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open conversation

Dr.King's speech about Vietnam,sounds so much like Afghanistan today.We'll break down his speech and compare what he said to what's happening today,so call in and share your opinion.

the question I want to ask is ,do you think it's wrong to use pictures of war dead to campaign with during an election run.

War and the price we pay,in lives and money.

Dr.King's speech "Why I am opposed to the War in Vietnam" is my motivation to continue this fight at personal risk,and expense to save the lives of our troops both male and female and of all colors.We must as a people unite to defeat any... more


Veterans For Peace tele-conference-President Obama's first year live call in.You will be able to call them and ask questions or comments.

Veterans For Peace telephone conference Wednesday Feb 17,2010.On my show at 7:30 pm CST with live call in.Don't reelect congressmen who voted to fund the war.Steve Cohen votes for the war.

IVAW,Veterans for Peace,Answer coalition.The Responsible Left,Funding Obama's Expanding Wars and cowardly Democrats who turned their back on their pledges to vote against war funding.Congressman Steve Cohen.

Antiwar format with point of interest on ending these costly illegal wars.Veterans for Peace,IVAW and A.N.S.W.E.R coalition.Breaking news of interest.
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