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Welcome to Phoenix Rising Radio! We will be covering the hot topics of the day and the events that make and shape our world. Knowledge is power and NOW is the time to power up! Now is the time to rise above!

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1:22 Phoenix

Good evening everyone and welcome, this is Phoenix, it is Sunday April 22, 2012 and just like the intro says, now is the time to lift your mind higher and now is the time to rise above. Hope you had a good weekend. I hope you were able to rise above. Rise above whatever the situation maybe and hope for better things and look to a stronger future. This is a time where there are a lot of uncertainties in the world, lot of unusual news, a lot of people are stressed and this is not the time -- this is not the time to be caught up with nonsense and silliness and be assed to be quite frank. This is not the time for that and to all of those who have been and who have gone through the emotional turmoil, I must say that is shame and if indeed you had been a person who had been caught up by a rumor and different rumors and listening to wild tales and now realizing that a rumor is just purely speculation and not something to hang your head on. If indeed you are having caught up into that and I think you should be angry with the person responsible that's what I think. Now, if I have you on the go and give them a remark if you have been upset by a rumor, if you have been brought down, you've depressed because a rumor didn't play out and you identify the person responsible for that. So I'd suggest get up, go in, find a mirror and look at yourself right in the face and say "I'm angry at you" (laughter) because it is up to us how we handle information, how we filter information, how we, you know, kind of filter through what were told and how we handle that.

3:23 Phoenix

Our level of maturity with information determines how it affects us and just remember, you must, must, must remember a rumor I don't care who it's from and sometimes the more loaded the source the more sorted it can be if you want and I don't know just remember anything that's told you that cannot be backed with factual information is a rumor and it is just your say. It's nothing more, it's your say. You can say anything like that and it can be a rumor and you just have to remember that and say "Well thanks for the rumor" and hang onto it and follow whatever that rumor, there is no proof to that and get emotionally tied to but people continue to do. A lot of people who listened to our show don't and a lot of people you know are very glad and not be on the rumor rollercoaster because I always tell people "You don't have to ride that ride" (laughter). We don't ride that ride here. We don't pull lever. We stay on the platform and watch people go up and down and say "Aha" (laughter) and just kind of absurd by from the side, you know. And anyway, people who do ride, there are some who ride for the fun, some people kind of caught on it, I don't know. It can be quite heroic for people, so anyway, I hope you had a nice weekend unaffected by nonsense and relishing the facts.I mean we've covering some factual information on the show over the past week that's absolutely phenomenal. When I touched the phone is on Friday because there were a lot of rumors. It is they're thick, they are everywhere. It just kind of troubling sometime to watch people got up tied at it and I saw a phenomena, no one likes phenomena.

5:23 Phoenix

I was sick when I always see this happened all the time this people who get caught up in this nonsense who believed these lies because apparently some of them are just bold-face lies. They get depressed. They start to get bombed out. They feel sad. They feel like there's no hope and that's because of you know the false expectation. They've actually allowed themselves to take and nonsense and nonfactual information but what we found that people who listened to the show and like one of the listeners says and lot of people listened to you, they don't hear what you're saying (laughter) but those who listened and hear and kind of get what we're coming from then are happy. Most people that I know personally who are on the same wavelength we are, are really on good mood and really happy because things looked fantastic. Things looked great! My goodness the news that Lakehouse has been posting on Going Global East Meets West and the stuff that we have been covering is of the chart. It is fantastic! And you know one is not a rumor. It is real! You can actually click on that link. You can read it, some of them you can watch the videos, you can send them to your friends, you can collect them all (laughter) because it's factual information. You can mark this stuff on the calendar and say and it is not a rumor, it is not like whoa maybe this will happen. Well, I think of it, sometimes meetings changed etc. we know this and sometimes they changed earlier like we saw last week they had to put the meeting with Chapter VII sanctions the final thing, to finalize everything between Kuwait and Iraq after the 29th of this month but they moved it up and that meeting is tomorrow. In fact I will remind you, so if you've been kind of burnt by rumors and nonsense hang-in here, we will get on some factual information here, the real deal, the good stuff and let's cover that right now. And again I hope you had a good time, some wacky weather up here in the northeastern United States. It is cold (laughter). I have to wear a raincoat, it is cold, it is like wintertime.

7:23 Phoenix

It's really bizarre, I mean weather, just winter. So the time is really bizarre, just very odd. So they're actually expecting snow in some parts of the northeast this evening as a matter of fact. Over in chat we have like 161 people, you know, people hanging out, a lot of people in chat. Someone says "Phoenix loves snow" (laughter). I don't mind. I am one of those kind of people I don't care what the weather is. I really don't. I think it's a beautiful day. If it's sunshine and beautiful, it is a wonderful day. If it's gray and cloudy, it's a wonderful day because it's all -- I believe all the weather has its own characteristics and I think it is all awesome and beautiful and wonderful in some way. I have never been the type of person say "Oh gee I wish it were whatever warm, hot, cold, wet, dry" whatever. I just like the way it is like it is good to me. Hey everyone 12 inches coming, the snow they're saying, so anyone? Yeah it is crazy, it's crazy snow. Let's go over and start taking, log on a few things. As you know the world markets are open right now and a lot of people are concerned about the economic situation and that's we cover, a lot of that then geopolitical changes caused it all is tied to go. Take a look what gold is doing overseas. It is up 10 cents. Looking at 1.64350. Silver is down 9 cents right now in overseas trading to 31-81 and crude oil , huh, trending down 4 cents, crude oil is at 1.0384. Let's take a look at copper, so it is up with copper. Copper is up, it is at 3.7290. So we have, gold is up, copper is up, silver is down and oil slightly down. And that's the way the things are trending as the markets right now. Let's go take a look at currencies and see what's happening.

9:23 Phoenix

Let me refresh my Forex Feed here. They changed a little bit since I loaded on a while ago. Okay, currencies were trading now, overseas trading. We look at the Euro is down slightly from where it was on Friday but still up, it is at 1.3208. Wow, the British Pound! British Pound is looking good here, it is at 1.6132. I am sure the queen is thrilled today, something good. What's up with the Chinese Yuan. Chinese Yuan is at 6.3085, in other words unchanged. Haven't really changed all week because they are very solid. They keep the Yuan extremely tight range. I mean they opened it up to extended trading this past week. It has been seven days ago and that was an entire half percentage point. This is what they did; they extended it from the half of percentage point to 1 percentage point. So no one changed there. Okay speaking of currencies; let's go take a look at some of the emerging markets. Let's run over take a look at Central Bank of Iraq and let me get a live feed here. Okay, first let me check the news and the updates because the updates make special announcements there as needed and there are none. No news, no special updates from the CBI and what do we have here, the exchange rate of the IQD, the indicative rates today, the 22nd of April unchanged. Still showing at the artificial program and that is at www.cbi.iq, the ultimate authority on the exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar. And how much do that cost you (Ta-na!), it was free (laughter). Anybody can go to; you don't need a secret password or secret code www.cbi.iq. Okay, let's go to Vietnam.

11:23 Phoenix

VND is unchanged. Okay South Korea Won unchanged, merging market yet to emerge. Still locked in the box. Locked in the box but for how long? Some of the interesting and unusual currency news out there. We will be taking questions tonight after we finished with the news here. We will do a two-hour show and I will remind everyone if you're listening, if you wanna -- if you have a question, comment, etc you can press number 1 on your phone and let me know. We've some people on the switchboard right now and if you're listening on the switchboard via telephone that would be you, press 1 on your phone and we will be able to take your call, question, etc. If you're listening live and you would like to do so, you can call 424-675-8248 and that will get you in and you can press 1 and we will take your questions and comments on the second half this program. Okay, let's go over to the extension protocol and see what's up there and what is up there is some weird news. Story number 1 destructive snowstorm to rumble for the US Northeast. Oh that's just great (laughter). Low pressure will intensify that moves up the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina later Sunday into the interior Northeast Monday. In concert with this surface low, a powerful dip in the jet stream and just enough cold air neat the surface will team up to produce heavy wet snow. The areas of concern are western New York, western Pennsylvania, extreme eastern Ohio, parts of northern West Virginia and extreme western Maryland. The timing of the changeover to snow is shown by the model forecast and snowfall should be, may exceed 1 inch per hour Sunday.

13:23 Phoenix

Sunday night into early Monday, accompanied by thunder and lightning! We're gonna have thunder snow again. We've been having this, remember the thunder snow that we had and it looks as if we're gonna have up to 12 inches of snow in these affected areas and there can be possibly be tree damage and power outages. Amazing with thunder snow. How much snow? Below is our storm total snowfall forecast. Says, no you're not saying things. It may be late April, but we're expecting significant accumulations in both Buffalo and Pittsburg, and at least a foot of snow in the Allegheny Plateau ad Appalachians! This would be noteworthy storm enough, but there's another factor that will likely make this spring storm destructive! Thanks to the intensifying low, strong winds will develop in these same areas late Sunday night, uh-oh, persisting through much of Monday, before slackening off Tuesday. These winds will combine with heavy snow to reduce visibilities, leading to hazardous driving conditions late Sunday night into Monday from western New York to northern West Virginia. Yeah, that is a mess. Let's see here is the thing, here is the problem when you have anomalous events like this was snowfall in an untimely season. You have leaves on the trees that have had come out. You have more foliage that has budded out and the snow just set on the branches which the branches were already cold and frozen. We have unfrozen branches. We have the leaves on the trees and so this heavy wet snow can get on there and it can bring stuff down. It can crack branches, bring trees over and then you combine the winds with this, ah! Sounds like a mess. So in this affected areas, I hope that you have a plan, the plan to act and your disaster kit and you should have as a responsible person.

