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Special coverage of "The government shut down' tonight on The Perry Steele Show.Who will it affect,and how long will it last.Live CNN coverage for your listening pleasure.All phones are open for your comments.And the chat room is... more

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to listen to Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer interview Dr. Dr.Zbigniew Brzezinski.Former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter.He made some points that I have been talking about on... more

There is a great amount of life to be grateful for.Just thank whoever you believe in is the creator, that you don't live in Pakistan.In that country,the citizens have to deal with secular war, terrorism,floods and a impending war with nuclear armed... more

Today,I heard President Obama spoke with Iranian President Rouhani on the telephone.The first high level conversation since 1979.American foreign policy would be easier,if we leave the Israeli's out of the negotiations.Iran should not be... more

As of Sept 26,2013 The Night Shift with Perry Steele will be temporarily laid off.Due to a failure in negotiations with Blog Talk Radio which has been ongoing. I will not have another show until further notice. I suggest you tune into the Ron... more

Tonight's show was screwed up by Blogtalkradio

Program note: I'm having trouble with BTR and it's only so much that I can stand.

Open conversation tonight and fish fry tonight.

Listen callers and chat room I've got some clips you should hear along with me tonight.And it's best you sit back and chill and if you want in,just raise your hand in the studio. i'm frying fish and shrimp tonight and drinking and... more

Tonight is a round up news show,about everything we missed last night.Have you noticed the cable companies like Comcast is ripping off it's customers.So,where is the class action lawsuit.Now I envy folks who can do without a TV. Also the... more
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