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This show discusses the various ways to improve your overall health using pH balancing techniques along with the use of herbs, essential oils and other natural methodologies to overcome health issues, increase energy, rid the body of pain naturally and fight the effects of environmental pollutants.

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Often we are asked how to use essential oils with babies. Mothers know the benefits of these oils and want to uses them on their children, but want to be safe. On today's show Mike and Monika will talk about all the ways in which you can... more

We will talk about what to do when you feel exhausted and need additional energy. Why energy boosters are not in your best interest and how you can take natural health products to give you the energy you need in a fast paced world.... more

As the holiday season approaches what better way to get back to the basics than to discover the magic of the essential oil Myrrh. It was given as a gift nearly two thousands years ago for a reason and today we have the benefit of using this oil... more

The pineal gland has a tendency to close down when it is not properly cared for. Today Mike and Monika will talk all about the ways you can keep that gland open and functioning at a high level. When that happens, your senses come... more

We never had time to talk about Lemon Oil the other day so we thought we would devote a whole show to what you can do with this very versatile oil. You will be amazed at the uses this oil has in everyday life. Another essential oil you should... more

Frankincense is perhaps the most versatile essential oil in existence. It has special meaning at this time of year because of its history with the Christ child. Today we will talk about all the marvelous things this oil can do and why it is... more

Bags, wrinkles, skin tags oh my, you are getting older and your face can scare away the big bad wolf. Well today we are going to share with you some remarkable beauty secrets using essential oils that will have the big bad wolf... more

Eyes fixed and staring at the ceiling at three in the morning is the hallmark of the seasoned insomniac. If you know the feeling then this show is for you. We delve into ways to overcome the cruel traits that constitute AWAKE and... more

Your digestive system runs day and night and if it is not working correctly you can't work and you can't sleep. Over the counter medications bring some relief, but the older you become the more attention you need to pay to the... more

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils Lemon and Lavender have so many versatile uses that this show could actually be two hours long, but we are going to share with you the magic in a condensed version so you will have... more
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