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The Pelvic Messenger discusses issues surrounding Chronic Pelvic Pain, diseases, syndromes, treatments and creating a better quality of life.

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There is a fine line between pleasure and pain for many chronic pelvic pain patients. Dr. Echenberg, will be our guest to discuss: What is PGAD Whom it affects Therapys for PGAD Please join us.
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Because of extreme technical difficulties on the part of the blogtalkradio studio- I had to stop the last Q & A with Dr. Dellon We are set for June 7th We are set for 2pm EST/1pm CST Please call 1-323-693-3847, and ask any question you... more

Dr. Fred Howard is here to discuss how the International Pelvic Pain Society was formed and talk about his vast career in Chronic Pelvic Pain. He wrote the book that all Doctors use to learn about pelvic pain: "Pelvic Pain: Diagnosis and... more

Welcome to The Pelvic Messenger. It is my privelige to bring to you a special guest from Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Kirk Andrew. Dr. Andrew is the first Doctor of Chiropractic that The Pelvic Messenger has had. Dr.... more

It is the privilege of the Pelvic Messenger to bring to you Prof. Dr. Tibet Erdogru and his TEAM from Istanbul, Turkey to discuss an amazing breakthrough in treatment of Pudendal Nerve Entrapment and numerous other Pelvic Nerve... more

Today from across the Atlantic Ocean, Elisabeth Oas and Danielle Bevan-Jones host a very special and truly international show about Endometriosis Advocacy with American born Actress, Singer, and Endometriosis Activist, Stephanie St.... more

Hello and Welcome to The Pelvic Messenger. My name is Jessica Mariotti Tomsic, and I am proud to introduce the Pelvic Pain community to our guest today: Donna J. Carrico, WHNP, MS, Certified Women's Health... more

The community of patients suffering with pudendal neuralgia is desperate for help...many are contemplating surgery and wondering if it will help? As your Pelvic Messenger is it my job to give you all of the facts and all of the options... more

After much anticipation, Dr. Andrew Cook is back here to talk about his New Book! "STOP Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain" What every Woman and her Doctor need to know. In this book, Dr. Cook issues an unequivocal call to the... more

This show "The Pelvic Messenger" has been created as a live talk podcast which stems from the website PelvicMessenger. I, Jessica Mariotti Tomsic, have suffered from severe Chronic Neuropathic Pelvic Pain and multiple other... more

Please join us for the 1st show of 2012! Dr. Maurice K. Chung RPh. MD. FACOG. ACGE. Chairman of the Board , The Global Society of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Surgeons. We will be discussing Why patients who suffer from... more