Facebook's Dictatorship Micromanagement and Censorship

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Pagan Media Bites Peoples Voices


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Mark Zuckerberg's FB has revolutionized  Social Networks as has twitter and even my space to some extent. Yet today FB has increasingly become a dictatorship, they censor poeple for stupid reasons like they sent three freind requests, sharing to fast etc.

FB has become a micromanagment platform every step of the way. People have been complaining. they seem to be spending less time on FB and finding other venues like Zurker and other networks. 

Does FB need to stop and fix themselves with their mundane policies that don't make sense like sharing. And/or do social networkers need to stop being FB trained zombies. 

They really should stop biting the hands that feed them! We the people.

Complaints about FB

FB sells ur info

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