15:23 Phoenix

You were, you know, food, light, water, medications, anything you need and the things need. If you don't exactly know how to do that and out that together, there are resources that you can find or there just happens to be book that you can get, it is called Have a Plan and Plan to Act by me which is a guide to successful, victorious living in tumultuous times and heavy snowstorms (laughter). This still covers everything from a "zombie apocalypse" to a power out. So anyway, kind of a guide on how to put this stuff together so hang in there guys. Like I said it's cold outside right now. It is cold and just really weird weather. Check this out, loud boom over Northern California and Nevada thought to be from meteor. There is a bolide what they called this. People in Northern California and Nevada reported hearing a loud boom in the sky above the Sierra Sunday morning. They were investigating the possibility that it might have been a physical impact of an overnight shower. Yeah, it is probably a bolide. Bolides -- well some people say they actually, they reportedly hit and one of the scientists said it is more than likely a bolide. A bolide is a meteor that enters the atmosphere and it explodes. It will heat up so rapidly and it will expand and explode and make a huge noise. Sometimes bolides actually sizzle. I have heard about exploding bolide with the flash of light, I have experienced that and I have also experienced the sizzle kind and you can actually hear them with something fireworks and they go across the sky. It is pretty amazing when you're out in an isolated area, you get to experience a bolide. Yeah, those are meteors that burn up with an audible sound, sometimes more than an audible sound, sometimes it shakes the ground like bombs going off, wake people up.

17:23 Phoenix

Okay, what do we have here? Iran, so man speaking of bombs. Iran begun building a copy of the Capture American Surveillance drone, remember this? Remember when our surveillance drone they actually hacked into it landed the thing and has it on TV. Iran has begun building a copy of the US surveillance drone it captured last year, the back engineering, after breaking the encryption codes. The American should be aware to what extent we have infiltrated this plan and it goes on, hmm. Yeah, that was the RQ-170 Sentinel named multimillion dollar sensitive aircraft and they actually hacked in and took control of it and landed the thing. So amazing!. So they are back engineering it and we will have the Iranians with some of the most advanced technology we own and they will be able to like go back at you (laughter) send these things over wherever they want. Okay, check this out. We talked about this the other night, Russian ships arriving in China for naval war game. The Russian-guided missile cruiser Varyag arrived at an east Chinese naval base Saturday ahead of planned joint exercise. The large-scale war game with the navies was the first bilateral drill, is schedules Sunday through Friday off the resort city in the Yellow Sea. They will use 16 ships including destroyers, frigates and two submarines , in the drill called Maritime Cooperation-2012. This is interesting that they are doing this joint drill, China and Russia together. Now, this Chinese, I mean this Russian missile ship that they have is pretty amazing. These are the missile ships that they are able to launch at one time.

19:23 Phoenix

They can launch a volley of smart missiles and actually sink an entire battle group of ships. I forgot how many multiple targets they can hit that are moving, changing direction, doing all kinds of things but they can hit multiple targets at multiple distances all at one strike. Things are pretty phenomenal. I think what happened also was the Russians gave the Chinese this technology and they have this also. There is a video with this and it shows these exact missiles that I am speaking of firing here. It's pretty amazing stuff. Okay, so with the Chinese and the Russians working together doing battle plans. We have here it begins again South Sudan's oil facility 'bombed by Sudan'. Yeah, we talked about that the other night. And then down in New Zealand, geologist finds large seismic event triggered the Taupo super-volcano. Check this out, dollars and cents, the Euros in debt crisis is far from over and the Greeks have turned to barter to survive. Wow! No kidding (laughter). You've heard me talk about this before but the Greeks have actually begun a barter system and they're trading stuff for stuff because the entire economy is such in shambles that they are bartering just to get by. They have Nigel Farage, Euro breaking up, not a question of how, just a question of how long, that's what they're saying, hmm amazing, amazing. What do we have here, US and Canada passed an additional IMF funding, we knew that. Yeah, and here's the video about the Greek town that develops the bartering system and this is the mayor of Volos speaking and this is pretty interesting. You have a modern society, right now, while you're listening to me.

21:23 Phoenix

Modern Greek society that has broken down and has begun the process of becoming a barter economy. So, any of those who have heard me talking about that before and said yeah, yeah, yeah, well there you go, there's a link as our rumor baby, that's real. You can check it out, that's what's going on coming to an economy near you. Check this out April 21st Wonders in the Sky the Lyrid Meteor Shower. Guys check that out. Well, we had Indonesia embarks on a quest to build an earthquake and volcano proof-bridge. That's cool! US preparing alternative options for Iran if diplomacy fails. Gee! What would that alternative option be? Oh yeah! That's right, World War III (laughter) that is also known as Armageddon. This is all of this and a lot of this is about them getting them and kick the gameboard over and then we have Popocatépetl volcano eruption Mexican villages rocked. Popo in short for that Popocatépetl. In Mexico the large volcano that we've been talking about, they have potentially have 19 million people that can be evacuated for that, so things keeps going, keeps going and with the 6.6 Papua New Guinea. That's probability it when earth changes like that isn't enough I mean, wow! It is every single day, more volcanoes, we have more saber-rattling, earthquakes. If you didn't know any better, you think it is 2012 (laughter). I told you it's gonna be a weird year. Okay what do we have here? Let's go to chat. We have 227people in chat. Hello people in chat. Russell, he says it is amazing how much info the media is not reporting on. People in the US is gonna be very surprised (laughter). They sure are, Russell.

23:23 Phoenix

They sure are and actually that's the thing. We talked about this stuff. We don't talk about to fear monger. We don't talk about brainy body down. We talked about this to give you joy. To give you joy that's why I wrote that whole book about having a plan and the subtitle of that is a guide to successful, victorious living in tumultuous times, does that sound bad? It was good! To live successfully, to live victoriously, to have joy in your heart, to have peace in your heart and to have peace in your heart and have some fun. And things may change and things may get weird but you know that doesn't mean we can't have fun? I mean, there'll be some silvering times and some very, very sad times but that's life. Welcome to life, you know. It is not all laughs and games you know but it is not all sorrow either and that's the thing, that's the human spirit and the power of the human spirit and what I try to achieve and I hope you can too is to rise above, rise above the trap that people feel that they have to always be sad or always be brought down by things because you don't have to. You can become victorious over the stuff. You know, just because life throws something then it may be bad it doesn't mean that it's gotta get you down. Sidestepped that stuff (laughter) put your head on and do what you have to do. You know, take action. Be a man and woman of action. Do not say "Oh poor me, whew, whew, poor me, what I'm gonna do". I will tell you what, how about taking some action. Yeah, sometimes things are almost insurmountable it would appear but you know what? Man up and Woman up and start out with a smile. Don't be angry. Be happy. I mean come on, if you're listening to this program right now, number one you're alive, so that you guys found to be happy for.

25:23 Phoenix

And just count your blessings. Too many times we concentrate on the negative and we forget the good stuff. Just think about the good stuff and the good possibilities of what we have coming and that's what sets all of this. That's why we even have a section I don't mean for this show to be like a plug for the book but it's just upper pole, it just fits! I have section on here in one of the chapters is actually having fun, you know? How many books on preparedness have you ever seen that has a section on having fun? Chapter VIII having fun. It is all about having fun! Because you know what, what's the point, what's the point of preparing for things? What's the point of protecting yourself if you're not having fun? If you're not having a good time? If you're not enjoying yourself and you can't kind of appreciate the goodness that life gives us. That is what's all about, anyway. Okay. Let's go over speaking of fun and good stuff and positive stuff. Let's go to Going Global East Meets West and we'll just take a look. We will just take a look and see exactly what Lakehouse has for us. Going Global East Meets West, articles of interest. Let's see exactly what Lakehouse has? She found some good stuff today. Going global headline news for Sunday April 22nd and she says "Happy Mother Earth Day". This is a really cool picture though. Now she has this color coded, if you're color blind, I'm so sorry about that (laughter) but if you're not, you'll be able to discern this. What she has the articles about Iraq are in blue.

27:23 Phoenix

And the others are in red and we're just going to read down to the headlines, sooner we get to the articles. First article, parliament returns on Monday April 23rd after the postponement of the vote to withdraw confidence from the secretary of Baghdad, so that's good parliament's in session tomorrow. Then we have Sunday April 22nd Phoenix Rising Radio that's where you're listening to right now (laughter). Then we have this week Watch Japan, Watch Iraq...Follow the Money. Watch Japan, Watch Iraq... Follow the Money. And she has no winner punches back with snow. Heavy rain in the Northeast US. Oh boy! I guess it'd be a bad time to drive to the mountains tomorrow. Okay, what do we have here, G20 Communique Needing a Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, good news, I hope. Then we have a Iraq and the European Union signed a partnership agreement on May 11 and we have Iraq finance seeks to maximize the financial balance of non-oil revenues and she has proof report for Sunday, Dancing in the Streets. Then we have the Parliamentary Services, this is big deal for her people. Parliamentary services: the need to speed up the enactment of the electronic signature and electronic transactions. This is a big deal. This is real big deal and this happened today. When people around chasing their tails on nonsense rumors, real news out here, real solid good stuff happened to that. What do we have here? UNCTAD Conference News April 21st, more good news. And we have in currency marginalized on central banks, the Fed's news, conference is Wednesday, April 25th, this Wednesday and Fed's getting ready to go out to retirement, uh, oh! Now we knew this, we've covered this.

29:23 Phoenix

If you listened to the show, we know we've talked about the 401(k)s and how President Obama right whenever he came in office said that he thinks they should go after 401(k)s and retirement funds. This is a troubling article right here if you have a 401(k) or some type of investment fund like that or you had been advised to do so and we'll get into that. CBI and Iraqi Dinar, the bank undertakes to raise the values of Dinar again. How about that? Good news huh? The Iraqi Dinar Finance Committee, a committee to study the preservation of the Dinar even more. Then we have Kuwait announces its desire to invest in agriculture and tourism in the province of Kurdistan. How about that? More good news! Then we have Iraqi finance. The parliament addressed the Ministries of Finance and Planning to determine how did to distribute, 25% of the surplus oil imports to the people. And we have China-Russia launch first joint naval exercises we've covered that over at extension protocol. There are no obstacle to expanding Iran Red ties. There's some weird stuff happening and said about Iran, the stuff that you wouldn't believe, weird. Then we have Allawi and Barzini in Arbil discussed the obstacles facing the political process that's passive. Then we have Tehran and Baghdad are unique, unbreakable. Iran VPs says the two countries can become major powers. Ah, oh! That will trouble some people. Oh men, we have banking news, we'll check this out, Iran economic reforms, positive constructive and this is from IMF chief. Chief, oh I guess these are some weird things about Iran today we're like, "What?" Then we have Japan and Myanmar. Thein Sein is back in from Japan in debt forgiveness deal from Japan. Yeah this is a big deal.

