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Birthday Week Special-Iraq War lies

  • Broadcast in Politics
Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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On Monday night, NBC News aired its new documentary, Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, based on the book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff. The film offered a number of shocking truths  since the original 2007 book was published.

While it may be maddening --- particularly for those of us who followed the massive scam as it was ongoing --- the documentary should be mandatory viewing for those who have lost sight of just how each and every single one of the key reasons used to sell the U.S. on war with Iraq was built on known lies. Each and every point --- from Saddam's alleged ties to al-Qaeda, to his alleged mobile chemical labs, to his alleged nuke program, to those aluminum tubes said to have been for use in uranium enrichment, to the "fissile material" (yellowcake) he was said to have been trying to obtain from Niger --- was a lie. And each an every lie was known to be a lie by the scoundrels and war criminals who sold it to the American public and a compliant American media.

Ever since 2003,the start of the Iraq War I have been protesting,this war based off lies.I can not tell you how many deceived people I argued with.I now know that the idiots outnumber the people with common sense.Fueled by racism,Islamaphobia and greed,this nation sent our troops into a war for oil.

Now after 10 years the media is finally,telling America what many of us already knew.i see why so many Americans hate this government.While I do not condone violence,a radical change is in order.

When are we going to learn,that both parties are just as crooked.Both lie,and are corporate puppets,and proxies for the highest bidder.They have sold their soul to the devil.They need our blood to feed their greed for the "New World Order".

I'll be hosting the show tonight.I had to fire Joe for acts unbecoming of a guest host.So call in and join the show.The chat room is open.