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PerAnkhLIVE! highlights Rehk Djesek Tepi Nefer- "Know Yourself for the Greatest/Highest Good."  Call, Tune In & Share your perspectives, events, liberation voices, actions or listen @ 917-932-8605 or email comments to

December2013 Topics: Seasonal Tributes for Natural Times for Renaissance & Unity (NTRU). Sharing words of power, strength and healing for ANU Humanity.

Join NuMedia Hosts NswNeb KaRa HerishetaPaHeru and NswtMwtAst Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina- NTRT & Ankhcollaborative Co-Founding Directors of Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute, PerAnkhMSmaiTawi & Per Ankh Inc.- a 501C3 NGO NPO in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Visit & .

PerAnkh institutes initiatives to preserve and respect: Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology & Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education =CHATS4LIFE!  RAstore & RAclaim MA’AT (truth, justice, order, harmony, balance, reciprocity+) in our lives for the RAstoration & RAspect of the Sacred & Sovereign Nu Maatikratik Nation of SMAI TAWI. Shm m Htp Email for information or contribution links! 

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