog ate the cardboards. Oh yeah, that's what happened.

1:35:12 James

The dog thought it was this kid's homework. (Laughing)

1:35:14 Phoenix

Yeah. Yeah, they have boots in the ground told me that.

1:35:18 James

Well, you know, that's like some of those things I hear some folks talking about some of them, you know, and I have to laugh. I'm like, you know, okay, yeah they say they're first, they're way ahead of the curve. Oh, yeah. They're way ahead of the curve. They've been saying it was gonna __1:35:32__ for the last two year. So when it does, yeah, they have been the first one who said it two years ago. You know, if you say it's gonna __1:35:42__ everyday, you're gonna be __1:35:44__.

1:35:44 Phoenix

Yeah. That's true. That's true.

1:35:45 James

And you'll be first.

1:35:47 Phoenix

Yes, some people...

1:35:48 James

Oh my... then I'll let somebody else talk. I've been...reveled on too long but I just thought that was, you know, something that that __1:35:54__ your thing. It kind of hit me because they've been talkin' about it so strongly in the news. You know, it wouldn't go roses was the news. It was __1:36:04__ that they'll be together and everybody was excited about it, you know, our government even, you know, it was even on CNN, you know, this was a big deal. And then all of a sudden, they have decided, well, we're not ready. You know, I don't buy it. So, that's why, I'm like, 'Okay, somebody knows something. They can't just let it out and they gotta disguise it somehow' and that was the only reason I could think of but they want to disguise it, but anyway, have fun with it. Alright buddy, I enjoyed it.

1:36:38 Phoenix

You're welcome.

1:36:39 James

Have a good week. Bye.

1:36:40 Phoenix

Bye. Yeah. So true. Just like the story from the gentleman on CNBC. He spoke to his buddy at the Mexican Central Bank and his word was, "Oh no, we're not gonna do that," and minutes later, it happened. Oh yeah. They will put the information and the WTO thing which we have to realize two of the primary things that they needed for their extension. The final extension to the WTO was the institution of the tariff law which they have put off for one more month and also the WTO was dissatisfied with the artificial program rate and they needed them to adjust their currency to be more on par with the US dollar, thus say, it hooked WTO because that is the big problem with the WTO and the member nations and what the entire DOA __1:37:27__ agreements are all about is the disparaging levels of exchange rates and the imbalances and the trouble it causes primarily between cross-border trading and a close-border trading and they want exchange rates to be more on par and more balanced. So they're not gonna let someone come in with new membership right from the get-go with a major problem. The primary problem with WTO is not gonna happen. They'll gonna come in up and running correct. So I wouldn't worry about it because the exchange rate has to change before they join the WTO. So before they can actually be accepted in WTO, things have to change with their exchange rate. So I wouldn't really be worried about...Okay, what else we have here. Let's go to area code 702. Hello!

1:38:27 Robyn

Hello! Phoenix?

1:38:28 Phoenix

Yes. Who is this?

1:38:29 Robyn

Hey! This is Robyn. How are you?

1:38:31 Phoenix

Hi, Robyn. How are you?

1:38:32 Robyn

I am doing great. Hey, I just wanted to talk to you about a natural healing. Have you ever heard of the Gerson therapy?

1:38:41 Phoenix

Gerson therapy?

1:38:43 Robyn

Uh huh.

1:38:44 Phoenix

No, I haven't.

1:38:46 Robyn

Oh! I know this is something that a lot of your listeners would be interested in. It's actually a natural cure for mostly cancer but it also helps with arthritis and a variety of other degenerative diseases but it was actually, I guess, you would say, figured out/discovered by Max Gerson back in 1930 or back in the 1930s, I'm sorry. It cured things from tuberculosis to cancer to migraine, likes of arthritis and all did is very simply it's filling your body with natural enzymes and nutrients that it need so that the body can heal itself because ultimately, you know, whereas anyone who's interested at all on natural health knows, you know, there's no drug or surgery that can heal a disease in your body has to do that...

1:39:41 Phoenix

Yeah. Okay. Hold on one second. I'm actually looking at the Gerson Institute. It's www.gerson.org and it's a Gerson Institute and it's very interesting, there are people going to them. It says that Gerson Institute is a nonprofit organization in San Diego, California dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson therapy and alternative nontoxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases and it says the Gerson therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body's extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas, and natural supplements. So, yeah, the Gerson Institute. Very interesting.

