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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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Stupid Americans:

With so much overwhelming evidence,why do most Americans believe the lies of the U.S. government.Who in his or her right mind can say that this country is truthful to it's citizens.Patortism wrapped in stupidity,and blind ignorance.It really hurts me to go to soldiers funerals,where relatives say he died for our freedom.My question which they never answer is,"did he die fighting on the streets of America,or on the boarder"?.How can thinking Americans say,were fighting for our freedom in undeclared wars,in violation of "The war powers act,of self defense".And if God ever punishes this government for it's sins,would we suffer the consequences,for our inaction or inability to stop the most powerful government on the face of the planet.Tonight we discuss,"Why are Americans so stupid to believe everything,this government says"?.This government is so full of traitors,to it's people.The rich start our wars and the poor fight them.Naming names hasn't help.Americans are still mere zombies and willing Pat Tillman's.Whatever happened,to a nation of laws,we were suppose to be.Now we are judge,jury and executionor.No need for trails of the enemies of the state.We'll just kill them on sight,with no connecting evidence.STUPID AMERICANS ASSES !This and your comments and calls tonight.I think we'll start the show at 9pm again tonight.