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What's wrong with white people

  • Broadcast in Politics
Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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It's still the "Don't Vote Show" but I'm asking the question, what's wrong with White people who believe the Republican propaganda.What's wrong with Black people who like slaves follow the Democratic agenda ?

The American people were lied to about the Libyan attack that killed the U.S.Ambassodor, and the White Republicans call it a terrorist attack.And the likely bogeymen are suspect.What the White House and the main stream media is not telling you is the job was not finished.

Muammar Gaddafi has followers who have vowed to avenge his death and they are called the Green Resistance.The puppet installed government of Libya will say what ever NATO wants them to say.But the fact remains that Libya has said, this is not Iraq,if America tries to land troops on their soil the citizens of Libya will attack them,and rightly so.America has failed to institute democracy in the middle east.

i want you to listen to this show I called in on today.A Whiteman name Paul Anderson was sitting in for Jesse Peterson and he continues the lies that the American people are told.Democrat or Republican, neither is worth voting for or for that matter sending our sons and daughters to die in wars based off lies.

They are puppet dogs of Israel,and we as gentiles means:we were born to serve the Israeli.And from the way Paul and Jesse talks,the Jews just may have a point.Any American citizen who places another country before America is a TRAITOR.