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    **REPLAY** MVP K9 Radio Show-Joeri Goedertier 6.20.12

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    Join us tonight as we welcome back Joeri Goederteir of Redwood Krest K9!! It's been over a year since we last had him in the hot seat! You don't want to miss this show!

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    Canine Conversation

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    Call in with your dog training and behavior questions. You can also check out jim Helem's website:
    And Eric Letendre's website at:

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    Awakening Your Inner Groomer/ The Gratitude Exchange

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    "A course teaching you how to connect to your pets heart and soul, while educating, inspiring, and bringing oneness to you and your dogs' divine purpose together."This is a course to help you move through some of those fears of helping your dog feel, look, and smell great. Proper hygiene is very important not only for humans, but also our pets too. Have you wanted to trim your Dog nails, but were afraid of hurting them? Has it been a desire for you to brush your dogs teeth but was not sure how to have your dog hold still, or not sure what type of tooth paste, tooth brush to buy and use? Does your dog not like it when you brush their fur, either cause the brush pulls, pokes, or scratches them o the point they bite, yipe, and run? If you have answered yes to one, or all of these questions then this is the course for you. Here's your beginning of the Awaken Your Inner Groomer series! Angie's Pet World will assist and be where you will learn how to connect to your pet's heart and soul through:MeditationGratitude ExchangeEnergy AwarenessBasic Canine AnatomyDay to day human and canine body language and behaviorProper and safe loving restraint of your pet duringBrushingEar CleaningNail TrimmingTeeth Brushingand More!Socialization for pet and parentyou will also learn about some essential oils and how they play a big part in the calming and loving bond that is created Awaken your Inner Groomer today and have the heart and soul connection bond begin between you and your pet.

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    Cats, cats, and a few very fashionable dogs for balance

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    Purina One® tells us all about the true nature of cats
    Dr Jill Villarreal tells us about a symposium coming up where you can learn why your Fluffy behaves as he or she does
    Our Fashion correspondent, Valentina Bloomfiled tells us about a major fashion event and show last week in Coconut Beach, Fl where amazing new dog fashions hit the runway
    And Alice de Almeida joins in to bring us up to date on New Yorks's most celebratied feline, Matilda, the Algonquin Cat, back in residence at one of New York's swankiest hotels.

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    PetStarship Radio

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    Interviewing Dana Miller. Pet communicator. Have better relations with your pet. Locate lost pets. Communicate with pets telepathically.

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    Animal Alliance Radio

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    Animal Alliance Radio, where truth, honest and utter vulgarity are used to delve into the world of animals. From Rescue to Breeders, Rights versus Welfare, join us on a journey into the unknown.
    Education and Fun 2 days a week!! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10 Pm! Call in: (661) 449-1447

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    finally up and running. now for the introductions.

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    We are finally up and running after months of working on grids and applications and getting our schedules together. Our first show will introduce you to our Non -Profit organization, Whiskers and Tails. We will talk a little bit about who we are and what we do as well as what we have been up to.
    Each week we will cover a different topic. This week we will discuss allergies to animals and what you can do to keep your companion at home with you.
    We have a wonderful success story about a woman who was physically abused and was forced to watch animals be abused and killed. You will hear what finally gave her the courage to leave and how she got away. The story is called -
    Away goes Alice.
    We introduce you to our companion animal family and tell you how you can help them.
    We have a funny story to share as well as tips, tricks, and our project of the week.
    You will not want to miss this week's Hiss on That where will give you the dish on our latest donation request. Who turned us down and what all was said.
    We will put up our classified ads for the week and our volunteer opp as well as go over our wish list.
    You won't want to miss one second of this brand new show.

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    7 - Nowzad Needs Help - Now

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    In this episode of Pet Pardons News Radio, your hosts Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor of Pet Pardons and Tawnee Preisner, the Vice President of Horse Plus Humane will be speaking with Pen Farthing from Nowzad.
    Nowzad is the only animal shelter in Afghanistan and is in danger of being shut down unless volunteers can raise the money to build a new shelter to replace the one that local authorities are shutting down.
    With a goal of $250,000 to build a facility, animal advocates from around the world are being asked to mobilize and help keep this important facility alive.
    Listeners will also have the chance to call in and speak with Pen Farthing during the show.

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    Kelly and Sharon Osbourne to judge fur free fashion show

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    Born Free USA is hosting their fourth annual fffashion competition, in a bid to encourage “compassionate and cruelty free fashion.” The panel of celebrity judges will include television personality, talk show host, manager, producer, author and philanthropist Sharon Osbourne and her daughter, singer, actress and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne. Tune in to hear all about it, as I speak with Monica Engebretson, senior program associate with Born Free USA, who will be overseeing the competition. For more information, visit bornfreeusa.org

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    Pit Bulls and Parolees Episode Discussion

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    Tune in to discuss episodes of Animal Planet's top rated television show, Pit Bulls and Parolees, right here on Bullzeye Radio every Saturday night at 8:00PM PST!
    Join your hosts Tia Torres, Mando Galindo and 'Bully the Kid' for all of the 411, interviews, Villalobos Rescue Center exclusives, special guests and much more!! In this aftershow discussion, we break down episodes of Pit Bulls and Parolees with behind the scenes commentary and info just for listeners of Bullzeye Radio
      Be sure to call in with your questions and join the community in the chat room as well!!   For even more Bullzeye Radio, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@bullzeyeradio), we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Rescued Dog Bites Newscaster

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    Newscaster Kyle Dyer of Denver's 9 News was bitten in the face by Max, an Argentine Mastiff on  Wednesday while intereviewing his owner and the firefighter who rescued him from a pond. 
    Is Max a mean dog?  What provoked the bite?  Could it have been avoided?  Join former Animal Officer Melissa Berryman author of People Training for Good Dogs as she breaks down this bite injury case providing insight and key prevention advice.

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