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    Dog Psychology - Finding your Identity - Pt 1

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    In this show I will be discussing the issue of identity and how the unique relationship dogs share with us through Nature can offer a glimpse into who we really are. 

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    Puerto Rico Reptiles Radio - Come Back & Few Tests!

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    Este DOMINGO 4 de diciembre de 2016 a las 7:30 PM. Después de 2 años regresamos con el programa que pone a gozar a todos los herpers de Puerto Rico y habla hispana, Puerto Rico Reptiles Radio! En este episodio trataremos de incorporar nuevas funciones, estaremos transmitiendo por Skype y trataremos de hacer transmisión en vivo a través de Facebook Live. También vamos a usar equipos nuevos para una mejor calidad de sonido y tendremos un nuevo integrante en el programa! Los esperamos a todos, a los que nunca habín escuchado el programa prepárense para vacilar y a la vez aprender de nuestras mascotas. También tendremos noticias que pasan en el hobby tanto en PR como en EU y mucho más. Y a los que ya nos habían escuchado.... WE ARE BACK!!!

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    Holiday Proof Your Pet

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    It's Holiday Time! A time for family (including pets), lots of good food, visiting friends, gift giving.... AND Time to Holiday Proof Your Pets!  Pet Expert Dr. Pat White, owner of the Atlanta Veterinary Skin & Allergy Clinic, discusses key issues regarding pet health care that arise during the holidays. Learn precautions to take and tips on how to keep our best friends safe and healthy. Topics include brushing up on training in anticipation of visiting guests, creating safety barriers, and preventing hazards that are holiday specific.  Think you're  ready?  Listen in and be prepared!

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    10,000 Candles for Yulin Dogs and Cats

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    The vast majority of Chinese support ending dog slaughter, but their government is not listening. We have the power to add to their voices. Global support alongside undercover investigations have successfully halted these festivals in the past. We are aiming to do that again this year through large demonstrations and a social media campaign #YulinChallenge and #YulinIsEverywhere.
    Every year, 10,000 dogs and cats are brutally beat, tortured and then murdered for meat for Yulin's dog meat festival. These dogs and cats are often stolen from families who love them and are slaughtered with their collars still on. But we have the power to stop this. Join us as we support the Chinese activists leading the campaign against dog meat - marking the last day of the festival - to hold vigil for the innocent animals murderedin Yulin. Nearly all people in both China and in the US don't want to hurt animals, and both countries have activists risking their freedom to help make the world better for all animals. (the above was taken from their event page on facebook. Join here)
    We are kicking off the event online and the event in Texas will begin at 8pm EST USA. So get your candles ready and have your pets by your side and let's allow our energy to be carried by the smoke of the candle into the air to join millions of others world wide so our cries may be heard and animals be saved.
    This show is sponsored by Candlelicious. All natural soy candles with cotton wicks poured in the USA with jewelry inside! A surprise in every candle!
    Pawz up!

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    Why choose holistic pet care?

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    Thea Malfetti, was determined to find an improved way to take care of her beloved furry friends; a healthy, happier way and that launched her into the subject of animal nutrition and alternative care. Thea's  studies are from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy under the guidance of holistic veterinarians Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason. 
    As an animal health consultant, author, radio and TV show host, Thea knows there is a better way to care for and support the health and vitality of our pets; improve their immune system and extend the health of their lives for as long as possible!

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    What's Your Pet Telling You? with Animal Communicator Pamela Marie Edmunds

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    Tonight Host and Animal Communicator Pamela Marie Edmunds will facilitate her monthly call in show for Free Animal Communication Sessions titled "What's Your Pet Telling You?" Call into the studio at 646-564-9938, and maybe you'll be one of the listeners who receives communication from your pet tonight. More About Pamela Marie Edmunds; Pamela Marie Edmunds is a Holistic Healing Practitioner, Teacher, and Radio Show Host. She has a BA in Women’s Studies from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA, and a MA in Holistic Leadership from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. She is a Medium, Pet Medium, Animal Communicator, and a Certified ThetaHealing® Technique Practitioner. As a Medium, she has studied with Rita Berkowitz of Massachusetts, and many other teachers in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. Pamela has completed the Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism through The Morris Pratt Institute, and has worked at many churches, healing centers and other venues over twenty years doing Mediumship, healing and teaching. She is certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as a Basic and Advanced Practitioner. Pamela has had lots of experience as a radio show host over the years. She was the original host of "Bridge Between Two Worlds" since 2001 and currently hosts “Love Never Dies Radio Show'" on Mondays and "We love Our Pets Radio Show" on Thursdays. They both air on Blog Talk Radio at 6:00 PM Arizona Time. She maintains her own office in Sedona, Arizona. You can contact Pamela at; www.pamelamarieedmunds.com, pamelaedmunds@earthlink.net, and 928-606-3275.

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    Making a difference: John Lolley Foundation

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    John Lolley, a young man from Chester, has a goal and that is to inspire and empower at-risk youth in Chester succeed by providing opportunities/programs for them.

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    Leopard gecko: Products you don't need but are not harmful

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    Joking Captin Chad as he host a night of leopard gecko products, advice and extras. We will hit on products that are not harmful but you really could do without. Thanks again for listening

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    Hi, I'm Amy, I talk to Dogs

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    I've always had a strong connection with dogs, but something was missing. When I finally owned up and allowed myself the open pathways to communicate with animals, amazing things began to happen. If you've ever felt like you've had a deeper connection with dogs, but weren't sure what that connection was, come hang as I share my journey. It may spark something in you! 

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    Lets play ketchup

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    Just a show to catch up with everyone and see what everyone is up to.

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