Picket Fences Divorce Recovery

Picket Fences Divorce Recovery


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Non-denominational, Christian based discussions of divorce-related topics pertaining to women.

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Even if you are separated, you are probably well-aware that your husband is gone and will not be returning. Some of you are hanging on for hope and then some of you are backing off from the marriage as far as you can because of... more

You found out! And it has crushed you...with painful emotions that make you want to curl up and die, to fight back with your anger, to run and reveal yourself to the OW, to be the sinister, angry wife, and to .......well, you fill in the blank...I'm sure... more

Have you ever woken up next to someone you barely know? Has he made an about-face? Have you noticed that his normal behavior...is not so normal right now? Are you focused on what he is doing...on every level? If you... more

When we are facing divorce, whether it be by your hand or your spouse's hand, many of us reach for help through therapists, friends, family, books, and magazines...and our attorneys. And many of those kinds of resources are very... more

Many of you are facing unbelievable turmoil within your own lives. Every time you turn around, there is another issue to deal with. You are dealing with domestic issues, financial issues, emotional turmoil, and those kinds of things that one... more

Many times, when we are facing an unwanted divorce, we claim the deception, "But there was nothing wrong with my marriage! It had its' ups and downs, but we got along together!" Yes, that's what my thoughts were when I was facing... more

When divorce is going to happen, then every fiber in our being busts wide open and we feel as though we will be falling into an endless sinking hole. BUT! We don't have to go through divorce with that kind of hopeless feeling. Just as a... more

This is the question that permeates the heart of those followers of Christ who struggle to make the right choice. We've all heard it...God Hates Divorce! Will He hate me? Should I wait because of my faith? Should I wait because that's... more

When you separate, you will find that you must adjust to new schedules, maybe new environments, and other lost relationships. You look around to see if your friends or family will give you moral support to a roof over your head. Who do... more