1:40:31 Robyn

It is and, I mean, I have watched several videos and movies on the Gerson therapies and the daughter is actually running it now. If you really research the story, you'll find out that her father was poisoned because he was trying to make this theory known. You know, this is, like I said way back in the 30s and 40s when this was going on. She actually have to practice in Tijuana because it's not legal in the US for her to give people juice.

1:41:01 Phoenix

Wow! That's amazing. Yeah, there are...You know, this is the travesty of our existence right now when people who have things that can help people, cure people, heal people, natural things, natural stuff, good stuff or technologies. I mean, I have bottle of water right here. It's a metal bottle. I drink out of a metal bottle. There are automobiles and engines where I can pour this water into the tank and drive for a hundred miles. And they know this. And it's out there and the people who have done it, they have killed them. Like you say Mr Gerson was...

1:41:39 Robyn

I know. That's far as I know. True.

1:41:40 Phoenix

They tried to kill Mr Gerson. That there's an individual out there in Arizona who came up with a hydrogen-generating unit for an automobile that would generate your hydrogen from water as you drove. So all you had to do was pour water in your tank and they poisoned it. They killed the man.

1:41:59 Robyn

Yeah? Yeah?

1:42:18 Robyn

But, yeah, I just thought that your listeners would love to have that information and like you said, there are books available online as well as the videos and movies and anyone who's battling any kind of illness, it's definitely worth taking a look into. Even if you're not near the San Diego area, there's a lot you can do just at home.

1:42:37 Phoenix

Okay. Yeah. I'll just drop the link for our people over in chat just now.

1:42:42 Robyn


1:42:43 Phoenix

Farmageddon. I'd talk about it on my book, Farmageddon.

1:42:46 Robyn

Absolutely. Well, that's all I have, Phoenix, and thank you for your time and I hope this helps someone.

1:42:54 Phoenix

I'm sure it will. Thank you very much for sharing that with us.

1:42:57 Robyn

Alright. Bye.

1:42:58 Phoenix

Bye. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. Healthy juices. Healthy food. Ah, the things that you can just give to your body so the body regenerates itself and heals itself. That's good stuff. Okay, let's go over to area code 864.

1:43:14 Herb


1:43:15 Phoenix

Hi! Who is this?

1:43:17 Herb

Mr Lakehouse, this is Herb. You called me the Jazz Man. I liked it. I'll let it go with it.

1:43:24 Phoenix

Oh yeah. Mr Jazz, the Jazz Man. What's up?

1:43:28 Herb

All kind of stuff that you didn't want us know, right?

1:43:32 Phoenix

You got it.

1:43:33 Herb

Ms Lawrence sounds like a very smart lady and I wanna thank her for helpful information and the young man before her, the guy impresses me as a solid __1:43:40__. I wanna thank him on behalf of all America. This extends to you too, sir. For your service.

1:43:49 Phoenix

Thank you.

1:43:50 Herb

Also, I wanna...You're very welcome. Also, I wanna thank that guy for not telling us who it is 'cause they didn't have to kill him. (Laughing.)

1:43:56 Phoenix

No, you got it. That wouldn't be nice. That would ruin my whole weekend, man.

1:44:02 Herb

That could mess up the whole Mothers' Day thing and everything. In the other way, this is applicable. Happy Mothers' Day to the lovely and gracious Lakehouse.

1:44:11 Phoenix

Yeah. Thank you.

1:44:15 Herb

I won't keep you that long. I know there are serious people in line but did you ever get a lead on an affordable and even used Galaxy class starship?

1:44:21 Phoenix

No. I sure didn't. I still looking out. I'm trying to look it on Craigslist but there are no luck yet.

1:44:28 Herb

I looked on Craigslist but I need it bad, brother. I need it bad. Okay.

1:44:33 Phoenix

(Laughing) Okay. Have you contacted Bootsy Collins. I heard he had one.

1:44:39 Herb

You know, he had a mothership.

1:44:42 Phoenix

The mothership. The Ameri...

1:44:43 Herb

I think he has some custom made and everything. I don't have the bucks obviously that he had at that point in time anyway.

