Baba Saleem Hylton

PerAnkhLIVE! SaAnkhtified Sundays is honored to interview international visionary, human development practitioner, community service developer and ordained minister N. Saleem Hylton to our January 23.2011 broadcast sharing his life wise teachings & experiences on "Afrakan Healing, Ancient Traditions & Our Families Today."   N. Saleem Hylton, respectfully known as "Baba Saleem" is one of America’s leading youth development experts, with over thirty-eight years of experience in the community as a dynamic human development trainer, program developer, community organizer, and motivational speaker. Mr. Hylton has served as director of many programs that have positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people in the eastern region of the United States as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 1995, he was recruited by the Director of Human Services in the District of Columbia to create, design and direct a faith-based re-entry program for incarcerated juvenile delinquents to transition back into the community. As a result of his charge, the Community Transition Project was established and later became one of the more celebrated youth services programs in the capital city.  His accomplishments guided him to the position as Chief of Alternative Detention for the Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services, which is the juvenile justice agency for the government of the District of Columbia.  In 2004 he left the agency to start his own consulting firm, Youth & Families in Crisis, LLC and currently serves as President  & CEO.


Mr. Hylton’s professional background includes: program design, community relations, youth development, inter/intra agency coordination of services, youth in recovery treatment programs, youth residential treatment facilities, and staff development. During his professional career, he has taught adolescents from Egypt, India, Asia, Saudi Arabia and beyond.  He has provided professional training services for a number of District Government and Prince Georges County agencies, and various other organizations on the eastern seaboard, the state of Illinois, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Johannesburg, South Africa.  A recipient of numerous community service awards, his extraordinary record and exemplary reputation as a human development specialist, is a true indication that he will continue to make a positive impact in every endeavor he pursues. Share in this opportunity during this exclusive interview with Mr. Hylton to experience, learn, share and embrace his powerful contributions to our world community and A NU Humanity! 

To arrange speaking, interactive workshop, certification and retreat engagements with N. Saleem Hylton and Youth & Families In Crisis, LLC, send your requests to PerAnkh Khamniversity Institute @ and or leave a detailed evoice request at 1-888-614-5554.  Listen. Work. Share. Empower. Ascend. LIVE!

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