31:23 Phoenix

And then we have Iraq's banking changes could unleash economic potential. I bet they could. Then we have huge Iraqi Dinar. Sunday, April 22nd. Finance Parliamentary Meeting was held on Sunday with Central Bank to remedy the decline of Dinar. So if you didn't think anything happened today and nothing was going on that's because you're looking the wrong place. This stuff has been hanging here all day, you can read that, and we're going to get right back to it and get into this really fantastic things right after the bottom of the hour. And again, if you have a question or comment and you'd like to call in, you call 424-675-8248, press 1 when you get on them. The switchboard will be able to see if you have a question or a comment. Let's see, yeah it's about it. So I will see everyone in like two minute.

36:54 Phoenix

Okay! We are back from the break. Yeah! Someone asked during the chat, during the break, they were asking if we could comment on the Pumapunku it is called, I guess, which is a very large temple work that is located down in Peru and it's very unusual, it's extremely bizarre. And it has some pretty amazing things there that are just very unexplainable and the engineering is just absolutely amazing. Now, what I will do is say that I'm not really ready for like that" to discuss that because that's a show in itself. What we will do is we get Captain Keith back on. And I don't know if our guest, some of you may have listened to Captain Keith who is an adventurer on Archaeologist who lives down in Peru and he is the ship captain and was with the United States Navy and actually was one of the very first private contractors into the nation of Iraq and he did a two-hour interview with a few or couple months ago and it was really fantastic and enjoyable and he is an archaeologist, a diver, a ship captain and is planning out of quite the adventure that he shared with me even working in conjunction with the proving a government and the other entities about preserving some of those stuff and he has been to the site. We had a discussion about it privately and it is quite amazing. So maybe we can have Captain Keith back on. You can actually hear from someone the background in archaeology who can talk to you about it. Then you can answer questions live on the air. So that's what we will do. We will have a program on that, because it is just fascinating.

38:54 Phoenix

So, anyway, let's get back to the other fascinating things. A lot of people are extremely fascinated with what's going on here. Let's see, let's cherry pick here a little bit and pick some of these big stories here. Oh my god! There are so many. I'll tell you what, what I said that was really big? It was a big one today. Now, a lot of people didn't really catch this and they didn't see how big of a deal was, right here, click on this one, Parliamentary Services, the need to speed the enactment of electronic signature on electronic transactions. If you remember, few weeks ago, we actually covered that day had kick-off their electronic government. E-government with the government of Iraq and had this entire system set up, there's big server, extremely high-tech so they had the e-government in place. Bama said there is -- oh, it's today. Oh! Oh, oh! Stop the show. Stop the show. I must say, I almost forgot a very important announcement, happy birthday Bama. How's that? See I didn't forget your birthday (laughter). So, I want to put that a thank you to Bama for this article that he sent to us and also happy birthday men. Have a good day! And unfortunately, that it's cold and windy downtown in Alabama also. So kind of messed up the bonfire but yeah, it's a birthday anyway, so again, happy birthday boy. Okay! Back to this article April 22nd. Now, this was big news today, Parliamentary Services, the need to speed the enactment of the electronic signature in electronic transactions, Baghdad. They stressed the President of the commission of the servicing construction and the parliament on the need to speed up the enactment of the electronic signature and electronic transactions

40:54 Phoenix

In order to initiate its work especially its application will be reflective positively in many ministries and government institutions when dealing with the e-government project. He said in his statement to the House of Representatives at the seminar with the listening committee, more likely this was a Finance Committee. He said it was also a representative to the affairs of technology and the chairman of the media, so communication and adviser to the Ministry of Science and Technology and representatives of the Ministries of Communication and Justice and the Central Bank. That is a law presented by the Council of Ministers was the first reading of a heavy House of Representatives, so they actually read this and this is good. They had the first reading and this is a big deal. For his part, Head of the Parliamentary, committee said, the importance of activating the law on the work and all its aspects and to be more inclusive depending on government transactions and urged them not to complicate the tendency to enact the law steps and to serve the public interest. So it goes on, but anyway, they are saying they want to press this through and really get this going, this is a big deal. This is electronic finance and electronic signaturing that is tied in with the Central Bank of Iraq and the government of Iraq. This was a big deal and this happened today. How about that? Fantastic stuff was going on and that's not even a rumor (laughter) that's real and it happened today. Oh! Check this well. I'm gonna jump in around here, don't warn me. Well, yeah, you can if you want (laughter). I won't t advise because, it sounds kind of good. All right! What do we have here this week, Watch Japan, Watch Iraq and follow the money. This is an interesting article. Now, you will see a picture of a bridge, a little bridge going over now. There's been some funny stuff going on with Japan. We've been finding some unusual anomalous stuff with the bank of Japan and these huge amounts of money they're given to the IMF.

42:54 Phoenix

The European bailout and the economic was there having in just, sometimes funny here (laughter) so, we're really watching this. Now, you remember that some of you will remember this, how about this from the blast from the past. She has this back in the day, the colors pink, yellow and gold were very popular. We've all been waiting for something or someone to cross that proverbial bridge and bring back into fashion pink, yellow and gold. She says, in my opinion, that time is here and that is from Lakehouse Kelly. Check out past articles and she has links with Iraq and Japan. And the pink, the yellow and the gold, what we're saying there, there was an individual who actually put out some information one time. He had put out some really solid, good information and I think maybe too much and was actually had to stop and do it in such a way to make it all appear than none of that was of any value but anyway, the pink is the color of the Iraqi Dinar, yellow is the color of the Japanese Yen and gold is the color of gold, pink, yellow and gold. I guess the session like an investment quick, cessation series of movement of value. What is to see what unfolds this week. On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Bank's Benaki will possibly call for more quantitative using. Yup! That will make people happy. Also Bank of Japan will follow suit, interesting! And then she has some links in currency mark, all eyes on Central Banks. Yeah! Everybody is watching the Central Banks because that's a big thing, the G20 going on right now and the IMF currency reform, currency reform.

44:54 Phoenix

We have QE3 in the Looming Danger of Currency War 2. Then now here's a curious article, she has link, Japan and Myanmar. If you'll remember Myanmar, Ms. Hillary Clinton was there not long ago and talked about how wonderful is Myanmar to welcome them back into the International Economic Community and have Myanmar was releasing the tight holds on their currency allowing the Myanmar currency to rise freely. And that's interesting that Japan and Myanmar are tied in closely and they just did a debt forgiveness deal with Japan. So something is up. Now, we have the IMF calls from more banks with Japan easing so what is Japan? Japan is doing something, we're really not sure, we have an idea but that's just speculation but just watch the facts and will see what happens here. Check out this G20 Communiqué, see what's the G20 got to say. And here's the picture on, they look like the high school glee team (laughter). The whole setting is funny. I swear, click on this article G20 Communiqué Meeting Finance Minister and Central Bank Governors, they looked like they need like a mascot (laughter), some girl with a megaphone. Oh! This is hilarious. They looked -- it looks like a school picture, a ballet taking school picture. Oh my god! (laughter) Oh men! Meeting a Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Washington, D.C., 19th and 20th. Well, I hope they had a good time. See what do we have here, it's amazing! So they - we had this huge Finance Minister Meeting and the Central Bank Governor Meeting. Hey! I wonder what should be this in now, let me see if I can see here or was this just the G20, let me see, I do not see. Like a brunette he is wearing a red tie on the left-hand side (laughter) Oh!

46:54 Phoenix

This is hilarious treasure. Oh men! If you're in this picture and you're listening which I highly, highly doubt. But not to offend anyone, it's just all in good fun. Never wanna laugh. It is only this picture. I'm not laughing at the people. I guess the structuring of the picture, pretty fine. Okay! With the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met to assist progress on the fulfillment of mandates given to us by our leaders and to address ongoing economic and financial challenges and promote robust growth and job creation and it goes on and on. I will not read at this long, this is the wall of words. If you get really, if you like having your trouble sleeping tonight, just remember this, get like, cup of one milk or something then go to Going Global and click on the G20 Communiqué from the Meeting of Finance of Ministers and just read that and let's see in the morning because it can knock you out. No, it's actually interesting, it's long but it's worthy. You have to be motivated to read this Communiqué. I can read it and made a lot people read this and to read more chapters. But, yeah, it's good, good stuff. Again, just like most Communiqué like that, a lot of words that really don't say a lot because they are very guarded about what they say. Okay, what do we have here. We have, just some really good stuff off the rack and what a really good call today with the Barzini and Allawi in Arbil. . That's a good deal. Just check out this meeting now, this happened today also while people run around chasing, made up stories. Here some real news for you, some really good factual stuff.

48:54 Phoenix

Huge! Iraqi Dinar Sunday, April 22nd, that's today. Finance Parliamentary Meeting held on Sunday with Central Bank to remedy the decline of the Dinar. Now that sounds good. Revealed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member that their intention to convene a meeting out of the committee and describe as intense, the meeting was intense. On Sunday, attended by representatives of Central, Iraqi Central Bank remedy, the height of the financial crisis of the value of the dollar against the Dinar. How's that sound? They told the Iraqi news today that the commission is seeking a meeting tomorrow to find out the reasons for the imbalance that went to the increase of the value with the dollar against the Dinar indicating that the Central Bank is required to provide the main points of the bug that affected the economy reality of Iraq in a negative way recently. The controversy has raised, was raised about the cause of the declined in the value of the Dinar and the high value of the dollar on the last period and carried some of the parties, the Central Bank responsible for the fall of the Iraqi currency during the fact that the Central Bank is preparing the Iraqi market local including the needs of the dollar which means that the issue of height of the Dinar and the decline will depend on what is posed for the dollar, while the Iraqi Central Bank attributed the reasons for low exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar against the US Dollar in the local markets to high demand for the Dollar for it greatly. So this is interesting, they had a very interesting meeting today so Parliament is actually meeting with the Central Bank, they've met today. These meetings were ongoing and of course we have the governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Shabibi here in the United States meeting at the IMF's spring meeting. So there's all kind of solid, good, factual stuff going on and a lot of progressive things.

