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Pagan Media Bites Peoples Voices

Pagan Media Bites Peoples Voices


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We the people. More and more peoples voices are not being heard. In fact the people that lived the cruel reality of child abuse voices are being watered down, washed out by people that never live the history of child abuse in Canada's Residential schools, The USA Boarding Schools and Ireland's Industrial Schools. Children that were stolen from their parents though racist governments legislation, that were raped, beaten, tortured,enslaved, neglected and mentally abused by the very doctrine of Christianity of the Catholic, Anglican, Mormon, and most other Christan religions with their pedophile priests, nuns,clergy, government and Indian Agents. These children suffered tremendous abuse and a pain they still live with today. Yet people that have not lived this tyrannical, brutish history and lack the depth of understanding of child abuse let alone the suffering that the victims trying to survive lives with daily. Child abuse does not just steal the lives of children, child abuse steals the child's very soul. Some of these children in these schools were murdered by the hands of priests and nuns, as children are murdered usually by people they know outside of these schools. I have included Canada's Government apology to First Nations peoples, read up on the Ryan Report in Ireland, the documentation and videos on Boarding Schools in the USA. This history is well documented but continues to be ignored of a large degree by governments and societies. This show will be a collective discussion of voices of the children of clergy abuse, residential,boarding,industrial schools abuse. As well human rights issues and abuses. First Nations Social issues and rights. Politics,social issues news as well as analyzing those that are making a living off of these histories. The constraints in law and the judicial systems. Speaking out about what are the current ongoing issues, what hasn't happened, what needs to happen, how to he

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A Continuum of last nights episode starting with the Important Irish Children's Referendum taking place tomorrow Saturday Nov 10 in Ireland. This referendum sounds like more Elitism and Class warfare. In fact the Supreme court just ruled... more

Today going to be talking about the USA Presidential Election. How there was a conspiracy of the 1 percent and GOP to buy this election, and that the GOP also tried to used their power to oppress Americans and suppress votes through... more

I will be broadcasting and reading the Ryan Report. It is an influential piece of literature which is a report that is commissioned to look into child abuse in Ireland by Judge Sean Ryan. The Ryan Report is a report that was done over a 10... more

It is a great pleasure and with respect that Sandra Harris will guest speak to the Death of the Progressive Conservative Party. Sandra is quite an intelligent lady and it is an honor to have her on the show. Sandra explained that... more

Today I am going to touch basis regarding no other then Stephen Harper and his Con Party.Canada and her citizens are under duress from elections fraud to keeping the racist piece of legislation called the Indian Act, to cutting services to... more

APTN ( Aborginal peoples Television Network)released an investigation speaking to the children's graves that attended Residential Schools in Canada, Kevin Annett and the fact he lied about finding the child's bones and that Mohawk... more

Today respected Native Elder Gray Wolf will guest speak on the subject of Clothing Giant " The Gaps Racist T Shirt that they are/were sellling online and in their stores which is counterproductive to the issue of genocide that was... more

It is with respect and pleasure that John ODonnell will be speaking to the bullying that is associated with Industrial Schools and outside of Industrial schools in Ireland and on social networks.The Irish Survivors Of the Holocaust in Industrial... more

It is with honor and respect that I announce that John Ayers from Ireland will be here to guest speak with listeners. John Ayers is a child abuse victim and went to a Boarding School in London UK. Boarding Schools were run by... more

On Monday it is Columbus Day in the USA. I am pleased and honored to announce that Gray Wolf a well respected Elder in Native Communties will guest speak on the subject of Columbus Day. Gray Wolf is known for being very... more
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