1:44:49 Phoenix

Yeah, you know, the guy didn't have some bucks at that time. Oh my goodness...

1:44:52 Herb

Do you remember they stole his star base man and he said that he would never perform again and who ever had it, returned it.

1:45:02 Phoenix

Oh, wow! I did not know that story. I did not know that...

1:45:04 Herb

They have the actual story from many years back.

1:45:08 Phoenix

Oh, what a trip, those guys, true performers.

1:45:13 Herb

Yeah. I mean, if you were the one who stole it, there's no way you can set up anybody and they not know where you got it. Well, both of us funky man, he set a pattern therefore basically for a minute, but anyway, I appreciate everything you do man and thanks to you and I have __1:45:31__.

1:45:33 Phoenix

You're welcome. Thank you and be well.

1:45:35 Herb

Thank you and be safe.

1:45:37 Phoenix

Hey, you too. That is Jazz Man, he plays the bass. Okay, let's go to area code 210. Hello?

1:45:48 Stephen

Hey, Phoenix! How are you? Stephen, San Antonio.

1:45:51 Stephen

Hi, Steve! How are you?

1:45:53 Stephen

Not too bad. The main question I have is what is trunching?

1:46:01 Phoenix

That is where they do this high-level trading. Let me see. Let me pull up a feed and let's get the exact thing from a financial feed.

1:46:17 Stephen

So, it's a common term? I mean, for trading?

1:46:22 Phoenix

Yeah, it's -- hang on, 'define trunch', hmm...okay, wait a minute.

1:46:34 Stephen

When I put it in, I just got 'trenching'

1:46:36 Phoenix

Yeah, hold on. Oh, you got trenching?

1:46:39 Stephen

Yeah, they said, 'Do you mean trenching?' I said, 'No, I mean trunching.'

1:46:45 Phoenix

Oh yeah. There's a lot of this for like underground contracts. Now, I saw something here that says we do dinar trunching.

1:46:56 Stephen

Yeah. If you click on that one, it's gonna go to a January thing, but read that January thing if you go to it because it's kind of interesting, it's almost like "Oh my Gosh! Was that the lady that was just on?"

1:47:07 Phoenix

Yeah (crosstalk) Hmmm dadadada...Hmm...And that -- see what's the date on this? (crosstalk) Hmm interesting (crosstalk) I am reading that. Well, you know what? She did say, if you will remember, she said that they were told it was gonna be released in January and it never was.

1:47:40 Stephen

Yeah. So, that's why when I looked it up and I popped to that, and I thought "Wait a minute, is this the lady that we were just talking to, rich lady?"

1:47:48 Phoenix

Yeah, looks like a madam. You know what? I am gonna actually say that link I'm looking at right here so I can do a long further research on this (crosstalk). Thank you for putting that out there. Yeah, you know what I'm gonna do also, I may have a special guest on this Sunday. I had mentioned to her I have a friend who is connected with someone who does high level trades like this, I mean, the large lot trading, and I don't know, I'll give a call tomorrow, he's really busy. He had a new baby with his family. He's been real busy with stuff and I was gonna call him the other night. Late last night, we are talking about, I said, "you know, we should call him and see if he's heard anything" because he has actually gave me a couple of alerts before and asked me questions if I've heard something because people were, you know, having trouble or there were some things locked up with these big block trades, but that was like months ago, and this has to do with that. So, yeah, very interesting.

1:48:51 Stephen

So, does the trunching tie in to the derivatives?

1:48:55 Phoenix

I think it may. I think it may. I mean, this is way above my paygrade, baby. I mean just...

1:49:00 Stephen

Yeah, me too (laughs)

1:49:01 Phoenix

I tell you what though, it makes me think that what JP Morgan, the trouble they got into because that didn't make any sense either, so like, what the heck? I mean (crosstalk)

1:49:10 Stephen

Oh hell no. You know damn well that we're not getting the story on that.

1:49:15 Phoenix

Well, see, here's the odd thing that hits me with the JP Morgan story, it came out on a Thursday and it came out on a Thursday at 5 p.m. right before after market trading start, so I'm like, 'What the heck are they doing?' You don't do something -- this is traditionally, they wouldn't like that unless it would be on--

1:49:31 Stephen

They do it on Friday.

