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Tonight,I don't know where to start.I have too much on my plate and more research to do concerning Black Tea party members like Charles Butler of Chicago.Greece made the news today and it's not good news.Arizona still seems... more

pretty much open conversation,with respect to the failed NYC SUV bomb makes me wonder how this guy failed bomb making 101.While I'm glad no one died I have fears this was staged.I give you the reason on my show.

Are we living in the last days?It's only May 2010 and almost everyday we have a new catastrophe or disaster everyday.tonight we'll listen to clips and examine the recent calamities,and violent weather which has effected millions.Also get your... more

Well it's Monday and as we start a new week off,I'm going to make some changes about how I deal with people.So stayed,a better Perry Steele on in the making.Tonight we settle the Arizona problem.Also Thaddeus Matthews is no... more

I went fishing today and I'm tired and do not feel like doing all the talking by myself.So I had to decide if I was going to have a show,or not.I decided,to do a repeat of a great show.I may butt in every now and then,when the topic... more

The controversy continued to fuel firestorms of planned protest against SB1070 Arizona.John McCain's daughter is against this bill,and the Sheriff of Prima County,says he will not enforce this new law when it comes into law.

Current news and events,and some shocking reports on how the Army is treating our soldiers and cheating them out of benefits.

Maybe we'll continue what we started yesterday.I have a meeting in the Memphis City Hall to attend and we may talk about it's outcome.

The law SB1070 has created a national debate.We'll look at the fact sheet on SB1070.Does this law address the will and desires of the people of Arizona. And what do Black people who are against this law,have to gain,and are they... more

Tonight we discuss the tele-conference last night with VFP.Also I want to introduce you to David Swanson,and a speech he made about the current president.Also why I will no longer be associated with the Veterans for Peace.
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