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Sorry but I will not be able to put much of a description in the box because of computer problems

TGIF,I missed last nights show because ,someone pissed me off.Maybe I need anger management classes.Plus I dug up some distressing news that makes the Wikileaks look like a club scout campfire.The citizens of America need to stand... more

part two of tonight's show

Tonight,will be my first remote from my cellphone.I will attend a public meeting in Memphis tonight where the Black Democrats are protesting being ripped off by the White Republican election commission.Numerous glicks in the black community... more

Congratulations Memphis you have just been selected the second worse city in America.We'll talk about the city I love so much.Also are the unemployment figures affecting you.And let's talk about the Maxine Waters indictment.Are black... more

Well,it's Monday and we have a great deal of topics to talk about tonight.The same sex marriage debate was on Fox News,and we'll talk about that as well.Plus there are some mad black people,who are protesting the election... more

TGIF:and you know what I mean.Tonight we'll do a wrap up of the show's topics and find out what's happened to the real hero PFC Bradly Manning.Also some 131,000 people lost their jobs in July.Also the former Mayor of Memphis got his... more

Tonight is a special election returns night,and I'll have the returns for you.We have been notified that there are some computer problems,on the polls and the election commission has said it corrected the problems.We'll also ask the question"why... more

Tonight I will not have a show,but I plan on having a special election show as we monitor the election results.I hope you can tune in just to listen.And guess what.I am getting used to not having a chat room,and no calls so you'll hear some... more

Tonight we'll listen to some clips about Blacks affected by illegal immigration.Also we'll look at how Black leadership is under the glass about how they run their business.Also my Mayor wrote me back about my request.Also,I'll need to finish... more
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