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10 am Fridays, "Richer, Smarter, Happier", host Patsy Anderson Join Patsy Anderson, the founder of Perfect World Network Radio, every week to find YOUR hidden pot o' gold!
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On Partners in Health, join talk show host/health & wellness consultant Gail Dixon this Sunday, August 5, as we continue Gail's Book Club. The book we are reading during the month of August is Spontaneous Happiness by Dr. Andrew... more

10 am Saturdays, "Women Who Love Powerfully," host Tameaka Shelton Working together to transform from being a Woman Who Loves Too Much into a Woman Who Loves Powerfully!

We dicuss relationships, love, spiritual gifts and how they affect our relationships. Every day circumstances & how to be successful on a day by day basis, with the help of the LORD.

Wait 'til you see Heather Shreve's paintings and sketches! She's been making a living with her art since she was 17. Now she is writing a book about her adventures in Africa, over 25 years ago. The stories are amazing, you have to... more

9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going," host Rosanna Tufts "Meeting the Hugging Saint." Sometimes considered the Dalai Lama of Hinduism, Amma has done more for the poor of the world than many governments. What was it like,... more

9 am --- Every Tuesday "Change is the Essence of Life" Your Host is DW Starr. ON.....PWNRADIO.NET "Be willing to surrender who you are for who you will become." Each week we will be exploring the power adversity has in our lives... more

Mondays at Noon: Meeting together weekly, Colleen Norris gathers women together to discuss their passions and concerns.

10 am Mondays, "Richer, Smarter, Happier," host Patsy Anderson

10 am Sundays, "The Nurses' Lounge, host Bridget Bethany. This weekly show empowers, educates, and provides vital information to the nurse in self-care, compassionate fatigue, lifestyle changes, affirmations, workplace management,... more

Dr. Renée Parks is a Women's Wellness Expert whose mission is to eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering by taking a more holistic approach to personal well-being. She believes that sustainable change comes from the... more