1:49:32 Phoenix

Yeah, on Friday or it was something so volatile and almost led me to believe they wanted the effect for this and that I do hear that Cramer was on saying, "Oh, I'm so surprised that Jamie Dimon...I'm so surprised all these big banks do this. This is a dangerous a position. I recommend to everyone to dump your banking stocks with the exception of Wells Fargo and throw all of your banking money into Wells Fargo" and that, I couldn't believe because he says Wells Fargo does not do this. That's why I was asking this woman if she knew which bank this guy's involved with because there is some funny business going on here and Jamie Dimon has been tagged as a possibility to run the national banks if indeed they nationalize the banks. And a lot of people when you talk about nationalizing the banks, they don't even realize what that means. That means a federal government comes in and takes everybody's money and they basically nationalize the banks and say, 'This all belongs to us now.' And they take control of it. That's, you know, like communist nations do that, dictator do that.

1:50:35 Stephen

Well, Phoenix, is that taking over the banks themselves or taking over our individual bank accounts?

1:50:43 Phoenix

I think it's one and the same. I mean, if they have control over the banks and the functioning of the banks and the banks themselves have control over our accounts, then I guess, would in fact, would be in charge because there has also been talk about, you know, seizing people's 401(k) and retirement funds and you know, there's some weird stuff going on.

1:51:06 Stephen

Yeah, lots of it. Well, I appreciate your input and I look forward to seeing that guy on Sunday if he shows up although you remember that's Mother's Day.

1:51:19 Phoenix

Oh yeah, that's true. Oh good point, good point. __1:51:23__. Sometimes, I kind of just miss that stuff because I'm just thinking about other things. But boy do I ever hear about it (laughs).

1:51:31 Stephen

I think we all do. Yes, basically, all the males. Alright, well listen, we're getting a little rain here in San Antonio, we had a sudden downpour all of a sudden. There's thunder a little while ago and you were just done-- just getting started in we got a loud crack of thunder and the clouds opened up, I think we got about an inch of rain in a matter of probably half hour or so.

1:51:56 Phoenix

Wow, that's great.

1:51:57 Stephen

And then all of a sudden, it stopped and the skies were turning blue again. But that's Texas weather.

1:52:01 Phoenix

Yeah that's Texas. How about (crosstalk) and __1:52:06__ in Texas meanwhile, it's like pouring rain.

1:52:10 Stephen

Well, yeah. Listen, to catch up, our aqua __1:52:12__ are so low, we're still in stage 2 drought condition and it's gonna take us about 10 or 20 more of those rainfalls to even get close to catching up.

1:52:23 Phoenix

Well, I hope you do, I hope you do catch up.

1:52:26 Stephen

Well, listen, thank you very much. I appreciate all you do and look forward to talking to you again.

1:52:32 Phoenix

Yeah, thank you. And yeah, I'm gonna be looking into this so much deeper on this weekend here. Thanks.

1:52:37 Stephen

Yeah. In fact, if Lakehouse does anything on the trunching thing, maybe she can put it on the East meets West website there and we can check that out.

1:52:47 Phoenix

I'm sure she will.

1:52:48 Stephen

Okay, thank you very much. Have a good weekend.

1:52:51 Phoenix

You too. Bye. Yeah, interesting. We'll dig into this and go a little deeper and see what we can find. Okay, let's go to area code 787.

1:53:03 Unknown Caller


1:53:05 Phoenix


1:53:06 Unknown Caller


1:53:07 Phoenix

Hello? Area code 787. No, I guess no one's there. Let's go to area code 303.

1:53:24 JB

Hey Phoenix. How you doin'?

1:53:25 Phoenix

Okay. Who's this?

1:53:27 JB

JB. Thanks for taking the call. You got a great show going.

1:53:31 Phoenix

You're welcome. Where are you calling from, JB?

1:53:33 JB


1:53:34 Phoenix

Colorado. We have a lot of calls from Colorado tonight.

1:53:37 JB

It's raining here, we need the rain though.

1:53:39 Phoenix

Oh, that's good.

1:53:41 JB

So, questions. You talked about when things are getting weird in the leveling and all that, say, to buy stuff. I've always avoided stuff, but I'm trying to like sell all my junk and not accumulate stuff because I live in Hawaii for six months a year and Colorado six months a year so you don't accumulate things when you move on an airplane. But so what stuff is...

