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The Pet Radio show brings you exciting podcasts about all pets, including cats, dogs, birds, lizards and aquariums. We have the best dog podcasts and cat podcasts with the best guests.

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Meet Scrappy and Milo Macaroni from Operation Pet Pals. Operation Pet Pals delivers stuffed animals to those in need of comfort. Scrappy and Milo are the ambassadors and in charge. Jocelyn Taylor thinks she is in charge! Spike... more
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Nikki Moustaki, renown pet expert and writer, talks about ticks and lyme disease and her project "The Pet Postcard Project". And learn about Camp Dogwood, the vacation campsite for you and your dog! Also joining us is the maker of the Troff... more

April 27th 10 am PST, we celebrate the hero dogs for the deaf with Robin Dixon, CEO of Dogs for the deaf Inc, the largest nationwide provider of service dogs for the deaf. Also joining us is Becky Bishop who will tell us about her program... more

Dr. Ernie Ward joins us to discuss the problem of dog and cat obesity. Dr. Ernie has been featured on the Today Show, several shows on Animal Planet, NBC Nightly News, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN and has appeared... more

Becky Robinson, Co-founder of Alley Cat Allies, a nationwide cat welfare and feral cat resue organization will join us to discuss feral cat management along with Susan Logan, Editor of Cat Fancy Magazine. Also joining us is Dr Lorie Huston... more

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is one of the most popular veterinarians on the web. A graduate of the prestigious UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with experience in both emergency and general practice, Dr. V- as she is known on... more

Watch out Batman, the Cat women are uniting! Susan Logan-McCracken, Editor of Cat Fancy Magazine, Marilyn Krieiger, The Cat Coach, (cat behavior specialist) and Deborah Barnes, writer, author and blogger will be joining us to talk about... more

Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, Assistant Director of Veterinary Services Pet Poison Helpline & SafetyCall International, PLLC and Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Veterinary and Biological Sciences College of Veterinary... more

Do you know the signs of dog abuse? What are you willing to do if you suspect i? Ruth Gordon, author of Catching Canine Abusers will talk with us about this and the history of dog fighting. Greyhound racing, puppy mills and landmark... more

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very difficult.Sandra Grossman, Certified Pet Loss Counselor shares with us advice on dealing with this difficult situation. Also joining us is one of the founders of BlogPaws, Clhoe Divata.

There are many exotic animals being kept as pets and then abandoned. Beth Randall of the Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary wil share with us stories about the many exotics she takes care of such as Fennec Foxes, Artic Foxes,... more
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