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The Pet Radio show brings you exciting podcasts about all pets, including cats, dogs, birds, lizards and aquariums. We have the best dog podcasts and cat podcasts with the best guests.

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Billy Howard does grass roots rescue with his Alabama Angels Dog Rescue Inc. Billy goes through an estimated 70 lbs. of dog food PER DAY. He receives no help other than his meager pension every month, which he gladly spends to feed, vet, spay/neuter and microchip his dogs. He just recently got his 501c3 designation as a non-profit charitable organization, which hopefully will open doors for his rescue to receive much needed assistance. His is a rescue in extremely rural Alabama, where the average income per person is so small that he cannot get a lot of financial support from his neighbors. Billy keeps all his dogs in a free roaming fenced yard and his home, and he is also a dog fighting investigator. And while his resources are stretched thin, he knows his limitations. Learn about all the great work he does and what rescue is supposed to be. Molly the Corgy was shot to death by an angry neighbor in broad daylight in front of the family who the dog belonged to. Cary Chunyk will explain what happened and the impact on his family, and Josie C Rhoads-Verbeek wil telll us about the Facebook page seeking justice for this poor dog. Please follow our Facebook page
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It make shock people to know that Beagles are used as lab testing animals by companies across the country because of their calm personalities and eagerness to please. Medical and research labs buy the beagles with the blessing of the... more

This week we meet Diane Jones from Guardian Angels Cat Rescue and Peaches the Cat. Guardian Angels Cat Rescue & Adoption Shelter is an all volunteer organization operating a no kill facility for homeless felines. The Shelter... more

Mavis Pearl is a dog with a cause! She is involved in her non profit 501c3 charity Joy In The Cause, Her website is She has a heart for helping and loves to make people... more

On this special broadcast, our guests are Robert Misseri, President of Guardians of Rescue, and animl activist Terry Hamm. Guardians of Rescue is a national organization based in New York which fights to protect and save dogs and cats... more

Join us to meet Norman the Scooter Dog who has been all over television including Animal Planet, David Letterman, Good Morning America, and more. Also joining us is Sasha Jordan and her magnificent seven cats all the way from the... more

Gizmo the Therapy Dog is on a mission to spread love in the world and give comfort to those who need it the most. Meet this cute little fuzzy bundle of joy and hear how he is changing the world with each smile. Dr. Susan Ettinger, DVM,... more

In this show we celebrate awesome dogs with Bardot the Diving Dog, Zoe the Therapy Dog, Chloe the Pug, and Misfit the Blind Dog. Bardot ?Bardot the Diving Dog? who has appeared on the Animal Planet show, ?Who Let the Dogs Out,"... more

On this show you will meet some wonderful rescue kitties who are working hard to help rescue other cats in need and you will meet some other special cats as well. Oreo cat On August 25, 2013, a three week old very frail and weak Oreo... more

Making Good Work is an organization that gives assistance to pet shelters/rescues with grant writing, strategic planning, program development, training, technical assistance, and evaluation services. Lisa Lunghofer, Ph.D.... more

Deb Barnes, author, writer, blogger and queen cat lady joins us as co host. with Tara the hero cat and her family, Dr Ruth MacPete to discuss cat health and longevity, Quirky the blind kitten, and Rocky the pet Bobcat Quirky's FB page... more
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