50:54 Phoenix

See what do we have here. You know what I think will do, there is some fantastic stuff here, she has great news, we covered a lot of the really good ones. Let's go over and check out, we had 264 people in chat. Let's go over and start taking some callers. If you have a question and you don't like to ask a question, just press 1 on your phone, if you're on right now on the switchboard and I'll be able to take your call or if you're listening and you'd like to call in, call 424-675-8248 and follow the prompts _ press 1 when you get in and that will, you'll be able to come on line for questions. So let me go right over to caller number, area code 541. Well, area code 541 who's this? Are you there? Do you hear me? Area code 541, are you there? Hello, hello. Nothing. Silence. That happens. We actually had someone the other night call in and they said there is a just yelling on the phone (laughter). For some reason, it just wasn't coming through. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes people hit the button by accident etc. Looks like here, we have someone we know. Let's go with area code 520.

52:29 Barry

Hey Phoenix, it's Barry.

52:33 Phoenix

Hey Barry! How's it going tonight?

52:35 Barry

Wonderful! I feel that below stuff things from northeastern because it is100 degrees here in Tucson.

52:42 Phoenix

Oh boy! Yeah! I tell you what,

52:45 Barry

I will send you some sunblock, Phoenix.

52:48 Phoenix

Thank you (laughter).

52:50 Barry

(Laughter): So uh, I was curious what's your thought, again, I'm mindful as you are of the term the game board and remember the hope of the west cope beyond and went to Syria and you know how skeptical I am about his success rate after he went to the last hope of the west went he went to see Saddam Husseim in 2000.

53:12 Phoenix


53:14 Barry

So, it does not appear that any ceasefire is holding, uh, what do you think in terms of the game board at that time, and you know, with the Russians and Chinese taking exercises and I don't know what the Russians will do if we put a "no flying" all over the Syria.

53:33 Phoenix

Well, all I know, there's been some unusual things said, and whenever they, Russia had been allies with, close allies with Libya, and then when Libya was attacked by NATO and that all went down, in the name of humanitarian aid, Russia, a lot of people don't realize but that's, if you remember Putin, had a situation where there were thousands of people in the street protesting and calling for him. He has resigned and they wanted put him out, remember that?

54:09 Barry


54:10 Phoenix

The West tried to tap that like, you know, he is corrupt, he's this, they don't like him. The reason the people ranter was because he did not stand up to the West when we went in to Libya. Because a lot of people don't realize this, but Russians had, past tense, working contracts in Libya, there are a lot of people, there were many Russians who lived in Libya, they had a constant exchange of technology and goods and trade and it was actually not on comment for Russians to go on vacation to Libya. They knew Libya. These people went there and a lot people had worked there as contractors and different things in Libya over decades and they had a longstanding relationship and the population of Russia was not happy when that happened because they thought he was being weak and basically, just sold out for France. So, that's why the stance is different, that's why you saw some hard words at the Putin and some hard stances being taken and some things are kind of being said and the strong stance is taking, is at the request of the Russian people. The Russian people feel like Russia is being kicked around and Russia's word means nothing to its friends and ally, and who is it the situation, the Russians have made mutual defense patch with Syria? I think they have one with, I think of course, Iran and I believe it was you, was that you who told me that -- we're talking about the one with North Korea. Was North Korea and Russia? I think it was in India, perhaps, and maybe China. They have like a joint thing in this. Well, I'm not had been in there and this had been...

55:55 Barry

It was Venezuela, North Korea and Iran was __55:58__.

55:58 Phoenix

There we go, there we go, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran. Okay! But anyway, you have this whole word game thing and all of these. What I think I see here, is everything is getting set up and all the pieces are in place. Exactly when they'll do, we don't know. Those word games that are participating on right there, right now, those word games could potentially turn into cruising. I mean they can literally head up to see and just keep going, and so you end up with all these Chinese warships and a Russian destroyer with them just taking off across the ocean, going to destination or not. And that's the way it's usually done. And it would be a convenient way for the Chinese to pick up a Russian escort and basically that Russian missile ship could be cruising along with the Chinese battle group as an escort. And think about that, that's troubling. If you think about that and they're heading to the Middle East, we may have an issue. There maybe some, we may have an issue. And people playing was tough and poking people with sticks and you know, they always say, I don't want to use that analogy. Let me just say, some people have had it and with the way a lot of aggression has been taken out against other nations and some people actually drawing a line so that's it. We're not gonna allow it anymore. So, how this goes and where it goes, I have a good idea, according to our matrix of information it would be Armageddon or World War III. But I think it's gonna happen after the economic factor. There will be a small amount of time there.

57:45 Barry

Right! Right! What do you think of the Iran, the article about Iran raising their currency one-to-one with the dollar, what do you think about that?

57:54 Phoenix

That's amazing. They're actually changing the name of it too. Yeah, Lakehouse has that, and we were talking about that. And the fact that the IMF, let me run over here real quick and see what Lake has here. Yeah, the IMF came out with basically a very positive thing on Iran today and said that they were doing really well. I mean, how weird is that, also Maliki was over there and they have formed an economic partnership which they had been, but, and she has, I'm looking at the article right now Iran going global says, "Iran economic reforms positive and constructive", the IMF Chief says. Take this, I'm gonna read this article. Thank you for bringing this so just hang on Barry while I read this. "April 22nd. Iran economic reforms positive and constructive, the IMF Chief says. Managing director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the economic reforms carried out by the Iranian government in recent years, especially the Subsidy Reform Plan, have been positive and constructive. In a meeting with Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, on the sidelines of the semiannual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, Christine Lagarde expressed hope that Western sanctions against Iran's central bank would be lifted. Lagarde also indicated her concern about the fluctuations in global oil prices and their impact on the world economic growth. Fars News Agency reported Sunday. Bahmani, who is the Centeral Bankl Governor of Iran, for his part, pointed to the most important economic developments resulting from fluctuation..." and it goes on and on. But see, here's the weird thing, this is from Fars News Agency so we have Middle Eastern news agencies reporting what happened. You're not gonna see this on Fox, you're not gonna see this on CNN where Christine Lagarde gives a good report to Iran's Central Bank and their economic system saying they've done a good job, and the IMF hopes that they're lifted from the sanctions soon, you're not gonna see them on American press.

59:53 Phoenix

And this is the bizarreness going on in the news and it just makes one wonder, you know. And I asked you know Lakehouse, I was talking about then she goes what do you think?. I'm like, I don't know. Umm, is it a trick? Is it like a supplicating thing, like, "Oh yeah, you'll be just fine." You know, you're doing really well, just keep things calm right now before they trounce these guys. I don't know, but there are so many mixed signals, so many bizarre things. What this reminds me of, this reminds me of a news article that reminds me of a picture of all the different world leaders shaking Muammar Gaddafi's hands with their hands on his bag, and big smiles as they signed multimillion dollar deals what they got, and it wasn't six months later he's dead.

1:00:40 Barry

Right, right. What I was curious about is if that article is true about their re-valuing the Rial change in the currency in Iran, how does that impact your mind of what's going on with Iraqi Dinar or it doesn't?

1:00:56 Phoenix

I think, my gut feeling was and I shared this with Lake, I actually think this potentially could be the supplicating rouse of them saying, you know, everything is looking good, everything is fine, and perhaps in these closed meetings, they're talking about the nation of Iraq and the stability of Iraqi Dinar and the changes that they are putting forward, and about how important it would be for the stability of the Iraqi Dinar and the region to be concrete and in place before Iran goes forward, and how it would give them additional stability to do this, which in psychological terms, like psychological warfare terms, would basically lead Iran to the conclusion that they should do their best to keep economic stability, and stop money laundering and all that so the success of Iraq means the future success of Iran. I don't know, but it's just a guess. But it's just, you know, you could go so many ways on this but all I know is that we're seeing things said on sidelines, in different areas that don't match up of a lot of things.

1:02:04 Barry

That's for sure. Do you think that the IMF announced that they have plans for the 25th would include the re-valuation or reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar?

1:02:15 Phoenix

I don't think so. I don't think they will make a big deal of it, and make a big statement out of it. They may, I think whenever that happens, when we see the change, we will see an official announcement from the IMF on the removal of Chapter 7 Sanctions, and they'll, you know, welcome them back into whatever, and I think that would just kind of include everything, and those who look further will see this currency change. It may just be a small side note.

1:02:46 Barry

Interesting, interesting. I will just share with you, I watched the show, Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN on Sunday morning. Sometimes they have found some good guests. Well, the guest this morning said the emerging market is the bricks. His opinion was that they had peaked and that they were, that they've been hot for quite a while in their currencies. Other things might have been ahead and I suppose they picked some new emerging market. They picked things like Poland, Czech and Indonesia and Thailand and other markets they thought was going to be the new emerging markets, and that's quick to peak and that establishes theory anyway.

1:03:29 Phoenix

Interesting, yeah, just a theory. Well, we'll determine what currencies that peak and what haven't will be the geo-political, and military outcome in the future.

1:03:42 Barry

Who knows, yeah. Do you have word whether the meeting is still on tomorrow between Iraq and Kuwait to sign those deals finalizing law with Chapter 7 issues?

1:03:54 Phoenix

As far as we know, yes. Those are moving forward and as a matter of fact, President Talabani was meeting today, and we did not report on because we just got so much good stuff. He was meeting with a Kuwaiti delegation about other issues so there was a formal delegation from the nation of Kuwait in Iraq today, meeting with the President of Iraq. So there could be more going on that we don't even know about, but the Kuwaitis are there, they're all present and things are moving forward. So there is no indication at all, because everyone is quite eager to get this moving forward especially the Kuwaitis, and they are just very eager to move forward with this. So there is no indication at all if that meeting is not set-up, and so we should have really good news tomorrow.

1:04:38 Barry

Well, United States has the rotating charity UN Security Council for the month of April. They controlled the agenda and I was just wondering if you think in light of this, we will see the end of Chapter 7 within the next two days?

1:04:51 Phoenix

I do. I do. I think what we're looking at with the Chapter 7 issue is this: They have already decided in principle, and even more in principle in detail. That's what's always pulling them in meetings, or the final meetings. They have agreed in detail exactly how to finish this. I think what we are looking at now is the actual formality of signing and the legal issue, internationally of both of the authorized parties on both sides, signing and sealing documents to seal this, and those signed sealed documents done in the witness of someone from the United Nations, and presented to the United Nations with a signed sealed document from the Nation of Kuwait are written and verbal request asking them to please release the nation of a right from Chapter 7 Sanctions, as they have met all commitments to the full expectations of the Kuwaitis.

1:05:55 Barry

Great, and I take it your major is still for a re-valuation and re-statement by the end of April, which is the next eight days.

