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The Pet Radio show brings you exciting podcasts about all pets, including cats, dogs, birds, lizards and aquariums. We have the best dog podcasts and cat podcasts with the best guests.

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Hamilton the Hipster Cat joins us along with The Dog Scouts of America. Dog Scouts of America Vision We envision a future where dogs remain in happy, lifelong homes with responsible owners. In this vision, all dogs are seen as a... more

Our guests are Marion Wells, author of Dogs to the Rescue: inspirational stories of four footed heroes, and Rick DuCharme ,Founder/Director-First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Inc. and Director, Target Zero Institute. First Coast has lowered... more

We meet two special animals today: Nala cat and Justice True the Service Dog "Hi, My name is Nala. I am 3 years old. I am a siamese mix with tabby. I was left at animal shelter when I was 5 months. But I have a loving home now. Nice... more

This week we meet Pasado's Safe Haven Sanctuary and learn about the childrens book JJ the American Street Dog Pasado's Safe Haven is one of the leading animal protection organizations in the United States dedicated to ending animal... more

Murdock the Marvelous and Magical Blind Cat will steal your heart and put a smile on your face. Murdock had a rough time as a kitten and had to learn to be a survivor. He now lives a life full of wonder and excitment. Also joining us is... more

First up is Paula Fasseas, Founder of PAWS Chicago, the largest no kill shelter in Chicago. Since their founding in 1997, the cities pet euthanasia has dropped by 50%. There is an ongoing battle to save 11 dogs housed in a pile of rubble by a... more

Internet star cat and philosopher Henri le Chat Noir and his muse Will Braden will join us to share words of wisdom and talk about this years Internet Cat video Festival. Also joining us is writer Randi E. Golub, CVT who will discuss how to... more

Every animal deserves a happy and healthy life. Today we meet three organizations who are helping to make that happen. First Amanda Walde will share with us what the Seattle Humane Society is doing through their great... more

New York state Assemblyman Jim Tedisco will tell us about "Buster's Law" and his proposal for a statewide pet abuse offender registry. In addition to toughning pet abuse laws in New York, Mr. Tedisco has also formed NYS... more

Macie is a border collie who lost a leg after a car accident, but that doesn't stop her from dog disk, (frisbee) competion and herding! She is full of energy, love and life and is an inspiration for all. Dorothy is a very spunky seven year old Yorkie... more
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