Art of Appreciation



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This Saturday, your host, Peggy Halevi, who is the author of The Art of Appreciation Book, will discuss processes which are encouraged to discover how creating refined appreciations will refocus attention on desires & prioritize your original thoughts initiated by entering an appreciation session. In studying the 10 components that form the Art of Appreciation, this one, Number 7, is actually a phase completing “process” and, therefore, we will visit the idea of active-thought-movement. This is a mental, as well as an emotional, activity that connects many of the desires being translated into “appreciations” and adds depth to the original sensation, or what many know as urges, by remembering why these thoughts have been engendered into existence by you. The revitalizing thought-activity sought after at this stage of the creative molding of intentions through the Art of Appreciation is uplifting, refreshing and easier to recognize than when first brought forth. This is, by far, the most clarifying artistic step to personal growth availed when practicing the Art of Appreciation, yet it is a natural flow within the art. It is amazing how this process accelerates positive results in the quality of "appreciating" and allows actual form to present itself.