1:06:04 Phoenix

It sure looks that way. It sure looks that way because historically they change the update exchange rate of the Iraqis minority end of every April. So we should see something with the dropping of the artificial exchange rate, I mean, with the dropping of Chapter 7 Sanctions and the verbal agreement coming together, and all of these sayings like you and I were discussing on the day that the peers were intentionally holding their stuff back. We can have it extremely interesting week here. We could have a week that people will remember for a long time because we are basically looking at eight days here. Today is 22nd, and there are 30 days in this month, and thanksgiving really get rocking. We should back in the nation of Iraq by this week early. Tt may be en route right now, as a matter of fact, because all the meetings are over. The IMF meetings and G20 meetings, all of them is finished. So we had the Central Bank Governors, Heads of the Finance meetings. They've all been here, they've done their thing, met with the IMF. The interesting thing about the IMF, I was telling Lakehouse about this, during my due diligence while I was learning about all this. There is a certain protocol that's done when nations need to, want to make a major exchange rate change, re-valuation, and if they're a member of IMF nation, they have to go through those process in an Iraqi way, presumptuous. But they have to go through a process where it has to be presented to their border nations. This has to be accepted by their bordering nations, number 1, and then after it has been accepted by the bordering nations, of course the proposed rate change prior to the IMF and World Bank. It is then put forward to all nations of the IMF.

1:08:00 Phoenix

And in a meeting, the selling members of the IMF will actually vote up or down, yes or no, and to allow this. And so, it's not just an arbitrate thing if it's done within the protocol of the IMF, and these are done in closed door, closed session meetings but it is actually when the IMF is meeting, and we just had that meeting.

1:08:32 Barry

Well, it seems like things are converging. I think they even proposed some defense security in interior ministers, I think somehow that's somewhere in the mix in parliament.

1:08:38 Phoenix

Yeah that's all in there. That's all part of everything. It's all jelling, it's all coming together. So it's looking really positive. Fantastically positive.

1:08:43 Barry

I think so too, and I can't think of another question.

1:08:51 Phoenix

Well, that's great. Okay.

1:08:53 Barry

And I hope that our discussions are filled with, in the future filled questions about other things. I hope this is coming to a point of closure in a positive way, and I hope things throughout the world work out just for humanity, and I just appreciate the role that you play and clarity and the countless contributions. Again, thank you so much, and I got nothing but blue sky, cactus in the sun, and I wish you warmth.

1:09:28 Phoenix

Thank you, Barry. I'm sure in a couple of days we'll have it back, but wow, what a mess we have now, and that's the way it is. Sometimes, life throws a curveball. Thanks, thanks though, for all that.

1:09:39 Barry

Yes, yes. Well, the curveball is a contrast so it's beautiful.

1:09:44 Phoenix

Yeah, okay.

1:09:46 Barry

Take care Phoenix, have a great night, and thank you for all the great insights and answering my questions.

1:09:52 Phoenix

You're welcome, Barry. Be safe. Bye.

1:09:54 Barry

Which I hope it helps other people get clarity as well.

1:09:57 Phoenix

Okay, alright.

1:09:58 Barry

Thanks, Phoenix. Goodnight.

1:09:59 Phoenix

Goodnight. That's Barry. Barry is an attorney, and Barry asked questions. A lot of people say, why do you like people talk so much and ask so many questions, and here is why, here's why I do that: number 1, because I say you can. It's my show. Number 2, It makes me think. I like the question and answer thing because you make me think. You ask me things I did not even thought of it while someone breaks and someone help me with, like Oh my gosh, I forgot about that. And it makes me think it stimulates my mind and reminds me of things and also what I found that when someone has a question, there is usually five other people out there or more who have the same questions, sometimes many more and they are not asking, and so many times people will hear someone asking questions and say, "Oh yeah," and then I'll answer their questions. And Barry being an attorney, he is good at asking questions, so I just let him do that thing, because it's not just for him, it's for everybody, and for me too. Because you may, he asked me things that made me think about it. So it's all good. Alright we have area code. Go to area code 651. Hello? area code 651?

1:11:17 Teresa

Hi Phoenix. This is Teresa from Minnesota.

1:11:19 Phoenix

Hi, How are you?

1:11:21 Teresa

I'm good. I have a question. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around something and either I have missed information, but I know between you and Lakehouse, you'll have the answer and thank you for all you guys do. It's absolutely wonderful.

1:11:33 Phoenix


1:11:34 Teresa

Okay, I hear people talk about to do currency diversifications that the Canadian dollar has strength. The Yen and the Yen maybe good options. But now what would happen if they pick up on the North American Union, and then you have Bancor across seas. Okay, but dealing with the America, Mexico and Canada, how would Canadian dollar hold strength if they wrapped it into one?

1:12:08 Phoenix

Okay, it wouldn't. If they wrapped it into one, it will be one, and that is eventually where they're going. Whenever people talk about putting/diversify into foreign currencies that have more strength, it's not so much about those currencies going up in value, but more so to protect yourself from the loss of other currencies' decline. Primarily, the US dollar because it has been projected that the potential for that to happen is very high. So, say you're holding US dollars, I mean excuse me, Canadian dollars, you've diversified, you've kind of spread things out and you're balanced. You've done a balance thing, and somehow your balance is in, let's say Canadian dollar, that Canadian dollar gets rolled into North American Union, let's say. They go to a regionalized currency which has been speculated, people talked about, and there are plans to do that. So here we are, you're holding Canadian dollar and it rolls in. Now what's going to happen if they were to do something like that, there would be a time where people would exchange their Mexican Peso, US Dollars and Canadian Dollars for the new currency unit, the new regional currency. And it would not all be the same just like in Europe, whenever they switch over to the Euro, every single nation have a different exchange of amount. They get exchanged so many of their currency units for every one Euro, and it will be the same. Now, look at it almost as if whenever they went into Iraq and they issue the new Iraqi Dinar and remove the Saddam Dinar. They actually had two levels of Iraqi currency. They had one that they call the Saddam Dinar that it was considered somewhat of lesser value because of the potential for it to be overprinted.

1:14:06 Phoenix

Some of it counterfeit, and then they have what was called the Swiss Dinar. The Swiss Dinar, it was a series of Iraqi Dinar that had been made in Switzerland, thus the name, and had better security features and it was considered even in the local markets to be of higher value, and it just happened to be of more abundance in the north and the courteous region, almost like Canadians would be. And what happened was whenever the people brought in their old Saddam Dinars for exchange for the new. There were two different exchange rates. You actually receive more for the higher perceived value of the Swiss Dinar than you did the Saddam Dinar. But they were all Iraqi Dinar. So that is what you would basically see. You would have a currency that would have more strength compared to the US dollar, and would receive more of the new currency unit for your Canadian dollars as opposed to the US dollars. So that's how it would be of benefit to you at that point.

1:15:07 Teresa

Great, thank you for that explanation. I was sitting here, thinking about this for the last couple of nights. I'm going to ask you and it's like, I just kind of wrapped my head around it. I'm going god, you know, if they're leveling, it will all be the same, that's all I could figure out.

1:15:20 Phoenix

Yeah, it will be the same to a point, but to get that leveling, some has to be taken away, some has to be added and that's just the theory behind it. And you know what, it's all theory. Man, there is no guarantee to any of this. Exchanges are kind of progressing and it is just truly I feel throw some phrases around like on a fluid situation and all that, but you know, darn. You know, I just don't say it. Just like, "wow, that sounds cool". I said because it's truly is men. Things can change, and then as you know, if you're watching things on the economic scale, on a global scale, my goodness can things change. Things can change fast. I mean, just bazaar stuff going on and a lot of them certainty and a lot of movement especially geo-political things. Things can change overnight and I don't know, actually we just hope for the best, we have the information we're given, and we have to stay balanced, and hopefully we can protect ourselves. But you know what, I think even just doing the best we can gives you the peace of mind, then maybe you'll sleep a little better. Even if in the long run, it does not matter but tonight, you'll sleep well. Seriously, oh yeah, baby, I'm set-up. Yeah right, you're snoring.

1:16:37 Teresa

That's just it. There's no certainty to it. You watch, it's amazing what's going on. And you can imagine if we're getting what we're getting, what we're not getting is really, you know, another point. I just watched Thrive last night, have you seen that?

1:16:58 Phoenix

Yes, yes.

1:16:59 Teresa

Yeah, and I mean, everything we don't know is more concerning than anything.

1:17:04 Phoenix

Oh yeah, it's amazing.

1:17:05 Teresa

Yeah, well thank you for your time and like I said, thanks again for all you guys do, and I'll keep listening. Thanks.

1:17:12 Phoenix

You're welcome. Thank you very much for the call.

1:17:14 Teresa


1:17:15 Phoenix

Bye. Okay, so it looks to be that are all the calls that we have. If you, I will give everybody like 30 seconds more. If you have a question or you like to make a comment, dial 424-6758248, or press 1 on your phone if you're listening right now and you can even make a comment or ask me a question, and if not, we're going to close the show down. I tell you what, we have an interesting week coming up. We have the paramount back in session tomorrow. We have slated, the meeting between the nation of Kuwait and Iraq over Chapter 7 Sanction issues, and we have lot of really good stuff lined up here. Oh, looks like we have a question. So let's go to area code 614. Hi.

1:18:09 Suzie

Hey Phoenix, it's Suzie.

1:18:11 Phoenix

Hey, Suzie. What's up?

1:18:13 Suzie

Well, I thought, I wasn't going to get on the phone but there was nobody left I thought I'd just jump in and steal time.

1:18:20 Phoenix

Well, you can steal time. Anytime. You can steal questions from the chat room or you can just tell us about your special class you went to, or anything. You're quite a dangerous lady now.

1:18:36 Suzie

Yeah, it was really good. It was actually the handgun defense training was on my preparedness list, and you know, mainly for just if things happen, I just need to, you know, I'm not looking to go out and shoot them up.

1:18:56 Phoenix

Sure of course not.

1:18:57 Suzie

But you know, uhm.

1:19:15 Phoenix

Well, that's the whole thing if you are planning on getting firearms or you do have firearms, they are called deadly weapons for a reason, and they can be deadly to you if you do not have proper training. So where did you go? Where did you go for your training?

