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Spiritual Prayer and Meditation

  • Broadcast in Religion
Pastor Fred

Pastor Fred


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Humans are spiritual beings- beings of light and of darkness.

Religion teaches us that we are able to use our spiritual nature for purposes both good and evil.

Religion also teaches us that we can choose what we do with our spirits.  We can ignore our spiritual side and let it languish and weaken.  Or we can actively engage ourselves spiritually.

Spiritual prayer and meditation are vehicles that use both our physical selves and our spiritual selves. 

Through the physical actions of prayer, reflection, meditation and worship, we engage our spiritual self, activating it. 

This activation of our inherent spiritual self is a powerful thing which actualizes the realization of our enormous spiritual power through the use of proven kinetic processes.

However, the activation of our spiritual self follows a pattern.  It is not willy nilly, or heller skeller, or chaotic.  It follows a pattern, a pattern which is deeply inscribed in the structure and matrix of the universe. 

Religion and religions worldwide are the repositories of knowledge about this pattern.  Each religion has some but not all insight.   Each religion is complementing and completing the universal spiritual pattern of religious knowledge. 

It is a knowledge which is not self taught and does not come from one person sitting at home meditating on the great OM of existence.  Rather, it is a revealed knowledge from outside ourselves which is distilled in the great spiritual books of religion. And it is interpreted for us by those dedicated to enlightenment.  It is a communal and collective knowledge which cannot be assayed from outside religion. Rather, religion, as the depository of this spiritual insight,is also its guardian against abuse and misuse.