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Bradley Manning/Wikileaks disclosuer

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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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Do you know that Egyptian torturers received FBI training in Virginia? Were you aware of the fact that American officials were instructed to hide evidence of child abuse by contractors in Afghanistan? Do you know the State Department fought against Haiti raising its minimum wage?

The true revelations out of the PFC Bradley Manning trial have not been revealed.And judging by the response of most Americans to the whistle blower,it leads me to the assumption that the majority of American citizens,are just as evil as the government they elect.

Why do we,meaning the anti-war groups and citizens against war continue to raise awareness to the systematic path to global destruction we fail to recognize.the majority of Americans are co-conspirators in violations of human rights,and international law.

As,I have said before since this government is not concerned about the content of the already press released information,why don't they just release it all.For 12 years we've wasted trillions on the war against terrorism.

I sometimes wonder,if I give up,or we give up, what will this nation end up being.We,as Americans regardless of color,gender,reglion.political belief,or ideology must unite to save our nation.America,is my home and the love of my life.

When a citizen speaks out against the war,it called treason by the power elites who's actions are driven by demonic sprites.Destruction instead of restoration is the agenda,and don't you let anybody make you think we need millions of people for a prosperous direction.