1:19:15 Suzie

Yeah. Well, my husband and I went to a conference for something else and we packed on a trip. A friend of ours is a member at a place called Front Sight, and it's outside of Las Vegas, and he had some coupons. He's a lifetime member and he had some coupons and he could take anybody he wanted. So thinking it through that I was going to be out there anyway, I got him to come out there and meet us. So three of us took the classes together, and it was very professional. It's not like a boot camp. It's, you know, pretty much regular people that many who have never handled firearm which was me and my husband, and it was very cool, I am so hooked.

1:20:15 Phoenix

That's cool, I'm glad you had a good time. Glad you had a good time.

1:20:19 Suzie

Yeah, I mean they taught you all the safety, we drew from holsters, you know, like from in the Wild West. But, yeah, it was really good and I'll probably go out again sometime. So, I don't have much else, but I want to say hi to people on chat. Hi guys.

1:20:42 Phoenix

Well, we have a couple of people who looks like they jumped on the questions now, but I think, now they're all gonna be like gunquestions, thanks Suzie. It's like we came from currency to firearms.

1:20:54 Suzie

I know.

1:20:55 Phoenix

All the same difference I guess. They're both deadly weapons.

1:20:58 Suzie

That's right. Okay, well thanks for taking my call.

1:21:02 Phoenix

Okay, thank you and I'm glad you had a good time at the Front Sight, and yeah, good school and it's always good man. If anyone, I talked about this in my book about firearms are deadly weapons, and that means they can be deadly to you. You have to have training if you choose to defend yourself in that manner, you have to know what you're doing.

1:21:21 Suzie

Oh, absolutely. Okay. Thanks. Goodnyt. Bye.

1:21:28 Phoenix

Thank you. Goodnight. Bye. Okay let's go to area code.. Let's see, there's some more people waiting on us, let's go to area code 518. Hi. Hey, who's this? Hello?

1:21:43 Mark

Hi, this is Mark from up in New York.

1:21:46 Phoenix

Hey Mark.

1:21:47 Mark

Hey, how's it going?

1:21:48 Phoenix

Okay, how are you?

1:21:49 Mark

Good. My question is about Iran and I guess the question about Iran would be that, those articles that Lakehouse posted today and a couple of the ones that she posted early April, was talking about Iran and the possibility of them removing their 4-zeros or 3-zeros or however it was.

1:22:15 Phoenix


1:22:16 Mark

Now, did you, you and Barry were talking about it a little bit, and I was wondering, out of curiosity, basically they gave Iran a lot different stipulations than they did Iraq, and it's my knowledge that citizens don't have the right to purchase Irani Dinar, but I was wondering if Iran, without of those sanctions by the IMF, if their currency would revalue the same way that we're hoping that the Iraqi Dinar be revaluing and it could possibly, uhmm, I guess I've been looking at a couple of different strings. I've been trying to weave them all together, and sorry, I don't mean to drag on but I guess I was looking at the Federal Reserve contract was for 100 years and now it's up.

1:23:21 Phoenix

It will be up next year.

1:23:22 Mark

It will be up next year, right. And it was my understanding that it was basically, it was great by design for its purpose creating money basically out of thin air, and that money technically had no value but yet we could still purchase everything with it.

1:23:42 Phoenix

Yeah, one thing though, that is where our debts from. We have massive amount of debt, we're on almost like 14 trillion dollars and that's where the debt comes from.

1:23:56 Mark

Right, and I guess I was thinking that, you know, we're throwing money out left and right, partying, you know, like how I was out a couple of nights ago and we were joking about that. I guess I was wondering if may be there was a little bit of almost like a design to it, because from my understanding, almost like how oil companies can treat gasoline where they can jet the price sky high, everybody's still worried about it, and then they bring it down a little bit. Jet it up high, bring it down a little bit and that way everybody is relieved, every time it comes down even though the gasoline's prices are still going up and up and up overtime. I guess what I'm getting at was if we have the money from the federal reserve, and we buy all the stuff that we bought with it, we also create a dollar of debt with the dollar that we produce. Is this a way to replace the war mentality of, because it's from my understanding that the wars that we've created now aren't having the same effect as they did as like World War II, with the great economic boom and the prosper, so I guess what I was trying to say was, can they be going kind of country by country and they're attacking Iran, the same way that they were attacking Iraq in the form of sanctions with the nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and things of that nature. So now we see that Iran has sanctions but the swiss sanctions, and their money is now worthless, and I was wondering if the Iraqi Dinar was not supposed to obviously, wasn't suppose to get out the way that does, and too many people or the amount of people that know about it and are capitalizing on it is pretty big, and I was wondering if the Iran situation could possibly be, I mean this is a limb, but could possibly be like a revised version of Iraq?

1:26:00 Phoenix

It could be. It could be but it may not be. I don't think they're going to get that far. I personally think, I think that what they're suggesting it will be, and that's why Legarde was saying that, I think, I really think they're going to take Iran down. I really do and I think Iran will come back and their plan for their currency, they will do that on their own because they're going to give it a new name and come through and I think that will be for their own citizens and for the region, but of course they are under sanctions and yeah, for anyone to benefit from that, Iran being the way they are, they would do everything they could to make sure no one could.

1:26:50 Mark


1:26:51 Phoenix

They could, and see, that's the thing, a lot of people don't realize about nations. They could put all kinds of restrictions, and just not honor things, and anybody who were so unfortunate, and I'll say unfortunate if you were outside, you think you have some Iranian Rial and you're going to like make big, I seriously doubt it. And number 1, I think you can't even deal with it, you can't handle it. I mean, it's just they're heavily sanctioned, and it's you're literally better off on having like a roll bounded paper towels. I mean that has a more value to you than like a roll of Iranian Rials.

1:27:28 Mark

Okay, I guess what I was thinking, I wasn't thinking about me personally, or an individual person having it, but I was thinking on a large scale, with the amount of debt that we have, it would almost be like the gasoline situation where the debt is so unreal. But could the countries be possibly doing this, because I saw that there are articles about Iraq and Iran and they had some meetings, and they said they would be, you know, wonderful super power, but there's basically bigger and better countries that are stopping that, and they don't want that to happen, and at the same time, I was kind of curious because I was wondering if Iraq needed to, you said with the bordering countries, Iraq needs to have basically a signed agreement thing that they can revalue the currency under the IMF, and Iran I guess from the beginning was part of the IMF, and I was wondering if they would need those countries also to kind of be in on this. Because it seems that Iraq and Iran, from the articles anyway, that they're not anything. There's no pull of blood between them. What I'm trying to say is that they're best friends and these sanctions are in between them.

1:28:50 Phoenix

Yeah, they have a bitter battle. When Saddam was alive they had a brutal, extremely brutal Iran-Iraq war that millions died and it was devastating to both economies and that was quite while ago and so they had a lot of animosity between them but now they have basically become friend, and you know, they shared a border for millenia. You know, they have to, they have to get along economically, because you know, there is cross-border traffic, trade and families.

1:29:21 Mark


1:29:23 Phoenix

I mean historically, that region was region long before that line was drawn on a map and there's a bloodline there. So yeah, but I see what you're saying about the global picture of that, it could be, we just don't know. We just don't know what the big game plan is. Well, actually we do, they're going to a global currency and going to...

1:29:42 Mark

Right. Right.

1:29:43 Phoenix

...a goal. They will have to do some accounting on everything, and perhaps, you're talking about what you're seeing that seems curious, is this global accounting feature that they're basically working on underneath everything, wars excluded to get everything to the point where in they'll go to 1:1 currency.

1:30:01 Mark

Right and I thought it was unique that the Iranian article said that it's gonna come out at around what the dollar is. I mean that article was basically like word per word verbatim with a couple of the Iraqi articles in what, you know, than what the Central Bank of Iraq has been putting out.

1:30:17 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:30:18 Mark

And I just kind of thought it was - it kind of hit me as, you know, the debts from the Federal Reserve and the debt from the European Unions and everything which created under fractional fiat system...

1:30:30 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:30:31 Mark

...and it got huge and out of control and everything but people were still running wild with the profits of it, because it's still considered that. And then I was thinking to myself, that this is almost like, this could be a double profit because now you're filling in that debt hole with a hole - another system that you're - so it's basically like you got yourself or they got themselves into the debt...

1:30:52 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:30:53 Mark

...and with that debt, they all prospered from it. And now it looks like that they can look like heroes because they're going to fill the debt hole with more money. I don't, this all, I mean...

1:31:02 Mark


1:31:03 Phoenix

...level it out.

1:31:06 Phoenix

You don't want that one, they're going to do that. But let me read something to you right here. The exact they're gonna do that, let me read this article and this is a Ron going global. This is from Tonight. Feds getting ready to go after retirement funds.

1:31:18 Mark


1:31:19 Phoenix

And she has, has related article, here of links "Retirement 401(k), where's your money?" Since Feds are retirement funds tax to cut 16 trillion plus deficit. Uncle Sam, in a desperate attempt to fix his 16 trillion dollar plus deficit is luring over America's retirement nest egg as its new bailout fund. Capitol Hill politicians were assessing tax changes that could led the internal revenue service late claim to a portion of the 18 trillion dollars setting in 401(k) accounts and other tax breaks used by the middle-class workers, including cutting the mortgage tax deduction. The Commission is looking for ways to close the deficit and noting that the extent of the 401(k) tax breaks recommends an examination of the system as one way to prevent government bankruptcy. So what they're talking about here, is they have more money setting in the 401(k) accounts, then projected to be in a 401(k), then is our deficit. So basically, what they're looking at, the government saying, "Hey, wait a minute, the public has all the money that needs for us to get out of debt." And...

1:32:25 Mark


1:32:26 Phoenix

...they're going after the 401(k), and they have talked about internationalizing or nationalizing the 401(k). They would actually take everyone's 401(k). They would draw it in to the government system. That would feel that hole you're talking about, and it would fill the debt and then they would basically give everyone an IOU ad give them a managed thing and they said they would take their investments and invest them in Wall Street and give everyone, more or less...

1:32:52 Mark


1:32:53 Phoenix

...like a glorified Social Security. So basically, all the people, who have retired with big 401(k)s will lose all that money and just get like a Social Security check from the government, and that's what they're actually talking about. And some people say they would never do that, "Oh, yeah?" Check out some...

1:33:09 Mark


1:33:10 Phoenix

...of the executive orders that have been signed in the past three months. We've had callers call in about this, I mean we actually posted a letter from a congresswoman in Texas who was stunned, a United States...

