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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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The theory that the Second Amendment was enacted to protect individual gun ownership and the right to resist or overthrow the government is known in legal circles as the "insurrectionist" interpretation.  It was never taken seriously by any court or legal scholars until the NRA was taken over by extremists in 1977 and began a campaign at the behest of gun manufacturers to repeal all gun control legislation. Former Chief Justice Warren Burger, a conservative appointed by President. Richard Nixon, denounced this effort in no uncertain terms.  The Second Amendment, he said in 1991, "has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud - I repeat the word 'fraud' - on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime."

A thorough and highly informative rebuttal of this "insurrectionist" interpretation can be found in an article, "The Hidden History of the Second Amendment," by law professor Carl T. Bogus that appeared in the University of California Davis Law Review in 1998.

This article is from Rick Nagin which illustrates my point exactly.The NRA has no human concern for your safety or well being.They make their revenue off stupidly,fear,crime and "White supremacy".President Obama,911 and mass shootings in America,are their  marketing tools.Since Obama's election,weapon sales are at record levels.

Cowboy diplomacy,in which the Whiteman claims is his culture  to kill,rob,rape and destroy.And in some cases enslave other human beings by force.

No normal human  would accept that type of legacy.If you did then you would classify yourself as the enemy of all mankind. Erasing the noble deeds,of  White people like abolitionist,and peace activists who fought and died for the human rights and freedoms of all people.

Call in and let's talk.