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9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts "What's a Fair Price?" When you're in business for yourself, setting fees for your products and services can be a real guessing game. You don't want to price yourself out of... more
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Rosanna Tufts, of The Tufts Get Going, are doing a double show this week. We're talking about the books, "The Hunger Games."

9 am Wednesdays, The Tufts Get Going, host Rosanna Tufts "Get Your Katniss On!" Is the literary character Katniss Everdeen a positive role model, or does she pay too high a price? Susan Scher joins me for a discussion of "The Hunger... more

What makes Integrative Medicine different from traditional medicine and what are the benefits of Integrative Medicine? Join talk show host Gail Dixon on Partners in Health this Sunday and listen to a pre-recorded interview with Dr. Brian... more

Working together to transform from being a Woman Who Loves Too Much into a Woman Who Loves Powerfully!

We dicuss relationships, love, spiritual gifts and how they affect our relationships. Every day circumstances & how to be successful on a day by day basis, with the help of the LORD.

Join Host Delayna Keller-Watkins for Total Woman Talk at 11:00am est. Focusing on Total Woman Wellness and Healthy Living. This week for the FIRST TIME EVER, it's "Ask a Nurse" segment LIVE and open for everyone! Join me... more

Join Cassandra Herbert each Thursday at 9am, as she talks about Wellness and how you can have more Zest and Harmony in your life. This week Cassandra will be talking with Andrea Hylan of Heal My Voice . Andrea will be discussing the... more

My guest today is Serita Murray of Sparty and Blink Pink

Wednesdays 9 am, The Tufts Get Going, host Rosanna Tufts As a preview for Ecumenicon this weekend, I'll be putting on my Priestess hat for tomorrow's ep of "The Tufts Get Going!" What do we know of Poseidon, God of the... more

11 am Tuesdays, Insurance Matters, host Mindy Guisewite is talking today with Mary Albert from Business Suites of Columbia. Space, space, space, we all need it, use it and pay for it. You will find out how they can reduce your business... more