1:33:21 Phoenix

...Congresswoman at the Capitol about the things that are happening and that are being done.

1:33:21 Mark

Oh, yeah.

1:33:25 Mark


1:33:26 Phoenix

Yeah, it is now outside...

1:33:28 Mark


1:33:29 Phoenix

...the question that they would nationalize everyone's 401(k). It could happen, and that would fill out that hole we are talking about right there.

1:33:36 Mark

Okay, and yeah. And then, you know, first of that, I was thinking about the EMP and the thing that NASA has put out and everything.

1:33:44 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:33:45 Mark

And I think you're talking about one night about how a nuclear bomb possibly above the atmosphere could potentially take out America, you know...

1:33:55 Phoenix


1:33:56 Mark

...for a couple of days or week. And...

1:33:57 Phoenix

Oh, longer than that, longer than that, yeah.

1:33:59 Mark

Right. And they would be grounds for the martial plan to be enacted because that could be -- that's a crisis, that could be doing the crisis. And I was thinking a lot about that actually.

1:34:12 Phoenix

Uh hmm...Yeah, there's a lot of crisis they -- things are in place and you know, that's why we just have to be balanced, prepared for anything, just say no to fear, and I mean, stuffs out there and just live your lives the best we can, prepare for the stuff, not really worried about it but no, be knowledgeable about it and prepare for it the best we can and just know the stuff is coming because people are going to be blindsided. People who are not prepared have no idea, the other ones are gonna be hurtin'. And...

1:34:43 Mark


1:34:44 Phoenix

I don't know. Yeah, interesting times indeed.

1:34:48 Mark

Right. And another quick question, I guess.

1:34:52 Phoenix


1:34:53 Mark

Everything is going on with Russia and China and how they're merging together in creating forces and stuff. I guess it kind of like follow the money. I find it weird how India was having that rocket and how they have a rocket that could potentially attack China...

1:35:12 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:35:13 Mark

...and I guess, I was looking at it almost like fire woods. If you were in the woods and they are random fireworks going up, where the countries could be, it's almost like, I don't know, I feel like it's come -- so you can follow these things because India had sanctions put on them.

1:35:28 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:35:29 Mark

We are dealing with Iran with the border system and I don't know, I guess I was wondering if World War III could start. I don't think it's gonna start by American hands obviously or I mean, it did seem like everything's pointing to Iran and everything's going to be kicked off over there.

1:35:47 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:35:48 Mark

Do you think by any chance there could be a potential for anything involving India?

1:35:54 Phoenix

Sure. (Crosstalk)

1:35:55 Mark

Thinking that is like a threat or...

1:35:56 Phoenix

(Crosstalk). When things get going, it's gonna start in the Middle East, around Syria, Iran, Israel. The entire place is going to take off. You have Pakistan and India. You have, who knows...

1:36:08 Mark


1:36:09 Phoenix

...who's gonna love what, where. This could go ballistic bombing, I mean, literally no pun

1:36:11 Mark


1:36:12 Phoenix

...intended. And I mean, it's called Armageddon and World War III for a reason. Not because...

1:36:17 Mark


1:36:18 Phoenix

...it's all a regional thing. It is World War III. So yeah, that's a possibility.

1:36:22 Mark

Okay. And without kind of throwing anything that'll buzz, do you think that it's almost, you say, you talked about pre-positioning.

1:36:31 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:36:32 Mark

...basically countries, you wanna pre-position yourself and get yourself ready, You know, any person, if they were gonna go into war, you would kind of wanna, clear everything out, know where it is and pre-position yourself. Do you think that, almost like a chess game...

1:36:45 Phoenix


1:36:46 Mark

...where you could tell that the game's over ten minutes into the game. And I guess I am asking, do you think that potentially that the cards have already been drawn?

1:36:57 Phoenix

Oh, yeah, without a doubt. To an extent...

1:36:59 Mark


1:37:00 Phoenix

...I mean, there are some unknowns but yeah they have pretty good idea...

1:37:03 Mark


1:37:04 Phoenix

...and it's ready to go. It is all ready to go.

1:37:06 Mark

Cool, man. Okay. Alright, yeah, I just wanted to throw it out there...

1:37:11 Phoenix


1:37:12 Mark

...and get your idea about filling in that debt hole just kind of it came to me and I wanted to sort out there and see which thought about it.

1:37:19 Phoenix

Okay, well thank you, that reminded me that 401(k) article. So, there...

1:37:23 Mark


1:37:25 Phoenix

And that's how it was.

1:37:27 Mark

Yeah. Have a goodnight and...

1:37:28 Phoenix


1:37:29 Mark

...alright, we'll see you tomorrow.

1:37:30 Phoenix

Okay, thank you very much. Thanks for calling.

1:37:33 Mark

Yup. Bye.

1:37:36 Phoenix

Bye. Lot of good points, lot of interesting stuff. Let's go to area code 270. Hello?

1:37:42 Jack

Hello? How are you, __1:37:43__ tonight?

1:37:45 Phoenix

Okay, who's this?

1:37:47 Jack

This is Jack.

1:37:48 Phoenix

Mr. Jack, how are things in Tennessee?

1:37:52 Jack

Kentucky, good.

1:37:53 Phoenix

I mean, excuse me, Kentucky. I forgot...

1:37:55 Jack

Yeah, I'm in Hillview. I'm in hillbilly not ridge runner.

1:37:58 Phoenix

Ahh...There is a definite -- not a ridge runner, you are a hillbilly and...

1:38:04 Jack

Yeah. Hey, __1:38:10__ take the census start there, where you at?

1:38:10 Phoenix

A census?

1:38:11 Jack


1:38:13 Phoenix

Ah, they did.

1:38:15 Jack

Oh, yeah here in Kentucky, they do, they're slower than any everybody else.

1:38:18 Phoenix


1:38:20 Jack

And my brother, he got hired on as a census taker.

1:38:22 Phoenix


1:38:24 Jack

He is up in the hills in Kentucky, way up into the cabin, way up in the woods.

1:38:28 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:38:29 Jack

So when he parks his car, the __1:38:31___ in the weeds in the thistles, comes out of this little cabin. This old man comes out and fires a shotgun right at my brother.

1:38:40 Phoenix


1:38:41 Jack

A pretty dangerous jock, right?

1:38:42 Phoenix


1:38:43 Jack

So my brother says, "Hey, old man calm down, calm down." The old man fired at him again. So my brother says, "Oh man, calm down. I'm from the US Citizens Bureau and I'm here to find out how many people over the United States of America." The old man fired out three more times and screamed, "I don't know!"

1:39:07 Phoenix

(Laughs) That's fine. That's a good one, Jack.

1:39:12 Jack

That's bad? I'm sorry. Hey, I was just wondering, where are we on the Gas and Oil Law? I saw an article about, something like might be January before __1:39:24__ debt hole.

1:39:25 Phoenix

Nah. No way. No way. Whenever - here's we're at on the Gas and Oil Law. It's all agreed upon. They're ready to go. What's stopping it is the implementation of the Erbil Agreement because the last part it's actually fractioned. I think into like four segments. They've got three of them done. The big part of it, that is being delayed is the allocations to the different regions and to the people. This was called the stipends, which all the Iraqis would receive money from the oil. That's being held up by the Erbil Agreement, because within the Erbil Agreement, within the passage of that is the what's called Article 140, which is Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution which deals with the border issue and the inclusion of the City of Kirkuk and that area up into Kurdistan and not into Baghdad proper because the former regime of Saddam Hussein, he actually stole that area from the Kurds and did it in such a way, moved people in and moved Kurds out. It was such really weird and he did it to later claim to certain oil areas, etc and try to change the boundaries through the population. And they have restored all that as complex thing but that's hidden in the Erbil Agreement. See that's the thing, they packaged off the Erbil Agreement with a bunch of big issues, and a lot of these issues are more or less like triggers. Once they say yes, they sat down, they signed everything, they implement everything. You'll see all kinds of stuff happen real quick. Just out of the blue, you'll see all of a sudden they've come up, they'll be able to vote for the last thing on the Oil Law. Different things, seeding different people in governance, different sections and who knows what else, but there's a lot of things hinging on that. So you're looking for all of that just to begin moving quickly. One meeting and a couple of signatures or probably more couple of signatures and they'll...

1:41:25 Phoenix

...just keep this thing rolling and there's all kinds of indications that that may indeed happen this week, this very week.

1:41:33 Jack

Yeah, that's not what I was asking. Because I believe we're going to have a larger week we're taking and like you were saying earlier, there are so many people out here put the scanner but out -- but I'm just saying just look at what's going on.

1:41:48 Phoenix

Oh, yeah. There's so much goodness.

1:41:50 Jack

You've given us the keys, you know. You've given us the keys here.

1:41:53 Phoenix

Oh, yeah. I tell you what, we've - I have been on, you know, been so happy all weekend, feeling great and it's not because of some nonsense as somebody is saying. That's not even true. And that's the thing, people put out all these nonsensical stories and that's all they are. They're just made up stories and you know, and it gets people all upset when these made-up stories don't come true. They don't come true because they were made-up stories. How about that? You know, people are always surprised like, "What happened to the rumor?" What happened to the rumor was not true in the first place, that's what happened. That's why it did not come true, but then that's not - you know, that's not an option. So they got to come up with another story, why that crazy story did not come true and then when that crazy story that they filled in that hole within. This is like just never-ending process and people have extremely short memories. If you step back and look at this, this happens in waves in every two weeks, and this was a big weekend for a big week. Now this coming week, it will kind of settle down. I don't know. It seems you're kind of be building up a little bit and there is a lot of things going on. But normally, it goes like in a two-week cycle and I personally think it may have to do with my check or some type of payday thing. Because I get people all excited and it's usually on Fridays after people get paid, and you know, like all these - they put forward a false illusion that not only are things changing, they have changed but their secret nobody knows. And some of, you know, like they can get in on something because they are slake and they got real on side dealings. So they ran out and like spend money they don't have on something because it's a sure thing because you know, whatever the story is, and of course nothing happens. And it happens every couple of weeks, it builds up then I'll tell you what, money...

1:43:53 Phoenix

...changes hands. Money changes hands and millions and millions of dollars are made out of people believing made-up stories.

