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A stimulating and forward-thinking program that is as unique as you are. A place to relax and explore alternative ideas about who we are and why we matter. Interesting and accomplished guests, unconventional thoughts on modern life, and hand picked topics about how to live with greater meaning and focus. Stop by for a new idea and a cup of insight, or just to stir things up! Cafe Sōl Radio is where self-discovery and self-expression come together. Take an alternative route to happiness and fulfillment in an era that needs it more than ever.

On-Demand Episodes

Online dating was once the wave of the future, and it is still one of the best ways to meet potential partners. But anyone who has experienced it for themselves would probably agree -- it has as many pros as cons. Enter Concierge Dating,... more

Why is it so much easier to love others than our selves? Is learning to love our selves more an acquired skill? Self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love are positively associated with satisfaction, happiness, optimism,... more

Welcome to a special edition of Cafe Sol Radio, a mini-seminar about how to live an Authentic Life. Living authentically is something we all desire, yet we often imagine it is beyond our grasp or only available to others. Anyone can live an... more

Welcome to our annual money issue. Or better put, a look at our collective issues about money. Will more money make us feel happier and more secure? Is material success the ultimate yardstick by which we measure our value and... more

Does you happiness depend upon old beleifs that are no longer valid? Are your ideas about Love still current? If we stopped for just a moment and put our busy lives on hold, would we be able to answer these questions? My special guest,... more

A recent study reported that most adults feel lucky to have one friend that they can count on, but rarely more than that. Wow! We live in a society that has thousands of Facebook friends, social circles and more. The study asked the... more

This month we're taking a look at the body/mind/spirit connection and asking, how can we keep this bond from separating or dissolving? What can we do to sustain a mindful, deeper awareness throughout our day? And collectively, can we... more

Have you ever been hypnotized or tried hypnotherapy to modify or enhance habits? Explored past lives or solutions for unwanted conditions? I have and I am a big fan! Practical hypnosis is very different than the stage acts many of... more

We all wonder about our dreams – where they come from, what they mean and even why we dream. My very special guest, best-selling author and dream expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden, says dreams have a language all their... more

You probably already know that meditation is good for you, and if you're not doing so already, I bet it ranks high on your list of things you want to get around to doing on a regular basis – like exercising, or eating healthy, or... more