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Homosexuality is contagious

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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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During my personal research and study about Homosexuality I have found that its a kind of a disease which makes the life of people who are under its attack miserable. From the past many days I am chatting with many gays, I asked them few question to know about homosexuality.
1. How they came to know that they are gay?
2. What effect it made in their life?
3. How many close people in your life know about this?
For the first question most of them said they started feeling attracted towards same sex due to some incidences in their life. Many of them has some experience with their class mates or cousins or room mates that they started like sex with same sex and started searching love within their sex only. Homosexuality is just not about having sex with same sex, they exactly feel for people for the same sex as normal people do with other sex, like they like good looking men, they want to fall in love with men, have family with men only etc etc.

For the second question, it definitely changed them forever, many of them started disliking girls or didn't like them that much as they used to be. Some fell in love with untrustworthy man and broke their heart. Some ever tried to neglect the change but they had to accept that they are not men any more.

For the third question very few are open in society, some of them have told their friends and cousins, very rare people have told this to their siblings and extremely rare are those who have told this to their parents or going to tell them.
I got this off another website today,after the statements I made last night.Also,we'll discuss my statement,that if there were no benefits in marriage, gays would not care to be married.