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    Season 2 - Show 3: Preparing pet owners for new baby

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    Since 2009, Jeff Coltenback has been conducting Pets and Babies classes for expecting parents at two major Hospitals in Northern NJ - St Barnabas and Valley Hospitals.  His classes have helped expecting parents and their pets with the transition of adding a new baby to the environment.  Join us tonight as Jeff illustrates some proactive measures that will surely help with this major life changing event.  Jeff's workshops usually last over 2 hours.  In one short hour, you will be better equipped to handle the challenges of being a new parent with pets.  The focus of the class is geared towards dogs with a good portion dedicated to cats as well...

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    Has your four-legged child crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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    This show is here to entertain and educate our listeners who have questions regarding their four legged children. Dogs can't speak for themselves. My show will provide the most up to date information for the well being of your companion. Our interviews are from the top in their field which includes, training, allergies,vaccinations,food,adoption,rescue,nutrition,health care, and so much more. Tune in to listen to k9Network -Dog Blog Radio Show.

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    Back To The Bullies

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    Back to the Bullies with your host Ms. Chavez and the "Pitcrew" ~Tonight we talk Mandatory Spay and Netuer~the lastest in The PUSH for PITBULLS. Tune in Thursdays call in to listen or ask questions!! Do you have a topic or want to come on the show? email us at bullyshows@yahoo.com

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    Breeding Tools !!! Incabator 101!!

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    Tonights show will be one every breeder will appreciate no matter the breed. We are honored to have an expert on tonight Mr. Alfredo Lopez founder of The Bull Incabator.. After years Breeeding the Bulldog Alfredo has discovered and experienced many things. So he didnt just sit idle he started creating. Ed Shepherd will also be on to talk and take questions. Tonights show is sponsored by The BULL INCABATOR AND NUVET LABS. Proud Supporters of the Bully.

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    Vaccines, Titers and your Pup with Dr. Karen Becker

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    In this episode we will have the opportunity to speak with Dr, Karen Becker about Vaccines and titers.  It is something that is very close to my heart after having lost a dog to Hemolytic Autoimmune Anemia, which is believed to be brought on by over vaccinating.  Up until then my dogs were vaccinated every year and probably with every vaccine that the Veterinarian told me was important.
    After that I began titering and Mattie, my first titered dog, never needed the additional core vaccines. I continued to get him Rabies and Bordetella (since he went to Doggie Daycare and overnight when I went away). 
    I think that this is important for everyone to learn about and understand, but not being an expert myself I called one in.
    I hope that this is as eye opening for you as it was for me when I first learned of it.
    To learn more or sign up to receive Dr. Becker's Newsletter you can go to mercolahealthypets.com.

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    Pushing for Puppy Doe's Justice Fund with Tamara Green

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    To support the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston’s efforts to find Puppy Doe’s abuser(s), Loving Relationship Expert Tamara Green, LCSW is encouraging people to donate $50 or more to ARL's efforts find those responsible. Green is offering donors a discount on her hypnotherapy rates. Click here for details.

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    Birgitte's story

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    Birgitte tells her story about how her horse went from dreadful and sick to kind, caring and fun.

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    How to potty train your puppy in less than a week!

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    Today's show is all about potty training your dogs.  Art will go over several different methods of potty training including pad training, box training (litter box), as well as ringing the bell to let you know they have to go outside to potty.
    Included is some dog psychology information including how dogs live in the moment, pack leadership and pack structure, and more.  All of which will help you potty train your dog easier and faster!

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    WK9R / Car show episode

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    Tune in tonight to the show and listen in on what we got planned for Oct. 12, 2013. We will talking with Larry out in New Mexico, and Rick from Flatlands Finest CC out in Texas about all the things we got planned for the show, and who is all going!........... So tune in tonight and see what the buzz is about here in the South West corner of our continent!............. WK9R/POSITIVE IMPACT MOVEMENT!.......2013, we at it again ya'll.

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    The Sammy Mission ~ Let the Healing Begin!

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    Come learn about this new great show called The Sammy Mission, actually its also a non profit organization that helps rescues and their owners have a better relationship through messages from Animal Communicator and Pet Healer, Lisa LaMendola.  
    Lisa is a world renonwed Psychic and Medical Medium who uses her gifts not just on humans, but to help pets ~ most notably rescues ~ have a deep and profound conversation with their parents so the whole family can better get to know each other.  By understanding the story of the rescue the parent can better integrate the new family member into the home.
    Shows consist of guidance with health, healing, food choices, behavioral issues, and much more!  Including free mini pet readings! 
    So tune in and learn more about The Sammy Mission, its purpose for being on the airwaves, AND meet Sammy himself ~ CEO and Chief Rescue Dog of The Sammy Mission!
    Learn more about Lisa on her website:  http://www.lisalamendola.com
    Learn more about The Sammy Mission: http://thesammymission.blogspot.com
    LIKE the Sammy Mission on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thesammymission

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