1:54:10 Phoenix

What stuff? What kind of stuff is good to buy? Stuff that where you can park wealth. Now, this is not intended as financial advice in any way but if a person were wanting to park wealth and protect wealth, they could buy gold and silver coins and non-numismatic like bullion coins and that's the way you could park wealth or land and something called land banking. Land banking, the best way to do land banking is land banking without a liability, without a great liability and overhead, apartments and things like that, you have a liability. You have maintenance issues, you have social issues, you have all kinds of potential liabilities and insurances that you have to carry, but if you could potentially find land, just land that has value, not rocky land, that is worthless, but land that has some type of mineral or vegetative wealth or farmland, farmland water, spring water, something that of value like that and preferably, if you have -- you can find farmland that is being farmed or can be farmed, you can lease that land to the farmer for whatever your taxes are plus a dollar. So, you can make a buck of with every year and have all your taxes paid and hold your wealth and retain your wealth in that property while someone else is caring for the land, working over the land, tilling the land, doing something proactive with it, and paying your taxes so it wouldn't cost you anything to hold. That stuff, that kind of stuff. Non-junk, you know, quality stuff. Things that you can use. yeah, not stupid stuff. Stuff that is easily transferable, transportable if possible. And just value stuff, not junk. Stuff with value.

1:56:04 Phoenix

You know, also, in the book, __1:56:05__, you know, food and water. Basic stuff. Things that you need in time of disaster and need stuff.

1:56:15 JB

Well, that's good. Good stuff.

1:56:17 Phoenix

Good stuff, yeah.

1:56:20 JB

So, what are you gonna do as far as -- what kind of action are you gonna take?

1:56:32 Phoenix

Not really anything different I'm doing now. Just buy more stuff and you know, just protect ourselves. We're trying to protect ourselves from the volatility in the US dollar and the best we can, I don't know, I'm really not sure what real estate's gonna do. Keep an eye on it and it's gonna be interesting to watch. We really don't know what they economy's gonna be like and what it will do in the next few months, and I don't know. We could see some volatility in that so yeah, we just try to protect ourselves the best we can.

1:57:06 JB

Yeah, well, good stuff you mentioned. Thanks for your great call. Keepin' it real.

1:57:13 Phoenix

Well, you're welcome. So, I think we're out of time. We gonna get rollin' and thank you for the call.

1:57:23 JB

Yeah, thank you very much.

1:57:26 Phoenix

Okay. You're welcome. Be well.

1:57:27 JB

And Lakehouse.

1:57:29 Phoenix

Okay, I will tell her that. She'd appreciate that very much. Thank you and stay well there. Yeah, a lot of callers from Colorado tonight. And that's it. We're out of time. Oh, we have one more person. Area code 516. You have like one minute (laughs).

1:57:50 Joy

Hey Phoenix. It's Joy. I just will say really fast and I don't know if you touched on this but I know a few days ago you were talking about the Chinese banks that had opened and I did a little reading on that and Bank of China, the branches in New York, even if you have an account and it's held in a new one, and it still is FDIC backed.

1:58:17 Phoenix

Nice. Thank you. That's great information. I tell you what, that's a great way to end the show and that's a good point to bring out. I appreciate that.

1:58:24 Joy

Yeah, no problem. I have something else to talk about but I'll leave that for another day.

1:58:29 Phoenix

Okay. Yeah, we have like 90 seconds. We'll get into that. I'll make sure I get your call next time.

1:58:35 Joy

Okay. Be well and talk to you again. Bye.

1:58:39 Phoenix

Okay, thank you Joy. Be well. Yeah, so that's it people. We are rollin' into the weekend and we will be back on Sunday and don't forget, it's Mothers' Day, it is Mothers' Day. I mean, be advised, it is Mothers' Day. You do not want to endure the wrath of your mother if you forget Mothers' Day and just do something sweet for them. You know, just tell her how much you appreciate her and how much you really, really are thankful for the things that she has done for you. Okay, until Sunday, we will back. Have a nice weekend. Enjoy yourself and hang in there. A lot of interesting things going on. Find someone you love and tell them that you love them. Good night and God bless.