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  • Halloween & Our Fury Friends

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    All Hollows Eve...FAMOUS for Black Cats, Ghosts, Witches and .... of course hoards of children dressed up and enjoying the collection of "candy from strangers"! OH...the JOY!!!  Join Charlie and Suzy as they explore the myths and mysteries of Halloween, share tips and techniques to contribute to your animal companion getting through the evening of high energy visitors of ALL kinds with ease and .... explore the possibility that your animal companions may have some skills, talents and abilities to expand your level of FUN this Halloween.

  • LNSA: More Great Information On The Saltwater Fish Keeping Hobby

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    Even though the Saltwater Maniac strays from programme topics he still manages to get the information out there eventually. So, make you listening, appointment as usual because you just may miss something very important!Tonight's episode will be another informative show as presented by Russell Sakay from Maryland. You know, he has been in the hobby for quite awhile and even has that tank maintaining business, of his. So, you can trust his information as it comes. Call in with your wildest question at 1-347-677-1837.

  • Keep Cats in Homes and Out of Shelters

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    Dr. Marci Koski is a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist.  Her goal is to keep cats in homes and out of shelters or abandoned as the reult of treatable behavior problems.  She loves working with cats and their people to educate pet guardians about the needs of their cats and how to meet them.
    Dr. Marci Koski has recieved her specialized certificate in Feline Training and Behavior from the Animal Behavior Institute.  She also holds a doctorate in Fish and Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University and has worked as a biologist with the U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service since 2006, where she focused her efforts on the conservation and recovery of threatened and endagered species.
    Marci has always been passionate about animals and their welfare in particular.  Cats have always had a special place in her heart, and in fact, Marci can't remember a time when she's been without at least one cat in her life.  She currently relies on her five-member kitty support staff to maintain the feline duties of her household.  
    6 Questions that Marci will answer.
    1) Why did you decide to become a cat behaviorist? 2)Why do people seek the services of a cat behaviorst? 3)What should people expect if they have a cat behavior problem they are trying to resolve, and they all you for help? 4)What's the most rewarding part of your work as a cat behaviorst? 5)Talk about a pet you've had a special connection with. 6)How can people help animals in shelters?
    For more check out Dr.Koski's website www.felinebehaviorsolutions.com, sign up for her 'Mewsletter' and find her on social media.
    Join our community of kind, thoughtful people that have respect for all creatures.  www.deathofmypet.com
    Judy Helm Wright

  • AE: Great Guest Appearance by Roman Burkardt:

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    All the way from Germany, Roman Burkhardt will make a guest appearance here at the Living in America's Euphoric Network studio! Roman will be speaking on fish and how they do it in Germany, hs traveling escapades, cichlids and his latest fishing trip to Peru. Do not miss out on this one folks! This show here ought to be a great one. Come by and meet Roman! Chat with him by calling in at 1-347-677-1837. I can't wait to here about his latest fishing trip. How about you?

  • Pet Radio-Catify to Satisfy with Kate Benjamin

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    Kate Benjamin discusses her new book co-authored with Jackson Galaxy, Catify to Satisfy. Other guests yet to be announced. Learn more about making your home more cat friendly with style and sophistication.

  • Assisting Animals in the Process of Transition: Crossing Into Spirit

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    Lisa Larson is a full-time animal communicator, with a specialty in speaking to animals who have crossed into spirit.  She is also a Reiki Master and Huna Shaman who assists animals in the process of transition, as well as assisting animals and people with their grief after the passing of an animal.  Additionally, Lisa is a psychic/medium and is known for her compassion, honesty, integrity, and ethics.  
    Lisa can connect you with your animals and loved ones in the afterlife to deliver messages of hope and comfort, as we as connecting with your animals in body, to correct behavioral problems, and help them understand current life situations.
    As a Huna Practitioner, with a lifetime of study and experience in the metaphysical sciences, and background in tarot, she uses her wealth of spiritual knowledge to teach, mentory, and counsel those in need, and those on their own spiritual journey.
    Lisa has a Master's Degree in Human Behavior and lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband, Michael and their two feline fur-kids, Cuba and Makana.
    Questions Lisa will answer:
    1)How I do what I do, how animal communication works. 2)How I got into animal communication. 3)Special insights on Euthanasia. (Check out this blog post.) 4)What types of messages animals give from the other side. 5)What people can do to help getting over the passing of a pet. (Check out this blog post.) 6)How people can get in touch with me.
    For more check out Lisa's website http://pawstalker.net or email her at pawstalker@gmail.com 

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