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The government will take your guns.

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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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For me last night was,a shocking revelation to me.When I brought up the topic of the four year old boy dying from a gun shot,none of the NRA-2- amendment supporters showed the least bit of concern,for the lost of an innocent life.

Only the women on the line showed,humanity and concern.So many of the people in America have become tolerate of gun death,and act like it's natural.Everyday in America another life is lost due to legal gun owners.

It's the legal gun owners who are forcing the government,to look at ways of taking away your firearms.Plus,NRA supporters are treasonous,and domestic terrorist.And like cabbages-all head and no ass.This government would love an excuse to blow their ass off.That's why they have NDAA,TSA,FBI.CIA and Fema camps.

Wolf tickets and Alex Jones madness,have turned these turn coats to raging mouths.The ones who talk like Sarg60 and Bob USMC know if they used weapons against this government,they would never live to brag about their treason.And the so-called pimped out NRA supporters are going to tuck their tail between their legs and run like the bitches they are.

I have never in my life heard so many treasonous,fake ass Americans.I'm ashamed to say I even know,the shit that has oozed from under the toilet since the Newtown shooting.

Where's Piers Morgan when you need him.