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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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It's October the 1st and I'm launching my new campaign against voting for the President of the United States.For the next 38 days until the election November the 6th I am asking informed American citizens to not vote for either candidate of the Republican or Democratic party.

We don't need a Arabic Spring,Fall or Winter.We don't advocate violent protest in the streets of America.We advocate sending a international message that business as usual is over with in America.Coprorate interest and foreign interest have infiltrated the American system,and it's up to us the people to correct,these atrocities to our freedom.No more wars without our consent,no more wasteful spending and bailing out corporations,with taxpayer dollars.Reduce defense spending which is the largest in the world for America.Bring our troops back home and open up bases back in America.

The Federal Reserve must be abolished,and a fair tax for all incomes must be estabhished.Foreign aid must also be revamped and no longer do we intervene in the internal affairs of other nations,under the lies of humanitarian or strategic interests.Congress must control the president under the "War Powers Act".Jobs,Jobs and more Jobs that pay a living wage should be our focus.Protect our boarders,and put Americans first.

We need term limits for the Congress and Senate just like the President's office.Ban lobbyist,and special interest groups from passing laws,unless they have the citizens of that district unanimous support.

The phones are open and your questions are welcomed why I feel now is the time for a voters protest.Whoever wins with the lowest voter totals in history will know they do not have a mandate,and our power of impeachment,must be the weapon of choice.For the President,Senate,and Congress.

Call in and let's talk about this.Current events and news,plus your views are always welcomed.