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Turning Passions Into Successful Life And Career with Reinvention, Reintegration and Adaption. Each week, we will cover Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Creativity, Art, Media, Health, Current Events And Politics to provide tools, resources and inspiration for Baby Boomers to find Success and Happiness as they go through transition.

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Guest: Susan Delano Swim, author and expert If you feel you're a slave to your "to do" list and you have no time for anything else, Susan Delano Swim, The Balanced Lifestyle Expert, has some choice strategies for you. She teaches... more

Just in case you were wondering who you are, Naomi Tickle, author of "What Makes People Tick and Why" will be happy to help you find out through Face Pattern Recognition. It's a fascinating study that reveals the GPS to your inner... more

Marion Pember, author of "God in a Box" is recovering fundamentalist with many a tale to tell. He's a much decorated Army Chaplain, a scholar, a philosopher, a teacher and a clown. And that's only for starters! Travel with Marion Pember... more

Guest: Bart Smyth, A Modern Day Shaman How does one become a modern day shaman? Bart Smyth describes his journey to wellness and studies that took him from Taoist temple caves in China, to deepest Amazon, to Western... more

Terry Pappy, author of Compass Playbook, believes we all create our experiences and have 100% control over the outcome. Her Compass Playback workshops inspire breakthroughs in individual-driven creative magic. She is... more

Guest: Diane Wing, author, radio host and perspective changer, lives by the philosophy, ?Let go. Be grateful. Stay open. See the magick.? the ideal world she strives for is filled with inspiration, wonder and magic. Diane Wing is a prolific... more

Guest: Jeff Bowe, spiritual artist. If you've ever wondered what makes a creative genius tick, listen in as Jeff Bowe generously shares his thoughts, his dreams and his transcendent, spiritual art. Don't miss it! Art for art's sake is well and... more

Dr. Marilou McIntyre, author, past life connector and fear buster, holds forth with brilliant ways to banish fear from your life. To learn more go to www.MarilouMcIntyre.com. Dr. Marilou McIntyre, author, past life connector, and... more

Guests: Jaspreet Kaur - Participant and Evelyn Seubert (Executive Director). Summit being held in Los Angeles, Ca - starts 7/14. The International Youth Media Summit is an annual event that brings together teen filmmakers and teen... more

Jaia Lee, psychic, singer/songwriter, transformational travel host, etc.