Has God Removed the Church's Candlestick?

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This week our message is:

Has God Removed Your Candlestick?

Join us this week as we discuss how most of the church has had its candlestick removed and how much of the church has let the fire go out in the temple like in the days of Eli.. 

This message is very eye opening into how many of the leadership in the church have acted like Hophni and Phinehas and have taken the chief of the offerings to themselves and have lain with the women from the congregation and the spiritual darkness this has brought upon the land and upon the people of God.

This is a must hear to understand what is happening with the church worldwide and why there is so much error and apostasy in the church today and why the fire has gone out in most churches and why they are now ICHABOD!  The glory has departed.

Join us for a very important word to the body of Christ!

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