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10 am Fridays, "Richer, Smarter, Happier", host Patsy Anderson Join Patsy Anderson, the founder of Perfect World Network Radio, every week to find YOUR hidden pot o' gold!
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1 pm Thursdays, "The Solution Hour: He Shares, She Shares," hosts Monica Petty and Darius Stanton Join Monica Petty "The Diamond" and Darius Stanton "Mr. Peace & Love" every week, as He Shares and She Shares real-world... more

Marketing is everything. No less than Dan Kennedy, one of the top marketers and copywriters in the world, acknowledges Charlie McDermott as one of the best. Charlie built his first company as an undergrad, then sold it years later for many... more

9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts Think Stonehenge is only for primitive peoples? Guess again! For the past 20 years, Four Quarters Farm in Pennsylvania has been building a NEW megalithic stone circle, the first... more

pre-recording for The Tufts Get Going, interview with Sophia Kelly Shultz about Stones Rising and Four Quarters Farm

10 am Tuesdays, "Good Morning Maryland!" host Darlene Seitz Join Darlene Seitz, owner of Coffee News Howard County, as she interviews local business owners and coordinators of Fun Stuff to Do, all around Maryland!

11 am Mondays, "Think About It," Host Colleen Humphries All holistic and alternative, mind-body-spirit, universally-law based, principles of success, and everything outside-the box. It is everything that I have always wanted you to... more

10 am Mondays, "The OTHER Medicine," host Angel Wood Join Angel Wood as she teaches you natural ways to de-stress on the run! She started out as a medical and research technologist; now she's an Acupuncturist, Chinese... more

Pre-recording for The Tufts Get Going: interviewing Sophia Kelly Shultz about Stones Rising and Four Quarters Farm

10 am Saturdays, "Issues: Christian Men Talk," host Deacon Thomas Farr Deacon Farr and his guests will discuss the issues facing men of faith as they grow in their faith,and lead, guide, and love their wives and children.