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Well it seem Ms.Sherrod will get the apology she's amazing how we live in a country that,with people who are so fast to commdend people without the benefit of the doubt.The Naacp a black organization,and the administration of the... more

Tonight we'll discuss,what really happened to USDA official Shirley Sherrod.And it's going to trip you out when you find out who she says made her quit.Also more bad news for the war in Afghanistan.And you can join in the... more

I'm back and it seem it's all about war.damn I only want peace but it 's always a fight going on.So call in and let's talk about this crazy world.

Tonight we'll do a open conversation show and talk about whatever subject you want too.We'll also look at what's going on about the gulf oil spill.We will have no chat I hope you guys get use to not seeing one.Say hello to... more

As we did last night.There will be no chat room and you are invited to call in,or listen.tonight's breaking news is that President Obama endorsed a white candidate in a prodomicly black district for congress.Also i'll hit on a conversation... more

Today I received a interesting e-mail from a friend I met on USA Talk Network.And it was about H.K.Edgerton,who is a black man who promotes slavery and the rebel flag.He also defends the Confederacy.He is as much of... more

Tonight we are going to have a fish fry and my co-host does not know it yet but she'll be doing the show.Plus a real bad thunderstorm is going on now.

Tonight we'll talk politics and something different.I want to talk about how you can save yourself some money in theses hard times with tips i read in a AARP bulletin.

Tonight I am going to have to take a break and attend to a pressing family matter.I do plan on returning tomorrow night.

Tonight we'll just take it easy and hit a few topics.Tragedy has struck my family.My great nephew died last night in a drowning accident.Myvin Weston born Oct 11th 1994. He was 15 years old.He and his brother went swimming... more
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