1:44:05 Jack

Oh, yeah. __1:44:09__ would be right now is follow the money.

1:44:08 Phoenix

Yeah. Follow the money and check the news...

1:44:10 Jack


1:44:11 Phoenix

Yeah, it's factual. I mean factual, factual, factual. We'd put up more stuff. I mean, just even tonight and tonight's headlines, we'd put out more fantastic, solid great stuff than a hundred rumors put together. I mean...

1:44:27 Jack


1:44:28 Phoenix

...because it is real, I mean it's real and is factual and is ongoing and it's not something that you're not sure about. It's not something that a friend of a friend heard from somebody. It's the real deal. And it's all good stuff and solid, positive.

1:44:46 Jack

Uh hmm...Yeah, I think that it is not just me speaking but just from everything that I'm hearing and then what's going in the news and __1:44:49__ pieces of the Earth. It will tell you it can be a good month. I mean, it's...

1:44:59 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:45:00 Jack

...a piece of stuff , I think we're gonna be to, you know, able to cash in and move forward. I kind of think that it's gonna be a great month towards this electronic - you know, implement electronic, hurried up and gets the electronic stuff done.

1:45:16 Phoenix

Uh hmm...(crosstalk)...

1:45:17 Jack

You're stepping at the same stage.

1:45:18 Phoenix

Yea, well, it's all done. The E-banking, I mean, the E-government is in place. And you know that's an interesting thing and I think it was Obama who brought this up to me. He said, "You know that Chad Beebe was pressing him. He said they had to pass a law and they wanted him to do the pass a law to do with banking. People were thinking that it had something to do with changing the currency. Well no, it didn't. Because the Central Bank of Iraq has total control over the exchange rate and the currency of Iraq. That's in the constitution. So what would Beebe...

1:45:49 Jack


1:45:50 Phoenix

...talking about? I contend that he indeed was talking about this law that was brought up for a first reading of the day. I think this is a thing, because there was a representative from the Central Bank there. I think this is what Chad Beebe was saying, they needed to get pass.

1:46:05 Jack

Sure they'll be in a nice way acceptable where they may seem to be able to have a law for you know...

1:46:12 Phoenix


1:46:13 Jack

...and that stuff.

1:46:14 Phoenix

No, no, no, no. This has nothing to do with this, Jack. What we're looking at here, they have what 's called E-banking, I mean, E-government's electronic big internet they set up over there that's highly secure for the Iraqi government. They launched it like...

1:46:27 Jack

Okay. Yeah.

1:46:28 Phoenix

...couple of months ago. Yeah. Now, what they're talking about...

1:46:30 Jack

Yeah, I got it.

1:46:31 Phoenix

...is a payment system within the Iraqi government, to quickly move funds in between agencies and the Central Bank and this needed to happen to facilitate things quickly and on a modern level. And I don't think, I think it was something, yeah, you know what I think, that the IMF was looking for this and they needed to see this modernization. And I believe this last law they basically makes it legal for them to do so and to implement this is the last key to this puzzle because it's all set-up in the banks. They all have the switch system in that they have the E-government and this is the only thing we can think of that Chad Beebe was saying they needed to pass a law. They didn't need to pass the law to give him permission to change their currency. They don't need to pass a law, they can't. This is all in the hands of the Iraqi Central Bank, but something that's not in the hands of the Central Bank that is needed for this modernized banking is this E-transaction within the government agencies and this is why he was pushing for them to pass this because this needs to happen to quickly implement projects, move things along, and because the economy is gonna soar. It's going to take off and they need this going and I think that's why they were pressing this issue. Now they did the first reading today. They're in session tomorrow. They can have this thing in place on Tuesday, and...

1:47:53 Jack


1:47:54 Phoenix

...get it going. So, yeah, they could really make this thing.

1:47:56 Jack

Yeah, I missed that part. What I was thinking in my mind was you know now they're coming up, they needed the E-trans as part of it for it to be totally addressed thereby around the world.

1:48:11 Phoenix

No. The...

1:48:12 Jack

But what you said later - Oh, that's great. I understand now.

1:48:13 Phoenix

They already have that. They have that. They have the electronic switch system and already up to speed on that. This is just intergovernmental, yeah, intergovernmental level...

1:48:21 Jack


1:48:22 Phoenix

...and has to do with transfers from the Central Bank itself within the different agencies and levels of the Iraqi government to facilitate projects quickly. That's what this is all about. Now, the international stuff is already in place. There's nothing they need for that. This is just something internal they needed. But it's important, it's very important.

1:48:42 Jack

That's great. Yeah, I was way up basically. Yeah, that's great.

1:48:45 Phoenix

Uh hmm....

1:48:46 Jack

Sounds great. That makes me even more excited. (Laughs)

1:48:48 Phoenix

Oh, yeah, it's good sound.

1:48:50 Jack

Yeah. This is the last feature because I remembered an article about what I'm talking about. He has __1:48:57__ that he wanted to get it through.

1:49:00 Phoenix

Uh hmm...

1:49:01 Jack

So, __1:49:01__ that we're coming down to the end here.

1:49:03 Phoenix

Yeah, and that's it, this is what it is. It's about this electronic stuff and this electronic transfer. Nothing to do with the currency but this is what they need. This was the banking law they needed.

1:49:15 Jack

Sounds good, buddy. Well then, I really appreciate it. And...

1:49:18 Phoenix

You're welcome, Jack.

1:49:20 Jack

Yeah, have a goodnight, and keep up the good work, man.

1:49:25 Phoenix

Okay, thank you and be well.

1:49:28 Jack


1:49:29 Phoenix

Okay. Okay. We'll take our last question of the evening. No one else has any other questions. Looks like we have a fantastic week lined up. Things are looking really solid. Things are looking really good. But wait a minute, it looks like we have one more, one more question. No, we have couple more. Yeah, we have time for a couple more callers here. Let's go to this person here, area code 330.

1:49:58 Bonita

Hi, Bonita. How are you?

1:49:59 Phoenix

Hi! Okay. How are you?

1:50:02 Bonita

Good. I got a question. Whatever happened, remember way back when they had their congress, are those guys still in existence?

1:50:11 Phoenix

When they had the what?

1:50:12 Bonita

Super, the passed Federal "Super Congress", where they have this 12...

1:50:15 Phoenix

Yeah. Yes, "Super Congress" is still in existence. It most certainly is. That is still in existence and that is something that they set up before the pass this budget thing. It kind of fell through. They gave them a bunch of power to do things extraordinarily outside the normal regards of congress without needing full congressional approval and what they needed them for allegedly didn't really work, and they never retracted those powers. So yes, they are still there.

1:50:46 Bonita

Okay, right. I thought they weren't. I haven't heard anything about them in a long time, so I didn't know if like swept through the cracks or there's still, you know, in existence but obviously, they are.

1:50:54 Phoenix

No, yeah. They are.

1:50:56 Bonita

Okay, that was my question then.

1:50:59 Phoenix


1:51:00 Bonita

Thank you very much. Have a great night.

1:51:01 Phoenix

You're welcome, buh-bye.

1:51:03 Bonita


1:51:05 Phoenix

Okay. Now that, I believe was the last question. Okay, that's it, or is it? Who is this? Hello? Let's go to area code - we have more people popping up questions. Area code 516. Hello?

1:51:26 Joy

Hi, Phoenix. This is Joy, hello.

1:51:28 Phoenix

Hey, Joy. How is it going? We have like nine minutes. What's up?

1:51:31 Joy

Okay, this is really quick and it does deal with the conversation you were having earlier. So, I'm just trying to think about the timeframe. So, as far as keeping the game board over a potential World War III or however you want to look at it, would it be in Obama's best interest to try to like get that kind of closer to reelection time because standing president don't get knocked out of office when there is a military conflict going on?

1:52:06 Phoenix

This military conflict will be ongoing a long time. So, he does not have to weigh on anything and this is not in the long run gonna be in his best interest. I will guarantee you. But, I see what you're saying about that, but I truly don't think that's an issue, and even with that in mind, the way these things are gonna roll on, the way this could potentially go. This can happen at any time. Yeah, there is no holding off on this. They have noted places and equipment in place that can't stay there forever. We have carrier groups, we have battle groups, we have people on the ground. We have all kinds of stuff, all kinds of assets, everywhere, and the longer they wait, the longer it gives Iran time to double up their defenses, make counters, prepare and all of that. So, it actually, if you looked at the strategic point, we don't know all the details, but it would probably be better off sooner than later.

1:53:05 Joy

Okay. Well, I was hoping later than sooner, but okay.

1:53:09 Phoenix

Well, me too. I like never -- how about that? That'll be great. Probably, didn't look that way.

1:53:16 Joy

Oh, well, I guess we'll find out.

1:53:20 Phoenix

Yeah, we will. We most certainly will and that's okay. What will happen, will happen and let's hope for the best.

1:53:29 Joy

Yup, exactly. Okay, I'm gonna let you go if there's somebody else behind me.

1:53:34 Phoenix

Okidok, but we're in end of the show though. We are wrappin' up.

1:53:40 Joy

Okay, well then, thanks. Thanks for taking my call and thanks for everything and it's always nice to hear your voice.

1:53:47 Phoenix

Well, thank you, Joy. Thanks for calling.

1:53:49 Joy

Okay, buh-bye.

1:53:50 Phoenix

Buh-bye. Okay and that was it. We are out of time. Yeah, we have a good week coming up here. Things are looking really solid. Things are looking good. Be proactive, be proactive, proactive, proactive. If you feel like you're stuck, get yourself unstuck. Do something. Make yourself unstuck. Be proactive about - change something. Change something in your life. Exercise. Do something different. Turn off your computer. How about that? Turn off your computer, do something else. Help someone. I don't know, I don't know. Just whatever needs to be done, do something different, and you will feel much better. You'll feel so much better because you'll feel like you've done something proactive. And you know what, it doesn't take a lot of money to do things like that. You can be creative, and enjoy. Enjoy nature, go for a walk, go for a hike. Say hi to a neighbor you haven't spoken to in a long time or whatever, my friend. Anyway, that's it. We're gonna wrap the show up here and I will see everyone back here tomorrow evening at 8:00 p.m. in the evening and hopefully we'll have fantastic news to cover and like I said, just hang in there, we have a good week. Find someone you love, tell them that you love them. Goodnight and God bless.