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Hey,sorry i just got thur cutting the if you do not notice a chat room it's because I choose not to have one.I'm open and ready to entertain and inform hang around for the conversation.And the only thing we need is your call.
Perry Steele

The end of the chat room as you know it.

  • by Perry Steele
I intend to start a new trend in Blogtalkradio history,by not having a chat room.My show is designed for people who want to express yourself and not have to worry with what's going on in the chat room.If you feel the need to contact me after... more

TGIF: If you are reading this then I decided to do a show tonight.I have seriously been thinking about not doing anymore shows on Friday night.From Monday to Thursday I hit the hard subjects.And then on Friday I feel people should be able... more

As of tonight Navaxor is no longer associated with the Perry Steele Show.Last night she emailed me and said she is leaving the show.My reply to her was "bye".As a talkshow host I feel I have been more than nice to many people who... more

Judge grants injunction on part of Arizona law.Our first look at Pfc.Bradley Manning,and the effort to save him from the military.And a new revolution for equality starts on my show tonight.Holla if you're with me.Fight the power,fight... more

Tonight we open the phone lines so we can have a frank and honest conversation about why any intelligent American regardless of race,would support these wars.And if we were to enter into war,with N.Korea and Iran,which would only... more

WikiLeaks exposes afghan war with 92,000 pages of secret documents provided by Pfc.Bradley Manning.Who said he provided WikiLeaks with other classified military documents. A " War for your Soul" is a short film by Reginald Bullock... more

Today my show is about why Black people should never say can't.

TGIF,and tonight we'll just have some fun,listening to some music,and clips just to chill out tonight.We had such strong content our last show,that I think we need to take a break sometime.I will include,late breaking news if it pops up.And your... more

We are going to hit a lot of issues on the current events.I want to talk about Keith Olbermann statements and Rachel Maddow recent show.Also the Sherrod case has come to an end with the president apologizing to Ms.Sherrod.Also,there is... more
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